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00:46<Eugene>I'm really disap-point-ed in all the unpointing going on
00:46<Eugene>!lick Zimsky
00:46<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zimsky. (-1) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 10)
00:46<Eugene>Share and Enjoy.
00:46<Zimsky>!point Zimsky_
00:46<linbot>Zimsky: Point given to zimsky_. (1)
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00:59<MJCS>Well here we go
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01:36<Eugene>ur a vowel
01:46<Shentino>What is this, a vowel movement?
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06:12<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Buy Phentermine <> || General Discussion • Buy Phentermine Online <>
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07:17<Cloudmest>good day everyone
07:17<Cloudmest>please i've got a serious issue and im wondering if anyone here can help out
07:17<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:18<@bmartin>How can we help you?
07:18<Cloudmest>says the "host" initiated a reboot in the early hours of the morning (got an email notification for this) and since then, all the apps in my linode dont work
07:19<Cloudmest>funny thing though is, when i FTP into the server via FileZilla as usual, it works
07:19<Peng_>What do the apps do instead of working?
07:19<nate>Cloudmest: Did you have them all configured to run at start-up? Or are you getting errors when trying to manually start them?
07:20<Cloudmest>but going to say "" gives me the "Cannot Connect" error
07:21<Cloudmest>@nate that i'm not quite sure, contacted the previous webmaster in charge of this server and he says everything was configured to run at startup
07:22<@jchun>Cloudmest: looks like your web application is misconfigured.
07:23<@jchun> gives a 302 redirect to;jsessionid=31478E5D81F6B6996AB3FD99641B9AAC, which gives further 302 redirects to more random session ids like;jsessionid=474B655184DCE9162AE6C8A2BD1574DE
07:23<@jchun>and loops infinitely. you'll want to look into why it keeps redirecting, or have your web developer look into it
07:24<Cloudmest>yes thats quite true, noticed too many redirects, can anyone here help with a fix?
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07:35<@scrane>Since we don't have direct access to the Linode and aren't entirely certain how it was configured, it'll be hard for us to provide a direct fix. You will likely want to take a look at your Virtual Hosts file, however.
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09:09<devmin>hi! i want to ask you guys something, maybe I'm not the only one this has happened to. Anyone else had problems after the scheduled migration from Linode, the one for the vulnerability fix?
09:09<grawity>uh, what kind of problems
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09:09<grawity>I mean, I've been having headaches
09:09<grawity>but both of my linodes seem to run fine after migration
09:09<devmin>well, my server went down after they performed the migration
09:10<devmin>(13)Permission denied: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80 (13)Permission denied: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address
09:10<grawity>*that* doesn't look like a linode problem
09:10<devmin>well, it was working fine yesterday, the migration happened at night, and it stopped working in the morning
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09:10<devmin>that's why i suspect it's linode, and i thought to ask around see if i'm the only one
09:10<grawity>in other words, it stopped working after a reboot
09:11<devmin>it wasn't working anyway, that's why i rebooted
09:11<grawity>because Linode migrations always involve a reboot as part of the migration
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09:11<grawity>do you have nc (netcat) or socat installed for a test?
09:12<devmin>no, i'll test those. wanted to see if anyone else had this problem so i get a head start with debugging
09:13<Peng_>It's unlikely to be a problem caused by the migration itself.
09:13<Peng_>It's probably a routine configuration issue that would have been exposed whenever it was rebooted
09:13<devmin>hm, weird thing is due to a ssl error i had to reboot it frequently during the last week
09:14<grawity>what kind of SSL errors require a reboot?
09:15<devmin>my own errors in setting up it, actually. just until i got it working. but yeah, i found the problem
09:15<devmin>instead of logging off in shame i'll write it here as a warning
09:15<devmin>to others :)
09:16<devmin>restart only works if you're logged in as admin :-"
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09:39<grawity>so, packet loss
09:39<Peng_>I hoep you find them :(
09:39<linbot>grawity: Connection timed out.
09:40<grawity>v4 goes via Telia and is fine; v6 goes via NTT and is all kinds of fucked
09:40<Peng_>I'm not sure mtr-london still exists
09:40<grawity>same with, it seems
09:40<grawity>oh well </work>
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12:05<trippeh>more reboots coming ;)
12:13<ponas>"Rather, it seems that for each fixed issue, two others crop up."
12:13<ponas>it's exponential!
12:13<@bmartin>They should have called the vulnerability Hydra amirite
12:14<millisa>Hail Hydra
12:14<Peng_>Moore's Law of Intel vulnerabilities
12:14<Peng_>> According to our information, Intel is planning two waves of patches. The first is scheduled to start in May; a second is currently planned for August.
12:15*bmartin puts in vacation for month of august
12:15<Peng_>May, June, and September aren't lookin so hot either
12:16<@bmartin>Well It's been fun guys
12:16*bmartin walks out window
12:16<trippeh>time for a sabbatical
12:17*Peng_ gets some Tylenol
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12:53<frogzilla>hey guys, ive installed cent os on my linode and selinux looks enabled in sysconfig/ but still sestatus and getenforce both says 'disabled' .. any suggestion?
12:54<relidy>The Linode kernels disable SELinux
12:54<relidy>I think you'll have to use a distro kernel to enable it.
12:54<frogzilla>aha! thanks a lot, let me try
12:56<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:57<frogzilla>oops, ive forgot to say also that im on cent os
12:59<relidy>frogzilla: You mentioned that :) It's still the same. Flip the kernel over to Grub2 and you are probably done.
13:00<frogzilla>lol i must be high or something thanks thou
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13:15<frogzilla>it worked like a charm <3 thank you
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13:24<relidy>Glad to hear it!
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13:37<millisa>!point relidy
13:37<linbot>millisa: Point given to relidy. (12)
13:38<smallclone>why the hell are people still using cloudinit
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14:17<Guest1649>I have a query regarding your policies
14:17<Guest1649>Does Linode VPS allows hosting and running the Profit Trailer Cryptocurrency Trading bot ( ?
14:18<dwfreed>as long as it's legal and isn't actually mining
14:20<Guest1649>Yep, it's legal and doesn't involve any mining
14:21<Guest1649>Had to make sure my trading won't stop in between due to conflict with Hosting Provider. Thank you <dwfreed> :)
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14:23<@sjacobs>the scrolling on that site requires quite a gentle touch.
14:23<dwfreed>it's not that bad here
14:24<dwfreed>but holy crap is it jerky
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15:28<pygi>Hey folks!
15:28<millisa>hello x 2
15:28<pygi>I just saw that there's a Nextcloud Talk article
15:28<Daniel>Anyone know of what this is: suppoie
15:28<pygi>whom do I convince to improve it by suggesting a setup of TURN server?
15:28-!-Daniel is now known as Guest1653
15:28<Guest1653>It's using up 300% of my server's CPU...
15:28<pygi>otherwise you get in trouble in lots of situations (firewalls, etc etc)
15:29<@sjacobs>pygi: are you referring to this?
15:29<pygi>@sjacobs indeed! :)
15:30<pygi>(disclosure: Nextcloud Talk developer here)
15:30<@sjacobs>if you wanted to make a github issue by clicking the "Report an Issue" link under the title, that'd be awesome.
15:31<pygi>Sure, I have a few things to mention - want separate issues, or all in one?
15:31<millisa>Daniel / Gues1653 - pretty sure that's a crypto hijack thing
15:32<Guest1653>Yeah, I looked it up. I'm going to see how to remove it...
15:33<@sjacobs>pygi: i'm asking the docs team what they would prefer. one second.
15:34<@sjacobs>pygi: one issue, please. thanks!
15:36<pygi>Done @sjacobs, thanks -
15:36<pygi>I'm around (maybe not on IRC, but on Github) if I can assist with anything
15:39<@sjacobs>awesome! thanks again.
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18:44<FluffyFoxeh>Is "bug fixes and performance improvements" some sort of euphemism?
18:45<FluffyFoxeh>a meme among mobile app developers perhaps?
18:53-!-Cameron [] has joined #linode
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18:54<Cameron>Any active linode employees available for a billing related question?
18:55-!-mes [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:58<FluffyFoxeh>what's your question?
19:29-!-frogzilla [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:29<Cameron>Was testing node balancer and stacked up a huge bill on accident. Wondering if it's possible to recover some unexpected hit?
19:30<@mtjones>Cameron: Could you open a ticket so we can take a look? Message me the ticket number so I can find it on our end.
19:47<Cameron>@mtjones 10424793
19:54-!-bbigger [~bbigger@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe05:4d66] has joined #linode
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19:55<@mtjones>Cameron: Thanks! I've found it and I'll reply shortly.
19:55<bbigger>screen -S "Weechat Session" -T screen-256color weechat-curses
19:58-!-Rama [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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19:58<Rama>Does linode do flexible server
19:59<millisa>It does these:
19:59<Rama>can I up and down the server (plan) ?
19:59<millisa>you can resize between the plans, sure.
20:01<Rama>Can I pause the server for like 6 months (with no billed) and running again the same server in the next year?
20:02<millisa>you are billed for the time a server is provisioned, regardless of power state
20:05<Rama>your example for resizes is upgrade, can I downgrade it also?
20:06<millisa>The first sentence starts 'We make it easy to upgrade or downgrade your Linode by changing plans . . . '
20:06<hays_>is there a tool to downsize your partition?
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22:59<korn>Hi, i have someproblem
22:59<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:01<korn>i registered on linode and paid for 5$ after that i cannot login please help
23:02<millisa>there's usually a couple emails that go with signing up
23:02<millisa>if they need more info, it'll usually be in one of the mail
23:08<korn>only 1 mail "Payme nt Recipt"
23:08<korn>Pement Receipt
23:08<korn>Payment Receipt
23:09<millisa>unless something's changed, there'll be another mail with welcome info or requesting further verification. be patient and watch your mail.
23:11<@scrane>korn: About how long ago did you sign up?
23:11<korn>on april 18 2018
23:11<millisa>oh, well it doesn't usually take *that* long
23:12<korn>one more email i have "Welcome mail this mail for confirm mail"
23:12<@scrane>Hm, in that case I would recommend emailing about the account. So we can locate the account and see what happened, can you also provide us with the last 6 digits of the credit card on file?
23:12<@scrane>In the email, I mean
23:16-!-Peng_ [] has joined #linode
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23:20<korn>6 digit last of the credit card is 611013
23:21<nate>korn: This is a public community support channel, the vast majority of users in here are just customers, do what scrane said and give that information to the support -email-, not here
23:21<nate>don't share any account/personal info in here/over IRC
23:21<korn>oh sorry thanks
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23:40<korn>i sent email to onemore i try to forgot username and forgot password but dont have any mail send to me
23:40<korn>what happen
23:41<react>korn: you may want to reach out to your banking institution and request a new card with unique details, since you kinda sorta spilled the beans on some sensitive info, ultimately it's your decision of course ;)
23:42<react>korn: if you're struggling, just call them
23:42<react>U.S.: 855-454-6633 Intl.: +1-609-380-7100 Fax: 609-380-7200
23:43<@scrane>If you don't remember the username or password, that's fine. If you send the last 6 digits of the credit card in the email and used the same email address in the signup we should be able to locate the account.
23:44<@scrane>IIt may take a bit of time for us to respond in the email.
23:48<korn>scrane thanks, i already sent email to support with 6 digit of creditcard by same email address in the signup
23:50<korn>my credit card already paid for service $5 that mean not problem on my bank or not ?
23:51<@scrane>If you check your card's transactions, do you see a refund from Linode?
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23:55<Steve_>anyone there?
23:56<millisa>just me and a few hundred of my closest friends.
23:56<Steve_>I need some serious help I modified two files and I cannot get back into my system.....and need to manually I guess put them back to original and restart network services
23:57<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
23:57<millisa>Lish sounds like what you need. It's like getting local keyboard access
23:57<Steve_>I did a snapshot just before doing I thought I would just restore to the snapshot...but it says I do not have enought space but I do
23:57<millisa>if you know what you changed, it's probably easier to just go undo it
23:58<Steve_>for example one of the files was /etc/sysconfig/network but not sure how to get that on the screen to put back to original state...
23:58<millisa>Login with lish.
23:59<korn>can i use @protonmail for contact with ?
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