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00:18<Eugene>DId you maybe have a maintenance ticket and a scheduled migration ?
00:18<Eugene>Oh, you've left
00:18<Eugene>I'm not enough of a towel
00:18<Zimsky>GOOD JOB EUGENE
00:18<Zimsky>!unpoint Eugene
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00:18<Eugene>!towel Zimsky
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00:18<Eugene>!lick zifnab
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00:18<Zimsky>!towel Zimsky
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00:19<Zimsky>I only care that I take down everyone with me
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00:20<GenomeLeaks>if you cant beat them
00:20<GenomeLeaks>take them down with yah
00:20<Zimsky>it was never about beating them
00:20<GenomeLeaks>i always say
00:21<GenomeLeaks>if you cant beat them join them and take them down with you
00:21<Zimsky>do you always say that? because I've never seen you say that
00:21<GenomeLeaks>isnt it how the saying goes?
00:22<GenomeLeaks>when did you ever seen me before?
00:22<Zimsky>eight tuesdays ago
00:23<Zimsky>m88 miles an hour
00:25<GenomeLeaks>are with the SS?
00:25<GenomeLeaks>are you with the SS?
00:26<GenomeLeaks>all rrrighty
00:27<GenomeLeaks>so you are with the polish?
00:28<Zimsky>depends who's asking
00:31<Zimsky>elucidatingly so
00:32<GenomeLeaks>is that a word?
00:32<Zimsky>what isn't a word?
00:33<Zimsky>do cows not fart?
00:35<Zimsky>don't forget methanethiol
00:36<GenomeLeaks>is that a beverage ?
00:36<Zimsky>under the right conditions, what isn't a beverage?
00:39<Zimsky>this reminds me of emacs doctor
00:42<GenomeLeaks>there's an app for that
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00:55<GenomeLeaks>hi VladGh
00:55<GenomeLeaks>speak english?
00:57<GenomeLeaks>probably not
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04:01<Zimsky>don't let the door hit you on the way out, woet
04:01<Zimsky>good riddance
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05:24<flugsio1>When i create a new linode with debian 9 (frankfurt) it defaults the kernel to GRUB 2 instead of latest 64 bit from linode, it feels like this wasn't always the case, and wondering if there's some reason for the switch
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06:16<hawk>flugsio1: Yes, I think they have started transitioning away from the linode-supplied kernels. (The config you describe uses the normal kernel that comes with the distro)
06:17<hawk>(It's at least the new default. I guess they can't get rid of the linode ones for the foreseeable future considering all the old instances.)
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07:05<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • GDPR compliance with EU rules <>
07:06<Zimsky>Feature Report/Bug Request
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08:14<kvsmendes_>good morning
08:15<kvsmendes_>I would like to test the linode server, but I need to know if I want to cancel it, can I cancel anytime?
08:16<DrJ>yes you can
08:17<DrJ>you are billed by the hour... so testing for a few hours will not cost you much of anything
08:17<DrJ>plus you can request a refund in the first 7 days
08:17<DrJ>no questions asked
08:18<dzho>you are only charged for what you use as per their pricing page, so it's less that you would cancel, and more that you would deprovision everything in your account.
08:18<dzho>there's no charge just to have an account, I think.
08:19<dzho>kvsmendes_: ^^^^^^^^
08:19<DrJ>You might have to make a small deposit upfront
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08:31<tony>good afternoon sir
08:31<tony>this is mr. anthony
08:32<@sjacobs>hello mr. anthony.
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08:39<poky>Hi. I am here for some advises.
08:40<poky>I have a linode ($5/mo.) I am working on a project which is built on WordPress. I ran some stress tests and MySQL goes down after 800+ concurrent traffic.
08:41<poky>What is advised thing to do? Increase the plan or use AWS services?
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08:42<Zimsky>what is "800+ concurrent traffic"?
08:43<Zimsky>open sockets?
08:43<Zimsky>and what does "go down" mean here
08:43<Zimsky>if you know what I mean
08:44<poky>The test dispatch 800+ hits to the website. Then website is running out of memory, says MySQL has gone
08:45<poky>After some seconds, it restores
08:45<poky>" MySQL server has gone away in "
08:46<poky>What are different methods to handle big traffic? Load Balancer?
08:54<Zimsky>okay but "has gone" can be a few different things
08:55<Zimsky>this sounds like some kind of thing that should have both http caching and caching in your backend application
09:03<poky>So di I read nginx error log or mysql error log?
09:04<Zimsky>you should be reading both
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09:10<C36IA>Morning all! Since Linode rebooted my instance last Thursday I have been experiencing random shutdowns of the Apache webserver. I enabled log level trace3 but there are no errors in the logs prior to each SIGTERM shutdown. I started Apache with `sudo service apache2 restart` but after the SIGTERM it does not restart. Any clues? Thanks!
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09:11<dzho>C36IA: but there are errors prior, like, for the usual startup? And then does it run normally for a while?
09:11<dzho>well, not errors, but log messages.
09:11<dzho>and I suppose, can you generate quotidian error messages, like, say, a 404 message by trying a URL for a non-existent resource?
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09:13<C36IA>dzho yes
09:14<ponas>C36IA: check the syslog/journal, I'm guessing oom-killer is killing it
09:14<C36IA>In fact requests are handled normally until the SIGTERM arrives inexplicably.
09:14<@sjacobs>yeah. `dmesg` could provide some clues if it's memory related.
09:15<C36IA>Yep, dmesg shows an OOM error.
09:15<C36IA>But why has the Ljnode update(?)/reboot begun to cause this?
09:16<C36IA>Not one occurrence before the most recent scheduled reboot.
09:17<C36IA>Also wondering why the oom-killer doesn't reap an apache child process rather than the root process?
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09:19<ponas>rebooting causes everything to run with with whatever configuration is on disk. if it's been a while since last reboot, you get surprises like this
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10:43<flugsio1>hawk: thanks for the insight, seems resonable
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11:16<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Interfaces I don't recognize? <>
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11:24<linbot>New news from blog: Block Storage Now Available in Frankfurt <>
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11:56<Zimsky>!halfpoint mcintosh
11:57<@jackley>!halfpipe mcintosh
11:58<Zimsky>you get a better cloud with a full pipe though
11:58<Zimsky>I hope everyone at linode vapes, considering you're a 'cloud' provider
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12:08<HoopyCat>i used to vape. 0 mg nicotine, high PG, just for fun. turns out it's shite on your throat tho ^^
12:09<Zimsky>HoopyCat: \/ /\
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12:28<shz>Hi. If I Add a NodeBalancer does it directly cost me $20/month? I want to try for a day
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12:36<smallclone>shz: not unless you're on a really old prepaid billing plan
12:36<smallclone>otherwise, you'd only be billed for the hours that it exists
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14:16<motakuk>How much does it take to review a new account? It takes about 20 minutes already :(
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14:17<smallclone>motakuk: it depends on a variety of factors, typically no more than an hour, but there's no set time
14:22<motakuk>Wow. I was sure it's automated :(
14:24<smallclone>they don't review every account
14:24<smallclone>the automated part of it is the part that flags accounts for additional review in the first place
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14:55<@mcintosh>!point jackley
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15:25<shiv>am unable to login to my account
15:25<shiv>needed help, my username is stanleygeorge
15:26<smallclone>^ use that link
15:26<shiv>yep, but i dont remember my email id with which i have updated ma account
15:27<shiv>could you help me reset from your end
15:27<smallclone>you will need to email and include the last six digits of the credit card on file for the account
15:27<smallclone>this is a public channel
15:27<smallclone>don't put any personal information in here
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15:28<shiv>is there any support chat option available
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16:02<VIK>Im looking for SSD based server with 8GB RAM
16:02<millisa>Have you considered linode?
16:03<VIK>High performance computing engine for hosting Java Spring Web Application (SaaS).
16:03<VIK>Expected concurrent visitors 200
16:03<VIK>Please suggest the best suitable plan
16:03<millisa>If you need 8gb then the 8gb plan
16:04<millisa>linodes are easy to resize upwards if you decide you ened more
16:04<VIK>Can we upgrade when needed more, without reconfiguring the new instance
16:04<millisa>it's as easy as
16:05<VIK>Do you have datacenter in ASIA?
16:05<millisa>These are linode's locations:
16:06<relidy>!point millisa
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16:07<VIK>The above mentioned charges for global
16:09<VIK>What about support for incidents if any ? response time ?
16:09<millisa>They have a support number you can call for urgent issues; but they mostly use the ticket system.
16:10<Woet>once i called 300 times to get connected to bhanks
16:10<Woet>never worked
16:11<millisa>and I just noticed; at some point this year they changed the address on the contact page.
16:11<millisa>sometimes after 1/29 it seems
16:11<Peng_>Woet: I hope they redirected your number to Interpol
16:12<Woet>i used my burner
16:12<VIK>Expected response time ?
16:12<millisa>They don't give any guaranteed response time that I'm aware.
16:13<millisa>(and it looks like 4/1 was the first set of invoices I got with the new address. )
16:21<Woet>VIK: there is no SLA
16:21<Woet>VIK: and you really shouldn't be needing support in the first place
16:21<Woet>VIK: especially if you implement your own redundancy.
16:28<VIK>Can 8GB Plan work for me to handle 200 visitors concurrent ?
16:30<millisa>we wouldn't have any idea what resource usage would equate with a concurrent visitor in your app
16:31<relidy>VIK: You're likely the only one that can know the answer to that as it's tied completely to your specific application.
16:31<relidy>As millisa mentioned earlier, you can always start with the 8GB Linode and scale up if you find it's not enough.
16:31<VIK>ok its all RnD job
16:33<VIK>See Initially support I go with 8GB then later withing 15 I upgrade plan to 12GB, does company adjust my money
16:34<millisa>you are billed by the hours you use. if you had the 8gb plan for 93 hours and upgraded it to the 12gb plan, you'd see 93 hours at the 8gb rate and the rest of the month's hours at the 12gb rate.
16:35<VIK>Great I appriciate
16:35<VIK>Anything else you can guide me or best practices ?
16:36<millisa>ready the getting started guide -
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16:36<@sjacobs>and the linked securing your server" guide.
16:36<millisa>linode is (mostly) unmanaged vps's. you'd be doing all the spinup and config
16:37<VIK>Does plan comes with cPanel/WHM ?
16:37<millisa>mostly, no.
16:37<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
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16:38<VIK>ok..anyways I can setup CLI
16:39<VIK>Is there RAID support for mirroring comes with plan ?
16:41<millisa>the backend are battery backed hardware raid using ssd drives. if you want to do some software raid in your config, that's up to you
16:41<millisa>i'm not sure what it'd really buy you though
16:43<millisa>(and i just noticed that the blog was updated today. hooray for frankfurt block storage)
16:44<millisa>!point Linode
16:44<linbot>millisa: Point given to linode. (2)
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17:59<takanashi>Hello. I just cancelled my account. How long it takes to refund?
18:00<Woet>did you cancel within 7 days?
18:01<takanashi>More like in 7 minutes :/
18:01<HoopyCat>takanashi: i'd give it a few days for them to handle your ticket and for the credit card refund to go through
18:02<smallclone>if the account is already cancelled, you can email with the last six digits of the credit card, to request the refund
18:02<smallclone>they don't just do it automatically, you have to ask during cancellation; or in this case, after
18:02<takanashi>Thank you
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