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00:53<akshat>I want to install the wordpress setup
00:54<@rsyracuse>akshat: This guide should help
00:55<akshat>I try this
00:56<akshat>i have connected 4 domains with linode and now i want to install wordpress in all specific domains
01:02<@rsyracuse>akshat: Wordpress to my understanding is set up to have one install per each site you're hosting
01:02<@rsyracuse>so if those sites are different, you may want to use a seperate Linode for each
01:02<akshat>yes i have connect 4 domains with my linode hosting
01:04<@rsyracuse>there are some plugins that can help you to get around this. This one may be able to help
01:04<@rsyracuse>or you can try using Wordpress's multi-site feature
01:05<akshat>Are you able to see my linode account?
01:07<@rsyracuse>This is a community channel, so if you do want someone to take a look at your account you should open up a support ticket
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01:55<grawity>if you're installing Wordpress from tarball/git, you don't need a separate linode for each, just a separate <VirtualHost> & DocumentRoot &c.
01:55<grawity>though that means 4 times the maintenance anyway
01:57<Zimsky>having separate VMs for simple sites like that is ridiculous anyway
01:57<Zimsky>the load is so insignificant
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03:39<FluffyFoxeh>remember all those weird ass shapes from elementary school geometry
03:40<FluffyFoxeh>what are they for??
03:41<@bmartin>I wish I knew
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04:10<vineet>hey my website is down
04:10<vineet>anyone can help me?
04:10<@bmartin>Do you have a ticket open with support?
04:11<vineet>is there no LIVE support
04:11<@bmartin>Well we can't get into the details of your specific account on our public IRC room but we do have 24/7 phone and ticket support
04:11<@bmartin>if you open a ticket and tell me the number I can have someone take a look right now
04:12<vineet>are you TMD hosting?
04:12<@bmartin>we are Linode
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04:18<jaskal>Trying to figure out how he confused TMD hosting with Linode...
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04:29<irondemons>I have a question
04:29<irondemons>my linode is using 14GB of disk space
04:29<irondemons>I cannot downgrade it to the second plan which should be 30GB
04:30<irondemons>It says Linode has allocated more disk than new plan allows. Delete or resize disks smaller.
04:31<@bmartin>Check in the linode manager what percentage is allocated
04:31<@rsyracuse>irondemons: have you opened up a support ticket with us yet? If you can PM me your ticket number we'd be happy to take a look ASAP
04:31<@bmartin>In most cases you've allocated 100 percent to that Linode even if all of it isn't used
04:32<irondemons>Let me try with that one.
04:32<irondemons>I havent open any ticket
04:33<irondemons>Let me try with the resize a linode disk first.
04:45<irondemons>Thanks guys
04:45<irondemons>Have a great day!
04:46<@bmartin>You too
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06:34<Woet>wheres my great day bmartin
06:35<@bmartin>Hello Woet. Have a great day
06:36<Woet>You too
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07:15<Cromulent>ubuntu 18.04 comes out next week
07:16<Cromulent>quite looking forward to upgrading
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07:27<farewellsolenya>hi all - anybody from the linode docs team online?
07:27<@sjacobs>not seeing anyone from docs at the moment.
07:28<@sjacobs>let me see if anyone is around. in the meantime, whats up?
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07:30<farewellsolenya>just noticed a couple of things in the API docs that need tweaking: e.g. there is an example curl which returns a 404 here:
07:30<farewellsolenya> curl
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07:31<farewellsolenya>not a blocker for me at all - just an FYI
07:32<farewellsolenya>(i know i should raise a ticket but... ;] )
07:32<@sjacobs>no, this is just fine. i'll take a look and see if we can get that fixed.
07:32<farewellsolenya>i guess it is meant to be /images
07:33<@sjacobs>yeah. those endpoints were combined in a previous release. looks like that example was missed.
07:34<farewellsolenya>np thnx for your help
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08:41<diveyez>We need to work as a community to improve on that page
08:41<diveyez>Bury the security concerns under elite guide mentions kek
08:43<Zimsky>is kek the way you signal to the other cool kids that you're also a cool kid?
08:44<diveyez>What year did the guides start?
08:44<diveyez>!depoint Zimsky
08:45<diveyez>!removepoint Zimsky
08:45<diveyez>Well, I tried
08:46<smallclone>2009 or so, it looks like*/
08:49<diveyez>since all of the information about the 40,000 bitcoin was a bunch of 404 links I removed it
08:50<diveyez>Looks like HTP wrote that security concern portion as well, those are 404's
08:52<Woet>why is there no mention of the bitcoin hacks
08:52<Zimsky>you should be finding alternate links, not removing information
08:52<Zimsky>otherwise you're just going to be reverted
08:53<diveyez>All of the information used was kaput
08:53<Woet>so find alternate links.
08:53<diveyez>I am sure a moderator will fix it since I marked it for edit, and or removal with a temporary removal
08:53<diveyez>Its temporary
08:54<Zimsky>why should a moderator have to go and fix something you were too lazy to fix when you had the chance?
08:54<Zimsky>that's just being a shitty editor
08:54<diveyez>Since hack the planet wants to write bad words about linode, they can fix it themselves =P
08:55<diveyez>I checked the links, the ones they used either never existed, or were removed by the websites that posted them. Cant believe nobody notiuced that.
08:55<Zimsky>you should never be editing things to keep an organisation or entity in a good light
08:55<Zimsky>nor should you put them in a bad light
08:55<Zimsky>you should be writing about factual events
08:55<diveyez>Does it look like I did anything of the sort? No.
08:56<Zimsky><diveyez> since all of the information about the 40,000 bitcoin was a bunch of 404 links I removed it
08:56<diveyez>And that badnames linode how?
08:56*diveyez puts Zimsky in the corner with HTP
08:57<Zimsky>your question is confusing
08:58<diveyez>You are not from an English speaking country are you?
08:58<diveyez>Wikipedias guidelines require verified references. Their references were unverifiable.
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08:59<diveyez>By the look of it those guys used a linode as a shell and edited it. Lol
08:59<Zimsky>argue it in a talk page
08:59<Zimsky>I don't see how my origin country relates here
08:59<diveyez>The talk was in private
09:00<Zimsky>it's like talking to a really edgy 16 year old
09:00<Zimsky>but it's so much worse because I know you're a lot older than 16
09:01<diveyez>Okay, you want a essay in APA format or something Mr. Zimsky?
09:02<Zimsky>why does it matter if it's in APA format
09:02<diveyez>This was their entire basis for that section
09:02<Zimsky>Ms Zimsky would like an essay though
09:03<diveyez>Joke is ltierally on me because that was a 404 a few minutes ago./
09:03<Woet>ah yea
09:03<Woet>the famous forbes random 404s
09:03<diveyez>I emaled the forbes editor about it
09:03<diveyez>Now its back
09:04<Woet>that must be it
09:04<diveyez>I actually attned their Business and Technology school btw
09:04<diveyez>Cold fingers, bad english. Sorry.
09:04<Zimsky>me too
09:04<Zimsky>diveyez: you are not from an English speaking country are you?
09:04<Woet>i love useless degrees
09:05<Woet>im w3schools mysql certified myself
09:05<Zimsky>that's why I went to their Business and Technology school, Woet
09:05<diveyez>Useless? I got a job and I didnt even finish school yet.
09:05<Woet>not even trolling this time
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09:05<diveyez>I am being flown and housed in california starting Monday. I cant wait to be on the beach chatting with you guys.
09:05<Woet>yea but you're stuck in the US
09:06<Woet>i prefer my boracay beach
09:06<Woet>too bad it closed
09:06<Zimsky>hey Woet remember that thing I PM'd you about?
09:06<Zimsky>now is the time if you like
09:06<Woet>Zimsky: enough
09:06<diveyez>Major: Business Information Systems
09:06<diveyez>Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.50
09:06<Zimsky>diveyez: enough
09:06<Woet>Test: W3 Schools MySQL certification
09:06<diveyez>My GPA speaks for itself. I am super pacing as well.
09:06<Woet>Result: 10/10
09:07<Zimsky>you know how I already know that?
09:07<Zimsky>Because I'm the one that did it.
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09:07<diveyez>The thing is, its not just taking a 10/10 questionare.
09:07<diveyez>There is a social platform and you have to interact like its a real class.
09:07<diveyez>Also, ESSAYS! I love writing them.
09:07*Woet falls asleep
09:07<diveyez>Except APA, yuck!
09:07<Zimsky>I'll be honest here
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09:07<Zimsky>I actually could not care any less
09:08<diveyez>Narcissism is expected on IRC
09:08<Woet>i couldn't care less
09:08<Zimsky>business degrees are mostly a waste of time and money
09:08<Zimsky><diveyez> Narcissism is expected on IRC
09:08<Zimsky>is this your justification for everything you say?
09:08<Woet>just like IT degrees
09:08<Woet>and art degrees
09:08<diveyez>No, my degree isn't. But the BMW might be.
09:09<Zimsky>Woet: yes, and depends on the art degree
09:09<diveyez>Hey take it easy.
09:10<Woet>we prefer "enough" here
09:12<diveyez>40forbes lol
09:15<Zimsky>that'll be enough for now, diveyez
09:15<hawk>diveyez: Ok, so one out of two sources supposedly was 404 (but now isn't anymore?), so you removed that whole paragraph?
09:16<diveyez>Its tine to go to work.
09:16<Zimsky>if you're going to be a bad wiki editor, at least don't tell other people about it
09:16<diveyez>They both were hawk
09:17<diveyez>May have been due to ads being blocked from what I can tell.
09:17<diveyez>I dont let AiDS run on my browser
09:17<diveyez>Now, I have to go to work.
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09:23<hawk>So Forbes and The Register independently had some kind of temporary glitch resulting in 404, but now work again?
09:24<Woet>yea it's really weird man
09:24<Woet>but its okay, diveyez emailed the forbes editor
09:24<diveyez>Southwest called and confirmed the flight, the guy was eating on the phone with me, wow
09:24<Woet>why did they confirm the flight? was it temporarily a 404 as well?
09:24<diveyez>Since I got highlighted after I said I was retuning to work, I will share irrelevant information until you shut up
09:25<Woet> is a 403 for me
09:25<Woet>and thats not a joke
09:25<Woet>they 403 random countries when they please
09:25<Woet>everyone knows hackers cant spoof their location
09:26<hawk>Well, at least not without setting the evil bit
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10:30<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
10:30<Moladiya>gLinode 2GB 2 GB 1 Core 30 GB SSD 2 TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps $10 / mo ($.015 / hr)
10:30<Moladiya>please explain
10:31<Moladiya>like a
10:31<smallclone>that isn't really a question
10:31<smallclone>explain what
10:31<Moladiya>$.015 hr
10:31<smallclone>Linodes are charged at an hourly rate, based on how long they exist - up to a monthly cap
10:31<smallclone>in this case the monthly cap is $10
10:32<Moladiya>if going up monthly $.020 so you can extra charge added
10:32<smallclone>i don't understand the question
10:33<Moladiya>i mean rate hourly $.015
10:33<smallclone>if you keep the linode for less than a month you are charged at its hourly rate
10:33<smallclone>for however long you used it
10:33<smallclone>if you keep it the entire month you are charged the monthly rate
10:33<Moladiya>yearly minimum
10:34<Moladiya>24 hours
10:34<Zimsky>years won't have anything to do with it
10:34<Moladiya>i hve own website so
10:34<smallclone>there is no minimum
10:34<smallclone>you can just create a linode and destroy it a minute later
10:34<Moladiya>yearly charge 120$
10:34<Moladiya>no any other charge
10:35<smallclone>i mean yeah, but you're not going to be billed once per year
10:35<smallclone>you will be billed every month
10:35<Moladiya>but i want yearly yea 5 yearly
10:35<Zimsky>if you exceed your traffic quota, you get billed for more traffic
10:35<Moladiya>so possible
10:35<smallclone>you can pre-load a credit to your account
10:36<smallclone>and then your monthly charges will be taken from the credit instead of your card
10:36<Moladiya>yes understand
10:36<Moladiya>account full charged
10:36<Moladiya>automatic every month charges
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10:56<smallclone>are you asking a question?
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10:58<Zimsky>the question was '????????????'
10:59<Zimsky>language barriers and impatience are/is fun
11:32<JamesTK>In an ideal world, Linode would give me compute for free.
11:33<Zimsky>and what would this achieve, JamesTK?
11:33<JamesTK>World domination.
11:33<Zimsky>I see
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12:17<millisa> just had a linode that required migration due to hardware issue. After migration, the maintenance status column went to 'No Maintenance Required'. Does that mean this one moved to a host that won't have the upcoming spectre/meltdown updates due to already having it?
12:17<millisa>Or does it take some time to show up?
12:19<millisa>also - this looks odd to me compared to other migrations:
12:20<millisa>It moved from fremont860, but still shows as being on fremont860?
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12:20<millisa>(I don't know for sure that it showed fremont860 as its host before the migration)
12:20<grawity>I would expect migration to only be done into already-patched hosts
12:21<millisa>I would hope so; but maybe they didn't want to guarantee that or mention it in that status update about it to keep people from migrating things to try to avoid the maintenance window?
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12:42<millisa>blueness: have any luck with your mail issue?
12:45<blueness>millisa: its actually a fellow sys admin i'm helping, he should get back to me today
12:45<millisa>(just curious on current MS responsiveness to getting one of their internal blocks removed)
12:46<blueness>millisa: actually he just emailed me back, they are off the block list
12:46<millisa>that's pretty good then.
12:46<blueness>yeah looks like microsoft is just block happy
12:47<blueness>but at least they responded
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13:07<me>what is the best way to learn elixir for web development?
13:08<millisa>I'd guess starting with and going to their learning section?
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13:08<me>is there any channel for elixir phoenix development?
13:16<@sjacobs>#elixir-lang on freenode.
13:16<@sjacobs>they're helpful folks.
13:17<dwfreed>millisa: did you log in after the migration was finished, or before?
13:17<millisa>never logged out. probably should try logging out and in
13:17<dwfreed>millisa: yeah, I think that was cached
13:18<millisa>!point dwfreed
13:18<linbot>millisa: Point given to dwfreed. (44) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 7)
13:18<millisa>host was indeed cached.
13:18<millisa>still shows as no maintenance, which is interesting.
13:21<dwfreed>wherever possible, Linode will apply fixes to empty hosts, and then make those hosts the only ones Linodes can land on
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14:03<markymouse>Hi can you tell me i am on the $40 per month how much more would this cost for managed
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14:29<jones>my linode has on average like 300% cpu usage is that normal?
14:30<smallclone>jones: each 100% represents one core
14:30<millisa>depends if you have something htat uses lots of cpu
14:30<smallclone>so if your Linode has several CPU cores, then it's not too crazy i guess.
14:30<smallclone>yeah depends on what you are doing, also
14:31<millisa>looking at it with top/htop/atop or similar might give you a clue if it's something expected
14:31<jones>It's doing a lot of database processing some of the tables have like 50 million records
14:31<jones>i'm not too sure how to scale it efficiently
14:34<millisa>there's an article here that uses one of the mysqltuner scripts (assuming you are talking about mysql) -
14:35<jones>Yea i've optimized this using tuner already
14:35<jones>i think i may have to partition these tables as they are too large
14:36<millisa>using 'explain' on some of the queries might also help you find places that would benefit from an index
14:38<jones>it's only two tables that store all inventory history
14:38<jones>it takes forever to perform any operations on them
14:39<dwfreed>which is why explain would tell you why the query is being so slow
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18:14<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
18:15<@mcintosh>!point Eugene
18:15<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to eugene. (58) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 19)
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18:39<wesley-solutions>my account was deleted but they did not return my money paid ...
18:39<Woet>then email
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18:40<Woet>you're welcome
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19:48<Amado>running cent, interacting over glish/novnc in firefox. every time I type a pipe character or a less-than ('|', '<') what comes out is a greater-than ('>')
19:48<Amado>it's pretty infurating
19:49<Amado>anyone else seen this, any workarounds?
19:49-!-softinio [] has joined #linode
19:49-!-softinio is "softinio" on #linode
19:49<softinio>Which CI service do everyone recommend for using for personal/side projects?
19:49<softinio>Using gitlab at mo and use circleci for work
19:52<smallclone>where i work we've been messing with buildkite lately, i've liked it a lot so far
19:53<millisa>Amado: wrong keymap maybe? what is the output of localectl?
19:54<Amado>system locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, vc keymap: dvorak, x11 layout: n/a. everything works fine locally.
19:56<Amado>if I setxkbmap us and try, same result
19:56<millisa>it doesn't do it with lish or glish via something other than firefox?
19:56<Amado>will lish work without serial set up?
19:57<Amado>same deal in chrome
19:58<Amado>lish doesn't seem to work at all (flashing cursor, no response)
19:58<softinio>smallclone: thanks will take a look
19:58<smallclone>Amado: lish won't work without the serial console set up, but it's set up on Linode's distro images by default
19:59<softinio>Glish will work though right?
19:59<Amado>this is a cent installer, I'm trying to build kickstart stuff. if lish behavior is important I can re-ks it with console=
19:59<smallclone>Glish is more likely to work out of the box by default, since it uses tty1 iirc
20:00<Amado>glish is novnc, which is a html5 vnc client
20:00<Amado>glish works normally, except I can't type < or |
20:02<Amado>all I want to do is test a command that needs a <(()) without having to redo the entire install every time =(
20:03<Amado>I wonder if I can enable serial console via the ks...
20:03-!-blueness [] has quit [Quit: blueness]
20:04<Amado>nope. eh. will set serial= on kernel cmdline each time and use lish -.-
20:07-!-jamescrypto [] has joined #linode
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20:07<jamescrypto>hey folks i have a question for any member of the linode team
20:07<smallclone>jamescrypto: this is a community channel, but feel free to ask
20:08<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
20:08<smallclone>most of the time someone here can help
20:08-!-nagchampa [~nagchampa@2001:44b8:2139:f500:16de:6771:c72f:305d] has joined #linode
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20:08<jamescrypto>ah okay i just wanted to know if there is a limit on instances when running. I have another service who places a 10 limit and asks me all these questions as to why i need an increase. Its my personal choice.
20:09<smallclone>do you mean as in, the number of virtual machines you can create?
20:09<smallclone>they do enforce that limit at least initially, for new accounts
20:09<jamescrypto>okay, is it a 1 week process to get it lifted?
20:10<smallclone>they'll most likely raise it if you ask them and you don't seem terrifically sketchy
20:10<jamescrypto>I would be more than happy to give my information. However, i find it unreasonable since i am paying for a service, its my privacy. I am not doing anything illegal.
20:11<smallclone>jamescrypto: i don't know that they're going to ask for information, outside of like..what the hell you're doing
20:11<smallclone>it really depends, they'll be in a better position to judge
20:11<@mcintosh>being more than happy to do something and finding something unreasonable seem like exclusive ideas
20:12<smallclone>and hey that too
20:14<@mcintosh>jamescrypto: we're usually happy to raise the limit without much question - if you want a limit increase right after opening your account or if the increase is enormous, we might ask why
20:15<@mcintosh>or make you wait (in the case of large limit increase requests)
20:15<jamescrypto>I understand. I have friends running masternodes so they advised me to get a limit increase early on
20:17<jamescrypto>thank you all.
20:19-!-blueness [] has joined #linode
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20:19<@mcintosh>no problem
20:19-!-jamescrypto [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
20:19<@mcintosh>just in time...
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21:08<Nazi>Does linode make you pay for bandwidth?
21:09<nate>If you go over your limit then sure, it would be silly if they tell you a limit but don't charge for passing it :P
21:09<Nazi>I haven't seen the website in a while
21:09<Nazi>What's the limit? Different for each package?
21:10<nate>Yes, and assuming you actually have existing packages, it should state in the manager view of your linode(s) as well (in the off chance you have legacy plans that haven't been free-upgraded)
21:11<HoopyCat>Nazi: has all sorts of information about linode's products and services
21:12<Nazi>HoopyCat, I would hope so, wouldn't you?
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21:16<millisa>No #Linode For You!
21:16<dwfreed>that's one way to do it
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21:24<HoopyCat>i bet they did not see that coming
21:28<@mcintosh>!point HoopyCat
21:28<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to hoopycat. (4)
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23:59<johnsmith>This hosting company calls changing ssh port "security"
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