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00:14<warewolf>gnah, I got bitten 2x by interface renaming due to reboot from the ApocaSpectMeltdownrelypse. First was "interfaces won't come up because they magically don't exist" and the second was "your firewall is permit any/any because your interfaces don't match"
00:15<warewolf>how difficult is it to switch over to grub2 on a linode from the age-old defaulti "just boot this kernel image"? Is it just as simple as grub2-install /dev/sda, making a config file, and saying "grub2" as initrd in the linode panel?
00:30<dwfreed>yes, but why do you want to do that?
00:31<warewolf>to pass 'biosdevname=0' and 'net.ifnames=0' to the kernel so I never have this happen again
00:31<dwfreed>ln -sv /dev/null /etc/udev/rules.d/80-net-setup-link.rules
00:31<warewolf>I don't ahve that file
00:31<dwfreed>that's the override location
00:32<dwfreed>the file lives in /lib/udev/rules.d
00:32<dwfreed>/etc/udev/rules.d files override /lib/udev/rules.d files
00:32<warewolf>oh shit, you're right
00:32<warewolf>I ran locate on that filename before, and must have typoed
00:32<dwfreed>there's probably also one in /lib/udev/rules.d for biosdevname
00:32<warewolf>I suspected it was in /usr or /lib somewhere
00:33<warewolf>... queston
00:33<warewolf>does it have to be a softlink to /dev/null or can I just touch it?
00:33<dwfreed>touch works too
00:33<warewolf>thought as much
00:33<dwfreed>the symlink just ensures the file is always empty :)
00:34<warewolf>or that /dev/null is no longer /dev/null if something stupid follows softlinks!
00:34<dwfreed>would have to be *really* stupid
00:34<warewolf>do not underestimate me.
00:35<warewolf>me before coffee is not a pretty sight.
00:35<dwfreed>because rm does not follow symlinks, and that's the only way to remove /dev/null
00:36<warewolf>and on that note, it's 36 min past my bedtime!
00:36<warewolf>dwfreed: thank you for the assist on making systemd less of a thorn in my side.
00:37<dwfreed>If you're satisfied with your support experience, don't forget to !point dwfreed
00:38<warewolf>uh ok
00:38<warewolf>!point dwfreed
00:38<linbot>warewolf: Point given to dwfreed. (49) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 9)
00:38<warewolf>!set dwfreed
00:38<warewolf>!match dwfreed
00:39<Zimsky>I never thought of dwfreed as someone who would beg for points
00:39<Zimsky>dwfreed: you're aware that the points don't actually mean anything, right?
00:39<dwfreed>Zimsky: which is why I want all of them
00:39<dwfreed>fake internet points are the best
00:39<Zimsky>so you want all of something that is meaningless?
00:40<Zimsky>don't you already have yourself
00:41<Zimsky>damn now I'm thinking about negative mass again
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03:14<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • About every 10 days Apache needs to be restarted <>
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06:29<chandan>we are getting high load avg issue in our server
06:31<@bmartin>Hey there chandan do you have a ticket open by chance?
06:31<chandan>yes already open
06:34<@bmartin>can you give me that ticket number so I can have someone take a look?
06:34<chandan>any lead
06:35<chandan>[10473602] our load avg shows very high cpu
06:35<chandan>from yesterday we continue saw load avg reach to 1000 and again back to 250
06:36<@bmartin>Thank you. We will have someone with you very shortly
06:36<chandan>before update it was fine after update as per the linode is notification this happend to us
06:36<chandan>in our whm process log we saw this /opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/usr/bin/php-cgi /home/publictv/public_html/index.php
06:37<Woet>chandan: do you have Linode managed?
06:38<Woet>chandan: they'll check then
06:38<Woet>chandan: are you sure?
06:38<Woet>chandan: you're paying $100/month for Linode managed?
06:38<chandan>we paying 200 dollar a month
06:38<chandan>Linode 24576 - linode2712313 (2712313) 2018-03-01 00:00:00 2018-03-31 23:59:59 $0.2400 $160.00
06:38<chandan>see this
06:39<Woet>chandan: yes.. thats a $160 Linode
06:39<Woet>chandan: that doesn't include Linode managed
06:39<chandan>please guide a support team or any chat
06:39<chandan>Linode 8192 - linode2934887 (2934887) 2018-03-01 00:00:00 2018-03-31 23:59:59 $0.0600 $40.00
06:39<chandan>so total 200 dollar
06:39<Woet>chandan: yes.. thats a $160 Linode and a $40 Linode
06:39<chandan>we have 2 server
06:39<Woet>chandan: that doesn't include Linode managed
06:39<Woet>chandan: Linode managed is an additional $100/month for each Linode
06:40<chandan>so now how i can fix this issue
06:40<Woet>chandan: unless you have managed, issues like high load are up to you to diagnose and resolve.
06:40<Woet>chandan: you SSH into the server, find the culprit and fix it
06:40<chandan>am getting this
06:40<Woet>chandan: most likely one of your sites got hacked and are busy brute forcing/spamming people
06:41<chandan>just now i block crawler
06:41<chandan>and much better now
06:41<Woet>chandan: since you don't have managed, this is not up to Linode to look into. they only look into hardware/networking issues.
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07:48<rick>do you sell ssl certifiacte?
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11:10<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
11:10<@scrane>You sit on a throne of lies!
11:20<Woet>!towel Eugene
11:20<Woet>!point scrane
11:20<linbot>Woet: Point taken from eugene! (59)
11:20<linbot>Woet: Point given to scrane. (13)
11:21<Eugene>At the risk of engaging a troll, I don't understand your position in the face of the facts
11:22<Woet>Eugene: the facts say you skip
11:24<Eugene>As has been covered repeatedly, the lack of announcement of an act does not mean that it did not occur: as evidenced by my continued presence here and the /whois record
11:24<Eugene>Neener neener
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11:48<brunoiveo>What happened to the api v4 guides?
11:50<@scrane>You should see them here
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12:46<Jehova>Hey guys, does linode offer any plans without transfer caps?
12:50<@scrane>Hey Jehova, we do not offer any plans without the transfer cap.
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12:51<Jehova>Thanks for the answer scrane, is there a reason as to why this is the case?
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12:54<Jehova>I was looking for a platform to develop on, and it would involve a lot of file transfers for me.. I also wondered if that transfer cap also includes what I upload to the machine over SSH?
12:55<@scrane>That beign said, the transfer cap is pooled. If you have multiple Linodes, they all share the same pool. Multiple Linodes will increase the pool. For example, a 1GB Linode has a 1TB outbound transfer credit. If you have 5 1GB Linodes, there will be a 5TB total transfer pool, allowing one Linode to use up 4TB while the other 4 can use a total of 1TB combined or any combination.
12:55<@scrane>The transfer credit only counts the outbound traffic originating from the Linode.
12:58<ericoc>and inbound transfer is free?
13:02<ericoc>ya, you just said that, ignore me
13:02<ericoc>need more coffeeeeeee
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13:09<warsylep>hey there
13:09<warsylep>is there any network issues in london dc?
13:09<@scrane>Hey there!
13:11<@scrane>Hmmm I'm not entirely certain. I'd recommend opening a ticket so we can take a look and keep track of what you're seeing and make sure we're giving the most accurate information.
13:12<warsylep>ok, i'll do that. just wanted to be sure it wasn't some outage already known
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14:00<Eugene>zifnab - whatevr became of that Golang init project you started?
14:00<Eugene>I'm trolling at work
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14:14<zifnab>Eugene: it's still on GitHub I just killed the box that ran it
14:14<zifnab>I wanted my $5 back
14:15<zifnab> iirc
14:15<zifnab>...your site has hsts but no wildcard.
14:16<Eugene>I stopped having a wildcard years ago with the demise of StartSSL
14:16<Eugene>Yes, I know, Let's Encrypt offers them now. I haven't moved this service over to Terraform yet.
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14:53<FluffyFoxeh>is that like sonic 06
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15:47<@gjjansen>Howdy 'node.
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15:50<CornishPasty>Ah good, Eugene is linodin' today
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15:57<Vicky>its posible use cpanel with lindode hosting?
15:57<Vicky>any one here?
15:58<rsdehart>Vicky: It's possible, but you're responsible for purchasing a license and installing it yourself
15:58<rsdehart>they don't do it for you unless you subscribed to managed service
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15:59<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
15:59<Vicky>okay all plan vps?
15:59<rsdehart>thanks millisa. I never remember if the intuitive shortcut I think I remember is it or if I'm just going to look like a fool
16:01<Vicky>linode all paln are vps right?
16:01<Vicky>KVM vps?
16:01<@scrane>The Linodes run on KVM
16:02<Vicky>company provide data backup safety?
16:02<warewolf>Vicky: have you looked at the website?
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16:02<linbot>You should probably have backups. If you don't want to set up your own, use Linode Backups. Prices start at $ 2.00/month depending on your plan.
16:03<Vicky>how to boost server speed with lite speed need or not?
16:04<warewolf>what is lite speed?
16:04<@sjacobs>i'm intrigued.
16:04<@scrane>I'm scrane
16:05<Vicky>read onces
16:05<warewolf>Vicky: there are linode load balancers, etc that you can use, but this sounds like something you would have to install.
16:05<@sjacobs>and you are more than welcome to install it if you want.
16:06<@sjacobs>you'll have full root access.
16:06<@scrane>We don't support anything you install, but if you want to set it up and run that you can.
16:06<warewolf>Vicky: remember that this is a VPS service, you install the linux distribution you want, and the rest is up to you
16:07<Vicky>linode down time?
16:08<@sjacobs>guaranteed at 99.9%
16:08<@sjacobs> point 5.
16:09<@sjacobs>but i would say most see better uptime than that.
16:09<Vicky>linode offer any free ssl?
16:09<warewolf>Vicky: you should check out for free ssl
16:10<@sjacobs>^^ and certbot is and easy way to use them.
16:10<warewolf>Vicky: ... and have you looked at the website yet? You're asking a lot of questions that are answered there already.
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16:12<@sjacobs>a vicky was here last week asking a lot of eerily similar questions.
16:15<warewolf>I bet it's an indian code shop, hunting around for VPS for a client
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18:05<ericoc>scrane: I think we just met
18:05<@scrane>Yup! I think so!
18:06<@gjjansen>Sorry that was your first impression of us, ericoc
18:06<@scrane>Psh! He probably didn't even notice the toe shoes.
18:06<ericoc>o/ was going to this and wanted to visit
18:07<@gjjansen>Oh nice! That's rad.
18:07<@scrane>Yooooo I didn't even know about that. Bookmarking for later.
18:07<ericoc>(I worked @linode 2010-2012 w/ Rick)
18:07<@gjjansen>"The Physics of Baseball" roped me in.
18:07<ericoc>it’s SO crowded
18:07<@gjjansen>Ah! Rick doesn't hang on anymore in IRC. :(
18:07<ericoc>I’m on the steps out front waiting for a friend
18:09<ericoc>what’s a good bar that isn’t natl mechanics nearby
18:09<ericoc>so packed
18:09<@scrane>In Old Town?
18:10<@scrane>Haha there's a pretty cool beer garden I've been meaning to check out at like 6th and market I think.
18:10<@scrane>It's across the street from the Liberty Bell
18:13<ericoc>so when is Linode buying...
18:13<@scrane>Haha I am not certain of that.
18:20<ericoc>gjjansen: were you the person shaking your head like recommending against answering the door :p
18:21<@gjjansen>I hope I wasn't that awful. LOL
18:21-!-silphium1 [] has joined #linode
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18:26*warewolf opens a support ticket
18:27<@gjjansen>If you're not yanking my chain, do you have a ticket number? I can take a peek.
18:27<warewolf>not yet, uh, and I might not be able to
18:27<warewolf>yeah someone broke something on the new GDPR policy confirmation thing
18:27<warewolf>it thinks my e-mail address is invalid. It's not.
18:27<warewolf>it's just weird.
18:28<dwfreed>warewolf: let me guess, it has a +label ?
18:28<warewolf>so uh, whatever regex is denying plus signs and (maybe) equal signs in the "user" part of needs to be fixed
18:28<warewolf>dwfreed: yessir.
18:28<dwfreed>oh equals signs, real fancy
18:29<@gjjansen>If you can't get in, you can also give us a ring. We're always here in sunny Philadelphia.
18:29<warewolf>oh I got in, looks like noscript didn't like
18:29<@gjjansen>That's curious.
18:30<ericoc>(as it’s about to tstorm in phila)
18:32<warewolf>there we go.
18:32<@gjjansen>ericoc: We're going to flood away. It's been kinda bad here for the last few days lol.
18:32<warewolf>it's raining cats and dogs outside here in Fairfax, VA.
18:33<dwfreed>fun fact: this is a valid email address: "very.(),:;<>[]\".VERY.\"very@\\ \"very\".unusual"
18:33<@scrane>That hurts my soul
18:35<warewolf>I do magic on my e-mail addresses w/ business orgs, because I'm tired of e-mail addresses getting leaked
18:42-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
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18:58<ericoc>scrane: this beer garden is k
18:58<@scrane>Aww, onnly k?
19:00<ericoc>my onion rings are like
19:00<ericoc>room temperature
19:08-!-NomadJim__ [~Jim@] has joined #linode
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19:24<Eugene>dwfreed - no it isn't; is on the Reserved list ;-)
19:24<Eugene>OTOH, is valid
19:25<nate>I imagine technically email addresses to -could- still work, if they actually had email
19:25<nate>(I'd be surprised if they have MX records configured though)
19:26<warewolf>I've got e-mail addresses like
19:29<Peng_>!dns6 mx
19:29<linbot>Peng_: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN MX
19:42-!-technoid_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:47<dwfreed>Eugene: syntactically valid
19:48<Eugene>I would fail a parser that claimed was valid, because its on The List.
19:49<Eugene> also lacks a MX record, and is NXDOMAIN. So any real-world check is also fail
19:50<Eugene>TBQH, I've learned to never ever trust anything involving email address parsing. If you're not sure if its a valid email, just try to send the damn thing and see if hte user clicks the link
19:50<Eugene>If they don't, fuck 'em. So what if its caught in their spam filter? You're not the one with a stupid email address
19:51<Eugene>Alternately: don't use email as a primary identifier, stupid
19:51-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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19:52<Eugene>FWIW, this is the List I mean:
19:54<Eugene>(summarized a different way: your Parser should be aware of ALL email-related RFCs, not just the one that defines what is allowed to come before the @)
19:55<Eugene>(or it should just give up and let the real world figure it out for you)
19:55<gparent>I just email dwfreed and ask him to validate each address my software receives as input.
19:55<dwfreed>gparent: :3
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21:29<MajObviousman>gparent: you too?!? I thought I was the only one
21:29<MajObviousman>good thing he never sleeps
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22:15<warewolf>good times is UTF8 encoded user@host, e.g. SMTPUTF8.
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22:48<vikipedia>hello, what's the iops of the ssd provided by linode, thanks!
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23:02<Ikaros>gg dwfreed
23:03<Zimsky>very rude
23:03<@gjjansen>Is that imperial or metric, dwfreed?
23:03<relidy>!point dwfreed
23:03<linbot>relidy: Point given to dwfreed. (50) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 9)
23:03<Zimsky>!towel relidy
23:03<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from relidy! (11)
23:03<relidy>!boo Zimsky
23:03<linbot>relidy: Point taken from zimsky! (-1)
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