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00:12<travelton>Happy rebootin'
00:14<Peng_>A+ would reboot again
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00:37<travelton>Uneventful reboots are the best reboots. Thank you Linode folks!
00:37<@scrane>Not a problem!
00:37<@scrane>Glad to hear it's been uneventful!
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02:30<Ikaros>Another seamless reboot with zero issues, thanks once again guys.
02:30<millisa>!point Linode
02:31<millisa>Poor Linbot :(
02:32*dcraig tickles ikaros around a bit with a large butterfly ray
02:32*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large seamoth
02:32<millisa>After this set that just finished (hooray, also zero issues), I have *1* left scheduled for tomorrow.
02:34*dcraig reboots millisa
02:34<millisa>And then we get to do it all again in a couple weeks for yesterday's patch, right? right?
02:35*millisa is shutting down *NOW* for reboot.
02:45<Ikaros>Huh. And now I need to figure out why none of the resolvers listed in the Manager are responding.
02:47<dcraig>sounds like something.... to resolve
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02:54<san>hi team we need an immediate reply for one of our ticket
02:54<san>have some major issues in the server
02:54<san>i have already crated a ticket
02:55<san>can i share it here?
02:55<MrPPS>You can, though it doesn't necessarily get seen by staff straight away
02:55<MrPPS>This is an informal community support, where staff are present and occasionally chip in
02:55<MrPPS>If you need immediate support, normally best to phone, I believe
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03:01<millisa>san: someone here might still be able to help with whatever your issue is if you want to give some details
03:04<san>ok any way i am sharing ticket id here - 10369562
03:06<@bmartin>Hey san
03:06<@bmartin>thanks for the ticket number we will have someone take a look shortly
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04:08<Zimsky>!unpoint Zimsky
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05:52<@scrane>Hey there1
05:53<MAHESH>do you have plesk panel support for all your plans?
05:54<@scrane>the Linodes themselves do not come with a plesk panel installed, however you can install one yourself on a Linode after deploying an operating system to it.
05:56<MAHESH>is there any extra cost for that
05:57<@scrane>While we do not provide any plesk panel ourselves, you can purchase the Linode Managed service which costs $100/month per Linode on the account. Along with other services such as incident response and backups, it also comes with one cPanel license we could install on a Linode for you.
05:57<@scrane>You can read more about it here: and
05:59<MAHESH>ok thanks
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08:06<sajalmustafiz>Anyone there
08:09<@scrane>Hello there
08:10<@scrane>Oh dear. linbot seems to not be around. Anyway, if you have any questions, please feel free to just ask.
08:12<sajalmustafiz>I am confusing about a matter. I create an account in linode , Add my billing. then submit require docs ,now they did not respond even they are not sending me options to reset password
08:13<sajalmustafiz>I am new at linode.
08:14<sajalmustafiz>I dont know where i contact live chat
08:14<sajalmustafiz>Who can give solutions
08:15<@scrane>I'm sorry you've encountered this. We don't have a live chat, however you can send an email to to ask about the status of the account. In the email please include the last 6 digits of the credit car you signed up with. Alternatively please feel free to call us directly at (855-454-6633) or internationally at +1 609-380-7100
08:18<sajalmustafiz>Is there any ticketing system
08:19<@scrane>There is. When you send the email so that will create a ticket for you and when we respond a ticket number will be added at the end of the subject line.
08:22<sajalmustafiz>I have some question ,I have another account which is charged 20 USD per month. If I shut down my pc. will it charge or decrease my plan. How can i do that
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08:25<@scrane>If you only power the Linode down, that will not change or decrease how much you are charged. If you remove the Linode from the account, billing still stop.
08:27<@scrane>If you want to change the linode's plan, you can read more about how to do this here:
08:30<sajalmustafiz>let me check
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08:50<nate>sajalmustafiz: The thing to actual VPS's is you're not paying for 'uptime', you're paying for guaranteed resource availability of a sort. ie; Even if you shut your linode down you're making sure you always have the space/processing/memory/etc available to you to start it back up any time
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10:55<sprasad96>hi this siva
10:55<smallclone>hi, fleel free to ask your question
10:55<sprasad96>im using codeigniter for my project
10:55<sprasad96>i would like add cron job
10:55<sprasad96>but i couldnt add that
10:56<sprasad96>could you guys help me?
10:56<smallclone>what are you trying to do with the cron job
10:57<sprasad96>i need to change the status of data in database by every 1 minute
10:57<@sjacobs> may help.
10:58<@sjacobs>why couldn't you add it?
10:58<sprasad96>im new to linux
10:58<sprasad96>so im un aware of much commands
10:59<sprasad96>my cron job editor not closing after writing cron job, actually
10:59<sprasad96>* * * * *( cd /var/www/html/admin/application/controllers/cron_jobs/run_fantasy_matches)
10:59<sprasad96>i have wrote cron job like this
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11:00<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
11:01<@sjacobs>> my cron job editor not closing after writing cron job, actually
11:01<@sjacobs>maybe you're stuck in vim. press escape a few times, then run :wq
11:01<sprasad96>ok, i had run the command :wq
11:01<@sjacobs>i think that's going let you know there are syntax errors in your cron job. which you can work to fix, but saving the file would be the first step.
11:02<sprasad96>but not closed
11:02<sprasad96>i will try again
11:02<@sjacobs>are you in nano? then it would by ctrl+x and ctrl+y ... pressing and holding ctrl then x
11:03<sprasad96>guys is my cronjob syntax right ?
11:03<@sjacobs>no. but you'll need to find out how to save and exit your crontab editor first, though.
11:04<sprasad96>ok , i will check now again., im using remote client with putty
11:04<@sjacobs>you should start out by writing a script that does what you want it to do.
11:04<@sjacobs>`( cd /var/www/html/admin/application/controllers/cron_jobs/run_fantasy_matches)` isn't going to do anything other than change directories. and you should lose the parenthesis.
11:05<@sjacobs>once you have a script that you can successfully run (without cron), add it to the crontab.
11:06<sprasad96>yes now my crontab executed successfully
11:06<sprasad96>need to check wether my syntax right or not
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11:23<gbit>any upcoming plan for a new Linode Balancer?
11:25<smallclone>probably not? it's been the same for a pretty long time
11:25<smallclone>what would you want it to add, functionality-wise?
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11:26<gbit>DO just launched support for SNI and letsencrypt
11:26<gbit>or just letsencrypt not sure
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11:29<gbit>not much staff this days around here :(
11:30<@bmartin>Hey gbit
11:30<smallclone>it's unlikely you'd get a yes / no answer on an upcoming product launch anyway
11:30<smallclone>inb4 "keep checking our blog!"
11:30<gbit>the boring answer
11:30<@bmartin>So while I don't know of anything off hand with regards to Nodebalancers but I'm going to make sure the appropriate people get the request / info you provided.
11:31<gbit>cheers that would be nice
11:31<smallclone>!point bmartin
11:31<linbot>smallclone: Point given to bmartin. (12)
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11:32<gbit>I really don't want to use them :(
11:33<@bmartin>Well I don't want you to use them either
11:33<@bmartin>and when I say I'm going to pass this on it's no lip service. Just so you know
11:34<gbit>I guess I will need to dance with HAProxy until that happen
11:35<gbit>thanks bmartin
11:36<@bmartin>anytime gbit
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11:56<Ttech>will there be official images of alpine for linode?
11:57<smallclone>Ttech: there's a guide on how to install it yourself, i'd be surprised if it's top of their list for new images
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11:59<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
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13:56<Ttech>i realize i can install my own, but thats less point and click when doing a deploy
14:18<@sjacobs>Ttech: that's understandable. i'll be sure to pass the request along.
14:24<@sjacobs>i've got some prebuilt images for personal use, but i haven't finished the alpine one, yet (on the alpine branch).
14:26<@sjacobs>some day i'll get it working. for now, the Linode doc is the best way to go. when you've got it set up, create an image so you don't have to go through the process again.
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14:57<sssnake>question: i am setting up a local environment using wamp but i keep getting {"error":"An error occurred while connecting to the database 'wordpress'. The error reported by the server was: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2006] MySQL server has gone away"}
14:57<sssnake>anyone know how to debug this issue
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15:20<@sjacobs>sssnake: looks like there are a variety of reasons that could happen.
15:21<@sjacobs>i have zero experience with wamp, though.
15:22<@sjacobs>virtualbox and vagrant would probably be an upgrade. a quick google search found this.
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15:24<@sjacobs>there's also
15:24<@sjacobs>vicky: howdy.
15:25<vicky>can im use vps as reseller pupose?
15:25<smallclone>vicky: yess, you're allowed to resell linodes
15:27<vicky>i want use with cpanel
15:27<vicky>so are u provide cpanel also?
15:27<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
15:28<vicky>vps are fully manage?
15:29<vicky>or unmanage?
15:29<@sjacobs>you get full root access.
15:29<vicky>and vps speed?
15:30<smallclone>the vps speed is 10
15:30<millisa>mine goes to 11
15:31<vicky>Linode 12GB vps how much real time traffic handle in numbers?
15:31<@sjacobs>too many variables to say. each application is going to be different. you should test it ahead of time.
15:31<smallclone>that completely depends on what you're serving
15:32<millisa>It has a theoretical max output of 1000 Mbps
15:33<vicky>our websites are normal wordpress blog but no of traffic higher
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15:34<@sjacobs>higher than what, specifically?
15:34<vicky>its mean our real time traffic are 15k plus
15:36<vicky>linode handle higher traffic in real time?
15:38<vicky>seems like no buddy here?
15:38<millisa>there are lots of people here.
15:38<vicky>i know what i need reply
15:39<millisa>Some of your questions wouldn't be things someone else could answer; they'd be questions you'd need to answer.
15:39<@sjacobs>you should really test it yourself. i recommend starting small, load test it, resize to a larger size if needed, repeat.
15:39<millisa>Fortunately, linodes are easy to resize!
15:39<@sjacobs>resizing is an easy process.
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15:41<millisa>er, ignore that.
15:43<millisa>2 hours from launch:
15:44<@sjacobs>> Falcon 9 Block 5 is designed to be capable of 10 or more flights with very limited refurbishment
15:45<millisa>it's got the crew module bit on it. nasa said something like 7+ successes = we use it
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16:25<relidy>!point SpaceX
16:25<linbot>relidy: Point given to spacex. (1)
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17:36<Ttech>!point SpaceX
17:36<linbot>Ttech: Point given to spacex. (2)
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17:59<DanielNM>Eugene: Are you Linodin' today?
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19:49<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
19:51<Eliz>Eugene: yes, yes you are.
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20:43<diveyez>office network finished
20:43<diveyez>The lst two weeks have been long
20:44<diveyez>100 Gigabit switch and wires done, in the walls
21:00<FluffyFoxeh>how long have the last two weeks been?
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21:41<Zimsky>you need a reference frame
21:47<Peng_>On a 100 gigabit network you can have a lot of frames
21:50<Zimsky>that's nice
21:51<Zimsky>I have a 10 gbit network but it's tachyonic
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23:08<sprasad>hi guys could you help me to write cron jobs in linode
23:09<millisa>they are the same as cron jobs not on linode. what are you having trouble with?
23:09<sprasad>i had wrote a cron job but its not working
23:09<sprasad>may be syntax issue
23:09<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • digital x ray machine <>
23:10<sprasad>1 * * * * root cd /var/www/html/admin/application/controllers/cron_jobs/run_fantasy_matches
23:10<sprasad>above is my cron job url
23:10<millisa>that's a cron job that changes a directory?
23:10<Ttech>you have a cron job changing a directory. what did you expect to happen?
23:10<sprasad>im new to linux
23:10<millisa>at xx:01 of every hour?
23:10<sprasad>i want call a function
23:10<Ttech>a function
23:11<sprasad>which is run_fantasy_matches
23:11<Ttech>you want to run run_fantasy_matches?
23:11<Ttech>so you want to run that script
23:11<Ttech>first chmod +x /var/www/html/admin/application/controllers/cron_jobs/run_fantasy_matches
23:11<Ttech>and change that cronjob to just /var/www/html/admin/application/controllers/cron_jobs/run_fantasy_matches not cd /var/www/html/admin/application/controllers/cron_jobs/run_fantasy_matches
23:11<sprasad>ho ok
23:11<sprasad>could you please modify my url
23:12<sprasad>so i can understand clearly
23:12<Ttech>also if you want to run it as root, its probably easier if you edit crontab -u root -e instead
23:13<sprasad>actually i had changed the file and uploaded to linode, it will not work ?
23:16<sprasad>Ttech are you thr?
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