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01:01<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Ability to define the ID of a linode <>
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02:31<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Ability to define the ID of a linode <>
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04:42<Aris>Does Linode Provide DDOS Protection or Whats the policy on this?
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04:43<Guest2716>What the policy if Im getting DDOS on my Server?
04:44<Woet>you get nullrouted if it affects other people.
04:44<Zimsky>helpful peng as always
04:44<Zimsky>what woet said
04:45<Zimsky>the question is, do they automatically remove the nullroute or must you request it
04:45<@bmartin>We periodically check traffic
04:45<@bmartin>and once the traffic has subsided we remove the null route
04:46<Guest2716>What 3rd party services do you guys use to protect your servers/sites from DDOS?
04:46<@bmartin>Cloudflare is popular
04:46<Guest2716>Free Plan?
04:46<@bmartin>I'm not super familiar with their plans but I believe so
04:46<Zimsky>level3 does good stuff
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04:47<Guest2716>The bad is that I Have to pay $20/Month to use my Paid SSL
04:47<Zimsky>a lot depends on how often it happens, the attack throughput, how long it lasts for, and so on
04:47<Zimsky>and of course, how much money you have to spend on mitigation/handling services
04:47<Zimsky>why are you paying for ssl?
04:49<Guest2716>I Dont :D Wrong word used
04:49<Guest2716>Let's Encrypt Always
04:49<Zimsky>goody gumdrops
04:57<Guest2716>Anyone would like to share there traffic and what linode plan is using to handle it?
04:58<Guest2716>Also there uptime
04:58<Zimsky>144712 days, 4 minutes
04:58<Guest2716>Holy S****
04:59<Zimsky>'twas a lovely spring afternoon when linode began operations in 1622
05:00<Zimsky>but to be totally and utterly serious, what do you mean by share traffic?
05:01<Guest2716>i mean how many users your linode plan handle
05:03<Guest2716>144712 something went wrong :D
05:04<Zimsky>users are kind of a vague metric because it comes down to the nature of the application
05:06<Zimsky>there's a bunch of factors like what kind of backend processing is done, how much content needs to be delivered to clients, and the rate of actual requests (reqs/second or something)
05:06<Zimsky>if you're unsure, you could fit the basic resource requirements of your application to one of the plans and see if it works alright
05:06<Zimsky>maybe do some benchmarking
05:07<dwfreed>Also uptime is a great measure of how many unpatched security vulnerabilities you have
05:07<Zimsky>if it's insufficient, you can just upgrade plans easily
05:08<Zimsky>it's not a "great" measure, but it's suggestive
05:09<dwfreed>There's a reason htop puts an exclamation point next to the uptime once it's over 100 days
05:09<Zimsky>oh shit well if htop says so
05:09<Guest2716>Any advice you can give me as Im newbie in IoT, Web Dev. Tools to use..
05:10<Zimsky>I don't think IoT really relates much
05:10<Zimsky>what do you mean
05:11<Zimsky>generally, what are you trying to achieve? the tools and software you use is dependent on that
05:12<Guest2716>I would like to get more knowledge in Linux System, Like Hosting, Web Servers, Databases, Maybe Docker but its a pain in the @ss.
05:12<Guest2716>and also Web Development
05:13<Guest2716>I cant call myself as a web developer as someone that uses CMS to create a website. I want to get into the code writing world. Html,CSS, JavaScript etc....
05:13<Zimsky>there's arguably lots of things to think about, and opinions vary wildly, but imo you should be constantly asking yourself about the security implications of something, and whether there's perhaps a simpler way something can be done
05:14<Zimsky>okay so, things like that, sometimes just setting yourself something to try and achieve or make can help you learn
05:14<Zimsky>along with a shitload of googling
05:15<@bmartin> has some solid resources
05:15<Guest2716>The thing is that... There are damn a lot directions to choose and is overwhelming
05:15<Guest2716>Like what framework to choose, language etc
05:15<Guest2716>like wt....
05:15<Guest2716>Im trying to put my ass on work and its hard
05:16<Zimsky>perhaps look at it like this; pick some framework that seems it'll fit, and if it doesn't, or it's a shit framework, then try another one!
05:16<Zimsky>eventually you pick up on the minutia of how things work and the next time, you'll know how to do it better
05:16<Guest2716>Currently Im buying some Resources from Udemy.
05:17<Guest2716>and Watching them... Really Helpful so far.
05:18<Zimsky>don't be afraid to just try setting up some bit of software and mucking around with it to figure how it works
05:18<Zimsky>that's often one of the best ways to learn stuff in this area
05:19<Guest2716>Yep this I have confirmed that....
05:20<Guest2716>I have to go
05:20<Guest2716>Thanks for the discussion
05:20<Guest2716>Have an nice day...
05:21<Zimsky>have fun
05:21<@bmartin>Have a good day!
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05:24<dwfreed>!meta -v nmap
05:24<dwfreed>welp, wrong channel
05:24<Zimsky>so meta
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06:38<Woet>definitely not meta enough for me
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07:09<Zimsky>w = WoetFactoryFactoryFactory(BaseWoet('Woet'))
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07:18<Zimsky>bye woet
07:18<Woet>i was talking to ABA.
07:18<Zimsky>don't let the channel hit you on the way out
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08:55<dzho>bmartin: so, about those docs ... y'all want errata reports via tickets or what?
08:55<@bmartin>Tickets work perfectly
08:57<dzho>oh maybe this stuff is in github after all
08:58<dzho>I'd just as soon do a PR if I can figure out where this stuff is
08:58<dzho>but alaz
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09:15<Demo>Is manager.linode down?
09:16<linbot>Woet: I am connected to OFTC as linbot.
09:16<Woet>ok thanks
09:16<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues -, Linode Manager and Linode API <>
09:16<Demo>Damn cache, thanks Woet!
09:17<Woet>bit late now linbot
09:17<Woet>go away
09:18<linbot>Woet: jinx
09:18<Woet>linbot: caitlyn
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10:22<swiftkey>hi there
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10:23<swiftkey>is there something wrong with linode? I am not able to access my server but I'm able to do lish. I also can't ping
10:23<smallclone>that probably just means there's something wrong with your linode
10:23<@bmartin>We did have some issues earlier but I believe they were resolved. Do you have a ticket open so we can take a look swiftkey
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10:24<swiftkey>bmartin: yes
10:24<@bmartin>what is that ticket number?
10:24<@bmartin>excellent I'll have someone take a look shortl;y
10:25<swiftkey>Thanks. Pingdom just texted my my server is down.
10:26<Woet>swiftkey: bmartin is the best guy we got, it'll be sorted in no time.
10:27<swiftkey>bmartin: Thanks in advance. It's our main production server :(
10:28<@bmartin>Try giving it a quick reboot
10:28<@bmartin>we had a subset of hosts that had a brief issue that would be resolved via reboot
10:28<Woet>swiftkey: so did your fallback HA cluster work?
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10:29<swiftkey>Nope I've placed the HA cluster on that server as well :(
10:29<@bmartin>swiftkey any problems if I reboot your Linode?
10:29<swiftkey>erm will try in a sec
10:30<@bmartin>I can knock it out real quick if you like
10:30<swiftkey>Ok done deal :)
10:30<Woet>"knock it out"
10:30<Woet>this kind of aggressive violence makes me uncomfortable
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10:32<@bmartin>I think you're good
10:32<swiftkey>okay great! thanks
10:34<@bmartin>let me know if you have any issues
10:38<DanielNM>Good morning, Linodians!
10:39<swiftkey>None so far :)
10:39<swiftkey>All good
10:40<swiftkey>bmartin: thanks
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10:41<smallclone>bin boot dev etc home initrd.img lib lib64 lost+found media mnt opt proc root run sbin srv sys tmp usr var vmlinuz
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12:44<horrace>good day all
12:44<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
12:44<horrace>my name is horrace and i have a problem
12:44<horrace>i want to ask
12:44<smallclone>yes you can ask
12:45<horrace>i am running python on atom editor on my windows machine
12:45<horrace>how can i execute my input command
12:45<horrace>on atom
12:46<smallclone>i mean, this is kind of a strange place for that question
12:46<horrace>i know
12:46<horrace>but we are all geeks here just felt i should ask
12:46<smallclone>i'm not sure what you mean by "execute my input command"
12:47<horrace>okay. like run an input command on atom with ctrl+b
12:47<horrace>when i run it it doesnt bring anything
12:48<smallclone>i mean, it's an editor, it's not really meant to execute code
12:48<smallclone>you could install the terminal package for it, and try it that way
12:48<horrace>so how do i write my python code on atom and have the input command work
12:49<smallclone>where you write the code is irrelevant
12:49<horrace>i have the platformio ide terminal
12:49<horrace>can u guide me on how to use it please
12:50<smallclone>you might want to try something like this
12:51<horrace>thannks a lot
12:51<smallclone>i mean, i've never used that, a lot of solutions are still going to require you to have python installed on your machine, if you don't already
12:56<horrace>i have python 3 installed
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13:17<linbot>New news from status: Edge Router Upgrade - B Side - Frankfurt Datacenter <> || Edge Router Upgrade - A Side - Frankfurt Datacenter <>
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13:24<Peng_>Is Atlanta likely to get Spectre reboots this month?
13:24<Peng_>You said at least two weeks of warning, and it's the 10th... :P
13:24<millisa>(i just got my first set of notices this morning; they were all 5/1, 5/8, /510, 5/11)
13:25<relidy>I, too, just got mine this morning and they're all 4/30+
13:25<Peng_>Do either of you have nodes in Atlanta?
13:25<relidy>I have a few, yes. All early next month (5/4, 5/5)
13:26<Peng_>Thank you~
13:26<millisa>mine were all dallas/newark. this was my oldest account (~2009ish)
13:43<@mcintosh>Atlanta will be getting reboots, yes
13:44<@mcintosh>oh, you were asking about this month specifically, I see...
13:44<@mcintosh>ignore me :
13:48<Cromulent>I got mine as well 1/5 and 2/5 - seems reasonable
13:48<Cromulent>that's London
13:51<relidy>Time traveler! (yeah, yeah, I actually prefer day/month/year, but whatever)
13:54<dzho>ISO-8601 or nothing
13:55<relidy>!point dzho
13:55<linbot>relidy: Point given to dzho. (5)
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14:18<Demo> 2018-04-27 for me, plenty of notice
14:21<Demo>London that is
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15:26<dwfreed>!point dzho
15:26<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to dzho. (6)
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15:34<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • iPXE Boot to setup a Linode <>
15:46<danstoner>Are newly-provisioned (now) machines already patched on Spectre, or would they still get scheduled for a maintenance?
15:49<smallclone>danstoner: it probably depends on what host they're on
15:49<smallclone>one of mine has a maintenance status of "No Maintenance Required", but i'm unsure about whether that means the host has already been patched, or they just haven't scheduled its maintenance yet
15:50<smallclone>support: ^ can someone provide clarification on that
15:50<danstoner>I could see some customers wanting to migrate services between their own hosts to better manage their customers downtimes.
15:51<dwfreed>smallclone: and I don't have the column in the Manager, so I don't even know (though it's possible this Linode hasn't been scheduled yet; I wouldn't get the email because I'm not an unrestricted user)
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17:47<Seshu>How can i report someone who is hosting illegal content on linode
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17:52<dwfreed>stick around longer than a minute
17:54<Demo>Zuckerberg keeps avoiding the questions. "I'll have my team follow up on that." etc
17:54<lakridserne> (if he had stuck around) - and it's an industry standard that you can email abuse@
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18:21<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
18:21<Woet>Eugene: we have evidence to suggest otherwise
18:21<Woet>Eugene: anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law
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19:12<Zimsky>that's your solution to everything isn't it
19:14<Zimsky>mcintosh; what would linbot's name be if it were not linbot?
19:14<Zimsky>I like to think it'd be desmond
19:21<@mcintosh>linodebot is its name on freenode
19:21<@mcintosh>so, probably that :p
19:21<Zimsky>no it's desmond
19:21<@mcintosh>i guess desmond really is the obvious choice
19:23<Zimsky>or Lillian
19:23<dwfreed>Lillian would be more fitting
19:23<linbot>I like Lillian
19:24<Zimsky>if it were lillian, unfamiliars would talk to it and it would be amusing
19:24<millisa>it does have an adequate amount of 'i' and 'l' in the right places
19:25<Zimsky>or do you mean like lliilllliiiialllilillinillilililnlilillielililiili
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21:47<riddiyz>If I rebuild and start from scratch can i keep my IP
21:48<@jalter>if you click rebuild in Linode Manager, you'll have the same IP. If you remove the Linode and create a new one, you'll get a different IP
21:49<@jalter>If you want to keep the IP, make sure you keep the Linode :)
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22:05<@mcintosh>!point jalter
22:05<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to jalter. (7)
22:05<@mcintosh>smh 7
22:05<@mcintosh>what a loser
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22:15<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • About every 10 days Apache needs to be restarted <>
22:16<z900collector>I have some basic noobie questions I was hoping someone could answer. I'm about to open an account and get a $10/month linonde
22:18<AlexMax>`Call to undefined function mysql_connect`
22:19<z900collector>Can I specify a Centos 7.4 installation after I select my plan
22:19<AlexMax>z900collector: You select the distro when you create the disk
22:20<AlexMax>You don't get the "7.4" specificity, but you can do "CentOS 7"
22:20<AlexMax>how out of date that is out of the box I don't know, I always update mine ASAP
22:20<z900collector>thx, do I get a static IP with it automatically?
22:21<AlexMax>z900collector: Yes you do get a public static IP with it.
22:21<AlexMax>What you don't get automatically is a private IP
22:21<AlexMax>used to communicate between machines in the same datacenter
22:22<AlexMax>but it's a quick little number to add it if you need it
22:22<z900collector>OK, thats handy to know.
22:22<z900collector>Once I get a system up and running does it get backed up automatically?
22:23<AlexMax>backups are extra
22:23<z900collector>are all ports open and the firewalling up to me?
22:24<AlexMax>yeah, Linode has no "hardware firewall" to my knowledge
22:24<AlexMax>I can't recall if firewalld is running out of the box or not, I suspect not
22:25<AlexMax>the default firewalld configuration keeps SSH open at least, so if you just log in ASAP, systemctl firewalld start/enable, you'll be gravy
22:25<AlexMax>don't forget to create a normal user and then turn off remote root login
22:26<z900collector>THx, if I get multiple nodes is there a way to ensure they are not subject to the same failure (assume power or network), can you nominate they must be separated for HA/DR
22:27<AlexMax>I think the only way you get that gwar-un-teed is to host in different datacenters
22:27<AlexMax>However, you might want to ping support and ask if they can migrate you
22:28<AlexMax>if necessary
22:28<z900collector>good point, do they have live migration capability?
22:28<AlexMax>live migration?
22:28<AlexMax>like zero downtime?
22:28<AlexMax>there's a transfer time
22:28<z900collector>yep - I am on virtuozzo 6 nodes at present and they can live migrate with no disruption what so ever.
22:29<z900collector>maybe a few seconds to sync mem and cpu status and then apply deltas for disk IO write... but pretty much live and instant.
22:33<z900collector>anyway that sounds like you have answered my basic questions, thx Alex.
22:33<AlexMax>no worries
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22:53<millisa>!point AlexMax
22:53<linbot>millisa: Point given to alexmax. (2)
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23:34<Peng_>My reboots were scheduled! May.
23:36-!-interested [] has joined #linode
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23:36<HoopyCat>april snow showers bring may reboots
23:36<interested>I have a question about pricing if someone is available to answer
23:37<linbot>interested: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:37<interested>Is it the hourly rate up to the cap, and the cap is the max you pay regardless per month?
23:37<interested>cool, thanks
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23:38<Peng_>Someone understood the billing!
23:39<dwfreed>to be fair, most people who think about it for longer than a microsecond understand the billing
23:43<millisa>Money is exchanged for goods and services.
23:45<Peng_>Can I exchange $1 for everything
23:47<millisa>Not sure. I know the $20 can buy many peanuts, though
23:47<millisa>er, know that...
23:49<millisa>I think I've received all my maintenance/reboot notifications for all the assorted accounts I touch. earliest is May 1 1am UTC; latest is May 11 at the same window.
23:54<dwfreed>OFTC's are between 4-27 6 PM UTC and 5-11 5 AM UTC
23:54<millisa>an exciting two weeks it will be.
23:55<dwfreed>fortunately, none of the leaf Linodes on the same continent are at the same time
23:56<dwfreed>(we actually only have 2 leaves on the same continent; there are 4 leaves and 1 hub total)
23:56<millisa>now that I'm looking, only 2 of the 20 or so aren't between 1am and 6am utc. and those two are a last ditch DR copy (doesn't matter when it restarts) and a $5 toy system (also doesn't matter). I feel lucky.
23:58<HoopyCat>hmm, this may be the time to actually scale across multiple linodes
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