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00:59<millisa>centos 7.5 (1804) released today.
01:00<millisa>something might be up with the EPEL repository though. My systems that have it enabled are throwing an error on yum update. Disabling EPEL lets the system upgrade to 7.5. Hopefully it's fixed tomorrow.
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01:01<millisa>this is what it throws when EPEL is enabled if anyone finds it useful: (I like how helpful it is...)
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01:55<uuuu>another successful reboot *phew*
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07:48<hwpplayer1>hi people
07:48<@bmartin>Hello there
07:48<hwpplayer1>from istanbul
07:48<hwpplayer1>14:47 here
07:49<@bmartin>It is 7:49 here in Philadelphia
07:49<@bmartin>It's a cool 70 degrees Fahrenheit
07:49<@bmartin>Sunny with a breeze out of the northwest
07:52<@sjacobs>it really is a beautiful day.
07:52<Guest2202>oh the weather outside is weather
07:52<@sjacobs>it most certainly is.
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08:29<ericoc>bmartin: do you guys still get catered lunches occasionally, how do i get in on that :)
08:29<@bmartin>I've heard stories of lunches
08:29<@bmartin> ?
08:29<ericoc>i'm an ex-employee xD
08:29<@bmartin>ohhhh ok
08:30<@bmartin>I'm newish
08:30<ericoc>i worked in absecon/galloway 2010-2012 in the office before the office on jimmie leeds even
08:30<@bmartin>oh wow very cool
08:30<@jmetz>galloway represent
08:30<ericoc>jmetz: upstairs or downstairs
08:30<@scrane>Haha I never worked in Galloway. But yeah, we get catered lunches. Sometimes they show up on Twitter.
08:31<dzho>star bellied, or not.
08:31<dzho>This is important.
08:31<@jmetz>down, support life
08:31<Guest2223>wow, didn't know the offices in the churchill building were that new.
08:31<@scrane>I see what you did there dzho.
08:31<@scrane>Churchill building?
08:31<Guest2223>dangit, lost my nick
08:31<ericoc>jimmie leeds building = churchill building
08:31<ericoc>yeah, i did support in downstairs @ jimmie leeds
08:31<dzho>scrane: it's a beautiful thing, really, so long as it doesn't go too far.
08:32<@bmartin>never been to gway
08:32<dzho>linode needs a corporate historian now
08:32<ericoc>but now i work ~5 blocks from the phila office :p
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08:32<dzho>eventually to write a book to give to new recruits to help perpetuate the corporate culture and sense of identity
08:32<dzho>you can have songs printed on the end pages
08:33<dzho>like the book I was given by $LARGE_CONSUMER_GOODS_COMPANY when I was an intern there, in the before times.
08:33<dzho>print on demand lowers the cachet a bit, yes.
08:34<ericoc>working at comcast, they liked to remind people that comcast was a "family business" since it was founded by the current ceo's father
08:34<dzho>fsvo family business heh
08:35<ericoc>just a casual modest billionaire
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08:45<@scrane>Comcast's definition of family business is... interesting.
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10:31<@jalter>corporate historian? 🤔
10:36<@jalter>Who controls the past controls the future.
10:36<@jalter>Intriguing position
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11:25<veecious>Some days im Linodin'
11:28<veecious>did they launch bangabandhu last night?
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12:40<@bbigger>launch was delayed, rescheduled for today 20:14 UTC
13:09<millisa>yeah, it stopped 2 seconds into when the computers took over
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13:19<jstitt>IRC is so quiet these days. :)
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13:38<frogzilla>thats why i decided to join linode lol
13:39<frogzilla>it wasnt that funny.. yeah..
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14:14<DanielNM>It's a good day to be Linodin'
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15:56<millisa>launch coverage starting:
16:04<relidy>!point millisa
16:04<linbot>relidy: Point given to millisa. (56) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 13)
16:08<Peng_>Can anyone in Atlanta ping6, say,
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16:12<Peng_>Eh. Linode resolvers also show suspiciously high latency and use IPv4.
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16:23<millisa>!point spacex
16:23<linbot>millisa: Point given to spacex. (3)
16:24<Peng_>!unpoint BGP
16:24<linbot>Peng_: Point taken from bgp! (-1)
16:30<Peng_>Hmm. I think it affects too.
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16:55<Peng_>!dns6 soa
16:55<linbot>Peng_: 1 7200 900 1209600 3600
16:55<Peng_>That was Dallas :P
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18:36<ilia>I am looking forward to change hosting for wordpress site?
18:36<ilia>All I need is fast loading.
18:37<ilia>Is linode good choice? Or I can pick up better one?
18:37<Zimsky>pretty much anything will fulfil the ability of "fast loading"
18:37<Zimsky>so sure
18:38<Zimsky>it's mostly dependent on how you set it up
18:38<Zimsky>and what you mean by "fast loading"
18:39<ilia>Speed, nothing more. It's not big flowing site. Also it not contains much images. But is is multisite and I need it to be loaded as fast as possible.
18:40<Zimsky>okay but "speed" is still vague
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18:40<Zimsky>I dunno if you mean network latency, bandwidth, disk read/write rates, memory read/write rates
18:42<ilia>Good question. I am not sure however. Maybe my expression of speed is dependent on all of them.
18:42<Zimsky>if you want "as fast as possible", then you'll want asset CDNs, caching, etc
18:42<Zimsky>things that require fine tuning
18:43<ilia>Thanks Zimsky, Can you suggest me which linode plan will work better for me?
18:44<Zimsky>I cannot (because I don't know your setup), but just start with the lowest $5/mo plan and if you're maxing out your resources, go up to the next one
18:44<Zimsky>you can upgrade/downgrade pretty easily
18:45<Zimsky>yeah that link is pretty much impossible to find
18:45<Zimsky>thanks millisa
18:46<ilia>Thank you very much to both of you. One most newbie question. Does anything will change on the site? Like dashboard? Or it will stay as it is only it will be running on different server?
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18:48<Zimsky>idk what you mean
18:48<Zimsky>like, the wordpress site? or the linode dashboard?
18:51<ilia>Wordpress site
18:52<Zimsky>the site you install/configure/etc is what it is
18:53<ilia>Many thanks.
18:53<Zimsky>linode won't have any effect on its appearance or configuration
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20:27<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
20:30<Peng_>Most days I'm CloudFronting and Route 53ing
20:31<Zimsky>I supppose it's better than repeatedly murdering children
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22:09<Peng_>Should I figure out the best way to eport routing issues to Amazon, or watch TV
22:09<Zimsky>you should solve P vs NP
22:10<Peng_>Sounds easier
22:12<Zimsky>multiply two 10x10 matrices visually and write the answer in one go
22:16<millisa>is one matrix full of 1's and the other full of 0's?
22:17<Zimsky>each cell is a random value between 1 and 100
22:51<zifnab>is the new manager thing by chance going to change the 15 minute update times on dns
22:52<zifnab>i just renewed letsencrypt things, it took 45 minutes :(
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23:22<trippeh>zifnab: if you slave linode dns off your own dns the changes are instant, fwiw
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23:23<ggh>ask hosting
23:24<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:28<ggh>for the share hosting
23:28<millisa>Are you asking a question?
23:28<ggh>with firewall and cloudflare?
23:28<millisa>These are vps's. You'd setup whatever firewall you want. If you want cloudflare, you can use cloudflare
23:29<ggh>the company can install the cloudflare?
23:29<millisa>that isn't how cloudflare works...
23:29<ggh>i mean, the hosting will be with cloudflare?
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23:33<ggh>if i purcahse a hosting from linoide , it will be with cloudflare or I need to install
23:33<Peng_>You can set up Cloudflare.
23:33<millisa>If you get a vps from Linode, it's up to you to setup the linode and to setup any external services.
23:33<rsdehart>ggh: they give you a computer, the rest is up to you
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23:36<ggh>i need to setup by myself or linoide
23:39<rsdehart>you. set it up. yourself
23:58<zifnab>trippeh: decent idea, sounds like effort ATM though
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