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02:49<Zimsky>Woet doesn't like dogs
02:50*dcraig tickles zimsky around a bit with a large ruffe
02:50*dcraig tickles zimsky around a bit with a large rudd
02:50*dcraig tickles zimsky around a bit with a large sea toad
02:50*dcraig tickles woet around a bit with a large gouramie
03:02<Woet>dcraig: nice catch
03:04<Zimsky>better catch than you
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05:38<@bmartin>hello how are you?
05:38<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
05:39<Tisax>i've got a popup scam that open on an ip hosted by linode
05:39<Tisax>were can i report it ?
05:39<@bmartin>thank you
05:40<Tisax>mail is sent bye
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06:20<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • need to be restarted <>
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10:23<@scrane>Hello there!
10:23<idan>it's a private chat by linode?
10:23<@scrane>This is a public chat about Linode
10:23<idan>I've a technical question
10:23<@scrane>Sure thing. What's the issue you're having
10:24<idan>I need to host a small app
10:24<idan>PHP, ionic 3, with mongo db
10:24<idan>I've linode account
10:24<idan>but it has mysql and php app
10:24<idan>Do I need new package?
10:25<@scrane>Hmmmm okay, so from my understanding you created a Linode and when you went to install the services you installed mysql instead of mongodb?
10:26<idan>It's my second app
10:26<idan>The second app need mongo db
10:26<idan>I didn't install it
10:26<idan>the first app with the mysql works fine.
10:26<idan>I'm not really technical guy
10:26<idan>but if you guide me I'll understand what to do
10:26<@scrane>Oooh, okay. So you are wondering if you need a second Linode to run mongodb as well, or if you can run mysql and mongodb on the same Linode
10:26<idan>Yes :-)
10:27<@scrane>Then yes, you can absolutely install mongodb as well and run that.
10:27<@scrane>You don't need a separate server to run mongodb vs. mysql, they can run together on the same Linode.
10:27<idan>Can you help me with that/
10:28<idan>I'm not really technical.
10:28<idan>I just want to prepare the "surface" to my developer
10:29<@scrane>So that one is a little outside my expertise... but I would recommend asking this question on
10:30<idan>What this chat goot for?
10:30<idan>*good for
10:31<idan>I mean it's for sells and pricing questions?
10:39<@scrane>It's good for some technical questions and pricing questions.
10:40<@scrane>But because this is also a community page, it really depends on the knowledge of the people who are logged in at the time.
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11:41<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:41<@scrane>Hey there!
11:42<Guest2582>does Linode has the service of registering domains? or should I register in another provider and then add linode´s dns?
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11:43<@bmartin>You would need to register the domain
11:43<@bmartin>elsewhere then point it to our dns
11:43<root__>sory im new her
11:43<Guest2582>great! thanks ¡!
11:43<Guest2582>another one...
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11:44<Guest2582>We are uploading a mobile app that is goint to be working for 10 days (is for a social event)
11:44<Guest2582>so, can we hire the service just for one month?
11:46<Guest2582>Linode 32GB plan
11:46<kucing>part #linode
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11:47<@bmartin>You can use our services as long or as little as you want
11:47<Guest2582>great Martin
11:48<Guest2582>because I found this when I was registering: I agree to the Terms of service and understand my services will automatically renew.
11:48<Guest2582>so, be can use the service only for one month and pay for 1 month only?
11:48<@bmartin>unless you remove the Linode from your account
11:49<@bmartin>Once it is removed you will not be billed further. We bill the 1st of the month for the prior month.
11:49<Guest2582>and now I have a technical question...
11:50<Guest2582>we need to upload to linode a Backoffice with a webservice that controls an app
11:51<@bmartin>I'm not certain I follow
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11:52<Guest2582>this app is goint to be used by 10.000 users at the same time in an event. the are going to vote for some Words inside the app, an the app generates an XML to feed a VJ to a 360 wall. Does 32GB plan is a good choice for this needs?
11:52<Guest2582>we need reall time response.
11:52<@scrane>There are many factors involved in that. It'll be hard to give a specific recommendation.
11:53<@scrane>What I would say is use a plan you feel comfortable with, and if the resources aren't right and yo ustart to see a bottleneck, you can upgrade your plan pretty quickly.
11:53<@scrane>It wiill really depend on how many resources are used per user, the traffic volume, the size of the individual page, etc.
11:55<Guest2582>ok! sure. you are right. But do you have a reference of this plan? I mean, a stress test you´ve done so we can have a reference?
11:56<Guest2582>for the 32gb plan
11:56<Guest2582>And thanks a lot for your time answering! :)
11:57<Guest2582>and, does the location affects? We are using this from Argentina...
11:58<Guest2582>which location should be best?
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11:58<@scrane>Because of the number of factors, we don't really have any stress tests we can provide. As for location, I would recommend checking out our speed test to see which one works best for you.
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12:01<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • need to be restarted <>
12:03<Guest2582>great! was fremont
12:06<Guest2582>The las Question
12:06<Guest2582>where can I find the DNS i have to add to the domain?
12:07<@scrane>So if you have purchased a domain already, you can use the Linode DNS manager. If you use our DNS manager, you will need to go to your domain registrar and set your nameservers to through
12:08<@scrane>From there you can take a look at the following for more about how to configure that.
12:11<Guest2582>thank you very much!
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12:22<Guest2582>I have another question
12:23<@scrane>Sure thing
12:23<Guest2582>I´ve just bought the domain and configure the nameserver. NOW how do I add this domain to my linode plan?
12:24<@scrane>Yes, so you can follow that DNS Manager guide for how to configure the Linode's Domain Zone with DNS manager
12:24<@scrane>And then you will also want to make sure you have set up a webserver on the Linode itself. That is something you will need to configure.
12:25<@scrane>For a pretty basic webserver installation guide you can take a look at our LAMP Stack guidie here:
12:34<Guest2582>Last one!!
12:34<Guest2582>ssl certificate?
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12:35<@scrane>We don't provide SSL certificates, however you can get your own SSL certificate and set that up on your Linode.
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13:33<Guest2582>Hi! HERE I AM AGAIN.
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13:57<Woet>LOUD NOISES
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14:30<Woet>oh god gjjansen is back
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14:35<@gjjansen>sorry. the znc server was hanging in purgatory and screaming at me.
14:39<Woet>fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
14:39<Woet>Zimsky: impress us with your Dutch
14:39<@gjjansen>Something something cheese head.
14:42<@abrining>@gjjansen @Woet No swearing please, this is a Christian server :poohbear:
14:42<Woet>gjjansen: who is abrining
14:42<Woet>why havent you introduced me
14:43<Woet>abrining: I'm now checking the about page to judge you based on looks
14:43<@gjjansen>he's a friend and fellow wanderer
14:43<Woet>i thought you only had friends in thrust & safely
14:43<@abrining>You'll also notice my picture is higher up than gjjansen's :P
14:44<@gjjansen>Yes, since you're my OG.
14:45<@abrining>also you won't get much to judge from the picture, my hair is down to my shoulders now, lol
14:45<@gjjansen>T&S is full of people furiously cleaning up the cruft of the internet so we have no times for friends.
14:46<millisa>Cruft Of the Internet is my favorite band
14:46<Woet>read: i have no social skills but i'm pretty good at excuses
14:46<Woet>abrining: so you're the opposite of bhanks, she's bald now
14:47<@gjjansen>millisa: they're real rockers
14:47<@gjjansen>Woet: My social skills are impeccable.
14:48<@gjjansen>Wish me luck as I reboot this server one more time.
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14:49<Woet>gjjansen: its hosted by DO right
14:49<@gjjansen>No, every day I'm Linodin'
14:50<@gjjansen>Okay. Still didn't load the module. Hmm.
14:50<Woet>unlike Eugene
14:50<Woet>you know you can load modules without restarting right
14:50<Woet>/msg *status loadmod
14:51*abrining watches as gjjansen's head explodes
14:51<@gjjansen>I didn't
14:51<Woet>bit sexual
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14:52<@gjjansen>Cool. That did the bit.
14:52<Woet>you're welcome
14:52<Woet>that'll be $100
14:52<Woet>- 20% if you have managed
14:52<@gjjansen>Thanks Woet
14:52<@gjjansen>but ouch, that hurts. lol
14:53<@gjjansen>I'll Venmo it your way immediately.
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14:54<Woet>i prefer Venz
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15:02<@gjjansen>I am not familiar with your interesting Dutch money magic.
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16:06<frogzilla>hey guys, any possible way to download a whole backup ?
16:06<frogzilla>without having ssh or g/lish access
16:07<@scrane>Not from our platform, I don't believe.
16:07<@scrane>This is the best method to do it
16:08<@scrane>This may also prove useful
16:08<frogzilla>thanks :) im going to give a look
16:22<frogzilla>wow thanks scrane that really worked good :D hehehe
16:23<@scrane>Glad I could help!
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16:38<@gjjansen>scrane: you're my hero.
16:41<@scrane>I do my best.
16:42<@gjjansen>That's all I could ever ask of you.
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17:24<frogzilla>is it "legal" to refer myself with an other email and create a second account ? i don't want to host my backup linode on my same account :D
17:26<@gjjansen>frogzilla: That would be considered referral fraud. You're able to create a second account for service separation however referring yourself would be frowned upon.
17:27<@gjjansen>I'm not sure that it's super necessary to separate services across accounts in this context. The only thing that would bring the whole account down would be lack of payment.
17:27<frogzilla>:< im gonna have to use my mum's name than...
17:28<frogzilla>im just kidding xD
17:28<frogzilla>thanks for the info thou
17:28<@gjjansen>Of course!
17:28<@gjjansen>Always happy to help.
17:32<Peng_>frogzilla: It's fine to have multiple accounts if you're not doing anything fraudulent, though.
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17:39<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
17:42<tmberg>Still lying..
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18:24<@gjjansen>!point Eugene
18:24<linbot>gjjansen: Point given to eugene. (61) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
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19:27<Zimsky>Woet: genoeg
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19:39<Guest2582>bye! and thanks!
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19:39<@gjjansen>Oh... okay.
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22:27<@bhanks>Eugene where are you
22:27<@bhanks>are you Linodin'
23:00<Eugene>Gardenin' too.
23:00<Eugene>I broke my phone so you don
23:01<Eugene>'t get any fresh photos, but here's some old ones:
23:01<@bhanks>Eugene we're trying to catch up with you but the livestream isn't so live rn
23:01<@bhanks>oh look at that cat
23:01<@gjjansen>I love the cat.
23:01<@gjjansen>Great cat.
23:01<Eugene>I need to re-do my desktop cams. Neither of them is actually "on" reliably or pointed somewhere interesting
23:02<@bhanks>what is the cat in? dirt box??
23:02<@bhanks>AMAZING DOG 100/100
23:02<Eugene>Worm-composting bin
23:02<Eugene>She was "helping the worms breathe"
23:03<Eugene>More dog photos:
23:04<Eugene>My wife worked with the breeder a bunch on this litter, so we really have raised him since he was thiiiiis big
23:04<Zimsky>does your dog lay dog eggs in the house
23:04<@bhanks>OOOOooooO look who shows up
23:06<Eugene>Video of kitty in worm bin:
23:07<@bhanks>Eugene can we get a name for the cat please? lots of discussion going on and we need details
23:07<@bhanks>smart kitty
23:07<Eugene>Rachel is the grey one. Wembley is shy and orange, you might see him on the couch in some of the photos
23:08<Eugene>Last album:
23:09<@bhanks>this is all great thank you so much
23:09<@bhanks>question about the clown
23:10<Eugene>Always glad to share some of my family life. I haven't been very good at putting this stuff on my official website.... organizing the photoroll from my phone (in Google Photos) is the closest i've gotten.
23:10<Eugene>Not mine. It's very "Vashon" though.
23:12<Eugene>You guys should visit sometime. There are lots of conventions in the Seattle area, surely you could make a day to BBQ with Eugene... its a nice island.
23:13<Zimsky>just what someone trying to poison Zimsky would say
23:14<@bhanks>we just had people in the Seattle area!
23:14<@bhanks>not me of course
23:15<Eugene>My address is in WHOIS, just call or email before you arrive. ;-)
23:15<Zimsky>how was st petersburg, bhanks?
23:15<@bhanks>yes linode sent me to russia
23:15<@bhanks>where i discovered that i am, in fact, the archduchess anastasia
23:18<@gjjansen>Dog eggs.
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23:20<Zimsky>yes dog eggs
23:20<Eugene>You're a towel
23:20<@bhanks>!towel Eugene
23:20<linbot>bhanks: Point taken from eugene! (60)
23:21<Zimsky>Eugene: you're a sanitary towel
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