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00:24<Ikaros>Heh, yup, got my maintenance dates set as well. One I'm cool with. The other...frankly...I'm pissed about, but it is what it is. *shrug*
00:28<Peng_>Mine aren't so bad, but I don't have much preference.
00:40<dwfreed>"2018-05-08 06:00 AM" for this Linode
00:43<Ikaros>Hm, let's see. The 'critical services' one...that has all my boot scripts (since some of my software is not provided by packages)...that one's good. The other one is an auxilary to it, doesn't run nearly as much custom, so it'll survive. The common denominator: Both provide client IRC servers to the same network. Heh.
00:45<Ikaros>You should have seen the gripes coming from the rest of the staff over there back when the Intel exploits first became widespread knowledge. They knew what it'd eventually mean - hosts frantic to patch stuff, other hosts botching their setups with untested patches in a panic...mandated reboots...yeah.
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01:24<MrPPS>Ikaros: I'm glad I migrated most of my stuff into containers last year; makes a lot of this stuff much easier
01:24<MrPPS>that + load balancers
01:28<Ikaros>Yeah my operations aren't nearly that expansive really. I mean both of mine are attached to the same IRC network, one controls mail in and out for my main domain, the other hosts an IPsec-based VPN that frankly is becoming a huge pain in my behind to maintain, since I don't like being limited to 100 Mbit by OpenVPN.
01:33<MrPPS>haha, yeah, mine's still fairly small, but I like to "practice" for easy expansion; i.e. all containerised, automated backups, configs in git, controlled by salt and so on
01:34<lakridserne>Normally I'm also happy about containers, but I have some strange error with a docker container (that probably isn't even dockers fault).... I haven't researched it fully yet, but it's frustrating
01:35<MrPPS>that's no fun :( the only errors I ever end up having are related to if I update the daemon, forget to restart it, then go to start a new container
01:38<Ikaros>My VPN hates me sometimes. It randomly goes "lol access denied your IP isn't in the SAN for the cert". I'm like "...da hell? Why do you care? Shouldn't you use a VPN whenever possible to encrypt traffic?"
01:41<MrPPS>using openvpn, or something else?
01:41<MrPPS>I'm just using a tinc mesh for mine atm
01:41<dwfreed>ugh tinc
01:42<MrPPS>dwfreed: not a fan?
01:42<dwfreed>I dislike their blaise approach to security
01:43<MrPPS>I've been using it predominantly to serve secure protocols over a "local network" across the WAN, but, what sort of issues have you noticed? has it been some public reports they don't care about?
01:44<MrPPS>so mostly in reference to the "known issues in v 1.0.x branch"?
01:44<dwfreed>and it's not really well maintained because of that
01:45<MrPPS>do you have any other alternative mesh-style ones? I'd happily switch
01:45<dwfreed>1.1pre3 was released 5 years ago, and yet 1.1 has not seen an actual release
01:48<dwfreed>MrPPS: do you really need full-mesh?
01:49<dwfreed>(because no, there really aren't any alternatives that have automatic meshing)
01:49<MrPPS>it is handy having a number of hosts in certain countries that have less-than-stable connections, and being able to auto-pick the best route through the ones that are up, etc.
01:50<MrPPS>and it's far easier than ipsec tunnels everywhere + scripts to push new routes based on current latency etc :P
01:50<dwfreed>> scripts
01:50<dwfreed>pft, use a routing protocol
01:50<grawity>I heard Babel is good with that
01:51<MrPPS>don't have control of any of the routers in this case
01:51<dwfreed>you run routers on the VPN hosts
01:51<MrPPS>even more complexity :P
01:51<grawity>aren't VPN hosts routers by definition?
01:53<MrPPS>I'll check it out, thanks
01:55<dwfreed>basically it generates openvpn and quagga configs for full-mesh routing
01:56<dwfreed>(for something like this, RIPv2 is perfectly fine for a routing protocol, and is *very* easy to set up, compared to something like BGP or OSPF)
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02:04<MrPPS>yeah, I've had experience with RIPv2 on cisco gear
02:04<MrPPS>so I don't imagine too much is different beyond some distro-specific commands
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03:29<dwfreed>Dallas IPv6 died for a bit
03:30<@bmartin>Thank you
03:31<dwfreed>it was a short interruption, at least
03:34<Peng_>dwfreed: IPv4 blinked too
03:36<dwfreed>I didn't notice, perhaps because it'd already fallen off
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03:36<dwfreed>but the v6 one was still on my mtr when I switched to it
03:37<Peng_>My PowerDNS thought they both died simultaneously, but IPv4 got better in a couple seconds.
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04:00<turbo>how to enable backups
04:00<turbo>in linode
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04:06<turbo> PHP >= 5.6.4 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension GD Image Library file_get_contents enabled file_put_contents enabled Zip Archive class
04:07<millisa>What's that?
04:07<turbo>i need all the above requirments for my website
04:07<turbo>how to get that
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04:08<millisa>there are lamp guides at and lemp guides at
04:09<dwfreed>Linode is an unmanaged provider, so you're on your own for setting that up; I'd highly recommend hiring a sysadmin if you don't know how
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04:26<lakridserne>Agree with dwfreed. Setting up those things are not too hard / can be figured out with enough patience, but trouble comes when something happens and the site goes down. - Then it can take some time to figure out what happened, shorter for someone who are working with it on a daily basis (a sysadmin)
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05:23<arthur_king88>can someone help me?
05:23<arthur_king88>what if i log on my cpanel
05:24<arthur_king88>and the it says..
05:24<arthur_king88>This server does not have a valid license. Please contact the server administrator to address this issue. Other services, for example web services, are likely functioning normally. (Cannot read license file)
05:24<arthur_king88>what should i do?
05:24<Zimsky>you should probably contact the server administrator
05:24<arthur_king88>which one is the server administrator?
05:24<Zimsky>whoever owns/runs/maintains/administers the server
05:25<dwfreed>(That is not Linode)
05:25<arthur_king88>oh, i thougt its in thelist
05:25<Zimsky>there's a list?
05:26<arthur_king88>people in this chat room
05:26<Peng_>It's your server.
05:26<Zimsky>anyway, whoever owns or maintains the server needs to get a cpanel license or fix up the license file as it says in the message
05:26<Zimsky>if you're that person, then you need to do that
05:27<arthur_king88>but i dont have the access to the server, i thought that this is just like hosting or something
05:27<Zimsky>do you own the server?
05:27<Zimsky>as in, did you sign up with linode?
05:27<arthur_king88>nope, just rent from another hostinger service
05:28<Zimsky>probably best you contact them
05:28<arthur_king88>will try to
05:29<Zimsky>have fun
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05:42<Zimsky>another satisfied customer ✓
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05:42<Peng_>Fun doesn't seem likely
05:42<Zimsky>not with that attitude
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05:43<Zimsky>Peng_: you ever swat a mosquito and get your own blood on you?
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10:27<Hutton>Hi All,
10:27<Hutton>Is it possible to install a cPanel on ubuntu 14?
10:30<@sjacobs> no. CentOS would be your easiest option if running on a Linode.
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11:09<chalkt>hi there everyone! is this a good place to have a little chat about servers? (vps and dedicated server in the specific)
11:12<chalkt>awesome <3 thanks
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11:16<chalkt>well, basically id like to know a little more about the way a server works, ive never had the opportunity to deal with a proper server but i tried to use my pc as a dedicated server and it wasnt too bad, but for example, lets say im using a 1gb ram, one 2.4ghz core on cent os with 1GBs and a 1000 people is browsing on the website hosted on that machine, just reading some content, how will the server and website react? will it slow dow
11:17<ponas>it depends on the application stack.
11:18<ponas>if all the pages are static (i.e. pregenerated HTML files), those specs can easily serve thousands of visitors.
11:19<chalkt>the thing is, i'd like to do some testing but i do not want to "buy" a dedicated server just to realize that it won't fit my needs, and i probably do not even have the gadgets to do such testing
11:19<ponas>if some kind of application code (PHP, Python, Ruby, whatever really) needs to run for each request, and perhaps query a database, 1 GB RAM becames a bottleneck rather quick
11:19<chalkt>ok and thats good to know thanks :)
11:20<ponas>you probably won't ever need a dedicated server
11:20<chalkt>aaaaall right that makes sense, in fact i will be using a lot of php and some python ruby and perl and who knows what else
11:21<ponas>with a VPS, it's pretty easy to scale up if needed
11:21<ponas>you can literally click a few buttons and the disk contents will be moved to a beefier server in a few minutes
11:22<chalkt>on my shared hosting for example i get unlimited bandwidth and storage and they dont even talk about resources but when it comes to stuff like instant messaging i find myself in need of a vps at least but vps are always expensive and they offer very limited resources plus i rather keep my files on a machine thats in my hands you know what im saying..
11:23<chalkt>ah yes, also, i was thinking about getting a vps with a different hosting provider since mine has good shared hosting offers but not good vps
11:24<chalkt>do you think getting a vps with an other company is a good idea ?
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11:25<ponas>sure, why not? I'm pretty happy with Linode
11:25<ponas>the $5/mo Linode can take you pretty far, depending on what you're gonna run
11:26<chalkt>many people say linode is a good choice i think i will give it a try
11:28<ponas>there are a few $10 and $20 coupons to be found
11:28<ponas>somewhere on the internet
11:30<chalkt>sorry my questions are a bit random but thanks a lot, ive visited at least 10 ircs and all i got was insults lol
11:31<chalkt>very very useful infos thanks <3
11:31<ponas>np :-)
11:32<millisa>!point ponas
11:32<linbot>millisa: Point given to ponas. (1)
11:32<millisa>!point chalkt
11:32<linbot>millisa: Point given to chalkt. (1)
11:32<ponas>yay! my first point!
11:33<chalkt>^^ thank you
11:33<ponas>I guess you're somewhat familiar with Linux, chalkt?
11:33<chalkt>i guess ill have to do some testing anyway, i think my vps will probably run only an application for instant messaging but i was thinking to move my whole website on it to keep my files "secure" from my hosting provider's hands
11:33<chalkt>yes exactly, somewhat familiar
11:34<chalkt>i do use linux and have some basic IT knowledge id say
11:34<millisa>well definitely check out the guide (and pay attention to the grey box at the top)
11:35<chalkt>thanks a lot millisa
11:36<ponas>yeah, the guides are pretty good. I consider myself a PROFESSIONAL but still use them if I'm setting up something unfamiliar :-)
11:40<scivola>even when you are a PROFESSIONAL™ the guides are still good especially because different VPS providers are set up differently with various things
11:42<chalkt>im so glad that ive found this irc thanks a lot guys <3 im giving a look to the guide, i always follow this kind of guides, i think it is a good idea to avoid bad surprises
11:43<chalkt>one other question, is this irc strictly about linode or IT in general? just to be sure for my next question!
11:44<chalkt>i mean, im not going to ask a thousand of questions xd but i dont want to ask off topic stuff
11:44<millisa>mostly Linodes , Linode related accessories, Linode Fashion, industry stuff does come up
11:45<chalkt>all right :)
11:46<millisa>At worst, someone will suggest a different channel if things veer too far out
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13:31<gracianacoelho>Can someone from Linode help me?
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13:32<chalkt>whats up gracianacoelho :D
13:32<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:33<gracianacoelho>hi @chalkt
13:34<gracianacoelho>I did the registration in the linode, I bought 5 dollars, and so far no email arrived and my login does not come help me?
13:34<smallclone>gracianacoelho: you probably had your account flagged for didn't receive any emails from linode?
13:34<millisa>(check your junk/spam folders)
13:35<smallclone>or a ticket? you should be able to log into the linode manager still, at least enough to see if a ticket was opened (in the support tab)
13:36<gracianacoelho>I did not receive any email return only confirming payment of 5 dollars, and I always check SPAM folders is not too
13:36<gracianacoelho>I can not send a ticket, because I try to enter with my login, it does not go in, it says that it is invalid
13:36<smallclone>send yourself a password reset
13:37<gracianacoelho>— This form does not accept email addresses. Please provide a username. —
13:37<smallclone>provide a username
13:38<gracianacoelho>— Instructions for completing the password reset may have been emailed to you. —
13:38<smallclone>there ya go
13:38<gracianacoelho>and in the email does not arrive
13:38<millisa>there's also a 'forgot username' link, too
13:38<gracianacoelho>is hotmail
13:38<smallclone>yeah it sounds like you're trying to reset a password for an account that isn't yours
13:39<smallclone>yeah you should probably use the "forgot username" link, if you're not getting any emails its because the account you're trying to reset the password for is not using that email address
13:39<gracianacoelho>— Thanks. We emailed the usernames if that address exists in our system —
13:39<gracianacoelho>and check my email nothing
13:40<gracianacoelho>nothing arrives = /
13:40<millisa>i just tried the forgot username link; it send me all the usernames associated to my email about 1 min later.
13:41<millisa>you'll have to ask linode if none of that is working
13:41<smallclone>yeah your next step is emailing, and including the last six digits of the credit card on file for the account
13:41<gracianacoelho>only for phone?
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15:22<softinio>NixOS vs FreeBSD any opinions?
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15:26<@sjacobs>quite different goals for those two projects, i believe.
15:27<smallclone>yeah they ton't have a ton in common
15:27<softinio>They don’t I know I just want to try something new
15:28<softinio>At moment leaning toward nixos
15:28<smallclone>nixos is definitely much further in the "something new" direction
15:29<millisa>why not both!
15:30<softinio>Yeah those guides are what I plan to use to give it a try
15:30<softinio>Eventually would love to try both but one at a time :-)
15:31<softinio>NixOS guide seems more recently updated too
15:32<@sjacobs>there was just a new NixOS release... glancing over the guide it should still be okay, though.
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19:01<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
19:04<tmberg>Nope. Youre banned!
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19:38<whitegoode240>some body here
19:39<whitegoode240>I had one question
19:39<dzho>!to whitegoode240 ask
19:39<linbot>whitegoode240: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
19:40<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Buy Real Uk Passport Online <>
19:41<whitegoode240>I had add my credit card and had recived billing, but I cant use , the web had say "Thank you for completing your signup!"
19:42<dzho>they often have to review new sign-ups
19:42<dzho>I think the general recommendation is for you to watch your email.
19:42<whitegoode240>what long time they review ?
19:43<dzho>I think it depends on the time of day, what their load is, the exact nature of the payment method.
19:44<dzho>!to whitegoode240 ops
19:44<whitegoode240>I got one billing email ,no other
19:44<linbot>whitegoode240: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
19:44<whitegoode240>I try it thank you
19:44<dzho>that you are receiving the email is a good sign
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