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00:04<qfdcc>hello i have a question is this ok if i use lindoe as torrent tracker? i mean like torrentleech?
00:07<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Load averages in guest <>
00:15<smallclone>qfdcc: probably not, assuming that the content you're downloading infringes on copyright
00:16<smallclone>if it doesn't (like seeding a linux distro or something) you're fine
00:16<smallclone>but since torrentleech is a tracker (with a terrible name) i'm gonna guess that's not the case
00:17<smallclone>you probably won't get caught if you're using a decent private tracker, but it's by no means permitted
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00:38<Amado>watch them be attempting to start another shitty public tracker
00:38<@scrane>"The Pyrate Sea"
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02:32<istek99>hi there
02:32<@scrane>Hey there!
02:33<istek99>does anyone know how to disable 2 factor auth? i'm lost my recovery details. now i can't login in. :(
02:33<millisa>Do you have your scratch code?
02:33<millisa>(I'm assuming that's the recovery details you lost?)
02:34<istek99>no. i lost scratch code.
02:34<linbot>Sounds like ticket time! Your problem will probably be solved much faster by submitting a support ticket, rather than hoping to catch an employee's attention here.
02:34<istek99>how can i submit ticket without loggin?
02:35<istek99>okay. millisa, thanks a lot. i will try it now.
02:35<millisa>That link has the 2 things they'll want for proof
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03:52<gmd>Would anyone be able to ping an IP address for me from Linode servers in London or Frankfurt?
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03:53<millisa>I don't have one, but you could spin one up for <1 hour and pay a couple pennies for it
03:56<gmd>I didn't think about the hourly rate option.
03:56<gmd>Thanks for that
03:56<millisa>Some months my bills are crammed full of $0.02 line items.
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04:00<chrispengcn>I forgot my password...
04:00<Peng_>To what?
04:01<@scrane>If you forgot the password to your Linode, I would recommend taking a look at
04:03<chrispengcn>but the problem is I can't got the email from Linode
04:04<@scrane>Is there a different email address on file for your account?
04:14<gmd>Anyone know how long it will take to review new account (considering it's the weekend)?
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04:16<@scrane>It depends. Have you received an additional email from us?
04:18<gmd>Only welcome & payment receipt emails
04:19<gmd>when i log into manager I get: Thanks for signing up / account is being reviewed message
04:23<gmd>Ok. I got the email. I'm in!
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06:44<frogzilla>hello everyone, im following the steps of the linode 'getting started' guide, but when i try to access to the ssh (root@myip) i get a port 22:connection timeout. Any suggestion? thanks in advance
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06:45<Peng_>Is the Linode running?
06:45<Peng_>Has the SSH port been changed, or a firewall, or fail2ban...?
06:46<frogzilla>yep it is running, ive just created a new image by using a wordpress stack script from linode
06:46<frogzilla>my account is brand new, its been activated yesterday night
06:47<frogzilla>(the OS is cent os 7)
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07:04<@gjjansen>Hey frogzilla, have you opened a ticket with our support team already?
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07:15<turbo>iam from
07:15<turbo>i have some questions
07:15<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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07:15<turbo>can i upgrade my block storage
07:16<@scrane>In what regards?
07:16<@scrane>Like resize the volume to a larger size?
07:17<@scrane>Absolutely! You can read more about how to do this here:
07:17<turbo>whats my current plan
07:18<@scrane>I wouldn't be able to tell just based on that. You can go to, log in, and click the "Manage Volumes" link to see what your current volumes are.
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07:24<Zimsky>"Softlay - Free Software Download Site" lol nice
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07:40<frogzilla>hey gjjansen, thanks for your response. I've forgot to boot the system and that's why i was experiencing the issue, Silly me. Next time i'll make sure to triplecheck my settings before asking.
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09:29<taimoor>I want to know about security features of linode
09:30<taimoor>i was analyzing the good hosting service , Lindoe has good rates but i am worried about hacking of its servers , few years back,
09:30<taimoor>i want to host ecommerce portal can you give me trust that this will not happen again so that i should sign up
09:31<dzho>!to taimoor ops
09:31<linbot>taimoor: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:31<dzho>most of us are in no position to speak for linode
09:31<@scrane>With regards to the previous security incidents you can read our retrospective on it here:
09:32<taimoor>now what are theh security standards at linode
09:32<@scrane>Linode is fully PCI and HIPAA compliant as far as the hardware side is concerned. You can take a look at this at
09:33<@scrane>As for the security of the LInode itself, that is not something we determine and it is up to individual users to configure.
09:33<dzho>taimoor: you understand that this provides you with a bare host. Most of the software, and thus most of the security risk, comes from what the customer installs and how they maintain it.
09:34<taimoor>it mean , Linode will only give us hardware and we have to manage it with our own security
09:34<dzho>*virtual* hardware
09:34<dzho>but yes that's roughly the idea
09:34<taimoor>yes virtual hardware
09:35<@scrane>Yes, when you provision a LInode you are effectively provisioning an empty virtual box that you can install what you like from there.
09:35<taimoor>will you recommend me this for a startup marketplace project?
09:36<@scrane>Are you familiar with LInux command line?
09:36<taimoor>i have outsourced my major functions,
09:37<taimoor>you can say i am investing and getting the services
09:37<@scrane>If your team is familiar with LInux command line and server administration, then Linode should be a good fit.
09:38<taimoor>im not familiar with linux command line but my portal is designed specially for linux hosting
09:38<taimoor>yes my team is fully professional with linux
09:38<@scrane>I can confirm some individuals do use Linode for ecommerce websites with success.
09:39<taimoor>sure , it'll be great for my satisfaction ,
09:40<taimoor>please share ecommerce website using linode
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09:42<dzho>taimoor: I think generally linode is not going to tell potential customers anything specific about actual customers.
09:42<Zimsky>scrane: is linode hippo-compliant?
09:43<@scrane>For example, I know at least part of WPEngine's infrastructure is hosted on Linode. The Onion, Creative Commons, and a few other sites are customers of ours as well. That being said, I can't provide many other specific domains as we do not share customer information without explicit permission.
09:43<taimoor>im not asking about actual customer just want to know any successful business running on linode
09:44<@scrane>You can take a look on our homepage where we share some of those as well as some testemonials from Twitter on there.
09:44<taimoor>if part of wpeningine is hosted then its still a good boost
09:44<@scrane>Zimsky: I can't speak to the company, but I always comply with hippos.
09:44<dzho>oh, there it is.
09:47<Zimsky>scrane: a lot of my clients are hippos, and I need to know if linode will comply with them, or be ippopophobic toward them
09:49<Zimsky>I certainly look forward to the day that hippopotamuses are freely accepted in society without prejudice
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10:31<Peng_>$1.15 in credit, awesome
10:33<Peng_>Makes me feel way better about my $150 or so bill in 2 days
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11:59<Eugene>No no no. Its: Every day I'm Linodin'
12:00<Eugene>Very close though
12:00<Eugene>!point ericoc
12:00<linbot>Eugene: Point given to ericoc. (3)
12:01<Zimsky>yer ma's a ball
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17:18<zifnab>!lick Eugene
17:18<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (56) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 22)
17:19<zifnab>Zimsky: hippos aren't people.
17:20<Woet>zifnab: what about your mom?
17:20<zifnab>my mom is a database
17:20<Woet>sorry, couldn't stop myself
17:21<Eugene>Lil timmy tables
17:21<Eugene>Is not zifnab's name
17:21<Eugene>Try to keep up
17:21<Woet>no one cares about names
17:21<Eugene>!towel Zimsky
17:21<linbot>Eugene: Point taken from zimsky! (0)
17:21<Woet>0 points
17:21<zifnab>one of my coworkers got in trouble fo rsaying 'your mom is a database' in slack
17:22<Eugene>Was their mom in fact, not a database? It's a good case for libel
17:22<zifnab>so i've decided my mother is an actual database and i'll refer to her however i want
17:22<zifnab>no, someone got offended
17:22<Eugene>That's what I said
17:22<zifnab>so i've been making non stop mom jokes since wednesday
17:22<Eugene>If you call it Libel you sound less like a douchebag though
17:22<Woet>I did some SQL injection on her last night
17:22<Woet>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
17:22<zifnab>feel free
17:22<Woet>its less fun with your permission
17:22<Eugene>zifnab's mom is a skank ho. Proof: zifnab.
17:22<zifnab>i believe i've shared my disdain for certain family members in public
17:22<Woet>Eugene: wheres your webcam stream
17:23<Woet>i need to see your towel ehad
17:23<Woet>its like kardashians
17:23<Woet>but different
17:23<zifnab>Eugene: is that...your bed
17:23<Woet>that cat has a big bed
17:23<Eugene>Also it helps if I turn it on
17:23<Eugene>Yes it is
17:23<Eugene>Now it'll be my yard though
17:23<Woet>we need to raise money for Eugene
17:23<Woet>to get a bedroom
17:23<zifnab>erm, don't...things happen in that bed
17:23<Woet>cats happe
17:23<Woet>as you can see
17:23<Eugene>The cam is now pointed out hte window
17:24<zifnab>right it's only last-saved-image
17:24<Eugene>And yes, I need to finish the flooring in the bedroom. Its like 75% done
17:24<zifnab>i should set mine up to do something like this
17:24<zifnab>issue: it has a googly eye over it righ tnow
17:24<Eugene>iSpy64 is the program you want. It has scheduled timers and shit
17:24<Eugene>And support SFTP
17:24<zifnab>ah nice
17:24<Eugene>ANd motion detection and live push and.... its the right one
17:24<zifnab>that might actually work well. webcam is plugged into the monitor
17:25<zifnab>which turns usb ports off when it's of
17:25<Woet>Eugene: that must be wrong, iSpy64 appears to be Windows only
17:25<Woet>Eugene: we only use *nix here.
17:25<Eugene>That is correct, my desktop is a gaming machine
17:25<Eugene>My laptop is a Chromebook
17:25<zifnab>mine is too!
17:25<zifnab>i have servers for linux.
17:26<Eugene>I've been converting to FreeBSD. Linux is shit
17:26<zifnab>i just don't fuck with anything anymore
17:26<Woet>what about your wife
17:26<zifnab>i'm single
17:26<Woet>what about your right hand
17:26<zifnab>i lack one
17:26<Eugene>He has an Android
17:26<Eugene>If thats what you mean
17:27<zifnab>i made the mistake yesterday of asking a podiatrist if he could cut my toe off
17:27<zifnab>he came back with a bone saw
17:27<Eugene>They don't fuck around
17:27<zifnab>obviously kidding, but i did not expect this
17:28<zifnab>apparently 'bone saw' is a thing their office just...has available
17:28<zifnab>they use them on casts
17:28<Eugene>He's probably been waiting to do it since med school
17:28<zifnab>he used something that looked like a cheese cutter on my toenail
17:28<Eugene>How often do you get to just cut some dude's toe off
17:28<zifnab>it hurts more now
17:28<Eugene>Hell yeah
17:28<zifnab>i'm not fucking kidding there was a wire and it was spring loaded
17:28<zifnab>i have no idea what it was called
17:28<zifnab>i should have asked
17:28<zifnab>technology is fucking impressive
17:29<Eugene>At $DAYJOB, I end up touring the offices of medical device inventor/manufacturers occasionally. They are doing some cool new stuff
17:29<Eugene>(and then they get stupid CAD software problems that I have to solve)
17:30<zifnab>this was stupid nail problems, they put the wire under my toenail, then it cut it off
17:30<zifnab>it seriously looked like a cheese cutter wire
17:30<zifnab>it hurts less now
17:30<zifnab>i couldn't put weight on it yesterday
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21:47<@mcintosh>toenails are gross
21:47<@mcintosh>!boo zifnab
21:47<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from zifnab! (12)
21:48<@mcintosh>perhaps the good outweighs the bad, in this case....
21:48<@mcintosh>!point zifnab
21:48<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to zifnab. (13) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 10)
21:48<zifnab>mcintosh: toes are gross
21:48<zifnab>Humans are gross
21:48<zifnab>We ooze constantly
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21:54<Eugene>!lick mcintosh
21:54<linbot>Eugene: Point given to mcintosh. (36)
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23:04<Android>hi el
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23:09-!-itimber is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
23:09<itimber>Anyone have their ears on?
23:11<itimber>I'm wondering if there is a limit to how many DNS records an account can have setup.
23:11<itimber>I have many... and the last few I setup are not propagating.
23:11<itimber>It would make sense to put a limit on there, but I'm not seeing any info on the subject.
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23:25<@scrane>Hey itimber to my knowledge there is no limit.
23:31<millisa>how long ago did you make the records? unless something's changed, they only publish every 15 mins(ish)
23:41<zifnab>mmm fried chicken
23:41<zifnab>scrane: i bet there is a limit
23:42<zifnab>i bet it's around 2.14 or 4.29 billion
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