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00:07<zifnab>i echo me
00:08<zifnab>also i just got back from a brewery that had weird knockoffs of good beer, and it was all surprisingly bad
00:26<@scrane>how do you make a knock off of beer?
00:28<dwfreed>guessing it was a re-creation of a popular beer
00:42<Zimsky>put beer on edge of table, apply force to beer
00:43<Zimsky>horizontally of course. also don't import antigravity
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02:47*dcraig_ tickles zimsky, dwfreed, and zifnab around a bit with a large pacific cod
02:47<dcraig_>oh cod!
02:48<dwfreed>mm, I could go for some fish right now
02:48<zifnab>dcraig_: I suggest the sketchy doctor who themed fish and chip place.
02:48<zifnab>TARDIS room?
02:48<@scrane>I can never unsee this
02:49<zifnab>It was oddly acceptable for Portland cod
02:50<zifnab>scrane: I didn't answer your question earlier. I had a stout that I was told was like Guinness but it was more like an IPA
02:51<zifnab>And another thing I was told tasted like blue moon but wasn't anywhere close (not saying blue moon is good beer)
02:51<@scrane>A stout... more like an IPA...
02:51<zifnab>A hoppy bitter stout
02:51<@scrane>They dun goofed
02:51<Zimsky>but is it thread-safe?
02:51<zifnab>Seattle loves hoppy bitter beer
02:51<zifnab>I do not
02:52<zifnab>I learned long ago to not ask for the darkest thing on tap
02:52<zifnab>It gets you hoppy red beer instead of a stout or Porter
02:52<Zimsky>inb4 they give you bovril
02:52<zifnab>This city has made me move on to whisky
02:53<@scrane>I tend to alwaays want to try whatever is on the hand-pull.
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03:00<@scrane>Hello! How's it going?
03:00<j_m>I was wondering if there is anyone available that can offer advice?
03:00<j_m>I'm trying to login to Lish Via Browser?
03:00<@scrane>What's the issue you're having?
03:01<j_m>So I can install MySQL on my server. Problem is, I can't login. I'm probably not doing it right. Can you confirm the credentials I am supposed to use?
03:01<@scrane>I would recommend using the username "root" and the password you created when you first created the Linode
03:01<j_m>I have used the ssh root@IP address + the password for the root when I built the server.
03:01<@scrane> <- This will help if you forgot the root password
03:02<@scrane>When you're at the lish via browser window, you just enter in the username
03:02<@scrane>You don't need to run the ssh command as Lish logs in via not SSH
03:02<j_m>Gotchya. That's probably why. Lol
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03:02<Zimsky>"via not SSH"
03:03<@scrane>I mean it's not inaccurate
03:04<Zimsky>a lorry cabin door is not a convex lens
03:05<@scrane>See? You understand.
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03:07<j_m>Hello. I had come on before. I am having trouble logging into Lish via Browser. I have tried every possible username combination. I don't know exactly what I'm doing wrong.
03:07<j_m>Anyone with advice?
03:08<@scrane>Can you show us what you're seeing on the Lish console?
03:08<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
03:09<@scrane>That might give us an idea of what's failing
03:09<j_m>Ok.One moment
03:10<j_m>I've added iit
03:10<@scrane>can you share the link?
03:11<@scrane>at the login prompt it should should be "root" not "root@<IP address>"
03:11<@scrane>Can you try that again and re-entering in the password?
03:11<@scrane>If that fails, try resetting the root password to see if that fixes it.
03:12<j_m>ok. one moment
03:12<j_m>I'm in!
03:12<j_m>Thank You.
03:13<@scrane>Excellent! Glad I could help
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04:19<jx>Hello. I have a question.
04:19<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
04:20<jx>I made a database server, and I want to connect my site to it. It asks to define the server. How is linode strucutured?
04:21<jx>often you would use localhost
04:21<jx>But I have two servers. One is for the database
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04:21<@scrane>For that I would recommend setting up a private IP address on each LInode and using that to connect them.
04:22<@scrane>You would use localhost if the database and the site were on the same Linode.
04:22<jx>I have set it as two different linodes
04:22<@scrane>Then you will want to follow this for both Linode:
04:22<jx>I will be using wordpress. But I'd like for it to find the server entering the DB_HOST
04:23<@scrane>And have them communicate to each other over the private network
04:23<jx>So all I would need to do is to add the private IP?
04:23<jx>as the DB_HOST?
04:24<jx>I ask because apparently the structure is different per host.
04:24<jx>Some, you need to use port..XYZ
04:24<jx>for example.
04:24<@scrane>Well likely the MySQL port is going to be 3306
04:24<jx>I see. Okay then. I'll try it and see if it works.
04:26<@scrane>What you'll likely need to do is edit your /etc/mysql/my.cnf file and find the parameter called bind-address. You'll make that the IP address of the database LInode
04:34<@scrane>I'm also not 100% familiar with the configuration specifics. I do know, however, that you will want to configure the Linodes to communicate using the private IP address.
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07:27<pra021>anyone online here
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09:06<frogzilla>hey guys, on the linode manager (in other words, the website) i get disconnected after a short period of inactivity, is there a way to avoid this?
09:07<Zimsky>be active?
09:07<frogzilla>!point zimsky
09:07<linbot>frogzilla: Point given to zimsky. (0)
09:07<Zimsky>thanks friend
09:08<frogzilla>np bro :)
09:08<Zimsky>do you by chance mean the lish shell
09:09<Zimsky>and is "disconnected" just the site requiring you to log in again?
09:09<frogzilla>nono i mean on the .. i have to retype my password every time . its so annoying
09:09<Zimsky>oh that
09:09<Zimsky>as far as I know, nope
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09:10<frogzilla>:Q___ thanks anyway
09:10<Zimsky>if you use a password manager, it might make it easier
09:10<Zimsky>but it's a security thing if anything
09:10<frogzilla>a password manager?
09:10<frogzilla>ah wait, i could save the pasword on the browser but i rather not..
09:11<Zimsky>a browser extension or something that stores your usernames and passwords for logins and autopopulates them
09:11<Zimsky>yeah I wouldn't use chrome's
09:11<Zimsky>if that's what you mean
09:12<frogzilla>yeeah.. im on firefrog but ive read articles talking about security issues so many times that i decided not to store any password on my pc . it may work may not who knows..
09:13<frogzilla>would be good to have some kind of settings to set a long expiration time.
09:13<Zimsky>just reading stuff that mentions security issues doesn't mean it's insecure
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09:13<frogzilla>yes i know. but i got sort of lobotomized lol
09:14<Zimsky>you could probably write a browser extension to do what you want to do
09:14<frogzilla>i decided to write all of my passwords on my moleskin only. thats much more secure anyway (in a way it has to be)
09:16<frogzilla>ohh anyway! thank you thou
09:19<Zimsky>set up a python script to mimic a get request from your browser every so often using your current session key
09:20<Zimsky>assuming there isn't some other expire on the key apart from 15 minutes of inactivity, theoretically it could work forever
09:21<frogzilla>eh it could be a solution. hmmm but im not that python savvy ^^"
09:22<frogzilla>an other thing.. my longvie is stuck on "collecting data... please wait" any suggestion? i didnt find much on google
09:22<frogzilla>maybe reinstall?
09:23<@scrane>I'd recommend running through some of these troubleshooting steps first:
09:23<@scrane>Especially stopping the longview service then turning on debug.
09:24<frogzilla>ok thank you. let me have a look :)
09:24<Zimsky>python is so easy, that'd just be something like import requests, time; while 1: time.sleep(600); requests.get('https://manager,', cookies=session_shit, headers=mimic_browser)
09:24<@scrane>Though reinstalling does work sometimes and is often a troubleshooting step I use with Longview. Just if you do it, make sure you have the --purge flag when you uninstall longview.
09:25<Zimsky>oh you're talking about a different thing
09:27<frogzilla>thank you both guys, this irc is what makes linode special <3 (for me)
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09:51<frogzilla>longview working fine now :D cheers. that purge was magic
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11:13<turbo>can i get free 10$ by applying linode10 and how much minimum amount shold i pay
11:17<@bbigger>yup! promo code linode10 will give you a $10 credit
11:17<dwfreed>emag: CowBot died in a netsplit :(
11:17<@bbigger>when you signup you'll be asked to make a minimum $5 deposit to verify your credit card, which will be automatically refunded
11:18<@bbigger>otherwise billing will occur on the 1st of each month for services in the previous month
11:18<@bbigger>e.g. if you sign up for the $5 Linode, you'll get billed $5 next month (will deduct from your $10 credit)
11:19<@bbigger>so you can go ahead and just try it out w/o paying for a while
11:19<turbo>OH its auto renew
11:19<turbo>it will automatically payment done
11:19<@bbigger>yup--can cancel anytime. you'll get invoiced based on hourly use over the previous month
11:20<turbo>is there any other payment methods
11:20<@bbigger>you can make payments w/paypal or check as well
11:20<turbo>how to select paypal method
11:21<dwfreed>you can add credit to your account with paypal after signing up
11:21<@bbigger>in Linode Manager you can go to Account > Make a Payment > Pay vi PayPal
11:21<dwfreed>you have to use a credit card to sign up, though
11:22<turbo>its says complete my signup
11:23<turbo>and how to use paypal method
11:23<dwfreed>the initial deposit must come from a credit card
11:24<dwfreed>(you can use a prepaid card)
11:25<@bbigger>PayPal: Account > Make a Payment
11:40<turbo>how can i stop auto renew payment methods
11:42<dwfreed>you can't
11:43<@bbigger>we can only place temporary holds with justification
11:43<turbo>if i click unforrtunas
11:43<turbo>my money will cut
11:44<@bbigger>you can avoid card charges if you're on top of making paypal payments before the first of each month
11:45<turbo>no so need only vps for 2 months how can i stop autorenew
11:45<@bbigger>if you delete all of your Linodes + paid services, you won't get charged
11:45<@bbigger>(NOTE you still get charged if a Linode is powered off--it has to be removed entirely)
11:54<waltman> # Nice article about Linode's new Philly HQ in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.
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11:57<dwfreed>waltman: I probably know somebody who was in that building when it was the Real World set
11:58<@bbigger>it's p awesome
12:00<Peng>I saw a headline about that! It didn't say Linode so I didn't click on it
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12:09<waltman>It was kind of buried in the physical paper too
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12:30<Cromulent>heh my local councils email servers are failing DMARC and soft failing SPF so everything from the council goes to spam
12:30<Cromulent>so much for the government doing things right
12:32<Zimsky>just get your government to use private email servers
12:32<Zimsky>wait hang on
12:40<Zimsky>okay thanks for hanging on
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14:09<Cromulent>am I right in thinking you need to wait until 18.04.1 has been released before you can upgrade from 16.04 (ubuntu)?
14:09<Cromulent>I think I read it somewhere
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14:12<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Can API be disabled? <>
14:22<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Can API be disabled? <>
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14:40<hokupe>hi all, does anyone know if there is a flat fee with linode?
14:40<hokupe>i want to stop the service as soon as it goes over the plan ...
14:41<millisa>what do you mean?
14:42<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Can API be disabled? <>
14:47<Zimsky>it's billed hourly so maybe that might solve your problem
14:47<Zimsky>i.e. you don't have to wait for a month
14:48<Woet>hokupe: over which plan?
14:49<hokupe>Linode 2GB
14:50<hokupe>I understand that you will be charged extra if you go over the resources described in the plan .
14:50<dwfreed>you'd only be charged for transfer overages
14:50<millisa>over the transit
14:50<dwfreed>that's the only thing you can go over
14:51<millisa>the rest of it hits a monthly cap
14:51<millisa> has good info
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15:00<hokupe>Ok, is there a way to limit the transit ?
15:00<dwfreed>not from Linode's side of things
15:00<dwfreed>you could set something up on your Linode to do that
15:00<hokupe>I appreciate a lot for your help
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