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04:13<Woet>i wish i could spam the channel with a lie every day and get points for it
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04:51<FluffyFoxeh>!point Woet
04:51<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to woet. (11)
04:52<Woet>thanks FluffyFoxeh
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05:11<Akshat>I want to connect my hosting to my namecheap domains
05:11<Akshat>Can you please help me?
05:12<Woet>What is your question?
05:13<Akshat>help me to connect my linode hosting to connect my namecheap domains.
05:13<Woet>Please be more specific.
05:13<Woet>What have you done so far? What did you Google for? Which documentation did you read?
05:13<Akshat>I have my hosting on
05:14<Akshat>and my domains on
05:14<@scrane>Ignore that typo.
05:14<Akshat>i want to connect my hosting to domains
05:14<Woet>What have you done so far? What did you Google for? Which documentation did you read?
05:14<@scrane>So you'll want to change your nameservers on namecheap to Linode's nameservers, which are -
05:14<@scrane>After that, you can create a domain zone with Linode's DNS manager by following the guide here:
05:18<Woet>scrane: I'd argue you want to do that in the opposite order so you minimize downtime and no one can hijack your DNS.
05:18<@scrane>Fair 'nuff.
05:18<Woet>Fair dinkum *
05:18<Akshat>can you help to connect that
05:19<Akshat>i will provide all the info
05:19<Woet>Akshat: scrane just held your hand and told you exactly what to do
05:19<Woet>Akshat: please try reading the documentation and putting some effort in
05:19<@scrane>As we are unmanaged, we will be unable to do this for you.
05:19<Woet>Akshat: alternatively,
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05:29<koppeh>Hello, wonderful people o/
05:30<@scrane>Hello there!
05:30<koppeh>I'm planning to get a VPS from Linode for a friend for her birthday, and we're trying to figure out how best to go about that.
05:31<@scrane>Is this a Linode you will administrate while she is able to log into it, or do you want to pass the Linode account along to her?
05:31<koppeh>For one thing I'm not sure if sharing login details or for that matter having the service paid for by someone else is not against the ToS or so.
05:32<koppeh>Is it possible to have a second person have access to the control panel with full access?
05:33<@scrane>Absolutely. So you can create an account yourself, then create a second user on that account with either full access to the full Linode account or limited access.
05:33<@scrane>You can read a bit more about how that works here:
05:34<koppeh>Sweet. That possibility didn't come to mind right away, so I'm happy that exists!
05:34<koppeh>(God I love it when companies have an IRC channel.)
05:35<@scrane>Haha I know, right? That makes things much easier. Another option is to give us a call any time you have questions if you need to get in touch with us urgently.
05:35<@scrane>(855-454-6633) or Intl.: +1 609-380-7100
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05:38<koppeh>Oh. Do you not accept PayPal?
05:40<@scrane>Not as the initial payment at signup. We do require the deposit be via credit card and that a valid credit card remains on file. That being said, after the account has been created you can use PayPal to make manual payments.
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05:44<koppeh>That's a bummer. I only have a debit card from my bank.
05:49<@scrane>Debit counts in this case.
05:50<@scrane>A debit card is generally considered a credit card in most transactions to my knowledge.
05:51<koppeh>After the initial payment, is it possible to set up automatic invoice from PayPal?
05:51<koppeh>Or just manual?
05:52<@scrane>Not at this time, no. That being said, you can use PayPal to pay in advance and generate a positive credit on the account that automatic payments will be withdrawn from instead of the card.
05:52<@scrane>So for example if you only have a 1GB Linode on the account you can pre-load $60 to cover 12 months of the Linode
05:55<koppeh>Okay, thank you so much for answering my questions! I'll have to think over this for a bit.
05:55<@scrane>Completely understand. I hope you have a good day!
05:56<koppeh>Same to you! :)
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06:21<koppeh>Ah, I think my German "debit" card is not usable as a credit card. There's no 16 digit card number or 4 digit verification number.
06:23<koppeh>So that's that. I don't think I'll go through the (probably relatively minor) effort required to get a credit (compatible) card. Apologies.
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07:11<dwfreed>koppeh: could get a prepaid card
07:11<dwfreed>(also CVVs are 3 digits, not 4)
07:11<koppeh>I read online that they're 4.
07:12<dwfreed>not sure where you read that, but Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are all 3
07:12<dwfreed>(also pretty sure American Express is a 15 digit card number, just because)
07:13<@scrane>I think AMEX has a 4-digit CVV number
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09:08<koppeh>Thank you so much for the amazing support. If I could get Linode servers in Germany easily I'd probably do it in a pinch. Have a good one!
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10:31<@mcintosh>i find it unlikely that his card wouldn't have worked... that's unfortunate
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14:47<HoopyCat>mcintosh: it could be a place where debit cards use their own system entirely (similar to Canada)
14:47<HoopyCat>(and yeah, amex is 15 digit acct number + 4 digit CVV)
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15:01<nate>AMEX is usually two technically isn't it? Their CID model on the front (4-digit) and the CSC on the back (3-digit)
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15:16<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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16:27<diveyez>coreos is a nightmare lol
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19:15<diveyez>I ran the same commmands on a linode at every datacenter, california was the fastest processing wise, dallas net wise, and the others are still trying to catch up
19:16<dwfreed>different hosts are going to have different loads on them
19:16<dwfreed>different network paths are going to have different congestion
19:16<dwfreed>Tautology 101
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21:31<linbot>all hail mcintosh o/
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23:03<diveyez>My freemont california machines just became entirely unresponsive. What is going on?
23:04<diveyez>Its fine, I dont know what that was about.
23:04<diveyez>I am going to investigate.
23:04<diveyez>I fear a debian bug. I should have used 8 and just pushed it into 9 manually. I am not happy with stretch at all anymore.
23:06<diveyez>Its a hop between me and the servers
23:06<diveyez>My flight is next monday. I cant wait. California surely has better networking. Lol.
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23:09<Brian>First time signing up for Linode. How long does it take to verify an account? Should I wait to hear, or check back in the morning?
23:11<dwfreed>usually not very long, though sometimes it can be a couple hours
23:11<Brian>ok. thanks for the info. I will just go do something else and check back periodically. thx
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