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00:36<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new girl <>
00:38<Peng_>I'm so glad the new girl is back. It feels weird when a long-time spammer disappears.
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02:36<Zimsky>don't worry Peng_
02:37<Zimsky>should clarify that all others are open to causing Peng_ worry
02:44<Zimsky>>>> [ for c in '🖕🏻']
02:44<Zimsky>had to check those since they don't render
02:44<Peng_>Yeah, I don't have the fonts for that, so I'm not sure it worked
02:46<Zimsky>hm I save two chars if I'd used map()
02:48<Zimsky>Peng_: what's your view on there being no stretch/main package for python 3.6.5, but only 3.5.3, despite 3.6.5 being a stable release
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02:50<Zimsky>for continuity and stability, it makes sense, sure, but apart from "it's another package to be maintained", there doesn't seem to be any reason why not
02:51<Zimsky>3.5.3 actually has a really annoying import bug
02:51<Peng_>An import bug?
02:54<Zimsky>this 'bugs' me more than it should
02:55<FluffyFoxeh>Zimsky: what's your favourite neurotransmitter?
02:56<FluffyFoxeh>oh just curious
02:56<Zimsky>what's yours?
02:56<FluffyFoxeh>I'm partial to serotonin
03:00<Zimsky>a strange one
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03:06<t6t6t6>anyone here?
03:07<Zimsky>most likely
03:08<t6t6t6>great. If I get a "Linode 1GB" VPS, dos it come with its own (dedicated) IPv4 address?
03:08<@bmartin>yes it does
03:08<t6t6t6>Great. Is there some page where this is clearly stated?
03:10<t6t6t6>Probably NO.
03:10<t6t6t6> What Linux Distros are offered?
03:12<t6t6t6>Debian 9 vs Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, what would you choose and why?
03:13<Peng_>It would be prudent to wait a while before relying on 18.04 since it's so new
03:14<Zimsky>d9 as it's more lightweight
03:15<t6t6t6>@Peng: Well, Debian 9 is also new. So you would recommend Debian 8 / Ubuntu 17?
03:16<Peng_>Debian 9 is 10 months old
03:16<@bmartin>and Ubuntu 17 was not a LTS release so I'd advise against that
03:20<hawk>Without further info, I'd say Debian 9. The Ubuntu package base has been and is sort of weird. Depending on how you approach it, you either have a fairly limited set with highly arbitrary picks, or you end up with their "universe" thing which just seems like a bad idea to actually use.
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03:40<t6t6t6>Thanks for the suggestions. It will be Debian 9 then.
03:41<t6t6t6>What does "Nanode" mean?
03:42<Peng_>It doesn't really mean anything. They just gave the smallest plan a cute nickname.
03:42<t6t6t6>Oh, LOL, OK
03:43<t6t6t6>It should be enough. It's for some ridiculous Drupal website that gets like 200 hits per day.
03:44<Zimsky>more than likely to be enough
03:44<t6t6t6>Thanks for confirming.
03:49<dwfreed>Eugene: and that's apples to oranges
03:53<Peng_>Hmm. I want an orange.
03:54<dwfreed>Eugene: backup service is 25% (or 40%, in the case of the Linode 1 GB) of a Linode's cost because it doesn't include CPU, RAM, or transfer (and they're kind of banking on people's disks not being full, and most people's aren't); Block Storage pricing is already just storage
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03:58<Spajjie>Hi all, could somebody give me some idea of why mail is stuck in the mailq. A few of them are deferred and never move out of this queue
04:00<dwfreed>if postfix, 'postqueue -j' will give the deferral reason
04:00<hawk>dwfreed: Yes, but having to set up another linode (including cpu, ram, transfer, and extra block storage) in a different datacenter to do your backups (as in the proposal) surely is way more costly than what it would be if linode were to provide a backup service for block storage?
04:02<dwfreed>hawk: theoretically one already has Linodes in other datacenters that could serve this purpose
04:03<dwfreed>so all they need is the dedicated block storage to put their backups in
04:03<dwfreed>also they'd have a lot more flexibility wrt retention, frequency, type (differential vs incremental vs full), etc
04:06<dwfreed>I have a theory about how block storage is implemented (for once I don't have inside knowledge), and if my theory is correct, it is not particularly feasible to implement a cost-effective backup solution for block storage without much more heavily banking on the disk being mostly zeros
04:07<dwfreed>and for the people using block storage, that's probably not the case
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04:08<Peng_>Could implement cost-ineffective backups though
04:10<Spajjie>Is it possible to change the mail server for each deferred mail queue item
04:10<hawk>Peng_: Tbf, that would probably sell fairly well too.
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04:11<dwfreed>the other issue is backup consistency
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04:12<Peng_>Who cares as long as it's close eno00000000
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06:24<wajahat>i need help
06:24<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:25<wajahat>i purchase 20$ account
06:25<wajahat>via my credit card
06:25<wajahat>but not recevied hosting panel yet
06:25<wajahat>payment already cut from my account
06:25<@bmartin>did you receive any emails requesting more information or something of that nature?
06:26<@bmartin>That is usually the case with these situations
06:26<wajahat>recevied this email
06:26<Woet>wajahat: try replying to it
06:26<@bmartin>Yes go ahead and submit that info
06:26<Woet>wajahat: and clicking the link
06:26<@bmartin>and your account review can be completed.
06:26<wajahat>submit but not reply
06:26<@bmartin>Follow the instructions in the email
06:26<Woet>wajahat: "no reply" or "no reply within 5 minutes"?
06:27<wajahat>no reply within 5 minutes
06:27<@bmartin>Did you provide all of the information requested?
06:27<wajahat>how much time takin
06:27<@bmartin>the front and back of your ID and credit card?
06:27<Woet>wajahat: usually within 24 hours.
06:28<wajahat>one thing more
06:28<wajahat>my account name and ID card name defferent
06:28<wajahat>but ID card and Creadit card name same
06:28<@bmartin>did you submit both?
06:30<@bmartin>if so and you have not heard from us in regards to this email with the last 6 digits of the credit card on file so we can look into it further
06:31<@bmartin>Also be aware that when further info is requested the deposit is refunded and will arrive in your account in 3-5 business days
06:31<@bmartin>Also I would advise that you sign up with your information that matches the card and ID you have in the future.
06:32<wajahat>but i want to hide my info because
06:32<wajahat>i want to hide from my compititor
06:32*Woet starts a drumroll
06:32<Woet>too late
06:32<Woet>wajahat: Linode customer details aren't broadcast to some open API feed
06:32<@bmartin>We do not provide account info to outside people
06:33<Woet>wajahat: sign up with your real info
06:33<@bmartin>We do require that you use correct information on all accounts.
06:33<Zimsky>unless those outside people are really good at pretending they're from the gubbermint
06:33<wajahat>so how i can change now. becuase acount not show any option for edit info
06:33<Zimsky>"what's a warrant?"
06:35<@bmartin>You can edit it once our review of the account is complete.
06:37<wajahat>all images upload
06:37<wajahat>now just waitting reply
06:38<@bmartin>Excellent. Keep an eye on your email
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07:38<root__>IS anyone here
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07:38<@bmartin>too slow
07:39<@sjacobs>not this time. i was ready.
07:39<@sjacobs>maybe they were just shy. they wanted a quiet place to relax.
07:39<@bmartin>irc is a lot of things
07:39<@bmartin>a quiet place to relax is not one of them
07:43<Zimsky>not with that attitude
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09:28<Louis6321>Good Linode maintenance (y)
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11:08<AlexMax>Question. I have some servers that have some spectre migration planned
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11:08<AlexMax>Is it possible to migrate them early? I notice that most of the servers don't have a special button, but one of them has a "Migration available" button that I presume means I can migrate them early.
11:09<AlexMax>Only one though
11:09<@bmartin>The majority of this maintenance is actually just a host reboot
11:09<@bmartin>in those scenarios you cannot initiate it early as it is host wide
11:09<@bmartin>in the instance of a migration you will see that button you mentioned
11:09<AlexMax>How long does the host reboot require?
11:10<AlexMax>and is it possible to not do a host reboot - instead migrate the server someplace else instead?
11:12<AlexMax>I presume the reboot does a graceful shutdown of the servers
11:12<Peng_>It does
11:13<@bmartin>Migration is all going to depend on availability of your specific Linode. For that we'd need you to open up a support ticket
11:13<Peng_>Wild-ass guess for how long a reboot takes: 5-30 minutes. Give or take.
11:14<smallclone>bmartin: it's a Xen tokyo 1 Linode 3072 with 500MB of additional disk space
11:14*Peng_ groans
11:14<@bmartin>No more Xen!
11:14<hawk>I had a bit of fun in that the network interface changed names in the process
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12:43<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:44<Eugene>AlexMax - in previous "unavoidable" maintenances I have used the trick of Cloning a to-be-maintenanced Linode. The new 'node is usually provisioned on already-maintanenced hardware
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12:46*Peng_ issues Eugene a yellow card for cheating
12:51<AlexMax>Eugene: That means IP changes
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12:51<AlexMax>pain in the neck for me
12:51<smallclone>AlexMax: do an ip swap afterward
12:51<Peng_>IPv6 :'(
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12:52<AlexMax>smallclone: but if the server is in use, can't stop
12:52<AlexMax>we're running multiple servers that depend on each other
12:52<smallclone>well you're going offline no matter what, the idea is to have some more control over it
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13:53<AlexMax>there's no way to schedule a migration is there
13:53<AlexMax>I have to log in and push the button, right?
13:53<smallclone>AlexMax: yes
14:01<AlexMax>pres butan
14:03<SgtCharge>no you need to click it
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14:08<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
14:08<Nilt>I M evaluatin to migrate to linode
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14:08<smallclone>do you have a question?
14:09<Nilt>We have vmware image in a bare metal server It is possible to migrate to linode without reinstall?
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14:09<smallclone>Nilt: potentially, but not easily
14:09<Nilt>What is the recommended way?
14:09<AlexMax>I know you guys are stressed, but if it would be possible to set up migrations before tonight, that would butter my bread
14:10<AlexMax>Ticket #10411128
14:10<AlexMax>I know I've been a squeaky wheel in here as of late
14:10<smallclone>you should weigh the work that would go into recreating the image on linode, against the work that would go into getting your existing vmware image to work on linode
14:10<smallclone>what makes this image so special?
14:11<Nilt>Mutiplenconfiguration ans specially encrypted fs with luks?
14:11<smallclone>you can use an encrypted disk on Linode, yeah
14:13<smallclone>Nilt: this is all fairly non-standard, though, and you should be aware it's going to take some work
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21:15<millisa>8m25s - how long my first linode getting this round of spectre/meltdown mitigation was unavailable.
21:15<millisa>!point linode
21:15<linbot>millisa: Point given to linode. (3)
21:18-!-shinji257 [] has joined #linode
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21:20<MrPPS>millisa: ooh, mine was 18 minutes
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22:08<FluffyFoxeh>I met Richard Stallman today
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23:03<jiujiu>How do I use the bin speed file here?
23:03<millisa>you download it and see how long it takes to receive it
23:04<millisa>they are all 100MB files.
23:05<jiujiu>Download directly to my computer? Need not use your ip?
23:06-!-nmelehan [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.5-dev]
23:06<millisa>You download it to whereever you want to see how fast it will download to from the location you are downloading it from.
23:08<jiujiu>ok, thank you
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23:47<c_>is there an email like I can reach out to?
23:47<millisa>is it for abuse?
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23:48<c_>i would like to report a potentially compromised system
23:49<millisa> is the way to go then.
23:49<millisa>include any details, logs, etc
23:50<c_>ok thanks
23:58-!-c_ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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