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00:10<zifnab>!caress Eugene
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00:32<Eugene>!lick zifnab
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02:20<dirgeable>hi! I have some message An issue affecting the physical host this Linode resides on has been detected.
02:20<dirgeable>im trying to work is there an ETA on this?
02:20<MrPPS>dirgeable: That means linode is looking into it; it's normally pretty quick
02:20<dwfreed>as soon as possible
02:20<MrPPS>they'll update you as they go
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02:20<dirgeable>ok thanks
02:21<dirgeable>as long as actively trying to fix for sure
02:21<MrPPS>Yeah, if they've notified you, they've definitely been notified themselves ;)
02:21<nate>dirgeable: Check your previous emails for the spectre reboot date notifications. I believe that's the message that's being defaulted to for the spectre reboots
02:21<nate>(or your previous tickets as it would have been a ticket too I believe)
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02:22<dwfreed>nate: this has nothing to do with spectre
02:22<MrPPS>nate: separate issue
02:22<MrPPS>physical hardware issue notification is an error; spectre was scheduled + different email format
02:22<nate>dwfreed: Wasn't sure, one of mine rebooted for the 'update' earlier today and gave that same message
02:22<nate>MrPPS: Assuming that message was a copy from an email :P
02:23<MrPPS>haha, yes, I'm guessing as much
02:23<nate>It looked more like it was copied from the manager (which is where I saw it)
02:23<MrPPS>I guess time will tell :)
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02:48<dirgeable>yay fixed
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05:05<brunoiveo>Is there any feed/endpoint to list all the v4 api methods?
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06:47<@bmartin>hello omer how can we help you
06:48<omer>In the Linode 12GB, how many website can I host on a single server?
06:49<@bmartin>That is tough to say omer as it is going to depend on configuration etc.
06:49<omer>But I can host more then 1 website right?
06:49<@bmartin>that is correct
06:50<omer>I have four websites I need to host, would it be possible?
06:50<@bmartin>yes it would be possible
06:51<omer>Is there a comando SSL?
06:51<@bmartin>We are an infrastructure provider. In terms of configuration of your Linode and sites that would be entirely up to you
06:51<@bmartin>I've seen customers use that
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06:52<grawity>omer: in other words... with Linode *you* manage your own web hosting – you install your own Apache/PHP/nginx/SQL, you set up your own vhosts, and you buy your own certificates
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06:52<@bmartin>!point grawity
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07:08<f1b3ropt1k>Greetings, new to Linode, how long does it usually take from the time you have your payment receipt before you can actually spin up a server?
07:11<cmcfarland>Not too long. Sometimes there is an identity verification step where you receive a second email requesting some images. That email typically comes within 10-15 minutes of signing up.
07:12<f1b3ropt1k>ok thanks
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07:38<Heinz> long does a DNS update take at Linode?
07:39<@sjacobs>they are updated every 15 minutes, so that's the longest you should have to wait. any extra time should only be because of propagation.
07:40<hiyt>@scrane pvt
07:41<@sjacobs>you can `dig` to check on it. with the domain your checking, of course.
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07:58<Heinz>Propagation is reaaaaalllllyyy sloooooowwwwww.... is that a Linode feature? I've never had it propagate this slowly before
08:03<@sjacobs>knowing the domain would help. also if it was updated or newly created. if updated, what was the original TTL?
08:03<@sjacobs>i normally check to follow along with propagation.
08:03<Heinz>I am checking it and nothing has propagated in the last hour....
08:04<Heinz>That is dog slow. GoDaddy's domain changes at least start propagating in part a few minutes after the change
08:07<@sjacobs>again, knowing the domain would help. if you don't want to share it here, you can drop it in a ticket.
08:08<@sjacobs>i typically see dns propagation to most places within the the first 10 minutes. as long as TTL wasn't 24 hours or something. even then it often happens fairly quickly.
08:10<Heinz>I think I'll log a ticket, its been way longer than 10 mins, the TTL was set to 5 mins and I'm not seeing any propagation
08:12<@sjacobs>sounds good. if you pass along the ticket number, i'll take a look.
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08:14<Heinz>Ticket ID: 10454661
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12:04<luke>Hi, do you offer vps for Magento 2.x ?
12:05<ericoc>luke: linode offers virtual servers for any purpose. you can install whatever you want
12:06<luke>I'm not admin expert, do you offer Plesk or cPanel ?
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12:06<littlehow>hello~ anyone here
12:07<ericoc>luke: you just get root access to a linux server by default. if you want cpanel managed for you, linode does have a managed offering at an additional cost;
12:08<ericoc>linode professional services can quote you a price for installing software as well;
12:10<luke>Ok. thank you for your help
12:10<luke>Have a ncie day
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12:11<littlehow>Is there Online customer service for linode?
12:13<Peng_>This is a community IRC channel but staff are often here. Why do you ask?
12:14<littlehow>I have several questions to ask
12:15<littlehow>open a ticket...
12:16<Peng_>You can ask more general question here.
12:17<littlehow>Does linode provides DDoS protection?
12:17<littlehow>for website
12:19<ericoc>you can definitely do something like cloudflare in front of your linode
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12:20<littlehow>oh! great advice. I would take a look to cloudflare
12:26<littlehow>And.. How do I select certain plan?
12:26<Peng_>Linode plan or Cloudflare plan?
12:26<littlehow>Linode plan :)
12:26<dzho>and, how do you decide? or how do you effect your decision once made?
12:27<littlehow>Currently, I am using the Linode2GB plan
12:27<littlehow>what happen if I exceed the network transfer limit
12:28<linbot>All incoming traffic is free. Outgoing traffic is pooled among all Linodes under your account. Transfer overages are 2 cents/GB. For additional transfer, resize to a larger plan, or buy another node to add to your pool.
12:29<littlehow>Cool bot
12:29<relidy>!point linbot
12:29<linbot>relidy: Point given to linbot. (1337) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 7)
12:30<dzho>haha, *this* is coolbot:
12:31<dzho>(disclosure: I know someone who helps develop that)
12:33<ericoc>> Transfer overages are 2 cents/GB.
12:33<ericoc>wow, used to be way higher iirc
12:35<littlehow>ha, how about exceed the network out limit?
12:35<relidy>littlehow: That's the only direction metered.
12:36<Peng_>ericoc: I think it was $0.10 back in the day
12:37<ericoc>yeah i was thinking it was $0.10/GB
12:37<ericoc>(at least, it was 5+ years ago)
12:37*dzho often thinks of when seeing sub-dollar amounts expressed in mixed units in a conversation
12:37<dzho>2 cents vs 10 cents, $0.02 vs $0.10
12:38<dzho>( 2 > 0.10 ) is true so 2 cents must be more than $0.10 right? ;-)
12:39<dzho>bless you all for using rates at least. Now, are those GB or GiB? lol.
12:39<ericoc>im almost positive it's all GiB
12:44<@jalter>Yep, it's GiB
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12:48<littlehow>Thank you all :)
12:48<littlehow>good night
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13:13<akas>is the hourly billed instance has hourly bandwidth limit ??
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13:57<omer>In Linode - is there an option to make a cached copy of the hosted website?
13:58<millisa>linodes are vps. anything beyond the hardware layer is pretty much up to you. if you have a way to do that to a website, then go for it
13:58<omer>Ok thanks
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16:10<frogzilla>hey guys, ive done something wrong in my ssl.conf and as i was looking at some errors in journalctl, and i've found this: " Invalid user ftpuser from port 38086 " , " input_userauth_request: invalid user ftpuser [preauth] " , " Connection reset by port 38086 [preauth] " .
16:11<frogzilla>could someone explain its meaning? Ive already dropped its traffic with iptables but i did not understand if someone has already access to my linode or ...
16:11<frogzilla>(now that the ip is banned the error is not coming back in the journalctl)
16:11<@sjacobs>based solely on that log, it looks like it was an invalid user.
16:13<frogzilla>nothing to worry about. ?
16:14<@sjacobs>was that an ssh log? if so, you'd want to check the auth log for valid logins.
16:14<@sjacobs>it looks like it.
16:15<frogzilla>ah! good idea :D thank you.. let me have a look ( the error makes me wonder if it got triggered because my httpd is not working, and if that ip has access when the linode is running )
16:15<dwfreed>welcome to the internet, people try to brute force SSH
16:15<Ikaros>A quick glance at that IP shows it is a Chinese IP
16:15<Ikaros>And that's quite common from over there
16:16<frogzilla>my root access is disabled and to log in my only ssh user ive set up a key, firewalld and iptables are working... followed every step for securing my linode basically
16:16<dwfreed>then you have nothing to worry about
16:16<dwfreed>they'll still try, but you can ignore it
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16:17<frogzilla>^0^ if dwfreed says so... thank you guys <3 im going to check that log anyway
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18:45<raj>can I get an email anytime my linode shuts down or reboots?
18:46<Peng_>The "event" emails include that, among other things.
18:46<Zimsky>I think if your notifications are on, you get emails for that
18:46<Zimsky>but they're slow
18:46<raj>Peng_, I don't want extra communication
18:46<raj>Is it just reboots and shutdowns?
18:47<Zimsky>so if you want close-to-realtime monitoring, you should maybe roll your own thing
18:47<Peng_>raj: "among other things"
18:47<Zimsky>it's events of activity in your account
18:47<Zimsky>so like, linode creations, shutdowns, boots
18:48<Zimsky>but they're not real time
18:48<raj>what about the linode manager app, does that have push notifications on this?
18:48-!-Nightmeare_ [] has joined #linode
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18:51<Zimsky>raj: if it was me and I really cared about the status of a server, I'd have two separate monitoring servers (you know, for redundancy), in two different locations on two different providers that would send notifications to me
18:51<Zimsky>maybe a little buzzer on my desk that does a buzz
18:51<Zimsky>if you don't want to roll your own thing, there's services like uptimerobot from memory
18:52<raj>thanks Zimsky
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21:08<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
21:11-!-emailSpam [] has joined #linode
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21:11<emailSpam>how do you tell if a spoofed "returned mail" is real or not?
21:11-!-uther [] has joined #linode
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21:11<millisa>other than 'did I send it'?
21:12<emailSpam>It is spam. but in my inbox I get:
21:12<emailSpam>Mail Delivery System (4K) Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
21:12<emailSpam>like if the spam is coming from me.
21:12<emailSpam>I know its very easy to fake an email as coming from
21:12<millisa>The headers should show the mail servers the mail got handed off to
21:13<emailSpam>But I want to know if its either spoofed at the spammer's computer or did they break into my email server to spam people.
21:13<millisa>Do you see the headers in the returned mail?
21:13-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:15<emailSpam>I can see everything in /var/mail/johnsmith
21:16<emailSpam>Message-ID: <>
21:16<emailSpam>what's that?
21:16<millisa>That's a messageid generated by some server, somewhere.
21:16<emailSpam>my server being my website
21:17<emailSpam>can i post the full header (with personal data deleted )
21:17<millisa>if you paste the full headers into a pastebin it'd probably help
21:17<emailSpam>how / where
21:17<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
21:20<millisa>(the bits that matter for your question are likely going to be the 'Received: ' sections.
21:22<emailSpam>so did they break into my email server or just spoofed on their own computer?
21:23<millisa>did you edit sections out? there are usually 'Received: from somewhere.tld ([])' type headers
21:24<emailSpam>I only took out my own email address
21:24<emailSpam>and replaced it with john smith
21:25<emailSpam>I'll try again...
21:30<millisa>there you go
21:30<millisa>so down there in 'part 3' you see the 'Received' sections of the header?
21:30<millisa>they are in reverse order of how that remote mail server got the mail
21:31<millisa>See how '' got it from ''?
21:31<millisa>That 93-44-199-yaddayadda server is where that mail originated
21:33<emailSpam>so no one broke in to my mail server?
21:33<millisa>I don't know. Is your mail server?
21:34<millisa>Then for that specific mail, it doesn't look like it.
21:34<millisa>Have you setup spf records for your domain to specify who should be valid senders for it?
21:34<emailSpam>no. any instructions?
21:35<millisa>These talk briefly about it:
21:35<emailSpam>I'm using sendmail
21:35<millisa>It's not a setting on the mail server. It's a txt record you put into dns that says "here is which systems are allowed to send mail for the domain"
21:35<millisa>Whether or not a receiving mail server pays any attention to it . .*shrug*
21:36<emailSpam>what about /etc/mail/local-host-names
21:36<millisa>what about it?
21:37<emailSpam>or can that be spoofed
21:37<emailSpam>local-host-names has server names.
21:37<emailSpam>is that any use or can that be spoofed
21:38<millisa>I don't see how what you have in your local file is relevant here
21:38<emailSpam>you said set it on the dns. and then you don't know if mailserver will pay attention to it. how would you set it on the mail server
21:40<millisa>You setup the spf record in DNS so that well run mail servers that *do* pay attention to that sort of thing won't even accept the mail from some compromised mail server in Italy that is spoofing a mail from your domain.
21:41<emailSpam>ah. I see. thanks
21:41-!-Nightmeare_ [~Night@2a02:fe0:c150:5910:c422:2acc:7507:58c8] has joined #linode
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21:46<emailSpam>in linode dns editor, I don't see where you can put spf records
21:46<millisa>They are txt records.
21:47<emailSpam>so Name/Value/TTL?
21:47<Zimsky>i read it as "linode ddos editor"
21:48<Zimsky>emailSpam: you know about TXT records, yeah?
21:50<millisa>Linode's own spf record is good and complex and has examples of lots of different things you might specify:
21:54<emailSpam>so I only have to set it up in linode's dns server? Nothing to do on my server?
21:55<Peng_>It's 100% a DNS thing. You have to ensure it's correct so you can send email, if you send email.
21:56<millisa>the description on Linode's dns intro is pretty straight forward. If you didn't read it when it was linked, take a moment and read it
21:57<emailSpam>I did read it. I just wanted to make sure.
21:57<emailSpam>it looks like this on linode's dns
21:57<emailSpam>mail "v=spf1 a ~all" Default Edit | Remove
21:57<emailSpam>did I do it right?
21:58<millisa>that says "This is an spf1 record. If the sending server has an A record in the domain, then it passes. Otherwise, soft fail it"
21:58<Peng_>emailSpam: Maybe
21:59<emailSpam>I just copied it from the example page you sent
22:00<millisa>you would need to define all things that could send mail from your domain name.
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22:21<alpine>anyone use for email: pine, alpine, mutt, mail, mailx, elm?
22:21<millisa>I used to use pine about 25 years ago...
22:22<Zimsky>mutt is tolerable
22:22<Zimsky>neomutt more so
22:22<alpine> one uses it now? I'm the only one who still uses those?
22:22<millisa>I have used pine (or one of the pseudo-pines) in the last 5 years to test some stuff, but I don't use it regularly at this point.
22:23<millisa>I decided I didn't like reading or responding to mail.
22:23<Zimsky>I'm sure there's some guy with a long beard in a basement using it
22:23<alpine>why not? and what do you use instead?
22:23<millisa>I'm sure there's someone at some basement window watching a guy with a long beard using it...
22:25<millisa>I just symlinked /var/spool/mail/millisa to the line printer.
22:26<millisa>New mail!
22:26<millisa>alpine: why are you asking?
22:27<alpine>I still use pine which became alpine
22:28<alpine>what do other people use that's so much better?
22:29<millisa>probably something graphical. or gmailish.
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22:38<MrPPS>wrong window
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23:36<warewolf>man, I really need to switch to my own grub.
23:36<warewolf>every time I get a new kernel, my interface names change.
23:36<warewolf>ens4 became enp0s3
23:36<warewolf>haaaaaaaaaaaate systemd
23:37<Zimsky>you're a grub
23:37<warewolf>my mom's a grub
23:38<Zimsky>did you know hitler was a painter?
23:39<warewolf>Zimsky: the non-sequitor is strong in you.
23:39<Zimsky>that's pretty much my defining characteristic
23:40<zifnab>can confirm
23:40<warewolf>now that my linode is patched for SpectMeltdownre, I can head to bed.
23:40<zifnab>can you really though
23:40<Zimsky>zifnab you couldn't confirm something even if you were the pope
23:40*warewolf -c sleep 9h
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23:44<Zimsky>imagine if zifnab actually turned out to be the pope though
23:44<Zimsky>mind instanceof blown
23:44<Zimsky>isinstance(mind, blown) == True
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