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00:00<@scrane>If you can receive mail to @protonmail, then yes. The reason it is likely saying you do not have enough disk space if because you already have disks on the Linode.
00:00<Steve_>millisa I have lish open
00:00<Steve_>millisa I have lish openexit
00:00<@scrane>What you can do is delete the disks currently present on the Linode then restore from the snapshot to the Linode. Alternatively you can edit the size of the disks down so you can fit the restore.
00:01<millisa>Steve_: if you've got lish open to your linode, you can login to the linode and go edit things just like you did with ssh
00:01<Steve_>it is doing something strange I have a screen and at the has INSERT --recording
00:01<@scrane>Restoring from a backup doesn't automatically replace the disks present, but attempt to add the disks to what are already there.
00:01<millisa>Steve_: that sounds like you are in vim?
00:01<Steve_>I went to the dashbaord and remote access and hit the Lish link
00:02<Steve_>is there some exit or break commend?
00:03<@scrane>try typing :q!
00:04<@scrane>No. In the Lish termina.
00:06<Steve_>ughhh that link tried several of those
00:06<@scrane>Another alternative to go the nuclear option: Reboot the Linode.
00:07<millisa>(might try hitting escape before doing the :q! )
00:07<@scrane>Oh. That too
00:07<Steve_>I am typing the :quit and then hitting enter
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00:09<Steve_>:quit<Enter> is what I am trying
00:09<millisa>when you hit the colon does the colon show up at the bottom of the screen where you can then type a command?
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00:09<Steve_>If I cannot get into the Linode via SSH.....and reboot the server afraid I won't be able to get in?
00:10<millisa>type 'q' then '!' at that colon. :q!
00:10<Steve_>OH thank at prompt
00:10<millisa>or :quit! if you really want to type out the word
00:10<Steve_>ok so to modify those two files back to the way they were
00:11<Steve_>one was located at /etc/sysconfig/network
00:11<Steve_>the other was at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
00:12<Steve_>I know what needs to change back to just need to edit the files and cant via SSH
00:12<Steve_>won't connect
00:12<millisa>you edit them in lish
00:12<@scrane>Do you have auto-configure Networking on in your Linode's configuration profile?
00:12<Steve_>honestly no idea..a consultant set it up
00:12<@scrane>Do you have access to Linode Manager?
00:12<@scrane>Log into Linode Manager and click on the name of your Linode.
00:13<@scrane>You will see a configuration profile there. Click on that link.
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00:13<@scrane>At the bottom of the configuration profile you will see "auto-configure networking" Is it on?
00:13<Steve_>it is on
00:13<@scrane>Did you rboot the Linode after making those changes to the two networking files on your system?
00:14<Steve_>I typed in service network restart
00:14<@scrane>Reboot the whole Linode
00:14<millisa>reboot - the autoconfigure networking option is going to write those files fresh if you have the option enabled
00:14<@scrane>auto-configure networking should change the networking settings to what they were previously.
00:14<Steve_>if those items are wrong in those two files...will that be an issue?
00:14<@scrane>If you reboot? No.
00:15<Steve_>ok silly question but where do I reboot...
00:15<@scrane>Click on the "Dashboard" tab
00:15<@scrane>under the configuration profile you will see a "reboot" button
00:15<Steve_>right sec will reboot
00:16<Steve_>75% done
00:16<Steve_>ok it says it is done
00:16<@scrane>Can you ping your Linode now?
00:16<@scrane>Or SSH to it?
00:16<Steve_>ok so I was able to SSH..those files are the originals but I can modify that way...
00:17<Steve_>However the real reason I was going in was I have issues and need to get IPv6 active on there
00:17<@scrane>What are you attempting to modify about them?
00:17<@scrane>IPv6 should generally automatically be configured on the Linode with auto-configure networking.
00:17<@scrane>Out of curiosity, what is the IPv6 address of your Linode?
00:18<millisa>(it shows the address over on the same remote access tab you opened lish from and should show if you do an 'ip addr list' )
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00:19<Steve_>on reboot the etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file went back to normal....and the other I changed back to what it was to be
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00:19<millisa>i can ping that
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00:19<@scrane>Same. You have IPv6 enabled
00:20<Steve_>can you ping that please?
00:20<@scrane>3 packets transmitted, 2 received, 33% packet loss, time 2018ms
00:20<@scrane>And that's because I cut the third off before I got the response
00:20<Steve_>I have some clients that when they try to log in they can't...and had a person with a whole bunch of computers and smart in that area that without him knowing...he said to me it appears that those
00:21<logii>Hi guys, my linode server is encountering some weird CPU spiking issues. The 8 core CPU just goes down to 0-3% and spikes up to 7-800%
00:21<lxmorj>hey all - tried to upgrade Python to 2.7.15 on my Debian server and I’ve managed to jumble it up pretty badly.
00:21<logii>Wonder if anyone encounter this before
00:21<Steve_>with Ipv4 are able to get to the login page but those with Ipv6 they are getting to my Centos Web Panel page
00:21<@scrane>Steve_ That might be a virtual hosts thing. Ii'd recommend making sure you ahve virtual host configured for IPv6 as well.
00:22<@scrane>logii Does this happen at regular intervals? Do you have any cron jobs running at those times?
00:22<@scrane>lxmorj What are you seeing?
00:23<Steve_>have virtual host configured for IPv6 as well...well yes but how the heck is that done?
00:23<lxmorj>whatever I did broke pip, so I tried to reinstall it with
00:23<lxmorj>ImportError: No module named _collections
00:23<Steve_>By the way, you guys are life savers here
00:24<lxmorj>I’ve somehow managed to get python 2.6 running when I type “python”
00:24<lxmorj>python 2.7.3 when I do python2.7
00:24<lxmorj>and ipython -> ImportError: No module named _argparse
00:25<logii>scrane: this is happening only today and unable to determine an interval
00:26<Steve_>2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe0b:7de5 / 64 was the full public IP showing in the remote access tab
00:26<@scrane>logii Is the CPU usage still high, or was it only a temporary spike? Just to make sure, I'd recommend logging into the Linode, running 'df -h' to make sure the disk isn't full, but also running clamav
00:26<lxmorj>I used this guide:
00:26<logii>scrane: it looks to me that that PHP is queueing processes for CPU
00:26<Steve_>Do I need a reverse DNS?
00:26<lxmorj>just changing 2.7.12 to 2.7.15
00:26<@scrane>lxmorj I'd recommend taking a look at
00:26<logii>scrane: nope df -h is @ 80% usage
00:26<@scrane>Steve_ What is the domain people are trying to access via ipv6?
00:27<Steve_>one of the is
00:28<Steve_>I am using CWp7 web panel if that matters if something would need to be setup in there?
00:28<@scrane>Yeah, when I curl that via IPv6 it takes me to the Server test page
00:28<lxmorj>scrane: yup, import _collections fails
00:28<logii>scrane: PHP seems to be unable to process anything and server load is just minimal
00:29<logii>scrane: I am suspecting that it it hardware issue :(
00:30<@scrane>logii what are the results of iostat 1 1
00:30<@scrane>Steve_ Yeah, I am seeing the Server Test Page there. That indicates to me that when loading via IPv6 the virtual host file may be pointing to the wrong root folder
00:31<logii>avg-cpu: %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle 25.66 0.00 1.48 0.04 0.35 72.48 Device: tps kB_read/s kB_wrtn/s kB_read kB_wrtn sdb 0.00 0.00 0.00 468 0 sda 26.62 214.20 365.02 48682181 82959704
00:31<Steve_>loading via IPv6 the virtual host file may be pointing to the wrong root folder.....where is this vhost file?
00:32<@scrane>lxmorj So to clarify you've installed python 2.7, but it's still starting python 2.6 when you attempt to run it?
00:32<lxmorj>“python —version” used to yeild 2.7.3
00:32<logii>scrane: I figured out the issue
00:32<lxmorj>in trying to install 2.7.15 I now have python —version hitting 2.6
00:32<@scrane>Steve_ I'm not 100% familiar with cpanel, but this might help:
00:33<lxmorj>and python2.7 broken
00:33<logii>the server resumed after i restarted our remote sql server
00:33<@scrane>logii Excellent! What was causing the spike?
00:33<millisa>centos-webpanel != cpanel
00:33<@scrane>Aaaah, okay, excellent.
00:33<@scrane>Hahaha right.
00:33<Steve_>it is not Cpanel it is
00:33<@scrane>Sorry, my mind is alal over the place.
00:33<logii>scrane: the spike should come from PHP queuing to access a remote database server on LAN
00:34<logii>scrane: after restarting our remote DB server, everything works now
00:34<logii>Just curious, how often do we have to restart a mysql server?
00:35<Steve_>Would the virtual host file be on the actual server?
00:35<@scrane>Steve_ In that case, I would recommend taking a look at this:
00:35<@scrane>See if that helps at all
00:36<@scrane>logii Generally you shouldn't have to, at least to my knowledge.
00:36<@scrane>logii I'd recommend taking a look at this.
00:38<@scrane>lxmorj UInfortunatley I'm not tremendously familiar with resolving Python issues.
00:40<Steve_>I really appreciate all of your time today folks in helping me...have a great night.
00:40<@scrane>You too, Steve_! Hope I helped get things sorted for you
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00:42<@scrane>lxmorj If you run 'which python' what does it show you?
00:43<logii>scrane: thanks :)
00:44<@scrane>logii Not a problem!
00:44<millisa>scrane: if interested, they have a demo that is somewhat useful root:admin123 (I hadn't heard of that panel before tonight; looks like they give an interface for editing vhosts under 'apache settings->edit apache vhosts')
00:45<millisa>looks all sortsa sharp knives and pointy sticks
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00:46<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • painkiller medicine <>
00:46<@scrane>Oooh, shiny
00:46<millisa>i'm not sure why you wouldn't just use the shell at that point
00:47<lxmorj>scrane: retrying building it, will let you know shortly! thanks :)
00:53<lxmorj>scrane: so on my make install, I get this error: “Makefile:1092: recipe for target 'libinstall' failed”
00:53<lxmorj>looks like I might need to redo the configure with “--enable-shared” option
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01:00<@scrane>Good luck!
01:01<lxmorj>hm rats. still Makefile:1092: recipe for target 'libinstall' failed
01:01<lxmorj>make: *** [libinstall] Error 1
01:03<@scrane>Dang. Unfortunately I am outside my depth on this one so I'm not sure I can provide a good direction to fix that.
01:04<@scrane>Did you see this article?
01:04<lxmorj>ha that’s where I am!
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01:11<lxmorj>well thanks for your help anyways! I’ll keep plugging away
01:11<react>what are you trying to build?
01:11<lxmorj>react: was following this guide and my install is breaking
01:13<react>you on an older version of debian, where upgrading is not an option?
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01:26<rolfic>hey guys
01:26<rolfic>do you offer unmetered servers without bandwidth limitations?
01:27<rolfic>or where can I see how do you charge for bandwidth?
01:28<rolfic>I can't find there any info about bandwidth
01:28<rolfic>ahh, you call it trasnfer
01:28<rolfic>I see
01:28<rolfic>I looked for the word bandwidth
01:28<react>example, Linode 4GB, 3TB Transfer, 40Gbps Network In, 1000Mbps Network Out
01:29<rolfic>do you have any unmetered offer?
01:29<@scrane>The transfer isn't necessarily bandwidth. It's the total outbound transfer you can use in a month without getting billed extra.
01:29<@scrane>We do not have any unmetered offerings
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01:31<rolfic>ok, thanks
01:31<react>if you're a multi-million dollar account, you could probably negotiate with Linode :)
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01:33<lxmorj>react: I’m on Debian 7 - I don’t know if upgrading would be a problem
01:34<react>lxmorj: test it ;)
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01:38<lxmorj>eh, since I botched a simple python upgrade and the whole system is in limbo til I fix it, I probably souldn’t jump into a full OS upgrade
01:39<react>agreed, when I said test it, I silenty implied, on a seperate, non-production instance, don't get fired
01:46<lxmorj>eh, it’s my shop. I pretty pissed off at myself for fucking this up, but I probably won’t fire myself :)
01:47<@scrane>I should hope not!
01:47<@scrane>Do you have backups you can run?
01:47<lxmorj>yeah I have linode backups but our database is on the linode too, and I don’t have the knowledge to roll back everything else but the database
01:48<lxmorj>so I’ve got a request in to Linode support, and I have a friend who can help me fix it over the weekend if I can’t figure it out.
01:49<lxmorj>the DB is updated constantly - I run an ecommerce shipping company so we get have lots of action every hour
01:50<@scrane>If you create a new Linode in the same datacenter you can restore the backup to that Linode.
01:51<@scrane>From there you can create a manual backup of the database on the original and SCP that backup to the new Linode for that LInode to use.
01:51<@scrane>After that you can swap the IP addresses between the two Linodes.
01:52<@scrane>That should minimize downtime
01:53<@scrane>Alternatively... boot a new Linode, deploy a newer version of Debian, reinstall any services you need, and SCP the relevant data over (site files, database, etc.) then swap the IP addresses
01:53<@scrane>That way you're on the newer version of Debian
01:54<lxmorj>I might have to wait for the weekend when my friend can help
01:54<@scrane>That's totally fair.
01:54<lxmorj>that’s a straightforward sounding plan but I’m liable to torch things even worse
01:55<@scrane>Also, if you'd like, update the ticket you created letting Support know if you'd like us to pause your backups service temporarily so your most recent backups don't get overwritten
01:55<lxmorj>oh hm good call
01:55<@scrane>Haha that's why swapping IP addresses is the last step so you can test and make sure nothing gets torched.
01:57<lxmorj>(the ticket update)
01:57<@scrane>Awesome. Just so I can get some eyes on it, what's the ticket number?
01:58<lxmorj>yeah I’d probably go for it but we have a warehouse-reorg planned for tomorrow and saturday
01:58<lxmorj>basically running around moving pallets for hours playing IRL tetris
01:58<lxmorj>anyways, thanks for the help!!
01:59<@scrane>Oof as much as I love Tetris, that sounds rough. Glad I could help!
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02:17*Ikaros cues up the Tetris theme
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02:30<Ali>Hy everyone
02:31<Ali>I have installed cpanel via stackscripts...
02:31<Ali>Whats the username and password?
02:31<@scrane>You will want to access WHM is the username "root" and the root password you created.
02:31<@scrane>From there you can create new limited users
02:32<Ali>@scrane.. Thanks for response.
02:32<Ali>I am not using WHM
02:32<Ali>I just installed cpanel via stakcripts in linode nanoc instance.
02:32<Ali>can you please join me on skype: alipetarian9090 (That would so great of you)
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02:36<@scrane>I'm sorry, I won't be able to join you via Skpye
02:36<@scrane>I'd recommend taking a look at this guide.
02:36<Ali>Thansk.. checking link
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02:37<Ali>I already looked at that link.
02:37<Ali>its not letting me in with the root password that I have set..
02:38<@scrane>You can reset the root password and try that way.
02:39<Ali>Alreaddy did
02:39<Ali>but no luck
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02:40<@scrane>What port are you loading in your browser?
02:40<@scrane>Is it port 2087?
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02:42<Ali>nope. its 2083
02:42<Ali>I installed thsi script.
02:42<@scrane>What happens when you load port 2087?
02:43<Ali>I am in brother...
02:43<Ali>I tried username cpanel
02:43<Ali>instead of root
02:43<Ali>let me se.. what comes with 2087
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02:44<Ali>its take to whm..
02:44<Ali>All good brother for now.
02:45<Ali>Really appreciate your input..
02:45<@scrane>Not a problem! Glad I could help.
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03:05<lxmorj>scrane: ok I got antsy and went for it
03:05<lxmorj>so I’ve got a clone of the backup running and working well
03:05<@scrane>lxmorj Excellent!
03:05<lxmorj>and I’ve got the current system (with broken python but an up to date database)
03:06<lxmorj>dumped to dump.sql
03:06<lxmorj>what’s the easiest way to get that from linode to linode??
03:08<@scrane>scp path/to/dump.sql username@IPaddress:/path/to/send/dump.sql
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03:26<lxmorj>scrane: all good!
03:26<millisa>!point scrane
03:26<linbot>millisa: Point given to scrane. (11)
03:26<lxmorj>so - it’s running on the new IP now
03:26<lxmorj>you said there was a way to swap them?
03:27<@scrane>Then just reboot both Linodes with Network Helper (auto-configure Networking) turned on, and you should be good
03:27<lxmorj>nice. plan is to swap, then later I’ll install Debian 9 and try to move the DB back over :)
03:27<@scrane>Sounds great
03:33<lxmorj>hm. was able to ssh into both before the ip swap and reboot
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03:35<@scrane>Now you are not able to do so?
03:35<lxmorj>now I am
03:35<@scrane>Did you make sure Network Helper was on?
03:35<lxmorj>yeah I did.
03:35<lxmorj>maybe it just took a bit to spool up
03:35<lxmorj>seems good now
03:39<lxmorj>OK I need to get some sleep! THANK YOU!!!
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04:46<korn>thanks everyone for help my problem resolv
04:53<Woet>you're welcome
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05:04<Sanket>We are planning to buy hosting service for Django website.
05:05<Sanket>But before want to ask for details
05:05<Sanket>Is there any managed hosting available for Django with Python 3.x and wsgi support.
05:06<Sanket>Yes I know this link but want more details about
05:06<Sanket>Is support Python 3.x and wsgi
05:07<Woet>Sanket: what do you mean by "support"?
05:07<@scrane>Just to add onto that, the Managed service we offer is not fully managed. It is an incident response service that allows you to set up monitors, and if we are alerted to a service going down a member of the LInode Managed team can access your Linode to attempt to bring the service back online.
05:07<Woet>Sanket: as mentioned on that page, managed is only for incident response.
05:08<Sanket>Can I setup Django with Python 3.x and wsgi in managed hosting
05:08<Woet>Sanket: I don't know, can you?
05:08<Woet>Sanket: as mentioned on that page, managed is only for incident response.
05:10<Sanket>I Linode provide server security like Firewall, Malware scans, Site vulnerability scans
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05:10<@scrane>We do not provide additional security
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05:10<Woet>Sanket: I recommend reading the
05:10*Woet highfives scrane
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05:10*scrane highfives Woet
05:10<Woet>jticket: you scared us there for a bit
05:12*bmartin falls on the ground
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06:05<howl>what is the Volume price
06:06<Woet>howl: first result for "linode volume price"
06:07<howl>thank you
06:09-!-howl [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
06:14<Woet>oh shit
06:14<Woet>he was filipino
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06:59<tmb>Im stuck in installing SSL SAN certificate
06:59*grawity gives crowbar.pem
07:00<@scrane>What's the roadblock you've hit?
07:01<tmb>I have key for primary server only.
07:01<grawity>if you have one certificate, you have one key for it
07:01<grawity>no matter how many names are listed on that certificate
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09:02<frogzilla>Hey guys, ive just installed a new wordpress stackscript (the one from linode) and i just typed 'ss -atpu' and this ip looks established on tcp, it is a chinese telecom company, should i get worried?
09:05<frogzilla>or, is that normal ?
09:06<@sjacobs>what service are they connected to? should list the service/port in that output.
09:06<frogzilla>tcp ESTAB 0 1280 [myip]:ssh
09:06<frogzilla>thats what it looks like..
09:06<ponas>frogzilla: it's pretty normal to have various foreign IPs contacting ssh
09:07<ponas>they're just trying to hack your server
09:07<frogzilla>^0^ thanks guys!! i feel better now
09:07-!-Cromulent|3 [~Cromulent@] has joined #linode
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09:07<ponas>take a look at fail2ban, it will blacklist IPs trying to bruteforce you
09:07<frogzilla>i was about setting up fail2ban and firewallid and than ive seen that ip, it is gon now by the way
09:08<@sjacobs>and key-based authentication, with passwords disabled. that's how my personal stuff is configured and i sleep well at night.
09:08<frogzilla>thank you thou <3 , yep i just uploaded my key
09:08<@sjacobs>good stuff.
09:09-!-linode-man [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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09:09<ponas>woah it's the linode man
09:09<@sjacobs>eek. haha.
09:09<frogzilla>:P luckily linode has this irc. i would be lost without it. without you guys i mean ^^ and thank you scrane for the help on the forum! your tip worked like a charm <3
09:10<@scrane>Excellent! I'm glad I oculd help
09:10-!-Cromulent|2 [~Cromulent@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:12<Toba>I should eat a poptart.
09:12<Toba>But I already had a healthy breakfast. Tragedy.
09:12<linode-man>You should bring me Poptarts.
09:13<Toba>Where do you live?
09:13<linode-man>It's dark where I live.
09:13-!-linode-man [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
09:13<Toba>And now he's gone dark. No poptarts.
09:14<@gjjansen>From whence he came.
09:14<Toba>linode man, linode man, he's seeking poptarts in the dark, linode man; doing whatever linode man can.
09:16-!-eggstyrone [] has joined #linode
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09:24<ax25>anybody else have there vm's reboot last night for no apparent reason?
09:26<@sjacobs>there are lots of reboots happening right now.
09:26<Peng>What does it say in the manager?
09:26<@sjacobs>if it's related, tickets were sent out as well. should be in the Support tab, in the banner of the Manager, and sent to the email on the account.
09:27<ax25>Nothing noted in the manager. A restart 3 moths ago was all.
09:28<ax25>Uptime shows only a little under 7 hours though..
09:29-!-root1 [~root@2400:8902::f03c:91ff:fee9:4c27] has joined #linode
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09:30<Peng>I didn't think it was possible to reoot without a job getting logged in the manager
09:30<@sjacobs>what does the job queue in it's Manager dashboard say?
09:31<@sjacobs>if it was the scheduled reboot, it'll say "Host initiated restart". if it crashed or something, will probably say something related to Lassie. if a user did it, it'll just say shutdown followed by a boot.
09:31<ax25>Ah, did not see the top one - used to logs ending the last line at the bottom :-) Host initiated restart Took: 11 seconds
09:31-!-AngryJohnnie [~angryjohn@] has quit [Quit: night-night. ZZZzzz…]
09:31<ax25>No date and time on it though.
09:32-!-Sophira [] has joined #linode
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09:32<@sjacobs>do you have full access to the Linode Manager, or did someone give you limited access? emails were sent to the main email on the account, and tickets were opened, as well.
09:33<Peng>ax25: "Host initiated restart" means it was the maintenance sjacobs linked to, *or* by total coincidence your host had a hardware issue or something.
09:33<@sjacobs>either case, tickets would have been sent.
09:33<ax25>I have full access (and multiple accounts). Had 2 servers reboot, but did not get an email. Will check spam folders. Do the emails get saved in the manager?
09:33<Peng>ax25: They're saved as tickets
09:34<@sjacobs>the emails contain the ticket contents. Support tab > "Scheduled Linode Maintenance"
09:34<@sjacobs>that'll be the ticket title.
09:34<ax25>Ah, thanks. Will check there. Think someone deleted some emails in a shared mail account :-(
09:34<Peng>It should be under "Recently Closed Tickets". If you've had a lot of tickets recently, you might have to click "Show all tickets"
09:35<Peng>[Or the equivalents in the new manager cough cough]
09:35<ax25>Aha, that was it. Found them. Thank you!
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09:48-!-mode/#linode [+o bbigger] by ChanServ
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10:51<frogzilla>ehm hey guys, i'm trying to connect to my linode's ssh but i get 'Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).' , even if i try with a non-existent username all i get is that error message. Im able to login through the web lish console thou. (ive tried to enable SSH password authentication and root login but it didnt work ) :< any suggestion?
10:55<smallclone>frogzilla: did you restart ssh after enabling those things?
10:55<frogzilla>im actually rebooting the whole system :| lets see
10:55<smallclone>well that'll do it
10:55<frogzilla>it does work :|
10:56<Woet>frogzilla: Linode doesn't have Windows, reboots are not a solution
10:56<frogzilla>it worked thou
10:56<Zimsky>is that why all the employees have vitamin D deficiencies?
10:58<Zimsky>peng, except in that case, the reboot wasn't the solution
10:58<Zimsky>the solution was applied separately, and the relevant components are reloaded due to the reboot
10:59<Zimsky>so the reboot was technically only a fragment of the entire solution
10:59<Zimsky>wow I feel like dwfreed
10:59<Zimsky>sorry peng
11:00<@mcintosh>!point Peng
11:00<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to peng. (21) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 6)
11:01-!-Cromulent [~Cromulent@] has joined #linode
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11:01<Zimsky>mcintosh what kind of pizzas do you like
11:04-!-lxmorj [] has joined #linode
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11:17<Peng>Hawaiian pizza is the best although it is not from Hawaii
11:23<@mcintosh>Zimsky: i'm a pep and cheese kinda person - simple, classic
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12:34<Cromulent>I just don't understand how some programmers can work from just a single monitor - it drives me insane
12:35<smallclone>just get a really big monitor
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12:56<@mcintosh>Cromulent: i do that :<
12:56<Cromulent>mcintosh: do you use a tiling window manager?
12:57<@mcintosh>just macos workspaces (but i use i3 on my linux machines)
12:57<Cromulent>smallclone: I saw a 43" 4k monitor that I really wanted
12:58<smallclone>at that size i feel like there's too much vertical space to actually be able to user it without hurting your neck
13:05-!-pavlushka [] has joined #linode
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13:07<ericoc>i don't really ever code, but i survive with a 13" air most of the time, or a 13" laptop connected to an ancient 19" or 20-something-inch monitor
13:07<Toba>I had a 4k monitor
13:07<Toba>it broke
13:07<Toba>I took out my old 1080p tv
13:07<Toba>that's what i'm using now
13:07<Toba>and I *want to fucking die*
13:07<Toba>i need a bigger monitor so all my chrome tabs have a name.
13:07<Toba>I'm losing my mind.
13:08<Toba>coding with not enough pixels is like not having a short term memory and trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle
13:09<ericoc>workspaces and tabs are great, seeing websites or a terminal at a resolution > 2000xsomething seems unnecessary, not doing graphic design work
13:09<Toba>when you have multiple processes running that all have a log and you're trying to review code and the ui at once
13:09<Toba>it really helps having them all visible at the same time
13:10<Toba>especially if you are additionally multi-tasking with unrelated work and communications
13:10<Toba>but if you have a mind like a steel trap, then i guess you'd be fine with less pixels
13:10<Toba>I just can't remember that much stuff at once
13:11<smallclone>i don't code, but i constantly have to have at least two pages in a browser, plus a terminal and editor open
13:11<smallclone>so i bought this giant thing
13:12<Toba>using all of the pixels to see All The Graphs at once is also nice during incidents and deployments
13:12<Toba>in my experience
13:16<ericoc>smallclone: i love the super old keyboard with the giant new monitor
13:17<smallclone>they keyboard always gets more comments than the crazy monitor
13:17<smallclone>it's an original apple extended, i can't get used to anything else at this point
13:18-!-_9rc [] has joined #linode
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13:20<_9rc>not sure what DNS entries I need to add now ... I have a client that set up the dns entry to forward to my Linode server ( ... I need to add a DNS entry on my end to accept/handle those incoming requests ... what type of DNS entry do I need to add on my end?
13:21-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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13:22<smallclone>so uh, they're using a CNAME to direct that subdomain to you have the A record pointing that to your Linode's IP?
13:23<_9rc>I'm not sure why type of record they set up on their end but when I hit it lands on my homepage ... I need to thus redirect it to subdomain on my end
13:24<_9rc>currently, --> but I want it to go be -->
13:24<millisa>it'd be easier if you gave the real names then
13:24<smallclone>_9rc so when someone hits you actually want them to hit
13:24<smallclone>not the root domain?
13:24<_9rc>that's correct
13:24<smallclone>then get them to update their record
13:25<smallclone>also, you need to configure your web server to handle the request
13:29<Peng>_9rc: Do and have different IP addresses?
13:30-!-webvictim [] has quit [Quit: <3]
13:30<smallclone>yeah if they have the same ip then you don't even need to have them update the record, just do the config on your web server
13:34<_9rc> and have the same IP address
13:35<Peng>Then they're equivalent, unless you want to change one of them in the future.
13:35-!-webvictim [] has joined #linode
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13:37<_9rc>sorry, just so I'm clear ... I should add something to my Apache hosts configuration or .htaccess to handle the redirect once it's on my end?
13:46<smallclone>configure apache to redirect requests for to
13:51<_9rc>cool, thanks so much @smallclone!
14:04-!-dmkitservices [] has joined #linode
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14:05<dmkitservices>why when i set up do you take my payment then say Your account is currently being reviewed.
14:06<smallclone>because your account is being reviewed
14:06<dmkitservices>have i been conned ?
14:06<smallclone>you just need to wait
14:06<dmkitservices>how long will i have tro wait
14:06<smallclone>it depends, someone should be looking at it asap
14:07<dmkitservices>i signed up because i need a server fast
14:07<smallclone>don't know what to tell you
14:07-!-AngryJohnnie [~angryjohn@] has quit [Quit: night-night. ZZZzzz…]
14:07<dmkitservices>whats average wait time mins hours days
14:08<smallclone>like an hour probably
14:08-!-dmkitservices [] has quit []
14:08-!-AngryJohnnie [~angryjohn@] has joined #linode
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20:18-!-Maka [] has joined #linode
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20:19<Maka>oh lol
20:19<Maka>IRC chat?
20:19<Maka>i thought this would be Linode support chat xD
20:19<Zimsky>why tho
20:19<Maka>well, I was having an idea
20:19<Zimsky>internet relay chat chat is the best kind of chat
20:19<Maka>and wanted their suggestion on this topic
20:19<Maka>yeah ofcourse, but i thought it would be 1to1 with a linode support guy
20:20<Zimsky>you could ticket/email/call linode if you want a direct response from them
20:20<Maka>hmm oke
20:20<Maka>Ill try that then
20:20<Maka>so what you doing ?
20:20<Maka>Mister Zimsky?
20:20<Zimsky>but there's linode people here too
20:20<Maka>now that were chatting, might as well get to know you
20:20<Zimsky>Miss Zimsky is reading about crypto dbs
20:20<Maka>ooooooooooh nice ;)
20:20<Maka>im an investor myself
20:21<Woet>dont try to get to know Zimsky
20:21<Woet>for your own good
20:22<Zimsky>I'd highly recommend against it
20:22<Maka>I still have an ICO planned
20:22<Zimsky>you'd become embroiled in quite a cacophony
20:22<Maka>but tough luck finding devs :(
20:22-!-AngryJohnnie [] has joined #linode
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20:23<Zimsky>comb through github stuff and find people who appear to know what they're doing
20:29-!-Maka [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:40-!-z [~z@] has joined #linode
20:40-!-z is "z" on #linode
20:40<z>hi guys
20:41<z>Its my first time here
20:41<z>thank you if you're not a bot :D
20:41<millisa>I haven't given it a whole lot of thought. I'm not sure I'm qualified to determine if I am or not
20:41-!-z [~z@] has quit []
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20:53-!-z [~z@] has joined #linode
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20:53<z>hello again
20:53<z>I'm new to this weechat
20:53<z>can someone help me understand this
20:54<millisa>Linode? Or IRC? Or robots?
20:54<Zimsky>I can show you the world
20:54<Zimsky>before the world shows you me
20:58<millisa>outside of 'you type bits down there and see what other folks typed up there', I'm not sure what you are asking
20:59<Zimsky>isn't weechat what trump supposedly ordered
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21:06<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
21:07<Zimsky>you're not. you're just not, Eugene
21:07<Zimsky>it's like if I were to say "Every day I'm a pleasant person to be around"
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21:08<z1>cd ~/.weechat/python
21:09<Zimsky>bash: cd: ~/.weechat/python: Permission denied
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21:10<Eugene>Have you tried being a pleasant person? Eventually it becomes true
21:10<Zimsky>no, I'd have no idea how to do that :/
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22:59<@jalter>!point Eugene
22:59<linbot>jalter: Point given to eugene. (56)
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