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00:00<@scrane>zifnab I've passed along the suggestion for decreasing the 15 minute time. I don't know if that's going to change any time soon, but you aren't the first one to ask about that.
00:22<zifnab>!lick scrane
00:22<linbot>zifnab: Point given to scrane. (12)
00:23<zifnab>scrane: thanks. Trying to use dehydrated behind a nat, it's fine it just takes two hours :)
00:23<@scrane>Not a problem!
00:24<zifnab>She jumped after that
00:24<zifnab>Ow my leg
00:24<@scrane>That was her plan all along.
00:24<zifnab>She does this n
00:24<@scrane>Little do you know: cats are always trying to kill us.
00:24<zifnab>I'm suprised she hasn't broken all her paws.
00:24<zifnab>New apartment won't have this problem
00:24<zifnab>It is much smaller though :(
00:25<zifnab>Also $700/mo cheaper!
00:25<@scrane>$700/mo is some good savings there.
00:32<trippeh>but does it have FTTH
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00:38<mailserver>I remember more than 20 years ago, I set up an email server and made the following dns entry:
00:38<mailserver>do we still need the mail.... part?
00:39<millisa>if that's what your mx record points to
00:39<mailserver>so if I create, and add mail services on that server, do I still need to add a
00:39<mailserver>or should I just put as mail server
00:40<mailserver>from scratch.
00:40<mailserver>everything is on linode.
00:40<mailserver>a $5 linode and I'm using their linode dns settings.
00:42<mailserver>I don't know how to answer your question. my knowledge is more than 20 years old.
00:42<millisa>are you doing inbound mail?
00:42<trippeh>as long as the reverse(ptr), a/aaaa and mx records line up you can call it pretty much anything
00:43<mailserver>send and recieve mail
00:43<mailserver>and trippen, how do you test that?
00:44<mailserver>I can already send and receive mail. but I found that ms exchange server rejects without warning. so end user never sees my emails. but others do see it such as gmail, yahoo...
00:45<millisa>what reason does it give for rejecting?
00:45<mailserver>no reason at all, goes into blackhole
00:45<millisa>that's unlikely.
00:45<mailserver>i would guess it thinks its spam and makes it dissappear
00:45<millisa>your smtp server's log will show it either connect, not connect, or it will connect and the remote mail server will respond with a status code
00:51<mailserver>says sent then :
00:51<mailserver>sm-mta[7603]: STARTTLS=client, relay=mail3.___SERVER____., version=TLSv1.2, verify=FAIL, cipher=DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384, bits=256/256
00:51<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
00:51<millisa>and stop redacting
00:51<mailserver>where ___server___ is the servername but omited
00:51<mailserver>I value my privacy
00:52<millisa>I value my time.
00:52<mailserver>its only 3 lines and two says sent
00:53<millisa>Does it?
00:55<mailserver>emails are sent to other servers and users get them fine. just exchange that I know of. so my guess is that they receive the email, then their spam filter deletes it
00:55<trippeh>operating your own email in 2018 is sort of painful unless you are aware of all the "secret" rules
00:56<mailserver>what would you do?
00:56<mailserver>again, my knowledge is 20 years old
00:56<millisa>make sure the forward matches the reverse, matches the ehlo string. check to make sure I'm not any blacklists. and if it's just one exchange server that's throwing away the mail and you see 200 responses in your smtp logs, get the recipient to complain at their exchange admin
00:57<millisa>or if you are the exchange admin, look at the logs on the exchange server
00:57<trippeh>also if you are on linode without a reserved network prefix, make sure you do not deliver email over IPv6.
00:57<trippeh>the default prefix tends to be blacklisted
01:00<trippeh>I hate to be the disable-ipv6 guy, but :)
01:03<trippeh>reserved IPv6 network prefix that is.
01:04<mailserver>what's a default prefix?
01:06<@sjacobs>you can always request a /64 pool of ipv6 addresses and get it with no questions asked.
01:07<mailserver>"you" meaning?
01:08<@sjacobs>meaning any linode customer.
01:09<react>I have an email solution for everyone, GSuite
01:09<mailserver>can you google that for me?
01:10*react fry_squint.gif
01:10<react>can't tell if serious or not serious...
01:11<mailserver>gsuite's prices seem reasonable for one person.
01:11<mailserver>whatever it is they do.
01:12<react>gsuite is a part of the google cloud ecosystem
01:12<react>anyways, as someone that still runs their own mail services, it's a pain, there's services out there to make it "easier"
01:12<mailserver>why do they charge money? google sells private information.
01:12<Peng_>Perhaps instead you should Bing Outlook 365.
01:13<mailserver>can you bing that for me?
01:13<@sjacobs>or fastmail.
01:14<mailserver>is fastmail like sendmail?
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01:14<mailserver>oriface 365 costs a million USD
01:15<@sjacobs>no, it's not like sendmail.
01:16<@sjacobs>it's a paid mail service, like gsuite, but you seemed concerned about selling private information.
01:16<@sjacobs>fastmail has one business. email.
01:16<Peng_>G Suite and Outlook 365 don't sell your information do they
01:16<@sjacobs>i don't think so, but mailserver seemed concerned about it.
01:17<mailserver>oh, no I'm already imortalised by google, microsoft, and billions of other companies
01:18<mailserver>I can find everything about myself if I simply put in my first and last name and my town and state.
01:19<mailserver>back to my first question, so in linode dns settings, then MX Records settings, I can just put in without the "mail." part right? that's the impression I'm getting.
01:20<trippeh>as long as your mailserver identifies as and your ip maps to
01:21<mailserver>my mailserver meaing /usr/sbin/sendmail??
01:24<mailserver>ah, so I can have both? and
01:24<mailserver>that would be for receiving mail?
01:24<mailserver>would that affect sending mail to other people?
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01:35<krtx1>Hey guys :) Looking for a bit of a helping hand on the Linode Python API.
01:35<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:36<krtx1>Following this guide,
01:36<krtx1>using Python 2.7, though I have 3.4 also installed.
01:37<krtx1>API key added into the member's section
01:37<krtx1>I can query the regions
01:37<krtx1>But when I try create an instance, I get the following
01:37<krtx1>grrr, one sec
01:37<krtx1>linode.errors.ApiError: 401: Invalid OAuth Token;
01:43<@mtjones>That error message suggests that the token you're using is either expired or isn't recognized by the API. Could you try generating a new token and using it with your request?
01:43<@sjacobs>krtx1: and you've confirmed you're passing the right token?
01:43<@sjacobs>yeah. what mtjones said. :)
01:44<krtx1>Yeah definitely, I generated one, it is in my script, calling it like so: client = linode.LinodeClient('my_token_here')
01:44<krtx1>for i in client.get_regions():
01:44<krtx1> print(
01:44<krtx1>I then do that
01:44<krtx1>I get the regions back just fine
01:44<krtx1>But when I move to the next step to create a linode, this happens
01:44<millisa>can you test it with curl?
01:45<@mtjones>The regions one doesn't check the token since it's public info.
01:45<krtx1>I can even get the label back like so
01:45<krtx1>type = linode.Type(client, 'g5-standard-2')
01:46<krtx1>I then set the region based on the response I get, and as soon as I invoke this client.linode.create_instance(type, region) , I get the error
01:46<krtx1>Let me try via curl
01:46<krtx1>And let me try regen another one
01:46<@sjacobs>just to be sure, when you generated the token, you gave it permissions to create linodes, right?
01:48<krtx1>Hmmm, I did not even see permissions :/
01:48<millisa>(I like to use something like this to check the response when I'm trying to make my dirty, dirty, perl work . . )
01:49<krtx1>I create the API key, no expiry, give it a label. Are there permissions that also need to be associated?
01:50<krtx1>sjacobs: where do you do the permissions on the API key?
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01:51<krtx1>millisa: thanks let me give this a try
01:52<zifnab>millisa: you use, should i bother making the UI less shit
01:52<millisa>zifnab: i use it because I like the UI...
01:52<zifnab>nevermind then
01:52<millisa>zifnab: then again, I like perl, so . . .
01:52<zifnab>i mean that's questionable in itself
01:53<Peng_>So what you're saying is you want more curly braces and poo emoji
01:53<krtx1>millisa: yeah my API token just fails, let me gen another one.
01:53<millisa>and a lot of uncertainty whether I just put in an integer. or maybe a string. or sometimes both.
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01:56<krtx1>yeah no same response with a new API key. Am I meant to be giving permissions to these keys or something!?
01:57<@sjacobs>krtx1: regarding where i set permissions. i set them after clicking "Add personal access token" on this page:
01:58<millisa>there's a little '...' on the right where you can view token scope
01:58<krtx1>I have been adding the API keys here:
01:59<krtx1>What's the difference in the portal?
01:59<krtx1>Or between the 2 portals?
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01:59<@sjacobs>krtx1: yeah. i just realized that could cause some confusion. the api key you are generating there is for
02:00<krtx1>Yeah it helps if I am generating the right one
02:00<krtx1>Perhaps I should "read the docs", but I honestly did not know there was a difference.
02:01<@sjacobs>i just noted that. that is confusing and not cool.
02:02<krtx1>Thanks for clearing that up.
02:02<krtx1>Yay, it is working :)
02:02<@sjacobs>you didn't do anything wrong. that page should defintely more clear.
02:02<millisa>!point krtx1
02:02<linbot>millisa: Point given to krtx1. (1)
02:02<krtx1>I appreciate the help.
02:03<zifnab>millisa: fwiw i was debating a single-page javascript app that only works between 2pm-3pm on tuesdays
02:03<krtx1>Yeah I am on the Python learning bandwagon, and thought I might be doing something wrong, hence all of this ;)
02:03<zifnab>probably requiring nodejs to be installed on the client
02:05<krtx1>Thanks for all the help sjacobs, millisa & mtjones
02:05<zifnab>in reality i really just want to drop mogno, move it to postgres, an add a sane API
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02:06<millisa>does it make me a bad person that I never clicked your link to your git repo?
02:07<@sjacobs>i was just about to thank them. that page needs some clarification.
02:08<zifnab>no, i wouldn't expect anyone to click anything
02:08<millisa>well i've clicked it now.
02:09<zifnab>it's a python+mongo thing i wrote...a while ago
02:09<zifnab>i would like to drop mongo (it sucks), throw it in a real db (that doesn't suck), and maybe do client side encryption by default
02:10<zifnab>i haven't quite figured out with client side encryption how to keep curl blah/raw | sh working
02:10<zifnab>there are 3200 things in the database atm
02:11<zifnab>i forgot that i had created a bunch of fancy aliases,,
02:13<zifnab>make that 256, 3k of them had expired.
02:15<millisa>maybe this:
02:16<millisa>(back to the 'making it less shit' question)
02:18<millisa>(never logged in before. i think.)
02:21<zifnab>should really make it py3 too
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03:09<retro|blah>Yes, "I'm happy I finally signed up [so I can spam]"
03:17<@scrane>Spam? What spam.
03:17<@scrane>there never was any spam.
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03:19<retro|blah>nor happiness
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03:37<@scrane>... That guy was just signed into IRC.
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03:40<millisa>it's sad that he thinks the bounce issue isn't his own provider's problem...
03:42<@scrane>Haha I'm not certain what NBN is.
03:43<retro|blah>Does not work is a detailed, descriptive error condition. -No one ever
03:44<millisa>I had to look it up; looks like a regional term for 'not copper based internet'?
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03:48<dsmith2>I'm the REAL DSMITH!
03:48<dsmith1>Who did that?
03:48<dsmith2>Why not Zoidberg?
03:48<dsmith2>whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop
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03:48<dsmith1>I'm calling an admin. This is outragious
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03:50<millisa>they typo'd their own domain name... is not (which does have a dns entry)
03:51<millisa>(they list the right name on their email setup faq
03:51<@scrane>Haha interesting.
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05:30<Peng_>'s nominal DNS provider has issues, too.
05:31<Peng_> is using a different DNS provider, though.
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12:09<joel__>how do I see the RAM for my linode in the dashboard (or otherwise)?
12:10<joel__>i ran top and see it's about 4GB.
12:10<joel__>i guess that must be reflecting the recent upgrade from 2 -> 4 GB.
12:11<joel__>is there anything in dashboard that would show RAM also?
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12:21<ericoc>joel__: dashboard doesn't see resource usage internal to your Linode (like memory)
12:21<ericoc>"free -m" and/or /proc/meminfo is going to be your source of truth
12:22<joel__>I'm more of a programmer and an admin newb - appreciate the help.
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14:38<mikej>so google pagespeed tells me to reduce server response time, will upgrading to a higher memory linode help with that?
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14:46<mikej>also i don't see the pricing for the 12288 plan
14:46<dwfreed>12288 is 12 GB
14:48<mikej>yea so i have that plan according to my admin dashboard but it's not charging me 80/month for it
14:48<mikej>so im wondering if it's actually set to a different plan
14:49<dwfreed>you might have missed a free upgrade
14:50<dwfreed>how much are you paying?
14:51<mikej>Linode 12288 - epicCore (819153) 2018-04-05 13:22:55 2018-04-17 19:00:49 294 $0.1200 $35.28
14:51<dwfreed>no, that's right
14:51<dwfreed>you're paying 12 cents per hour
14:51<dwfreed>which matches the per hour rate of the Linode 12 GB
14:52<dwfreed>the per hour rate caps at the monthly rate, which works out to just short of 667 hours
14:52-!-telega [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:52<dwfreed>(666 hours and 40 minutes, to be exact)
14:52<mikej>so i should be paying 80 per month
14:53<dwfreed>if you have the Linode for more than 666 hours in a month, yes
14:53<mikej>i mean it's on 24/7
14:53<mikej>so either the billing is messed up or im not on the 12288 plan
14:53<Peng_>It was dated 2018-04-05 to 2018-04-17
14:54<dwfreed>that invoice line shows that that specific linode only existed at that plan level (I'm hedging in case you resized or something) for 294 hours
14:54<Peng_>What if they created it or resized on 2018-04-05 and there was a mid-month invoice on 2018-04-17?
14:54<dwfreed>possible, if they hit the outstanding limit
14:55<dwfreed>though the precise timing of the end point is curious
14:55<mikej>I see so linode is billing me 2x a month?
14:55<dwfreed>I don't know, are you getting 2 invoices per month?
14:55<dwfreed>we can't answer that question
14:56-!-kaare__ [~kaare@2a02:aa7:4006:792a:e294:67ff:fe9a:73d8] has joined #linode
14:56-!-kaare__ is "Kaare Rasmussen" on #linode
14:56<mikej>Apparently im not sure why it's not monthly in 1 bill
14:56<Peng_>mikej: What happened on 2018-04-05 and 2018-04-17. And before 2018-04-05, and after 2018-04-17?
14:56<dwfreed>because of Linode's postpay nature, they put limits on how much uninvoiced service can be outstanding before an invoice is generated, to reduce losses in the event people don't pay
14:57<dwfreed>so some people will see more than one invoice in a month because they hit that limit
14:58<dwfreed>I believe the default limit is $50
14:58<dwfreed>the limit will change on its own with established account history, and you can always ask support to increase the limit
14:58<mikej>Linode 12288 - epicCore (819153) 2018-04-17 19:00:50 2018-04-30 23:59:59 317 $0.1200 $38.04
14:59<dwfreed>linbot: rpn 38.04 35.28 +
14:59<mikej>so it's splitting it ok that's fine
14:59<dwfreed>stupid bot
14:59-!-kaare_ [~kaare@2a02:aa7:4609:d9d5:e294:67ff:fe9a:73d8] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:01<mikej>i understand network in ( traffic/resources requested ) but what uses network out?
15:01<dwfreed>downloads from the Linode to the internet
15:02<mikej>i'm thinking of switching to the high memory plans
15:02<dwfreed>(for throughput purposes, all traffic leaving the Linode is counted; for transfer purposes, only traffic leaving the Linode on the public IP address is counted)
15:02<mikej>i see
15:03-!-tomaw [] has quit [Quit: Quit]
15:03<mikej>is losing 4 cpu cores worth 24gb more of ram
15:05<dwfreed>depends on if you're CPU bound (and capable of multithreading/multiprocessing) or RAM bound
15:05-!-tomaw is "Tom Wesley <>" on #debian #virt #tor-project #ceph #bitlbee #oftc-staff #perl #ovirt #osm #suckless #slackware #sd #tor #awesome #supybot
15:05-!-tomaw [] has joined #linode
15:05<dwfreed>if you're CPU bound, probably not
15:05<mikej>in terms of website loading speed how would i test that
15:06<mikej>just switch between plans and benchmark i guess
15:06<Peng_>And try to analyze and monitor what your system's doing now.
15:06<dwfreed>tools like siege are very helpful for load testing websites
15:07<dwfreed>(chances are you're CPU bound, really)
15:07<mikej>when i siege cpu usage is almost always 100%
15:07<mikej>probably makes more sense to just get the higher cpu plan
15:14-!-MrControll [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:23<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
15:26<Zimsky>oh shut up
15:27<Zimsky>you were obviously awsing yesterday
15:54<ericoc>you can do both :p
15:54-!-NiTeMaRe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:55<ericoc>but friends don't let friends use azure
16:20-!-Cromulent [~Cromulent@] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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17:07<zifnab>kryptonite just caught a hacked server for me
17:07*zifnab ifdown eth0 and fucks with it later
17:07-!-telega [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
17:07<zifnab>they tried to ssh from my account, this shits ancient and i have no diea what's even on it, been meaning to decomission it
17:09<dwfreed> ?
17:09<zifnab>yeah that one
17:10<zifnab>it uses android's TZ to store an ssh private key
17:10<zifnab>and installs a binary everywhere, if i don't click a button on my phone i can't ssh places
17:11-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:04<frogzilla>hey hey! im trying to restoer my linode using a backup, but there is a " -- not enough free space -- " even though i got 45gb left
19:05<frogzilla>( 3413MB/49024MB )
19:07<frogzilla>ok got it
19:07<frogzilla>just tryin to keep the irc warm
19:11<frogzilla>no uh... well: *croack*
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