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00:01<zifnab>linux related thing, as that's half this channel
00:01<zifnab>i have linux booting on a nintendo switch
00:01<zifnab>it panics (i assume lack of /init right now), waiting for parts so i can solder uart + a button tomorrow
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01:53<William_Teodoro>helo, im from brazil
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01:53<MrPPS>hello William_Teodoro
01:54<William_Teodoro> I'm having problems with slow wordpress admin.
01:55<William_Teodoro>can it be the hosting?
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02:54<ray_>Hello, I want to know a more exact timing when the block storage will be available for tokyo2 region.
02:58<@bhanks>ray_ hi there. right now the only timing info we have for block storage in tokyo2 is what is listed on our blog:
02:58<@bhanks>so, 2nd Quarter of 2018. aka soon :)
03:01<ray_>OK, the sooner the better, I will watch the update.
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03:30<Rainbow>MY MAIN MAN
03:30<Rainbow>HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU?
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03:32<Peng_>'BOUT THE SAME I SUPPOSE. How're you?
03:33<Rainbow>pretty fuckin sweet
03:33<Rainbow>just accepted an offer from a shop down south
03:33<Rainbow>wait for it
03:33<Rainbow>wait for it
03:33<Rainbow>wait for it
03:33<Rainbow>Director of Security
03:34<Rainbow>OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH Rainbow doin big things :D
03:35*Rainbow is a fancy
03:36<Rainbow>i knew my constant self-doubt would eventually pay off :D
03:36<Rainbow>(cuz it means I can't ever stop pushing myself. )
03:36<Rainbow>(otherwise, DEPRESSION wheeee)
03:37*bmartin knows those feels
03:37*Ikaros hides
03:37<Rainbow>3 years to go from support at Linode to infosec directorate
03:37<Rainbow>2 years if you wanna count when i left instead of when i started.
03:38<Rainbow>i think thats a reasonable level of ascent.
03:38*Rainbow shrugs
03:38<Rainbow>far too drunk and busy hacking to grammar.
03:39<@bmartin>I am a hack...does that count?
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03:40<Rainbow>only on tuesdays
03:41<@bmartin>then I am in luck
03:41<Zimsky>no you're not
03:41<@bmartin>you're righrt
03:41<@bmartin>or right. whichever
03:41<Zimsky>yes hello I am righrt
03:41<Rainbow>its tuesday!
03:41<Rainbow>isnt it?
03:41<@gjjansen>it is tuesday albeit way too early
03:41<Rainbow>IT IS TUESDAY
03:42<@bmartin>Tuesday Tuesday gotta have some booze day
03:42<Zimsky>it could be saturday for all that it matters
03:42<@gjjansen>Who knows anymore.
03:42<@bmartin>to be clear I'm a hack on Saturdays too
03:42<Zimsky>Ikaros: why do you do this
03:42<@bmartin>It's possible I am my double and I murdered my original self
03:42<Ikaros>*sees update in Windows Update, ponders whether he should risk breaking his system like a few of his close friends have experienced with it*
03:42<Zimsky>yes, that, why do you do that
03:42<Ikaros>BECAUSE I CAN
03:43<Zimsky>I can run around in the street stabbing people
03:43<Zimsky>but do I?
03:43<Ikaros>That's different
03:43<Zimsky>unwaxed lemons my friend
03:43<Zimsky>bmartin knows what I'm talking about
03:44<@bmartin>When you're right you're right
03:44<Zimsky>nice tautology
03:46<Zimsky>don't be silly Ikaros, this is a support channel for linode
03:46<Zimsky>very off-topic
03:46<@bmartin>Some days I'm Linodin'
03:47<Ikaros>Your face is off-topic
03:47<Zimsky>my face is EXTREMELY off-topic, and that's just the way I like it
03:47<Zimsky>are you satisfied with your own topicality?
03:47<Ikaros>Well I suppose good enough you admit it. I'll just go about my business then.
03:48<Zimsky>don't let the channel hit you on the way out
03:48<@gjjansen>The chan hits all. The question becomes, do you hit back?
03:49<Zimsky>every time. I have bruised knuckles
03:49<@gjjansen>I know you hit back, Zimsky
03:49<Zimsky>I am unfamiliar with what you are asserting
03:50<@gjjansen>You rough everyone in this channel up like they owe you money.
03:51<Zimsky>not everyone, just Woet
03:51<@bhanks>wow so much chatter
03:51<Zimsky>we can never have enough
03:51<Ikaros>Side note: Said business is prepping one of my Linodes for maintenance. Pfft, you guys just HAD to pick the one that forms the core of my domain network first, didn't you, lol
03:51<Zimsky>yes Ikaros, we did
03:51<@bmartin>Actually yes
03:51<@bhanks>yeah for sure.
03:52<@bmartin>I was tasked with finding the most inconvenient possible times for the most critical Linodes
03:52<@bmartin>It's been a long few weeks but I think I've maximized disruption
03:52*Ikaros secretly swaps it with another one
03:52*bmartin changes
03:52<Zimsky>but that isn't secret, Ikaros
03:52<Ikaros>You shall never know!
03:52<Zimsky>you just announced it in a public channel
03:52<Zimsky>but we do know
03:52*bmartin makes ChAnGeS
03:53<Ikaros>In all seriousness though, it is what it is, and it's the oldest one I have in fact so I know it'll survive a reboot just fine.
03:53<@bmartin>to be clear I made zero decisions
03:54<@bmartin>Like if Linode was a totem pole, I'm the part of the pole that sticks in the ground
03:54<Zimsky>yeah you can't decide on anything
03:54<Zimsky>this is why you have relationship commitment issues
03:54<@gjjansen>I get to make decisions on who hangs around when they do dirt which is fun.
03:54<@gjjansen>So I deleted Woet's account.
03:54<Ikaros>Just like, 55+ some odd users will drop off it all at once is all <.<
03:59<Zimsky>wish someone else would drop off
04:02<Rainbow>bmartin, oh you're doing my old job?
04:02<@bmartin>You were the bottom of the totem pole?
04:02<Rainbow>Have you started managing the GFW, so Linode can force folks in China to use Linode to internet yet?
04:02<Rainbow>(i swear that was something i was accused of once)
04:03<@bmartin>I've been called a variety of things
04:03<@gjjansen>yes you have
04:03<@gjjansen>a whole paragraph of fun things
04:03<@bmartin>had myself and mother threatened in about 12 chinese dialects
04:03<Rainbow>oh fun
04:03<Rainbow>i got called a cunt on a call once.
04:03<Rainbow>I laughed.
04:04<@bhanks>love it
04:04<Rainbow>i mean the first time it happened like....god, years and years ago it shook me up.
04:04<@bhanks>give me every difficult call. every time. always.
04:04<Rainbow>but 5 years in support, id seen everything by then
04:05<@gjjansen>Bad calls give you energy, bhanks. I see it in your eyes.
04:05<Rainbow>so i was used to it by the time i was phonejockeying for linode.
04:05<@gjjansen>Fortunately, I was getting berated in person before I worked here so nothing phases me.
04:05<@bhanks>gjjansen oh you've gotta feed off the negative vibes! people like us are more than here for it.
04:05<@bmartin>working at Apple prepared me for everyone hating me
04:05<Rainbow>bmartin, oh you too?
04:06<Rainbow>i worked for a contracter for them ages ago
04:07<Rainbow>found all the security holes. got yelled at for reporting them because it made apple pissed off at us
04:07<Rainbow>quit that day.
04:07<Rainbow>i could handle the idiot customers WHO MICROWAVED THEIR IPHONES TO CHARGE THEM
04:07<@gjjansen>Honestly, ideal. If they're head in the sand about issues, they're bad.
04:07<Rainbow>i couldnt handle manglement telling me i couldnt report bugs through the established command chain
04:07<@bmartin>yeah that's weird
04:08<Zimsky><Rainbow> i got called a cunt on a call once.
04:08<Zimsky>just once?
04:08<Rainbow>so now im in a position to make security policy for an entire company
04:08<Zimsky>this is like, a daily thing for me
04:08<Rainbow>and it Feels Good Bro
04:08<Rainbow>FEELS GOOD INC
04:08<Rainbow>Zimsky, just once while working for Linode.
04:08<Rainbow>to be entirely honest
04:08<Rainbow>i dont miss t
04:08<Zimsky>I just call them a cunt back
04:08<Rainbow>i miss the people
04:09<Rainbow>not the ticket shitshows from customers or the constant calls from idiots.
04:09<Zimsky>someone stabbed me in the hand at one job
04:09<@bmartin>I've been punched in the face at work
04:09<Zimsky>no her name was Maria
04:09<@bmartin>and had someone wait at my car for me
04:09<Rainbow>oh shit
04:09<Rainbow>haha was at Zimsky
04:09<Rainbow>not bmartin
04:09<Rainbow>jesus fuck
04:10<Zimsky>no I said maria
04:10<Zimsky>and I wouldn't fuck her, because she'd probably stab me again :(
04:11<@bmartin>Stabbing is not ideal
04:11<Zimsky>thorough disembowelment is ideal
04:11<@gjjansen>Gotta earn it.
04:11<Zimsky>I just thought, I'm gonna make a portable tiny fire extinguisher and call it a "heavier"
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04:17<Woet>can you guys shut up
04:17<Zimsky>Woet: there's this girl called maria I think you should meet
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04:19<@gjjansen>I don't like where this is headed.
04:20<Zimsky>I do :(
04:26<Rainbow>Woet, NO U
04:26<Woet>im headed to Cebu
04:26<Zimsky>Woet: no one cares
04:26<@gjjansen>I don't even know where that is.
04:27<@gjjansen>Track it in your fitbit for flight and I'll send the cops there in a lil bit.
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04:31<Woet>jokes on you, I have like 8 friends in the PNP
04:31<Woet>and three retired generals
04:32<Woet>can't touch me
04:32<Zimsky>you have 3 retired generals?
04:32<Zimsky>where? like, in a basement?
04:34<Peng_>It's not a basement, it's a game room
04:34<Zimsky>Woet: why do you give peng_ internet access in your basement/game room?
04:38<@gjjansen>It's supposed to be for the PS4.
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04:54<Woet>Zimsky: voluntary
04:54<Zimsky>Woet: genau
04:55<Woet>Zimsky: guinea
04:55<Zimsky>you coming to papua yet?
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06:02<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • java training <>
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06:48<Ali>hi dear how are you
06:49<Ali>no body?
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06:50<@bmartin>hello how can we help y ou?
06:51<mph>Are you linode staff?
06:52<frogzilla>Hi there guys, on my ssh i have found 1 login attempt from this ip which is digitalocean lol does digitalocean usually try to log in into linode's customers ssh or i should get worried?
06:52<mph>This spectre migration is making my linodes too slow.
06:52<@bmartin>frogzilla it's like a digital ocean customer doing bad I would report it to their abuse department
06:52<Zimsky>if someone reported a single ssh attempt to me I'd giggle
06:52<mph>Spectre makes I/O too slow for my usage. Please delay this horrible patch.
06:53<@bmartin>mph I would open a support ticket regarding this. There won't be much I can do from our IRC room
06:53<frogzilla>thats exactly what i was looking for, should i report that to linode or digitalocean or both? and how? thanks for the suggestions in advance
06:53<Zimsky>frogzilla: tbh you should not worry about any ssh attempts
06:53<@bmartin>Also right now the majority of our Spectre maintenance is a reboot and patch of the host which should have minimal impact on your Linode performance
06:53<Zimsky>if you keep sshd and friends updated, use pubkey auth exclusively, and so on, you don't really have anything to worry about
06:53<@bmartin>^^ also true
06:54<mph>Well I see that I/O performance numbers degraded so much.
06:54<Zimsky>just about the worst thing that can happen is getting annoyed by reading the attempts in logs and breaking a chair over someone's head
06:54<mph>I already opened support ticket.
06:54<@bmartin>what is that ticket number
06:55<mph>Please delay all my remain instance's migration.
06:55<mph>This is making my service broken
06:55<@bmartin>We will not be able to delay host updates but we will see what we can do to get your Linodes running correctly again
06:55<@bmartin>are there any troubleshooting steps you've taken up to this point
06:56<mph>I run ethereum parity wallet and this uses I/O much with embedded rocksdb I/O
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06:56<@bmartin>Cool cool. What troubleshooting steps have you taken up to this point?
06:57<mph>I tried to allocate larger cache to reduce I/O but it didn't help.
06:57<@bmartin>we will have someone take a look at your ticket shortly
06:57<mph>I'm running several linodes with same data, same binary.
06:58<Zimsky>why are you complaining about a fix for a vulnerability
06:58<Zimsky>I'd be happier with less cpu vulnerabilities and slower I/O
06:58<mph>Not yet migrated linodes are running fine, processing every blockchain within 100ms average but migrated linodes process every block about 300~500ms
06:59<mph>At least there should be some warning before this patch or make and option to delay for few days.
06:59<Zimsky>there was literally a warning months in advance
07:00<mph>Well I'm also running some instances on AWS but their performance impact was not that high like this.
07:00<Zimsky>delaying for a few days isn't feasible at linode's scale
07:00<Zimsky>if your eth wallets are that important, maybe you should have a dedi with some expensive SSDs
07:01<mph>I'm running more than +80 linodes and many linodes are affected already. I have to move to AWS and DNS propagation can't be done within few hours. It takes time.
07:01<Zimsky>different hosts with different infrastructure are going to have different levels of performance
07:02<mph>Ok. but let me have time to move.
07:02<Zimsky>in case it's not obvious, I don't work for linode
07:02<mph>ok. vulnerability is not that big thing for my service. I hope there are some non patched linodes.
07:03<Zimsky>you're not worried about vulnerabilities and you're running cryptocurrency stuff?
07:03<@bmartin>There will not be any unpatched Linodes by the time maintenance is done
07:04<mph>vulnerability doesn't matter for this service at all. I don't store secret things in this linode.
07:04<@bmartin>While vulnerabilities may not be a concern for you they are a concern for the majority of the users of our service as well as ourselves so we will not be able to make exceptions to this patching
07:04<mph>Okay but only for few days.
07:04<@bmartin>we will however see what we can do to help remedy the issue. Please be patient as we get someone to your ticket
07:04<mph>Spectre came out on January.
07:04<mph>It is not that big issue for delaying for few days in this situation.
07:05<Woet>mph: all Linodes will be patched and there's nothing you can do about it.
07:05<Zimsky>mph: yeah it is
07:05<Woet>mph: the schedule will not be changed just for you
07:05<Woet>mph: any other questions?
07:05<Zimsky>to use the technical term, it's a huge fuck-around
07:06<Zimsky>they're updating stuff on the physical host, so to delay that for the purposes of one VM, that puts all the other VMs in jeopardy(ish)
07:06<mph>I'm not running one VM.
07:06<mph>I'm running +70 on linodes.
07:06<Zimsky>and those are probably spread across a bunch of different hosts
07:06<Zimsky>still applies
07:07<@bmartin>mph as I said once we have someone take a look we will be able to figure out what we can do for you. From IRC I'm not privy to the internal details for your account so once a support person takes a look at the ticket we can figure out next steps
07:07<mph>ok thanks.
07:20<dwfreed>fwiw, the only thing they'd be able to do is migrate you to a patched host before your current host's reboot is scheduled to begin
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07:34<Sam_>website is down
07:36<dwfreed>did you log into the Linode Manager to see if there might be any indication why?
07:38<Sam_>no i dont have access to it
07:38<Sam_>neither i have information about the credit card
07:38<Sam_>i am the IT person for GI Associates
07:38<dwfreed>then you'll have to reach out to whoever does
07:39<Sam_>and was calling to check if there is any thing we need to it
07:42<Peng_>They can't tell strangers anything specific about what's going on.
07:44<dwfreed>(and as far as they know, you're a stranger, because you can't log into the Linode Manager, and you can't prove ownership of the account)
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08:21<tafa2>so let's say I had 3 dns servers in 3 locations ns1-3 - eg, London, Singapore and US West
08:21<tafa2>Is there a way for me to ensure that users get directed to the closest dns server for queries?
08:21<Peng_>Not really.
08:21<tafa2>Or do I have to setup AnyCast and start announcing a bunch of IP's?
08:22<Peng_>Many DNS resolvers will prefer whichever server seems to have lower latency.
08:23<tafa2>I thought it just goes through the list ?
08:23<tafa2>So if you're in Tokyo and NS1 is in London...
08:23<tafa2>it just goes straight to the first one
08:25<Peng_>The order is mostly random-ish.
08:25<Peng_>In different words, it's mostly unordered.
08:25<tafa2>So best bet is to use a commercial product
08:25<tafa2>I'm trying to figure out how to get a really performant DNS setup for cPanel
08:26<Peng_>Or you could decide you don't care. :D
08:26<Peng_>Using Linode's DNS as secondaries could help.
08:28<Zimsky>if you want performant dns, cloudflare or similar is probably your best option
08:29<Zimsky>the api is apparently not terrible for quickly updating records
08:29<Peng_>It's alright
08:29<Peng_>And free
08:30<@jchun>I use DNSMadeEasy for my personal stuff
08:32<@jchun>Peng_, Linode's authoritative nameservers are behind CloudFlare, and while i'm not 100% sure on this, I'm sure CF uses some type of Anycast to improve performance
08:33<ericoc>jchun: you use dnsmadeeasy and work at linode?! trader! :p
08:33<Peng_>jchun: They do. It's an anycast caching reverse proxy. So cache hits will be super fast, but cache misses will be as slow as ordinary non-anycast DNS.
08:34<Peng_>Personally, as someone mostly unpopular, it probably doesn't help me.
08:34<@jchun>ericoc: I have a want for better performing DNS for one of my domains, but I get 10 domains there... so I just put all my stuff there :P
08:35<@jchun>For $2.5/mo, it's not too bad of a service.
08:36<@jchun>Thankfully, I'm usually under 2mil queries/month, so all of my stuff fits on their smallest plan.
08:36<Peng_>Use Cloudflare, it's fast and freeee :D
08:37<@jchun>just checked. looks like i had 3,754,202 back in December, but usually under 2mil. I get 5m with my plan so I should be safe :D
08:37<Peng_>Not bad
08:37<@jalter>jchun: not for long... hold on a sec
08:38<@jchun>Peng_ I would move my stuff to CloudFlare... but lazy :D
08:39<@jchun>I also like having vanity NS... just for lulz
08:40<Peng_>I'm vain, but non-vanity nameservers can be more efficient, and make them pay for the queries. :P
08:41<Peng_>and have EDNS client subnet implications, if you use geo stuff
08:41<@jchun>How fast is propagation with CF?
08:41<Peng_>"Usually extremely fast"
08:42<@jchun>I'm not sure how dnsmadeeasy does it, but I've never seen it take more than a few seconds
08:42<Peng_>Cloudflare's marketing materials say under 5 secons, which is usually true.
08:42<@jchun>ooh that's nice
08:42<@jchun>you might have sold me on it :^)
08:43<@jchun>dont' want to pay $30/mo unnecessarily
08:43<@jchun>err year*
08:43<Peng_>Amazon is slower (~45 seconds, give or take?) but they have an API call so you can know whether changes have propagated instead of hoping
08:43<Peng_>Google has a "has it propagated" API too
08:44<@jchun>eh, I don't know if the API call is really necessary. I feel like for 99% of use cases, confirmation that your update went through is enough.
08:45<@jchun>If I'm updating a record, I care more about the fact that it's getting updated rather than whether or not it has been updated yet
08:45<@jchun>(especially if the average is a few seconds)
08:49-!-Zelourt [] has joined #linode
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08:50<@jchun>Not to mention, if the propagation didn't go through... what am I gonna do about it? lol
08:51<Peng_>Sometimes you can do something, like delay maintenance.
08:52<@jchun>You update your DNS records before flipping to maintenance? That sounds like a recipe for disaster...
08:54-!-mph [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
08:55<Zimsky>disaster cake tastes better though
09:03-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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09:21<tafa2>[16:30:45] @jchun: I use DNSMadeEasy for my personal stuff <--- so do I
09:21<tafa2>but it could get costly for standard cPanel hosting
09:24<ericoc>cpanel D:
09:24-!-MrPPS [] has joined #linode
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09:39<Peng_>Price is definitely an advantage of using Cloudflare's DNS. Or Linode's.
09:39-!-Patches [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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09:58<@gjjansen>jchun: so thats how you get those nice looking nameservers. hmmm
09:59-!-goose [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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09:59<@jchun>gjjansen: CF used to support vanity NS, but then they dropped support for it :/
09:59<ericoc>vanity NS are so silly though
10:00<@gjjansen>yeah. no one is seeing them except for me and when I do see 'em, oh yeahhhhhh!
10:00<@gjjansen>in any case, I don't want to tinker with placing my mail server being CloudFlare so I've left it just hanging out.
10:03-!-Musfuut [~musfuut@2600:3c00::19:cace] has quit [Server closed connection]
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10:03<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Apache only responding locally <>
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10:23<Peng_>Vanity NS helps you if something happens to your DNS provider's domain(s) or TLD.
10:23<Peng_>Though most DNS providers use com and net and if something happens to them, just go home for the day.
10:25<@gjjansen>dig +trace
10:25-!-wcpan [~quassel@2400:8902::f03c:91ff:fee0:f952] has joined #linode
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10:25<@gjjansen>wrong window there
10:26<@gjjansen>but i wanted to see what they were using
10:26-!-NiTeMaRe [] has quit [Server closed connection]
10:26<@gjjansen>yep what I thought. Now to take a sip of coffee.
10:26-!-noah [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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10:27<Peng_>Google pretty much went all-in on .com not catching on fire.
10:27<Zimsky>oops wrong window
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10:29<@gjjansen>I am asleep after a long morning lol
10:29<Zimsky>that sentence confusing is
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10:30<linbot>all hail mcintosh o/
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10:30<dwfreed>!point linbot
10:30<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to linbot. (1337) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 7)
10:30<Zimsky>!unpoint dwfreed
10:30<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from dwfreed! (44)
10:30<@mcintosh>!boo Zimsky
10:30<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from zimsky! (0)
10:30<dwfreed>!towel Zimsky
10:30<linbot>dwfreed: Point taken from zimsky! (-1)
10:30<Zimsky>!unpoint Zimsky
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10:30<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from zimsky! (-2)
10:30<Zimsky>fight me
10:31<v0lksman_>when changing volume size how do you know the resize is complete?
10:32<Zimsky>!towel mcintosh
10:32<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from mcintosh! (35)
10:32-!-fronbasal [~fronbasal@2a0b:7080:10::1:fed1] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:32<Zimsky>for not implementing increment notation
10:32<dwfreed>linbot is dumb
10:32<dwfreed>shut up linbot
10:32<Zimsky>you're dumb
10:32-!-moonkyang [~moonkyang@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
10:32<@gjjansen>!point Zimsky
10:32<linbot>gjjansen: Point given to zimsky. (-1)
10:33<Zimsky>that isn't deserving of points
10:33<Zimsky>!unpoint Zimsky
10:33<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from zimsky! (-2)
10:33<dwfreed>The ability to handle increment notation would require the MessageParser plugin, which I don't think linbot has
10:34<Zimsky>oh my god what a horrible time that would be
10:34<Zimsky>writing a decent parser
10:34<@mcintosh>v0lksman_: it should give you a progress indicator in the dashboard
10:35<v0lksman_>mcintosh: it does not...second time on two different volumes and no indicator. reboots to the system hours later doesn't result is seeing the new size either
10:35<v0lksman_>do I need to use the new dash?
10:35<v0lksman_>I'm still using the "classic" linode manager
10:37-!-gmcharlt [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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10:37<Zimsky>nice domain
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10:39<@mcintosh>v0lksman_: if you're resizing from like, 20GB to 50GB, it's going to be very, very rapid
10:39-!-MillerBoss [] has joined #linode
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10:39<@mcintosh>don't need to be using the new dashboard, no
10:40<@mcintosh>are you seeing the new size listed for the volume in manager?
10:44-!-Bdragon [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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12:36<v0lksman_>mcintosh: so I attached one yesterday at 20GB. Before mounting it realized it was going to be too small and resized it to 30. Went about rebooting and mounting as per instruction. No indicator the resize ever took place (looking at Host Job Queue). After a couple hours and another reboot still not the right size so I build another container and mounted that one and moved my data to it. Now I need to resize that container to add
12:38-!-ericoc [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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12:39<v0lksman_>just rebooted and new size is not available.
12:39-!-code4hack [~code4hack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:42<dwfreed>v0lksman_: fyi, you got cut off on the first message at "container to add"
12:42<dwfreed>also, is the block device larger and just not the fs? look at fdisk
12:44-!-Discovery [~Discovery@] has joined #linode
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12:47<v0lksman_>dwfreed: oh damn!!!!!
12:47<v0lksman_>didn't even think of that...
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12:50<v0lksman_>dwfreed: thanks for the help...problem solved.
12:51-!-Ikaros [] has joined #linode
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12:51<millisa>!point dwfreed
12:51<linbot>millisa: Point given to dwfreed. (45) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 8)
12:51<@mcintosh>!point dwfreed
12:51<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to dwfreed. (46) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 9)
12:51<v0lksman_>have been so pampered with disk resizes over the years with linode I completely forgot that was even possible
12:51<v0lksman_>!point dwfreed
12:52<linbot>v0lksman_: Point given to dwfreed. (47) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 9)
12:52<linbot>dwfreed: 1. eugene (55) 2. millisa (55) 3. dwfreed (47) 4. mcintosh (35) 5. peng (20)
12:52<millisa>mcintosh: is something up with the billing? usually by morning all my accounts have billed. this morning I've only seen two and they were after start of business. most of my accounts are still sitting with a balance
12:52-!-Meyer^ [~erik@] has quit [Server closed connection]
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12:57<@mcintosh>millisa: i'm not personally aware of any issues but happy to look into it
13:01-!-Zylatech [] has joined #linode
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13:01<Zylatech>Hello - wondering if someone can help me? My Linode just went offline and I am unable to log into the manager site because I've forgotten my username and I can't get it emailed to me because DNS to my mail server is on the linode that is down :(
13:02<millisa>checked the last 4 months; all billings went through between 1 and 8a eastern. most of the invoices came in between 12a-2a eastern. this month - invoices came in at the usual time 12-2, but the first billing mail didn't show until 8:16, next at 9:51, and just got #3 at 1pm (literally while I typed)
13:03<millisa>it looks like they are going, but they are really running late (I'm not terribly worried)
13:03<Peng_>I hope they run a hundred years or so late ;-)
13:03<millisa>Zylatech: you only have one name server?
13:03<Zylatech>*sigh*... currently unfortunately yes...
13:04<Peng_>Zylatech: You can call them on the phone
13:04<Zylatech>It's a rather long story...
13:04<millisa>You may need to mail them at They'll likely need some way to verify you.
13:04<Peng_>That too
13:05<Zylatech>Hmm Okay - was hoping there was some sort of support staff in here... I'll try to call I guess - I'm in a really bad signal location for cell service right now too...
13:05<Zylatech>I can try the support email - do they respond quickly to that?
13:06<Peng_>There are staff here, usually, but they won't do private stuff over IRC
13:07<acald3ron>what is this ip ? " dev eth0 scope link metric 1000
13:07<Peng_>Link local probably
13:07<Zylatech>@acald3ron that is a DHCP auto config address - means your DHCP server isn't available.
13:08<millisa>Zylatech: chances are good they'll want the same info they'd want for recovering someone's 2fa in your case -
13:09<Zylatech>oh boy won't that be fun...
13:11<Zylatech>I am pretty sure I don't have 2fa enabled
13:11<Peng_>You would remember if you did
13:11<millisa>I'm saying they'll want the same type of info - the pic of the card, the id, etc
13:12<millisa>(they need to verify that you are really you)
13:13<Zylatech>Right yeah I get it...
13:13<Zylatech>I think maybe I may have remembered how I accessed it before... when i set this up I think I used a keepass generated password so I have to look it up in my password database from like 4 years ago.
13:14<Zylatech>I don't access the manager all that often
13:14<Zylatech>as you can see..
13:14-!-el [] has quit [Server closed connection]
13:14<millisa>you might have free upgrades waiting around then
13:15-!-el is "elky" on #oftc
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13:16<Zylatech>Ok so I found my username .. the keepass password isn't working so I probably reset it along the way somewhere... now what is that password! :)
13:18-!-VladGh [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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13:19<Zylatech>I have access... *whew* ... glad I didn't have to go through that recovery thing... thanks for your help guys!
13:20-!-jrhunt [] has quit [Server closed connection]
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13:20<millisa>go start your linode and get yourself a second name server somewhere.
13:20-!-jrhunt is now known as Guest1468
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13:42<nadir>is there any auto scale feature in linode
13:42<Peng_>No, but you can create or destroy Linodes using the API, so you can build one.
13:44<nadir>and if i have more than 2000 concurent user which package will be best
13:45-!-csnxs [sean@2a01:7e00:e000:187:666:666:666:666] has quit [Server closed connection]
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14:06<Cromulent>so has anyone upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS yet in production?
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14:08<ericoc>Cromulent: i have it running on a crappy laptop at work and it has a major bug with the log-in screen
14:08<Cromulent>well that shouldn't effect a headless server
14:09<Cromulent>just quite keen to enable http 2
14:09<ericoc> if you screw up your password on the log-in screen on the first try.. you can't log in on your second try, you get presented with a nice blank screen and a mouse cursor but nothing else loads! so neat
14:09<ericoc>had to reboot and get my password right on the first try
14:09<Cromulent>ah that kinda sucks
14:09<ericoc>kind of unbelievable that that made it through betas/RCs i feel like.. guess people disable password requirement on log-in
14:10<Peng_>Everyone types perfectly, ericoc
14:11<ericoc>especially passwords
14:12-!-Tol1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:14<LouWestin>I use keePass so I don't worry about typing passwords in wrong. lol
14:14<smallclone>on your login screen?
14:15<ericoc>you have to unlock keepass at some point too
14:15<LouWestin>Well besides that one. lol
14:21-!-eNbass [] has joined #linode
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14:40<v0lksman_>why do you need 18.04 to get http2?
14:40-!-Cromulent [~Cromulent@] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
14:40<v0lksman_>and now I'll never know
14:43-!-Jim_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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14:49<ericoc>is mod_http2 maybe available in the regular repos (without a PPA) in ubuntu 18.04??
14:53<v0lksman_>possible I suppose...nginx has had it out of the box for ages though
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20:57<sajal>Hello I need to know if i shut down pc how much it will charge
20:58-!-Ikaros [] has quit [Quit: Restarting because Windows Update is being a pissant as usual.]
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20:59<millisa>If it's just shutdown, you still get billed.
21:00<millisa>If you remove all linodes from your account, you don't incur billing (and if you have dns zones setup, they stop working when there are zero linodes)
21:00<sajal>is it same ?
21:00<millisa>It bills the same regardless of power on state.
21:01<millisa>Same goes for block storage volumes. You get billed for them whether they are connected or not
21:01<sajal>I have a sever ,I need it monthly 2-3 days
21:03<millisa>If you can fit everything into a $5 linode, you could start with that, then size it upwards when you need it those 2-3 days, then size it back down when done. that'd keep it cheap for the period you aren't using it.
21:03<sajal>can i chage my plan anytime
21:04<millisa>yes. they are billed hourly
21:05<sajal>thank you
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21:55<@mcintosh>!point jalter
21:55<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to jalter. (6)
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22:01<staticsafe>interesting, part of my invoice this month was paid by some account credit I had, the rest is still due, will Linode automatically try charging my card at midnight or do I need to make a manual payment?
22:01<smallclone>they'll automatically try to charge your card if you have an outstanding balance
22:01<millisa>its definitely billing slowly today
22:02-!-dzho [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:02<millisa>normally all my accounts finish before 9am. had one come in at 1, another came in about an hour ago.
22:02<millisa>still have a couple to go, too
22:02<staticsafe>ah okay
22:03<millisa>oh, I guess the one an hour ago was the last of mine that I was expecting.
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22:03<staticsafe>you'd think I would know how Linode billing works after 6+ years of being a customer but just making sure
22:04<millisa>i asked about it this afternoon, too.
22:10<@mcintosh>staticsafe: you should still get automatically charged (but you can make a manual payment ahead of time if you prefer)
22:10*staticsafe nods
22:10<staticsafe>I'll just wait for it to automatically go through
22:10<@mcintosh>there was indeed a hitch during the billing process today - nothing serious though, just a delay
22:10<@mcintosh>millisa: ^ (meant to update you on that earlier :>)
22:10<millisa>no worries; could tell they were still going through
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23:44<Eugene>Every day I
23:44<Eugene>'m LInodin'
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