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01:11<diveyez>That debian 9 linode build I deployed it is cancer, something is very wrong with that thing
01:16<MrPPS>cut it out
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04:10<Parthi>does anybody aware .. whether Linode has datacenter in india
04:10<dwfreed>^ all of Linode's facilities are listed there
04:11<Nahid>I have some issue of my payoneer card
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04:46<diveyez>freemont on the fritz again
04:46<diveyez>glish shows no ability to ping every few minutes
04:46<diveyez>india influx, nice
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04:52<@bmartin>Thanks diveyez we will take a look
04:52<diveyez>Likely a hop on the way out
04:52<diveyez>Thats what I saw earlier
04:53<diveyez>And I locked myself out, nice 1
04:53<@bmartin>hello Nahid how can we help you
04:53<Nahid>I lost My some $ form my payoneer accout
04:53<diveyez>!rep bmartin
04:54<diveyez>linbot linny, what
04:54<@bmartin>I'm not certain I understand the question Nahid. Do you currently have a Linode account?
04:54<@bmartin>diveyez can you open up a ticket with any info you have?
04:55<Nahid>No I don't have linode accout but I see linode billed be in payoneer
04:55<diveyez>Yes brother. I will finish up what I am doing and work on a ticky for you =)
04:55<Nahid>My card lst four degite is 8942
04:55<@bmartin>Nahid can you email with the last 6 of the card on file and any other info you may have so we can look into this further
04:55<@bmartin>please don't put your card info in our public IRC room
04:55<diveyez>Nahid: Do not post card information on IRC brother
04:56<diveyez>Not this IRC or any. Lots of wolves online, we want to help you stay safe.
04:56<@bmartin>!point diveyez
04:56<linbot>bmartin: Point given to diveyez. (1)
04:56<diveyez>!point bmartin
04:56<linbot>diveyez: Point given to bmartin. (10)
04:57<diveyez>I think Woet took my points and donate them to the homeless at some point
04:57<@bmartin>nahid let us know once the email is sent so I can take a look
04:58<diveyez>You know, I would say this is the dns servers, but I know better when glish access cant ping google neither
04:58<Nahid>ok I am sending
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05:01<diveyez>If only one could copy paste to glish with chrome, sighs...
05:02<diveyez>Yeah there is packet loss
05:02<diveyez>I cannot copy paste because I cant get into ssh from outside
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05:04<diveyez>bmartin: the best I can do is submit ticket with screen shot atm
05:04<@bmartin>that's perfect
05:05<diveyez>This will explain my sql issues though, 70% loss at one point, and a 20% choke at 4 on the actual database
05:07<diveyez>I figured I would start a California network up for work. Before my flight, GOOD THING I DID IT BEFORE I ACTUALLY HAVE TO START WORK.
05:07<diveyez>If that happened in teh office I would have been red in the face and crying for an escape path.
05:08<diveyez>Sorry for namedropping in the ticket subject bmartin but you asked for it lol
05:08<diveyez>!point bmartin
05:08<linbot>diveyez: Point given to bmartin. (11)
05:08<@bmartin>appreciate you
05:08<diveyez>No trouble brother. I love linode. You know where my loyalties are.
05:08<diveyez>This is definitely the time to make that coffe now.
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05:11<diveyez>One more thing, I love that I can use low cost machines, to setup then enhance them once production ready.
05:12<diveyez>I have gotten ssh through worse situations. I am kind of disappointed lol
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05:14<diveyez>I just lost lish as well. Mmm, coffee.
05:15<diveyez>No, steam is not downloading games again and magically causing phantoms.
05:18<diveyez>I wonder if an in network vpn connection will bypass that packet loss, hmmm
05:20<@bmartin>what do you mean by lost Lish? regardless of how you access the Linode it won't affect its ability to ping or not ping
05:20<diveyez>The connection was lost, beats me..
05:22<@bmartin>ahh ok
05:22<diveyez>losses are clearing up
05:23<diveyez>Taking quite some time. Is someone running a seedbox on the nanode? =P
05:24<diveyez>for sure
05:24<diveyez>Thats the congestion locale'
05:24<diveyez>linbot said she wants to help
05:25<diveyez><linbot> Error: "said" is not a valid command.
05:26<diveyez>Yeah, ofc winsock still thinks there is an error when I try to bitvise in. Gawd I am tired of Bill
05:26<diveyez>ssh works, I guess I will write code by hand for a while
05:28<diveyez>Nice to see jhaas back on here
05:31<@bmartin>he is far far far smarter than I
05:32<diveyez>A man who owns 3 ferraris called me the smartest person he has ever met today. That was, humbling for once. Usually I blow it off. But that was, LET ME DRIVE YOUR CAR.
05:35<diveyez>Error: Network error: Connection refused
05:35<diveyez>Error: Could not connect to server
05:35<diveyez>I am pretty sure I just ssh'd into that box
05:36<diveyez>bill gates is having a giggle on my bill
05:36<diveyez>I am going to fight back
05:37<diveyez>bmartin you still got that ticket open?
05:40<@bmartin>Yup we have someone taking a look now
05:42<Woet>can you take a look at me after?
05:42<diveyez>You want Woet M8?
05:44<diveyez>413 Request Entity Too Large
05:45<diveyez>Entities RUN, teh aliens pwn owr bases
05:45<diveyez>I'm sorry, but you've triggered our Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) prevention measure.
05:45<diveyez>That was a screen shot btw
05:45<diveyez>I guess it cant handle the ultrawide
05:46<diveyez>bmartin: make a note to the team, 413 errors can and will be exploited
05:47<diveyez>By sending ultrawide screen shots to dsmith
05:47<diveyez>leave it to dsmith to request ricky to run commands that take an hour
05:54<diveyez>Mr Martin, ticket responses submitted finally.
05:54<@bmartin>cool cool
05:54<@bmartin>should have someone on it shortly
05:55<diveyez>No its not cool. Entities invaded engineX
05:55<diveyez>Christopher Aker is being hunted by the droids
05:55<diveyez>I wish you could bullshit with me
05:58<@bmartin>We got 5k
05:58<diveyez>Okay not bad, but its still not 8k resolution
05:58*diveyez makes Blake scratch his head
05:59<diveyez>In the gaming world, my nick name is Solar Syndrome
06:00<diveyez>Dallas is always the most stable.
06:00<diveyez>I love my dallas node.
06:00<diveyez>!point dsmith
06:00<linbot>diveyez: Point given to dsmith. (1)
06:01<@bmartin>Dallas is the new hotness
06:01<diveyez>Always has been the hotness bro. Where have you been?
06:02<diveyez>I been linodin since Aker started it really, with some friends. About 5 years on my own now. Random accounts until now.
06:02<diveyez>I decided to come out of the geek closet and show my face and real name.
06:03<diveyez>#1 Dallas #2 Jersey #3 jhaas #4
06:09<diveyez>I am going to call it. Quite a few minutes without losage
06:09<diveyez>The only evidence of the congestion is in that mtr.png
06:10<@bmartin>ok cool
06:10<@bmartin>Didn't see anything on my end
06:16<diveyez>Check the ticket with your name on it
06:16<diveyez>look at mtr.png
06:16<diveyez>dsmith could be onto something, it could just be ipv6
06:16<diveyez>I booted to debian hehehe
06:16<@bmartin>Yeah he's also smarter than me
06:16<diveyez>All I see is "Loading coin data...." all over the place. Been a few days.
06:16<@bmartin>(most are)
06:17<diveyez>bmartin stop that man you work for linode
06:17<diveyez>I have no idea what caused that either, so I am less smarter than you cause I dont work at linode
06:17<diveyez>I do have a 3.85GPA in IT at forbes school for business and tech though hahaha
06:18<diveyez>And an AI Botnet on my private irc
06:18<diveyez>I named her, AVA MENDEZ!
06:18<diveyez>I used it was the most fun
06:18<diveyez>If apple ever lets me use siri, i will
06:18<diveyez>British Kate is hot
06:20<diveyez>Well, I am left with no choice but to reboot that box and erase my half finished work
06:21<diveyez>hey bmartin are you smart enough to start the maintenance on my dallas hotness or do I have to wait 23 days?
06:22<@bmartin>Can't start it
06:22<@bmartin>because it would start it for everyone else
06:22<diveyez>Hands on kinda deal huh?
06:22<@bmartin>and they might get riled up
06:22<diveyez>all you base are belong to, MAINTENANCE
06:22<@bmartin>I heard you like reboots
06:22<diveyez>Yo dawg, do you like boots, how about reboots
06:23<diveyez>I do actually, uptime egos are a thing from precloud
06:23<diveyez>The only thing with substantial uptime is a slice of pi I am using as a wifi router
06:24<diveyez>AT&T hates my iphone lol
06:24<diveyez>They cant see the tether
06:24<diveyez>Nvm, Its switched to comcast atm
06:25<diveyez>I looked out the window like, where is the sun. Well, so foggy in baltimore where I am, cant see 100ft right now
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06:34<poky>Hi. How can I permanent redirect a file on linux nginx? I want to
06:35<diveyez>meta redirect
06:36<Woet>diveyez: 301 is better.
06:36<diveyez>You want to google woet for me mate?
06:36<diveyez>You are right, but still.
06:36<diveyez>Some browsers, ahem, cough, sneeze, opera, wont handle that right
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06:47<diveyez><3 Np
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06:55<turbo>linode 1gb has how much bandwidth
06:57<turbo>linode 1gb has how much bandwidth
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07:01<diveyez>1TB a month
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07:01<diveyez>1TB a month
07:01<diveyez>I think that is correct.
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07:03<turbo>linode 1gb plan has how much bandwidth
07:03<diveyez>1TB a month
07:03<diveyez>I already answered that question
07:03<diveyez>It is in the information on the website by the way.
07:04<turbo>is 1tb is enough for 20k visitors per month
07:04<diveyez>Are they downloading content?
07:05<diveyez>If you have 20k visitors I would use the 2048 or 4096 so you have enough cpu and ram to handle the loads
07:05<turbo>no downloading only for browsing
07:05<diveyez>Its enough bandwith, but you may get slow loading times during high demand with only one cpu
07:06<diveyez>Paying the 20$/mo plan is worth it
07:06<turbo>can i upgrade onlt bandwidth for 1gb linode plan
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07:06<diveyez>The packages upgrade bandwith, as you also upgrade ram, storage, and cpu power
07:06<diveyez>I would start with the 2048
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07:06<diveyez>If you need, then go with the 4096
07:07<diveyez>The 1024 is probably not the best for 20k visitors a month
07:07<turbo>1tb means how many vistors it can handle
07:07<diveyez>Well, a typical website transfers 1-120mb per visit, multiply that times 20,000
07:08<diveyez>As I said, go with the 2gig ram plan (2048)
07:08<diveyez>You can always downgrade, if you are not using all the resources
07:09<turbo>i want cloud hosting to build a website similar to filehippo(but external download links)
07:09<diveyez>Definitely go with something other than the 1024
07:09<turbo>which plan is best for filehosting website
07:09<diveyez>That machine probably wont handle the cms very well. You will want more ram and power.
07:10<turbo>ok thanks
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07:11<diveyez>I should have given them a referal link
07:14<diveyez>Woet do you know of a way to find hidden domain ownership information?
07:15<diveyez>My boss wants to buy a domain, but the person holding it has privacy protect or something on it, and the website has errors so we cant find a way to contact them.
07:17<Peng_>Can you email the email address?
07:17<diveyez>We dont have one
07:17<diveyez>There is none in the whois
07:17<diveyez>Its quite strange, but it looks like its been held since the 90's ha
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10:17<jack_>any one here
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10:22<Woet>hit the road jack
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10:49<akshat>i want to install the wordpress on my server for all doamins
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11:07<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Server gets frozen on random <>
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11:20<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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12:17<aleju>hi is this a support chat?
12:18<aleju>This is my first time working with Linode, and somebody else started this project so the only logins that they gave me were to access the account but not to connect to the server. I was trying using this tutorial but it didn't work I got an authentication problem.
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12:19<@sjacobs>if you are logged into the account, you can use the lish console to ...
12:19<@sjacobs>well. i tried.
12:20<@mquatrani>!point sjacobs
12:20<linbot>mquatrani: Point given to sjacobs. (5)
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13:17<Woet>who the fuck is mquatrani
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13:39<dwfreed>Woet: O.o
13:40<@mquatrani>it's me
13:44<Woet>dwfreed: one of your eyes seems to be enlarged, i hope your health insurance is enough
13:44<Woet>mquatrani: are you jealous of esegura's beard? it's very well maintained
13:45<@mquatrani>definitely - it is a very nice beard
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13:47<Woet>him and nmelehan should have a fight
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13:48<Udith>i need to add SSL Certificate can you help me on this
13:48<Udith>where can i buy SSl certificate and how do i enable it for exisitng linode
13:48<@sjacobs> is what i would recommend.
13:49<@mquatrani>we have some guides here:
13:49<Udith>so u guys dont sell SSL certificates
13:50<@sjacobs>no. they need to be gotten elsewhere.
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13:50<@sjacobs>or certbot.
13:50<Udith>ok thanks you
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14:09<synfinatic>one of these days I should start a service where I sell certbot SSL certs. I could make $$$$
14:10<synfinatic>you're just jealous you didn't think of it first :)
14:11<@sjacobs>it would be no fun to have to do the installation every 90 days without the tooling you get doing it yourself.
14:11<Peng_>Sell security seal GIFs. That's where the big money is, until Let's Encrypt sends you a trademark cease and desists. ;-)
14:12<synfinatic>@sjacobs I'd just tell people to: wget - | bash :)
14:13<@sjacobs>synfinatic: you've thought of it all. no stopping you now. best of luck in your new venture.
14:15<synfinatic>huh, that's twice now it's hailed today. i think 3 times is the sign of the apocalypse
14:16<Peng_>Or a sign the gods do not approve of your new business ventre
14:17<synfinatic>haters gonna hate
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16:02<dwfreed>IPv6 in Dallas died for a bit just now
16:04<Peng_>Seemed to go up and down a lot
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18:55<Eugene>synfinatic - we do that at $DAYJOB. What we actually provide(value-add) is your site goes into our Nagios, so if (when) certbot fails to do its auto-thing I get a ticket about it before things go belly-up.
18:55<dwfreed>OFTC runs dehydrated by hand every 90 days
18:56<synfinatic>lolz. that makes me both really happy and sad at the same time
18:56<dwfreed>we have nagios alerts to tell us things are coming up, in addition to the LE emails
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20:22<blueness>hi all, i'm having difficulties getting to accept emails from my smtp server running on a linode. its postfix with spf, dkim and dmarc set up correctly and passing on different tests sites like but i still get a 550. the error message says "Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3140)". Any clues? The full error message is at
20:23<blueness>gmail, yahoo, yandex, all other major email providers are okay, just
20:24<relidy>blueness: Sounds like "part of their [Linode] network is on our block list (S3140)"
20:25<blueness>relidy: yeah, so how did that happen. this is a new lindoe, less than a month, nothing that could possibly be mistaken as spam came out of it
20:25<blueness>maybe the ip address was recycled from a spammer?
20:27<millisa>or MS decided to just block a whole netblocks for no particular reason
20:28<dwfreed>you can fill out this form to have it removed:
20:28<dwfreed>pretty(-er) short link:
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20:29<millisa>you aren't on any blacklists that I see and it looks like your reverse matches your forward matches your helo
21:02<nmelehan>blueness: you can open a ticket with the Linode support team, and we can request a delisting with microsoft
21:02<nmelehan>microsoft is usually pretty quick to respond
21:02<nmelehan>I believe that we might have to do this for you but I'm not 100 certain
21:03<blueness>nmelehan: thanks
21:03<nmelehan>microsoft is pretty aggressive about blocking networks, but they are also good about getting you off that list once we request it
21:03<nmelehan>sure thing. just let us know in the ticket what the Linode and domain you're sending from is
21:03<nmelehan>and include the error you get from microsoft in the email bounces
21:04<nmelehan>MS will ask us for that info
21:11<relidy>!point nmelehan
21:11<linbot>relidy: Point given to nmelehan. (2)
21:12<blueness>nmelehan: will do
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23:35<readyminer55>need help installing the certif
23:36<readyminer55>anyone online
23:37<rsdehart>readyminer55: yup, just waiting patiently for you to ask your question
23:40<readyminer55> error:Invalid response from
23:41<readyminer55>Is there a way to fix this problem
23:42<readyminer55>I can also send you the log as well if that help
23:43<millisa> doesn't point to a linode IP.
23:43<millisa>where does linode fit in with this?
23:46<readyminer55>the domain name is with godaddy pointing back to my public Ip address on a standalone server
23:47<readyminer55>Building the server to run zencash
23:47-!-nagchampa [~nagchampa@2001:44b8:2139:f500:16de:6771:c72f:305d] has joined #linode
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23:48<millisa>Ok, so where does linode fit in with this?
23:50<readyminer55>A little lost on the linode question
23:50<readyminer55>I know it relate to the IP address
23:50<millisa>What part of what you are trying to do involves a linode? You are in a community chat about linodes.
23:53<readyminer55>trying to install Let's Encrypt
23:54<readyminer55>so i'm in the wrong chat room i take it
23:54<rsdehart>readyminer55: this is the community discussion channel for a vps hosting company
23:55<rsdehart>most or all of us are customers, staff, or prospective customers
23:55-!-readyminer55 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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