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00:00<millisa>'security via obscurity'?
00:00<johnsmith>my jar just fell off
00:00<johnsmith>and they publish that
00:01<johnsmith>you mean they are so cruel as to make Joe Evil Hacker use a port scanner and waste 3 seconds of his time??
00:02<millisa>Zho Hacker usually doesn't waste 3 seconds.
00:02<johnsmith>how many seconds Millisa Evil Hacker?
00:03<johnsmith>they use outdated software too.
00:04<millisa>as long as it is for security reasons
00:04<johnsmith>I was helping someone with their website. He was considering this host because of all the paid "reviews".
00:04<millisa>How many paid review would they give him?
00:05<johnsmith>no, I mean, when you google "hosting reviews" you get all these fake reviews from cnet, pcmag, etc...
00:06<johnsmith>and then I see all these great reviews for godaddy. I hate godaddie to death. they stink
00:10<nate>Changing the SSH port is kinda security via obscurity but it's still not the most horrible idea considering the absolute silly amount of automated attack traffic sent at port 22
00:11<millisa>I do it just to reduce logs I have to dig through
00:11*nate usually changes the port instead of relying purely on things like fail2ban just for sake of avoiding the inevitable processing
00:11<nate>that too
00:13<millisa>they make weird statements about their ssae (certified/passed/yaddayadda); but at least they've done one. so some auditor was convinced that whatever statements they made in it are probably more or less true (or not)
00:13<johnsmith>those are valid reasons. just don't call it "security"
00:14<millisa>if they are really interested in them, they should request that report and read what they say and what exceptions were reported. it's at least something to go on that isn't just paid schills.
00:14<millisa>or at least a special kind of shill
00:17<johnsmith>well, whatever. Change to port because its your pet rock's birthday, I dont care. I just don't like the label.
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00:56<neo^>Does Linode protect its users from data leakage via shared SSDs?
01:05<nmelehan>Linode uses SSDs in its hosts, and several Linodes are on the same host
01:05<nmelehan>Customers can't see each others' disks
01:15<neo^>nmelehan: The SSD must be shared, and if you see the way SSDs work, for wear levelling SSDs are free to shuffle around physical blocks between different VM's virtual disks on the host, making inter-VM leakage possible. How does Linode do it?
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01:32<nmelehan>neo^: I'm afraid that Linode doesn't share those sorts of implementation details
01:36*dcraig checking out nmelehan's disk
01:50<dwfreed>neo^: um, how would wear leveling cause data leakage? It only happens during a write, the SSD internally remaps the LBA to the new location, and an entire write block is always written
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02:01<abdalrahman>hello I have Q Linode have a cpanel
02:02<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
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04:45<Woet>you guys are boring
04:47<linbot>Woet: NO, YOU'RE BORING!
04:47<Zimsky>coming from the bot whose only function is shitty factoids and a fake internet point system that breaks regularly
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05:40<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials • [TOP TIP] How to transfer files/directories between servers <>
05:44<Woet>oh god
05:44<Woet>not more TOP TIPS™
05:45<Woet>did he create an account for himself and going around replying to all the top tips
05:45<Woet>or what
05:45<Woet>either that or it's a spam bot
05:50<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Increasing my disk space <> || Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials • [TOP TIP] Virtual Hosting - without a control panel! <>
05:55<Woet>definitely a spam bot
05:55<Woet>bmartin: ENGAGE
05:55<Woet>and that fiosbor guy is a spam bot too
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06:10<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • VPN Routing and Gaming Issues <>
06:14<Woet>there it is
06:14<Woet>the spam
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06:38<Zimsky>Woet: enough
06:38<Zimsky>you'll find yourself unable to softchat if you keep it up
06:39<@gjjansen>Zimsky: enough
06:39<Zimsky>gjjansen: no, enough
06:39<@gjjansen>more than enough
06:39<@gjjansen>yet not enough?
06:40<Woet>thats genoeg Dutch for now
06:41<Zimsky>German is dutch, but correct
06:41<@gjjansen>het spijt me niet
06:41<Zimsky>it's like continental welsh
06:41<@gjjansen>german is too much going on.
06:41<@gjjansen>sounds harsh
06:42<Zimsky>it's not harsh though
06:42<Zimsky>everyone seems to think that half of german is regurgitating a casserole
06:43<@gjjansen>eh more of it is sounding like everything ends in ach
06:43<@gjjansen>like you're finishing a sentence with a choke
06:43<Zimsky>only if you don't pronounce it correctly
06:43<@gjjansen>i can only picture german as if someone is yelling.
06:44<Zimsky>when I think of dutch, all I see is Geert Wilders
06:44<cmcfarland>unter glieben glauben globen
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10:23<dzho>Woet: graag gedan
10:24<Zimsky>large sedan
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11:01<Woet>dzho: enough
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11:42<korn>i have some problem i can not login linode
11:46<Woet>that sounds like a problem
12:01<@sjacobs>korn: that's not going to be able to be resolved through irc. emailing would be your best bet.
12:02<@sjacobs>as long as you've already tried the reset password link.
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12:15<opello_sad>klopez: hi
12:16<Woet>sjacobs: i don't even know if they're referring to the site or the VPS
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12:21<@sjacobs>ah. good point. no clue.
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12:44<daman>What's better for a web chat app (like this one): long polling or web sockets?
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12:59<pbryan>Looks like Microsoft has started blocking (in the last 24 hours) a Linode subnet I'm on. Is anyone aware of this?
12:59<pbryan>(SMTP, BTW)
12:59<smallclone>they do that
12:59<smallclone>there's a place where you can request delisting
13:00<smallclone>but they kinda bury it on their website
13:01<smallclone>!point relidy
13:01<linbot>smallclone: Point given to relidy. (10)
13:01<pbryan>Thanks smallclone, relidy. This was sudden, and I've verified I'm not suddenly an open relay. I suspect M$ has "tweaked" their algos just a little to tightly?
13:02<smallclone>it's not unheard of for a whole subnet to get blocked, though i've mostly heard of public SBLs doing it, not an actual large mail provider
13:02<smallclone>iirc google has done it sometimes particularly for ipv6 /64 ranges
13:03<synfinatic>msft is kinda crappy about that
13:03<smallclone>i do remember fielding a lot of this exact question re: microsoft for a while when i was working in support
13:04<Peng_>Being impossible to send mail to was Hotmail's most prominent feature for like a decade
13:04<smallclone>so yeah, not terribly uncommon. the sad truth is if you're running a mail server on a vps you're kind of inherently distrusted and your ability to send stuff is at the whim of big mail providers like this
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13:23<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
13:24<kvsmendes>If I sign up and want to cancel , do I have to continue paying? I mean, is it possible cancel at anytime?
13:24<smallclone>kvsmendes: just delete the linode or whatever paid services you have, then you'll receive your last invoice at the end of the month
13:25<smallclone>linode bills at the beginning of each month for the previous month's services
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15:18<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
15:18<Demo>!point Eugene
15:18<linbot>Demo: Point given to eugene. (59) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 19)
15:19<waltman>Q: If there's ever a day when Eugene isn't Linodin', does he lose a point?
15:20<Eugene>I don't think of points as tied to Linodin'. Its more of a global karmic exchange. Everybody has their own system for rewarding behaviour
15:20<Eugene>I am in the lead though
15:20<@sjacobs>!point mom
15:20<linbot>sjacobs: Point given to mom. (2)
15:20<waltman>!point urmom
15:20<Demo>I rewarded Eugene, wasn't intended for karmic exchange.
15:20<linbot>waltman: Point given to urmom. (1)
15:21<waltman>Sorry, this got a lot deeper than I intended!
15:26<Woet>thats what she said
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16:06<jalter>!point smallclone
16:06<linbot>jalter: Point given to smallclone. (19)
16:07<relidy>!point Woet
16:07<linbot>relidy: Point given to woet. (12)
16:07<jalter>!point relidy
16:07<linbot>jalter: Point given to relidy. (11)
16:07<jalter>!point linbot
16:07<linbot>jalter: Point given to linbot. (1337) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 7)
16:08<Demo>!point Woet
16:08<linbot>Demo: Point given to woet. (13)
16:08<Woet>thank you all
16:08<Woet>jalter: why have you been demoted
16:08<Woet>did bhanks lie to HR to get you fired
16:08<Demo>13s a lucky number, for some.
16:08<Woet>she does that a lot
16:08<jalter>yeah, she's got HR in her pocket
16:08-!-mode/#linode [+o jalter] by ChanServ
16:08<Demo>big pocket.
16:08<Demo>deep pockets even.
16:09<Woet>that's what she said
16:09<@jalter>!unpoint Woet
16:09<linbot>jalter: Point taken from woet! (12)
16:09<Demo>!point woet
16:09<linbot>Demo: Point given to woet. (13)
16:09<@jalter>!point Demo
16:09<linbot>jalter: Point given to demo. (4)
16:11<Woet>jalter: wtf did i ever do to you
16:11<Woet>i literally stood up for you
16:11<Woet>i told HR you're my 8th favorite Linode employee
16:11<Woet>and this is how you repay me
16:11<Demo>it's ok Woet, I got you..
16:12<@jalter>Oh i wasn't aware of that
16:12<@jalter>!point Woet
16:12<linbot>jalter: Point given to woet. (14)
16:12<Woet>thank you
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16:12<Demo>You also inspired me to use OVH.
16:13<millisa>just to keep things straight: #4 bhanks. #6 sjacobs. #8 jalter
16:13<Demo>As a sandbox, of course.
16:13<Demo>!point millisa
16:13<linbot>Demo: Point given to millisa. (51)
16:13<Woet>millisa: don't track me
16:13<Demo>Well spotted millisa.
16:14<millisa>tracking? Fine. I'll take the bracket down off the bulletin board :(
16:14<@jalter>where does mcintosh rank?
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16:14<Demo>No lower than #2
16:14<Demo>I hope.
16:15<Demo>But hey, it's not list, jalter wouldn't be #8
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20:03<kerm>where is the support
20:04<AlexMax>in your linode control panel
20:04<AlexMax>under tickets
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22:28<Zimsky><waltman> Q: If there's ever a day when Eugene isn't Linodin', does he lose a point?
22:28<Zimsky>yes, the rule is loss of points for saying it and not having said it the past 3 consecutive days
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23:57<arby>One of my Fremont linodes dropped off the face of the planet today, after a random reboot. Absolutely NO external connectivity on my long-standing, usual 'eth0' interface.
23:57<arby>Thank you Lish!
23:57<arby>Took me awhile to find it, but finally figured it out; in my boot logs:
23:57<arby>"[ 15.732830] virtio_net virtio1 eth1: renamed from eth0"
23:57<arby>I have NEVER seen that before, no clue what/where "virtio1" comes from.
23:57<arby>Renaming my used intfc from eth0->eth1 in firewalls, scripts, etc -- all's good again.
23:57<arby>Can anyone educate me as to what/where/why that 'virtio1' has shown up, and why my intfc suddenly getting renamed?
23:57<arby>'smells' like something passed to the Linode from the KVM host?
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