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00:26<cz>anyone online?
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03:02<emag>dwfreed: grrrr... stupid script
03:11<dwfreed>emag: <3
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04:11<audithya>hello there
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04:21<Woet>24 seconds on cz
04:21<Woet>59 seconds on audithya
04:21<Woet>maybe the next one will stick around for over a minute!
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07:33<voker57>chances ar, they wanted to ask somebody to fix their .htaccess anyway
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11:22<Woet>new record, a whopping 1 minute and 15 seconds
11:23<Zimsky>I'm proud of you
11:24<Zimsky>I guess keep practicing and maybe you'll go for longer
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11:36<Flip>I have a question about Linode loadbalancers
11:37<Flip>ssl setup with 443 to the upstream
11:37<Flip>using nginx
11:38<Flip>I want to know if the private ip hook to port 80 is secure
11:38<Flip>when you setup 443 and put ssl and the fullchain and priv key. you put the private ip : 80
11:38<Flip>I want end to end 443.
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11:48<Woet>3 minutes and 5 seconds
11:49<Zimsky>Woet: I want end to end 443.
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12:31<arby>After a Linode Backup snapshot (completed in ~ 14mins), what's an expected/resonable timeframe to be in status "needsPostProcessing"? Particularly before assuming something went wrong?
12:32<softinio>so installed nixos on a lined ... in terminal no colors appear at all when using vim ... same vim config works on my mac of course
12:32<softinio>any suggestions?
12:33<arby>softinio: What's your term type?
12:34<softinio>when I look at my env variables it tells me : TERM=xterm-256color
12:37<softinio>arby: ^^
12:40<softinio>ahhh I get colors as I expect when I ssh into linode, its when I use mosh I don't get colors with vim
12:40<softinio>mosh the culprit :-)
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14:00<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
14:07<arby>softinio: try term type linux
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15:05<Woet>Eugene: THAT'S A BOLD LIE
15:06<linbot>Woet: Point taken from eugene! (58)
15:06<csnxs>did someone say bandwagon?
15:06<csnxs>!unpoint Eugene
15:06<linbot>csnxs: Point taken from eugene! (57)
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17:18<diveyez>!unpoint Woet
17:18<linbot>diveyez: Point taken from woet! (17)
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17:20<Woet>diveyez: why do you support liars?
17:22<Woet>this the kind of abuse i have to deal with day after day
17:22<Woet>and frankly i've had ENOUGH
17:22<diveyez>You Woet M8?
17:22<Woet>bhanks: do something
17:23<@bhanks>oh lord what have you done now
17:23<Woet>im innocent
17:23<Woet>as always
17:24<@bhanks>oh you dont have to tell me
17:24<diveyez>Don't help him.
17:24<Woet>thank you
17:24<@bhanks>i know you're a perfect angel Woet
17:24<rsdehart>bhanks: ITYM "you've killed us all"
17:24<Woet>i appreciate it
17:24<Woet>diveyez: enough with the point abuse already
17:24<diveyez>!depoint bhanks
17:24<Woet>!point bhanks
17:24<diveyez>!unpoint bhanks
17:24<linbot>Woet: Point given to bhanks. (12)
17:24<linbot>diveyez: Point taken from bhanks! (11)
17:24<diveyez>!unpoint bhanks
17:24<Woet>pure abuse
17:24<linbot>diveyez: Point taken from bhanks! (10)
17:25<Woet>diveyez wants to be b& and v&
17:25<diveyez>!ultrasuperdepoint Woet
17:25<@bhanks>well we do know what happens when its enough
17:25<Woet>enough is enough
17:25<diveyez>Its a daily gag with me and woet, sometimes
17:25<Woet>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
17:25<diveyez>Trick of the day
17:26<diveyez>I ran a debian desktop build with 4 virtual machines on a 20$ linode
17:26<diveyez>Stable & very useful, however. On my home network, not very fast display wise.
17:26<diveyez>Will try in CALI, my flight is tomorrow. Stoked!
17:26<Woet>> linux
17:26<Woet>> desktop
17:26<diveyez>I just hope southwest airlines dont give me shit about my 150 pound bag.
17:26<diveyez>Ill pay their fines
17:27<diveyez>Woet: I have debian running on my alienware, and I have bumblebee switching the graphics. I can game on that.,
17:27<Woet>i dont know what any of that means
17:27<kyhwana>Woet: WSL on windows 10 right?
17:27<Woet>but its not the year of the linux desktop yet
17:27<Woet>windows for gaming, linux for servers, os x for the rest
17:28<Woet>live by this motto and you'll live a better life
17:28<diveyez>Who made me a Senior Newbie on the forums? ffs
17:28<diveyez>I have WSL on windows 10
17:28<Woet>line 382
17:28<diveyez>I have a full xfce desktop running on it
17:28<diveyez>You on one mate?
17:28<Woet>i just like stability
17:29<Woet>unlike bhanks' life
17:29<diveyez>Never mac, a friend of mine, he broke the screen, the tech repairing it shorted the psu on the imac, they called to get parts and have it refurbished, macintosh refused to do so. They claim they dont have the parts or staff trained to do it.
17:29<diveyez>How does that even happen?
17:30<diveyez>Google revealed Linus Sebastian went through the same thing.
17:30<Woet>so hate on the shitty tech?
17:30<Woet>the company name is apple btw
17:31<diveyez>They will always be macintosh to me
17:31<diveyez>RIP Jobs
17:31<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Linux newbie...can I run a virtual machine on a linode vm? <>
17:31<Woet>apple doesnt want you to hire shitty techs and then blame them
17:31<Woet>if something is broken, you give it to them
17:32<diveyez>IT WAS A APPLE TECH lol
17:32<diveyez>Just dont buy an imac
17:32<Woet>doubt it
17:32<diveyez>For the love of God
17:32<diveyez>You can google this and see for yourself. It is truth.
17:32<Woet>an apple tech broke the imac and then apple refused to fix it
17:32<Woet>that sounds unlikely
17:33*diveyez facepalms
17:36<rsdehart>no Woet, you have to call them by the name of one of their products. I'll report you to Corolla if you don't
17:36<Woet>rsdehart: enough
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17:43<diveyez>I dont hate Woet, I love Woet
17:43<diveyez>Do you game?
17:44<Woet>i wish the girl i sent a message would love me
17:44<Woet>she just sent me back "hey sorry for just now getting back to you. im not interested but thanks for asking!"
17:44<linbot>story of my life
17:45<Woet>bhanks: any advice?
17:46<diveyez>She is stuck up, and likes dating losers
17:46<diveyez>You can do better
17:46<Woet>aw thanks diveyez
17:46<Woet>thats the feeling i got too
17:47<diveyez>There is a 100% chance she took so long because she asked her friends and those jealous nasty packrat hags told her to say no
17:47<@bhanks>I think she was being NICE by telling the truth!
17:47<Woet>bhanks: i mean in some way i was entitled to a date
17:47<@bhanks>better than some lie about being busy or something
17:50<diveyez>well, my luck with ladies is no better, they are either too stupid to keep up, or they are entirely focused on what everyone else thinks
17:50<diveyez>What do they think? I spend more time programming and getting a's in college than buying everyone dinner and drinks.
17:50<Woet>it was actually a joke
17:51<Woet>i celebrated my 6 months anniversary last week
17:51<diveyez>Though, these ladies are actually beautiful
17:51<Woet>or whatever the word for anniversary that's not an actual year is
17:51<diveyez>It reminded me to avoid these womens when I get to california
17:51<Woet>still better than the philly ones
17:51<@bhanks>yes avoiding women is one answer
17:51<Woet>they take weeks to get back to you
17:52<Woet>even if you did all their homework for them
17:52<@bhanks>luckily i never needed help with my homework so none of that applies to me
17:52<Woet>i wasnt talking about you
17:52<Woet>not everything is
17:52<@bhanks>oh im sure not
17:52<diveyez>Philly girls?
17:52<Woet>i wish i could date gjjansen
17:52<diveyez>Oh God. I dated two of them recently.
17:53<Woet>you dated two gjjansens?
17:53<Woet>lucky you
17:53<Woet>i'd settle for one
17:53<@bhanks>yeah gjjansen is great.
17:53<Woet>i'd get my hands all over him if i had the chance
17:54<diveyez>I am confused
17:54<Woet>there's just not enough context for you
17:54<diveyez>Philly ones as in Philadepphia Pennsylvania?
17:55<Woet>no as in the cream cheese ones
17:55<diveyez>!point Woet
17:55<linbot>diveyez: Point given to woet. (18) (Biggest fan: zimsky, total: 19)
17:55<diveyez>Nice on
17:55<diveyez>Nice one, Im still lost
17:56<Woet>thats okay
18:01*diveyez shouts "FINISH HIM"
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18:13<smallclone>geez this was pretty pathetic all around
18:13<smallclone>women should not be subjected to any of you
18:16<diveyez>!unpoint smallclone
18:16<linbot>diveyez: Point taken from smallclone! (19)
18:30<@bhanks>Woet is just being Woet
18:30<Woet>that sounds awesome
18:30<Woet>smallclone: dont be jealous
18:31<Woet>nice guys finish last
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18:44<diveyez>We are building 19 miner rigs next week. I am going to be so tired when the job is done, I will also have a BMW when it is done lol
18:45<emailSubdomain>I was able to set up email ( send and receive) for a domain.
18:45<emailSubdomain>how do you set it up for sub domain?
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20:54<tmberg>emailSubdomain: The same way.
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22:36<thai>hi support
22:39<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
22:52<diveyez>!unpoint tmberg
22:52<linbot>diveyez: Point taken from tmberg! (-1)
22:56*diveyez changes #linode topic to: This is not Linode support, please use linode manager and submit a ticket | Linode Community Discussion | | Block Storage Now Available in Frankfurt -
22:57<diveyez>IT should be
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23:20<@bhanks>diveyez what is your point obsession today
23:20<Zimsky>!unpoint diveyez
23:20<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from diveyez! (0)
23:22<Zimsky><smallclone> women should not be subjected to any of you
23:22<Zimsky>another example of the patriarchy trying to decide for women
23:22<tmberg>diveyez: :O
23:22<@bhanks>no no smallclone is wonderful <3
23:23<Zimsky>not sure about that
23:30<@bhanks>im absolutely positive
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