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00:14<Chris_>My server keeps recieving a flood attack from an static IP that traces to linode
00:14<Chris_>anyone know who to contact to make a complaint?
00:14<nate>Chris_: Report it to, they'll reach out to the linode customer
00:14<millisa>You'd probably need to use the address. Supply any relevant logs
00:14<Chris_>Thank you
00:25<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • gratis tiener porno <>
00:40<Ikaros>Well that's...random. A server I'm transferring files from via FileZilla starts randomly throwing "Incorrect MAC received on packet" suddenly. Mmm. Think my router probably needs a good kicking (aka reboot)?
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00:42<khanhdang>i hanve registred the VPS of linode
00:43<khanhdang>yesterday, i have resized a VPS from linode 2048 to 8192
00:43<khanhdang>but nochange in VPS
00:44<khanhdang>it is still not upgraded
00:44<khanhdang>pls checki it
00:45<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
00:45<rsdehart>khanhdang: have you submitted a ticket?
00:45<rsdehart>That's where you want to start
00:45<khanhdang>i have not yet
00:45<rsdehart>this is community chat. It happens to have staff in it, but it's not official support
00:45<khanhdang>i will submit now
00:46<khanhdang>thank you
00:46<rsdehart>you're welcome
00:51<millisa>khanhdang: are you sure it didn't resize? how much memory does it show in /proc/meminfo?
00:52<khanhdang>disk usage dont change
00:52<khanhdang>i use fdisk -l command
00:52<millisa>did the MemTotal change in /proc/meminfo?
00:52<rsdehart>khanhdang: you'll need to resize your disk after resizing your linode
00:53<rsdehart>the disk in the vm won't change automatically
00:53<millisa>step 7 is relevant:
00:53<khanhdang>the CPU is resized
00:53<rsdehart>then the resize was successful
00:53<rsdehart>resize your disk and you're all done
00:53<khanhdang>yes, i see this guide
00:53<khanhdang>wait me some munites
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00:55<rsdehart>millisa: enough
00:55<millisa>!towel millisa
00:55<linbot>millisa: Point taken from millisa! (50)
00:57<khanhdang>it is sucessful
00:57<khanhdang>thanks so much
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01:31<Ahamed_>I want to know the price of managed vps
01:32<millisa>If you mean the managed service - it's at the bottom
01:33<Ahamed_>I don't see
01:35<Ahamed_>Pricing is $100 per month per Linode on your account.
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03:30<kongrenet>Hello, I have a problem with botnet.. I am blacklisted on and there it says My ip is infected with botnet. I think this is due to some scripts I use. I have WHM/Cpanel and I have clamAV but the only solution i find is controlling the accounts one by one. Can you suggest a method /command that I can check the whole server?
03:54<Woet>kongrenet: are you sure you were listed while you had the Linode? not someone before you?
04:29<kongrenet>@woet yes I use this IP for the last few years and this happened yesterday
04:29<Woet>kongrenet: what did you do with clamAV?
04:30<Woet>kongrenet: did you check running processes, /tmp files, etc?
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04:47<rsdehart>we may never know
05:37<kongrenet>I check each account via cpanel... using the virus scanner and it finds YARA.eval_post.UNOFFICIAL
05:37<kongrenet>sory for the late response
05:38<kongrenet>however I do this check from c panel virus check for each account
05:38<kongrenet>I would like to know if it is possible to scan as root for all accounts
05:38<Woet>it is.
05:38<Woet> did you check running processes, /tmp files, etc?
05:39<Woet>go ahead
05:48<kongrenet>yes i did
05:51<kongrenet>but I don't know what to check there is a huge list
05:53<Woet>arent you a shared hosting provider?
05:53<kongrenet>there is a suspicious sshd for some clients..
05:53<kongrenet>4861 (sshd) /usr/sbin/sshd / sshd: erentarim [priv] 4864 (sshd) /usr/sbin/sshd / sshd: tedxyenisehir [priv] 4867 (sshd) /usr/sbin/sshd / sshd: erentarim@notty 4868 (sshd) /usr/sbin/sshd / sshd: tedxyenisehir 4869 (jailshell) /usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshell /home/virtfs/erentarim jailshell (erentarim) [4871] nssh/sftp-server
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07:18<kongrenet>I have a user chrony that uses /usr/sbin/chronyd -u chrony
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07:21<rcode>is peear extension installed ln lonose php
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07:24<Woet>peear extension
07:24<Woet>so confused
07:25<Peng_>Linode, PEAR, in
07:26<Woet>well, yea
07:26<Woet>pear isn't even an extension
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08:31<@sjacobs>what a ride.
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09:39<uin>can anyone here tell me DNS speed of linode
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09:40<ericoc>define “DNS speed”
09:43<ponas>Linode nameservers reload every 15 minutes, the rest is up to TTL
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10:10<dharmendra>one of my server is on linode
10:10<dharmendra>but not working
10:10<dharmendra>could be help me reagarding
10:10<dharmendra>this issue
10:12<cmcfarland>Hi there, can you open a Support ticket through the Linode Manager, and provide us with the ticket number once you have?
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10:18<dharmendra>I have already
10:18<dharmendra>open but no reply from there?
10:18<dharmendra>my all the websites are donw
10:19<dharmendra>wait i am giving
10:19<dharmendra>my ticket no
10:19<@cmcfarland>OK, I apologize if there's been a delay in our response.
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10:20<dharmendra>R u checking ticket??
10:21<@cmcfarland>Thanks for providing that. I've located your ticket and a member of our Support team was actually replying to it as we speak. Please refresh the page, you should see an update.
10:26<@cmcfarland>We appreciate your patience. Please be advised that the ticket has been marked a priority, meaning our Support team will reply to your updates as quickly as possible.
10:44<dharmendra>I have resloved the issue. Kindly inform your team to unblock my server.
10:46<@cmcfarland>We won't be able to discuss account specific details in this channel. As I stated before, the ticket is marked a priority and our Support team is currently responding to your updates as quickly as possible.
10:46<@sjacobs>dharmendra: you are going to have to be patient. we have your ticket and will have a response shortly.
10:47<@sjacobs>you can always call, as well.
10:47<dharmendra>k, thanks
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11:07<dharmendra>hi can you help me on my ticket no. 10170162
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11:11<dharmendra> hi can you help me on my ticket no. 10170162
11:11<dharmendra>because this is very urgnet issue.
11:11<@bmartin>We will have someone with you as soon as possible
11:12<@bmartin>You are welcome to call as well.
11:12<dharmendra>I am waiting for your reply?
11:14<@bmartin>dharmendra we are working on your ticket and will have an update as soon as possible. We ask that you please refrain from blowing up the IRC channel further in regards to this issue.
11:16<dharmendra>can you put this ticket on priortiy basis becase your support team is no giving me quick reply.
11:16<@bmartin>dharmendra. We have done this. We also have a number of other customers with issues and will be with you as soon as possible. As we have stated previously you are welcome to call if you need immediate assistance.
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11:37<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Delete Linode API v4, Do I need to make anything first? <>
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11:40<nyancat>support team? I have a problem. My Linode is not... Linode-y enough. How to improve?
11:48<synfinatic>by a bigger linode
11:48<synfinatic>buy even
11:48*synfinatic drinks more coffee
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12:16<linbot>all hail mcintosh o/
12:17<@sjacobs>he's a'ight.
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12:37<nyancat>synfinatic: i heard if you put two linodes together you can make like...
12:37<nyancat>a super linode
12:38<synfinatic>i wonder if you put 5 together, do you get voltron?
12:38<nyancat>@ bmartin
12:38<nyancat>We need answers
12:48<ponas>the first step is to figure out how to measure linodeness
12:48<ponas>next, make changes and reassess the level of linodeness
12:49<ponas>if it decreased, revert the changes
12:49<ponas>otherwise, keep the changes
12:49<ponas>repeat until happy
12:51<nyancat>we need to firstly define linodeness
12:51<nyancat>what constitutes 1?
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13:14<k_linode>How many servers can be handled with node loadbalancer
13:14<k_linode>maximum support for each node balancer
13:14<Woet>it says up to 10,000 concurrent connections
13:14<Woet>not sure about servers
13:16<k_linode>ok thanks
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14:59<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
15:28<AlexMax>75% of my servers need to migrate to new hosts
15:28<AlexMax>> Migration To Be Determined
15:28<AlexMax>Check back on April 30?
15:29<Peng_>Huh. I'm all reboots this time.
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16:00<codeforkjeff>hi, any linode staff on this channel? I can't reach my linode. opened a support ticket a few hours ago, but haven't gotten a response yet
16:00<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
16:00<millisa>but what have you tried? what's lish show?
16:02<codeforkjeff>hmm, didn't think to try lish. I see a bunch of network "link not ready" messages and docker errors. i'll try restarting
16:03<millisa>a good start
16:07<codeforkjeff>it's accessible again, thank you millisa. I don't think that's ever happened before
16:08<millisa>out of curiousity, which location was it at (I had a similar thing last weekend in two different locations)
16:08<millisa>unrelated then (probably)
16:11<codeforkjeff>it's odd because I couldn't even ping it, and traceroute was failing at a host that wasn't the linode itself
16:11<codeforkjeff>which made me assume it was something deeper than just some program taking up all the memory or something like that
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16:18<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Any plans to match Digital Ocean's $15 plan? <>
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16:25<AlexMax>is it normal for the longview client to be slowly, every so slowly, leaking memory?
16:26<AlexMax>by slow, I do mean slow
16:26<@sjacobs>AlexMax: surely not. can you put what you've found into a ticket?
16:26<AlexMax>sjacobs: It's on the order of a megabyte every day to three days
16:27<AlexMax>I do mean slow
16:27<AlexMax>But I see a clear upward trend
16:27<AlexMax>is that worth reporting?
16:28<AlexMax>let me see if it's leaking in any of my other servers
16:28<AlexMax>Also, very confusingly, the amount of 'cache' that is being used is also raising and raising. I know that memory is technically free, but it's a very odd pattern.
16:30<AlexMax>THen again, I've never had such nice views on my server, so maybe it's a normal pattern
16:38<@sjacobs>alrighty. well, if you want us to take a look, just put it in a ticket.
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19:03<hieunt>hi everyone, i have question, linode is support vpn site to site or not ?
19:05<hieunt>by topology linode_s1 <--route--> linode vpn server <-- ipsec --> Head office vpn server <-- route --> head office server
19:05<dwfreed>you'd either need a tunnel or NAT on the Linode that is your VPN endpoint
19:06<dwfreed>Linodes can only send traffic from IP addresses assigned to them
19:08<hieunt>you mean, if i have 20 server on linodes, and must setup vpn on 20 server to connect to head office server
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19:31<dwfreed>hieunt: you can have one Linode be the VPN server to the office, but between that Linode and the other Linodes, you either need some sort of tunnel (like something as simple as ip-in-ip or gre), or you need to have the VPN Linode do NAT (and then the other Linodes would not be able to initiate connections to things in the office)
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19:32<hieunt>@dwfreed thank for your advie
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21:29<dwfreed>I need 15 more points
21:55<@bhanks>mcintosh really is a man of the people.
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