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00:46<gooble>is this an Amazon Web Services (AWS) clone?
00:47<gooble>Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)?
00:47<millisa>pretty sure linode launched 3 years before aws
00:47<millisa>there are some shared market segments, but they aren't the same
00:48<millisa>you can do similar things with linodes as you do with ec2 instances
00:48<gooble>Block Storage = cloud storage?
00:48<millisa>it's similar to an ebs store
00:49<gooble>sorry for wasting your time im just asking around i dont think i have any need for this stuff
00:50<millisa>research isn't a waste of time
00:50<gooble>well i suppose i could just gooble it
00:55<Zimsky>nice one
00:55<Zimsky>linode is basically VMs
00:56<millisa>lots of interesting questions from that ramnode address...
00:56<dcraig>Zimsky is basically a VM
00:56<Zimsky>no dcraig
00:57<Zimsky>I am an idea
00:57<dcraig>you're cloud.
00:57<Zimsky>I fundamentally refuse to acknowledge that term in this context
00:58<dcraig>sounds like you need a reboot
00:58<gooble>you sound clouded
00:58<Zimsky>you sound Polish
01:01<gooble>takes one to know one
01:01*Zimsky phones the police
01:02<gooble>are you offering a donation to their retirement fund?
01:02<gooble>that figuers
01:03<gooble>ho you dont get it?
01:03<Zimsky>I ain't a ho
01:03<gooble>course not
01:03<Zimsky>golf is fun
01:04<gooble>anf profitable
01:04<Zimsky>anf is very profitable
01:17<David>Hi all, i have been advised that linode doesnt give editor access to wordpress installations. Is this correct?
01:18<gr_wity>Linode does not *care* about wordpress in the way that you're thinking
01:18<Peng_>You have root on your VPS. If you install WordPress you can configure it however you want.
01:18<gr_wity>you get access to a Linux server – there's no Wordpress installation until you do one by hand
01:19<gr_wity>(and once you do that, you get root/admin/superuser access to it, as expected)
01:22<Zimsky>linode doesn't even know you have a WP install
01:24<gooble>they dont even want to know
01:25<Peng_>gr_wity: You lost a vowel
01:25<gooble>there fixed that up for you Zimsky
01:25<Zimsky>_ is a vowel
01:25<Zimsky>gooble: be more interesting
01:26<gooble>why are there any gals around?
01:26<Zimsky>or be ridiculously serious and condescending so as to justify being poked for fun
01:26<Zimsky>like peng
01:27<Peng_>I'm not usually condescending on purpose, my face is just like that
01:29<gooble>Zimsky: did you get it?
01:29<Zimsky>there's a reason I selectively capitalise the beginning of sentences and add trailing periods
01:29<Zimsky>gooble: get what?
01:29<gooble>my ping?
01:30<Zimsky>you sent me ICMP packets?
01:30<gooble>Zimsky, has been informed that you messaged or invited them.
01:31<Zimsky>oh yeah, I disabled PMs
01:31<gooble>too many friends?
01:31<Zimsky>I have no friends
01:32<gooble>i guess its option B then
01:32<Peng_>too many enemies?
01:33<Zimsky>everyone is my enemy
01:33<gooble>im not
01:34<Zimsky>that's because you're no one
01:34<Zimsky>please gooble, we're getting very off-topic here
01:34<gooble>yes you are
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04:00<rbpb>Hello all. I followed Linode's instructions for setting up a Django project on an Ubuntu box, but I'm getting a 502 error. The system can't find a ".sock" file. Can anyone help me? More info here:
04:01<gr_wity>the "file" (communications endpoint) is created by uwsgi emperor
04:01<gr_wity>make sure it's created in the correct location, according to socket= in the config
04:02<gr_wity>make sure uwsgi has permissions to create files/sockets in that directory,
04:02<gr_wity>and make sure nginx has permissions to access it
04:02<dwfreed>you need to make /home/django/product_blog
04:03<dwfreed>and you need to fix nginx to point to the right path; there is an extraneous 'FOLDER' (literally) in the path nginx has for the socket
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04:24<abhi>I need help ? Anyone ?
04:25<abhi>Actually I need to create new database on server, how to create
04:25<abhi>Also how to check existing mysql database ? On server already 9 database created
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04:26<abhi>anyone ?
04:27<@bmartin> so that may assist you a bit
04:27<@bmartin>What do you mean by check existing database?
04:27<@bmartin>Please keep in mind that as an infrastructure provider, the configuration of your services on our platform is ultimately your responsibility, though we're happy to provide guidance whenever we can.
04:28<abhi>means on linode server, already 9 website hosted
04:28<abhi>So I want to check these 9 website database
04:28<@bmartin>I'm sorry I still don't know what you're referring to. Are these websites down and you need to determine why? Are you looking to check the logs of your dattabase?
04:28<gr_wity>you can create the 10th database exactly like you've created the other 9
04:29<gr_wity>there is no magic limit
04:29<abhi>you can create the 10th database exactly like you've created the other 9 >>> Yes
04:29<abhi>@gr_wity your right ----> you can create the 10th database exactly like you've created the other 9
04:30<abhi>how to create 10th database ?
04:30<@bmartin>abhi did you have an admin create the other 9?
04:32<@bmartin>We have provided a number of articles for creating the database
04:32<@bmartin>I would start with taking a look there
04:32<@bmartin>though it would seem that having your admin do it would be the best course of action
04:32<abhi>gr_wity , I know how to create database, But i want to know how to create in linode server
04:33<gr_wity>it's exactly the same though?
04:33<gr_wity>linode does not provide anything special
04:33<gr_wity>you've got a linux server, you've got mysql (or mariadb), you might even have phpmyadmin somewhere, but that's nothing linode-specific
04:33<abhi>I just login on server any option to check existing database or create new
04:34<gr_wity>there isn't
04:34<gr_wity>the linode manager does not have anything to do with web hosting, or databases
04:34<abhi>Okies. So how to manage, please help me
04:36<gr_wity>ssh into the server, and use the `mysql` tool
04:36<gr_wity>or if you have phpmyadmin or cpanel or anything such installed, use that
04:41<abhi>connect server using linode username / pass ?
04:41<abhi>means ssh
04:43<@bmartin>So you will set your root password
04:43<@bmartin>Linode is very hands off
04:43<@bmartin>we give you a box, you choose which version of Linux and what you'd like to install into it
04:47<abhi>please provide me
04:50<@bmartin>Please provide you with what abhi?
04:51<@bmartin>Our docs page has a bunch of awesome guides
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06:03<abhi>okies gr_wity
06:03<abhi>how to access directly phpmyadmin ?
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10:03<andrerodrigues>I can not recover my password
10:06<@bmartin>Can you email with the last 6 digits of the card on file so we can look into this further?
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11:44<splud>looking to migrate some inhouse servers to an external VPS. Does linode support user-created disk images (specifically for the OS)?
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11:49<splud>Thank you Woet.
11:50<splud>It is not clear in that page if I can push my own content into that image - or do I have to set up an image with a preload OS, then use that to xfer content into another disk image mountpoint?
11:51<splud>Basically, I want a blank disk image, and then, ideally through the configuration manager, to be able to upload an image into it.
11:52<splud>(well, ideally, I'd have a shell and could rsync a raw image file since that would provide resume)
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11:55<Zimsky>you can boot a linode into rescue mode and then pipe your rsync/curl/scp to dd
11:56<splud>well, rsync into dd would be meaningless, but yea.
11:56<splud>scp into dd will work for me.
11:57<splud>Will the rescue mode permit me to mount a disk and make changes (i.e. network configuration before booting it) ?
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12:15<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:17<@bhanks>im not sure that's true
12:18<Zimsky>did Eugene do it yesterday?
12:18<Zimsky>or the day before, or the day before that?
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12:22<Zimsky>yes, yes he did
12:22<Zimsky>it's okay for now bhanks
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12:22<@bhanks>okay if he's been Linodin' for at least 2 days in a row I'll allow it
12:23<Zimsky>it has to be 4 days in a row actually
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12:24<Zimsky>so if there was no linodin in the past 3 days, he will incur my displeasure
12:25<dzho>that's gonna smart
12:26<Zimsky>it'll smart af muzza bruv, righta my the tenker gart
12:27<Zimsky>*jazz hands*
12:31<Eugene>If I cared a little bit more I would set up a Nagios check for Linodin'
12:32<Eugene>And then you guys could look at those stats
12:32<Zimsky>if it was me I'd have scripted it months ago
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12:33<Zimsky>I was going to render some graphs of usage over time but then I decided trying to find an enzyme supplier was more interesting
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13:16<diveyez>everyday im linodin
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13:30<Zimsky>diveyez: No.
13:30<Zimsky>get out
13:30<Zimsky>!unpoint diveyez
13:30<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from diveyez! (-1)
13:34<diveyez>!unpoint Zimsky
13:34<linbot>diveyez: Point taken from zimsky! (15)
13:35<diveyez>root@base-dallas:~# uname -a
13:35<diveyez>Linux base-dallas 4.15.12-x86_64-linode105 #1 SMP Thu Mar 22 02:13:40 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux
13:35<diveyez>reminds me, time to update everything
13:35<Zimsky>diveyez: are you taking the piss?
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13:37<diveyez>Dallas was the fastest at updates
13:37<diveyez>As always finished 5 seconds before the rest
13:38<diveyez>Zimsky I fly to California in 6 hours!!!
13:38<Zimsky>hope you're flying malaysian air
13:39*diveyez considers another !unpoint Zimksky
13:39<Zimsky>!unpoint Zimsky
13:39<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from zimsky! (14)
13:39<diveyez>Lmfao I love you dude
13:39<Zimsky>what are you afraid of?
13:39<diveyez>bhanks was questioning my motives yesterday
13:39<Zimsky>commit to it and stick with it
13:39<Zimsky>bhanks was right to question your motives
13:40<@bhanks>hello yes i am always right
13:45<Zimsky>2017-12-22 [01:24:33] * diveyez stick an rj45 in Zimsky's eth0
13:45<Zimsky>what is this filth
13:46*diveyez reoirts Zimsky for log aboose
13:46<diveyez>Stop humping logs Zimsky
13:46<Woet>Zimsky: syn syn syn syn syn syn syn
13:46<Zimsky>wow woet that's a crime
13:46<diveyez>You woet m8?
13:46<Zimsky>sending SYNs to people is ILLEGAL
13:46<Woet>Zimsky: i have the entire linode trust & safety team in my pocket
13:46<Woet>Zimsky: your abuse emails will go to /dev/null
13:47*Woet tips bhanks
13:47<@bhanks>excuse me Woet
13:47<diveyez> mail Zimsky is abusing me >> /dev/null 2&1
13:47<Woet>i used to have a honeypot that would send abuse emails like that
13:47<@bhanks>lol @ "i have the entire linode trust & safety team in my pocket"
13:47<diveyez>My head hurts
13:47<Zimsky>2018-04-12 [10:23:26] * diveyez murders Zimsky
13:48<Woet>We've been receiving a large amount of abuse complaints that we believe to be false positives. Can you clarify the destination so that we can forward that along to our customers that you are reporting?
13:48<Zimsky>2018-04-12 [10:26:24] * diveyez abuses Zimsky
13:48<Woet>"Lee M
13:48<Woet>Linode Support"
13:48<Woet>i made Lee's life a hell by sending hundreds of abuse reports a dya
13:48<Woet>day *
13:48<Woet>thats why he quit
13:48<smallclone>pretty old message
13:48<Woet>you're pretty old
13:48<Zimsky>your bum's pretty cold
13:49<@bhanks>getting close to enough
13:49<Zimsky>bhanks: it's never enough
13:49*diveyez sees cancer
13:49<Zimsky>FluffyFoxeh is literally hitler
13:49<Zimsky>diveyez: then stop looking in the mirror
13:49<smallclone>bhanks please just kick the entire channel, myself included
13:49<@bhanks>someone kick me pls
13:49<FluffyFoxeh>/kek bhanks
13:49<diveyez>Give ops
13:49<smallclone>op me and i'll do the honors
13:49<@bhanks>ok im on the case
13:50<Zimsky>bhanks: remember that thing I PMed you about?
13:50*diveyez kicked bhanks frin #linode Reason: You woet m8?
13:50<Zimsky>now is the time if you like
13:50<@bhanks>ohhhh ok Zimsky
13:50<diveyez>Long night longer night tonight
13:51<diveyez>This 5 hour flight is going to be sleepy time
13:51<Zimsky>literally no one cares
13:51<FluffyFoxeh>I slept for 5 hours after studying linear algebra for 4
13:51<Zimsky>FluffyFoxeh: what are you studying linalg for
13:51*diveyez pets FluffyFoxeh
13:51<Zimsky>I like linalg
13:51<FluffyFoxeh>Zimsky: required compsci course
13:51<FluffyFoxeh>I like it too, at least more than I expected
13:51<FluffyFoxeh>got a bit too abstract for me near the end though
13:52<diveyez>Sleep deprivation will do that, especially when the words start to wiggle
13:52<Zimsky>it's a little overwhelming, yeah
13:52<FluffyFoxeh>I did my final today for it. I think I did well
13:52*diveyez notes to self, initiate human waste dump in flight over ex's house
13:53<diveyez> Nothing to say constructive
13:53<diveyez>I must retire for the day, catch ya tomorrow during the linodin
13:54<Woet>prefer not
13:54<Zimsky>I feel like diveyez is another one of those semi-sophisticated markov chain bots
13:54<Zimsky>the ones that potter around freenode and are actually pretty convincing
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14:20<diveyez>I have my own AI, I used and a few others randomly
14:20<diveyez>Dell just told me my alienware is no longer serviceable after 2019
14:20<diveyez>TIME FOR UPGRADES =)
14:20<diveyez>I have gotten a good 4 years so far from it, still 70+ FPS in 2018
14:21<diveyez>It would be nice to have a i9 in it though
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15:13<orce>Hello anyone here?
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16:04<rbpb>Hi there, thanks for helping me with my problem from last night. I have another question. I set up my Django project on my Linode server with ` migrate`. This sets up the tables, but they're empty. The tables with data in them are on my local machine. I want to move the rows from my local tables to the database on the Linode server. Both local and Linode databases are Postgres. This may be out of your scope maybe someone can po
16:05<smallclone>rbpb: seems like this would be what you want:
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16:41<sourabh>I want to know, would linode be good for hosting a django project
16:41<millisa>plenty of people use it for that
16:41<rsdehart>it's just a computer. It's suitable for just about anything any other computer is :)
16:42<millisa>thi is an older doc on setting it up with nginx:
16:45<sourabh>What are the pros and cons of using django with linode?
16:45<millisa>pro: you can set it up however you want
16:45<millisa>con: you have to set it up however you want
16:46<millisa>you get root access to a distribution that you spinup. these are unmanaged vps's
16:46<millisa>it's worth reviewing the getting started guide to see if it is something you want to get into:
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17:00<buzzly>I have an ipv6 range. is it possible to setup reverse dns for an IP from this pool for sending mails to google?
17:01<buzzly>on my linode ofc
17:01<retro|blah>Is there an existing AAAA record pointing to that IPv6 address whose name matches what you want to set the reverse DNS as? If so, then yes.
17:02<buzzly>I think I just realised that myself... I just had to do the lookup
17:03<buzzly>retro: thanks for telepathically guiding me through that one
17:04<millisa>!point retro|blah
17:04<linbot>millisa: Point given to retro|blah. (7)
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19:11<hi>anyone here?
19:11<linbot>hi: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
19:12<hi>you are not the bot ,are not it
19:12<smallclone>this is a community chat room
19:12<smallclone>you can just ask your question
19:12<hi>ok thank you
19:13<linbot>I'm a real boy!
19:13<hi>hi i have a question about data amount and extra fee
19:13<Peng_>What's your question?
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19:16<hi>SO, currently i have arround 20 servers but some of them exceeded this month data amount. However, "This Month's Network Transfer Pool" show that only 46% data used, which means the total amount didn't exceed.
19:17<smallclone>hi: yep, so you should be fine
19:17<hi>so i wonder if i will be charged for the extra fee?
19:17<smallclone>you only pay overage fees when you go over the transfer pool for all of your Linodes
19:18<hi>oh that's great. Thanks!
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19:22<dailynews>Anyone here?
19:22-!-mode/#linode [+q *!*@] by FloodServ
19:23-!-mode/#linode [-q *!*@] by mcintosh
19:23<dwfreed>best to have a little patience
19:23<dailynews>i have acc on linode
19:23<dailynews>my username : dailynews
19:25<dailynews>Anyone here
19:26<dwfreed>it would help if you asked a question
19:26<dailynews>can i back the cancel account ?
19:27<dailynews>can yo ucheck it ?
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22:03<zifnab>Peng: (taken from
22:03<zifnab>i laughed, friend sent me that for some reason and "hey i know this guy"
22:06<Peng_>"Peak" is my alter ego
22:19<@mcintosh>accurate definition is accurate
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