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00:03<dwfreed>HGST has a 14 TB drive
00:03<dwfreed>so 840 TB of raw storage in 4U
00:04<dwfreed>10 in a rack with a 2U of switch (for that TRILL), gives you 8.4 PB per rack
00:07<dwfreed>apparently they launched the PMR version of that drive 2 days ago...
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00:32<trippeh>just run your own Ceph on top of Linodes Ceph. Ta-da! Dropbox clone.
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00:57<trippeh>grr. gnome has started reverting to US keyboard layout randomly while I'm using the computer again. like 30 times a day. those fucking americans.
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03:20<HELP-PLZ>502 Bad Gateway for two sites hosted on my linode sudo service --status-all | grep -i fpm that 2 sites missing while using that command
03:20<HELP-PLZ>How to bring back my sites?
03:23<HELP-PLZ>Failed to restart php-fpm.service: Unit php-fpm.service failed to load: No such file or directory.
03:24<Adnan>I need help, I am new user of linex. I did one mistake I have change etc/password file because it was showing duplicates user error while deleting one user. Now I am not able to login with root password as well. and I am not doing reset password i am scared It might be not work
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03:39<Woet>dwfreed: yes, that's the joke.
03:39<Woet>thanks for not getting it
03:41<Zimsky>: (
03:43<HELP-PLZ>502 Bad Gateway for two sites hosted on my linode sudo service --status-all | grep -i fpm that 2 sites missing while using that command [12:50] <HELP-PLZ> How to bring back my sites? [12:53] <HELP-PLZ> Failed to restart php-fpm.service: Unit php-fpm.service failed to load: No such file or directory.
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03:53<Zimsky>maybe it's the wrong service name or wasn't installed properly?
03:54<Zimsky>you may want to go through your logs to find out what happened, and check `systemctl list-unit-files`
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04:25<HELP-PLZ>apt-get install webmin-virtualmin-nginx=2.2 helped.. it was a bug in Webmin
04:25<HELP-PLZ>now everything fine
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04:55<HELP_PLZZ>Copying a Disk Over SSH ssh: connect to host xxxxxxxxx port 22: Operation timed out
04:56<HELP_PLZZ>what will be the issue
04:56<linbot>Please don't redact or change things when you pastebin your configs or logs. It's a lot easier for us to debug if we're seeing the same thing you are.
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05:11<FluffyFoxeh>the knights who say ni
05:12<Zimsky>the nights of the knight
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07:43<csnxs>aw man I forgot my birthday
07:43<csnxs>Your account has been active since April 18, 2016
07:43<Zimsky>what did you to do not die for the past year?
07:47<csnxs>good quesiton
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09:09<waltman>Zimsky: probably csnxs has been Linodin' every day
09:09<Zimsky>doubt it
09:09<waltman>Huh. I have it on good authority that that's the secret.
09:10<csnxs>too poor to license it from Eugene
09:10<Zimsky>doubt it and I doubt your ability to do anything
09:10<waltman>Has Eugene ever defined "Linodin'"?
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09:41<solandoh>i wonder how some hackers are able to hack my project on linode, it is in PHP
09:42<solandoh>can anyone be of help pls
09:43<Zimsky>because it probably has some vulnerability that was exploited?
09:43<Zimsky>write safer code
09:48<Zimsky>also use something better than php
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10:14<solandoh>please what do u suggest i should use
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10:22<Zimsky>aside from the actual language, "how to stop the hackers" is like asking how to build a really cool sandwich using only what's in some box under the stairs
10:23<Zimsky>if you're the developer, you're the one who should be working that out. you should be reviewing logs, looking at what was read/modified/etc
10:24<solandoh>am not the developer but the project owner
10:27<Zimsky>then you'd better get onto the developer
10:29<solandoh>yes boss but what is your advice on the language issue
10:29<solandoh>because am at the decision level
10:31<Zimsky>use whatever language you want, it's just that php, while widely used, has better alternatives like python, ruby, node, etc
10:35<solandoh>ok thanks
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10:42<Ttech>i don't think he understood :(
10:43<Zimsky>fwiw, all my sites are written in 6502 assembly
10:43<Zimsky>fight me
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10:48<AbelChen>Hello , When we open "Use SEO URLs", our website does not work properly. The system prompts wrong.“404 Not Found nginx” This error comes from the server, so you need your help. thank you! Abel
10:48<Zimsky>where is this "Use SEO URLs" thing
10:50<AbelChen>Please ask,Does anyone know what reason? Can you help us?
10:51<AbelChen>Please ask,Does anyone know what reason? Can you help us? thank you
10:51<Zimsky>if you don't answer questions / give more info, no one can help you
10:51<AbelChen>Hi , Zimsky
10:51<Zimsky>Hi me
10:52<AbelChen>Do you know how to solve this? thank you
10:53<AbelChen>oh,ok ,thank you
10:54<AbelChen>“404 Not Found nginx”
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10:58<Zimsky>Ttech: 2 for 2
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12:25<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • locales and Squirrelmail <>
12:28<Ttech>Zimsky: trying to decide which is better
12:29<Zimsky>Ttech: how do you mean?
12:29<Ttech>the first one was "i keep getting compromised, let me switch language" the second one was "SEO... SEO... and quit"
12:30<Zimsky>I'm not sure I follow
12:30<Ttech>never mind
12:31<Ttech>i was just comparing the set of bad questions.
12:32<Zimsky>Ttech: yeah I'm lost here. What were the questions?
12:33<Zimsky>who was compromised?
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12:35<evgen3d>Hello guys. Could you advice, is it allowed to use linode as private vpn server? Trought open vpn. 5 clients maximum. Thanks
12:35<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Quotas problem on CentOS 6.2 64bit <>
12:37<Zimsky>you're welcome
12:43<Peng_>evgen3d: Yes.
12:48<SleePy>Anyone getting blips in Fremont?
13:07<Demo>SleePy: seems fine here.
13:07<Demo>SleePy: from London.
13:12<Demo>SleePy: could pastebin a traceroute and send it across to support if issues continue.
13:13<SleePy>Its only periodic that its happening. Twice so far today in 4 hours I've lost my connection in and out there for a minute or two. Long enough to trigger alerts on the monitoring service running there to notice all connections it monitors go offline
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13:31<@cmcfarland>@SleePy There haven't been any reported issues in Fremont. Like @Demo said, when you are seeing the issue, feel free to run an MTR report both to and from your Linode and open a support ticket.
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14:41<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
15:04<Demo>!point Eugene
15:04<linbot>Demo: Point given to eugene. (59) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 22)
15:05<Zimsky>no, Demo
15:05<Zimsky>Eugene does not get points for it
15:05<Zimsky>!unpoint demo
15:05<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from demo! (3)
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19:10<Demo>Crazy Gaz​No cookies tonight then
19:10<Demo>Aeroranger​They're discussing your 4/10 Barry
19:11<Demo>THIS IS R I D I C L O U S :)
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23:15<dwfreed>emag: RIP CowBot
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23:31<createwebsite>hi, How do I automate create a website from pre configuration file ? Is there any way ?
23:32<nmelehan>You can deploy a web server on Linode using 'StackScripts'
23:32<nmelehan>this won't set up the web site's design for you though
23:33<nmelehan>you can use WordPress for your website, which lets you set up design themes easily
23:33<nmelehan>This StackScript will deploy a server and install WordPress to it:
23:40<createwebsite>But, I have and I am creating a website via configuration virtual host file tc .. Another time, I need to create. so I need configure something again just for another domain.
23:40<createwebsite>Is there any possibility to automate this ?
23:41<createwebsite>For example I will specify only new domain, then script will create website configurations for it.
23:42<createwebsite>i don't need design or Wordpress, I need ubuntu new website creation (not website itself)
23:43<nmelehan>StackScript is only used when creating a new server, it will not be appropriate for adding a configuration to an existing server
23:43<nmelehan>I'm not sure about tools you can use to do that
23:44<millisa>you could write ansible scripts to do it.
23:44<millisa>or use any scripting language you are comfortable with really.
23:45<dwfreed>Say it with me: configuration management
23:46<millisa>puppet. chef. ansible, salt. all good choices
23:47<createwebsite>ok thanks for them. another option is web server control panel. I checked VirtualMin and Plesk, both failed to install or failed to run (by me) I need very simple web server management tool. Any advice ?
23:48<millisa>most folks in here prefer command line stuff. cpanel is popular if you want to pay for a license. but it's something you'd do on a new system, not an existing one
23:53<createwebsite>thank you very much, have a great day
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