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02:16<ivanroot>do you speak spanish?
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02:53<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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03:17<Ashish>Hi all, I am new to web hosting and really don't know anything about it. I have been recommended to use Linode for hositng our new portal which is a eCommerce website. We don't know how many monthly visitors we will get to start with. Site will have about 30 products with images less than 100 KB for each product. So what should I look for in the osting space ? ANy suggestion or guidance will be extremely helpful?
03:18<Ashish>If you like to see the website, here is the trial version (Work in progress):
03:19<Woet>Ashish: the cheapest Linode will be more than enough.
03:20<Ashish>Thanks Woet, this helps.
03:21<Woet>i tend to have that effect
03:21<Ashish>Does Linode also have any email solution??
03:21<Ashish>We are inclined towards using gsuite or zoho, but Linode may have a cheaper or better alternative?
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04:07<aizuddinbadry>Hello linode team, i have a question. I used nanobox to manage linode server. So then, we have features that can scale server. If we upgrade our server from Linode 1GB become Linode 4GB for 5hours and revert back to Linode 1GB after that. How much it will cost.
04:08<aizuddinbadry>What i mean here, we used the Linode 4GB server for only 5 hours.
04:08<Zimsky>5 times the per-hour cost for a 4gb linode
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04:10<aizuddinbadry>thats mean $0.03 * 5 = $0.15 ?
04:10<Zimsky>yeah should be
04:10<aizuddinbadry>so our total cost for that particular month is $5 + $0.15 = $5.15
04:10<aizuddinbadry>am i correct ?
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04:11<Zimsky>since it's deviating from one plan, it'll probably be based on the hourly rate
04:11<Zimsky>either way, this is cents you're talking about
04:12<aizuddinbadry>oh i see. Thank you for your clarification
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04:34<HTLove>i can't login my dashboard
04:34<HTLove>The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator. The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes. Error Occurred While Processing Request An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters. This exception was caused by: coldfusion.mail.MailSessionException: An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters.. The error occurred in /virt
04:34<HTLove>An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters. This exception was caused by: coldfusion.mail.MailSessionException: An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters.. The error occurred in /virtual/ line 67 Called from /virtual/ line 12 Called from /virtual/
04:35<HTLove>he error occurred in /virtual/ line 67 Called from /virtual/ line 12 Called from /virtual/ line 331 Called from /virtual/ line 54 Called from /virtual/ line 67 Called fr
04:35<hawk>Sounds... not great
04:35<HTLove>my account: htlove
04:36<Peng_>HTLove: Try emailing support or calling them on the phone.
04:37<Woet>HTLove: put the entire error on
04:39<Peng_>Or don't
04:39<HTLove>i login dashboard
04:40<hawk>" No space left on device", fun
04:41<hawk>Anyway, do as Peng_ suggested and contact Linode directly
04:42<Peng_>If you can :-/
04:43<HTLove>i will send mail to support
04:44<Peng_>Thank you :-)
04:49<HTLove>it can't send link white list ip
04:54<hawk>I mean, I guess that's what the error was about
04:54<hawk>(UserIPWhitelist/pendingAddAndEmail.cfm blowing up)
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05:03<HTLove>:( support no reply mail
05:03<HTLove>my sever is die
05:03<HTLove>and i not login dashboard to hard reset
05:03<Peng_>Why do you need to log in to the manager?
05:03<HTLove>:(( :((
05:03<Peng_>You can use lish
05:04<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
05:04<HTLove>Is there any way to contact me faster?
05:04<Peng_>Or use lish
05:05<HTLove>i live in vietnam, not call to datacenter
05:06<Peng_>Can you use lish
05:07<HTLove>how to use lish
05:10<HTLove>yep, thanks you
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05:14<Ashish>I a trying signup but I am getting an error page
05:14<Peng_>"An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters."?
05:15<Ashish>The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator. The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes. Error Occurred While Processing Request An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters. This exception was caused by: coldfusion.mail.MailSessionException: An exception occurred when setting up mail server parameters.. The error occurred in /opt/
05:15<Peng_>bhanks: gjjansen: Y'all still here?
05:15<Ashish>I am just doing signup
05:15<@bhanks>hey what's up Peng_
05:15<Peng_>Hi :D
05:16<Ashish>On this link
05:16<Peng_>bhanks: What Ashish said. One of the Linode manager servers is out of disk space and not working.
05:16<Peng_> <- traceback from someone else
05:17<Ashish>it gives same error from here as well.
05:18<Peng_>Ashish: Yeah. The website is has a problem right now :(
05:19<@bhanks>so you guys are not able to log in?
05:19<Ashish>Thanks Peng, I am planning to use Linode hosting for our eCommerce website; does this kind of issues happen often ? or it's just my bad luck :(
05:19<Peng_>I haven't tried to log in.
05:20<Peng_>Ashish: *This* specific issue has never happened, as far as I know. :P Websites go down sometimes. Nobody's VPSes are down.
05:21<Ashish>Ok :) that is reassuring.
05:21<@bhanks>Ashish when are you getting the message? when you try to log in or when you try to visit
05:21<@bhanks>to clarify- i mean when you try to log in to your Linode Manager account
05:21<Ashish>Home page loads just fine, when I try to sign up
05:22<hawk>bhanks: The guy earlier got the error when they were supposed to receive an email to authenticate access from a new IP, I think
05:22<Ashish>I put my email, username, and a password... and click create account.. and get this error
05:22<@bhanks>Thank you Ashish
05:22<@bhanks>hawk hmmmm ok
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05:23<lly>linode support alipay or not?
05:24<Ashish>I am trying this on my laptop which is connected to internet via my Phone's personal hotspot... but I don't think it should be the reason hopefully.
05:24<@bhanks>yeah looking at that now hawk
05:25<@bhanks>ok so this is the error HTLove was seeing
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05:29<@bhanks>HTLove this error came up when you tried to log in to the Linode Manager, correct?
05:30<HTLove>normal it send link active ip white list
05:36<@bhanks>HTLove were you attempting to log in via an IP that was NOT currently on your whitelist?
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05:47<Woet>i am here
05:47<Woet>how can i help
05:49<Woet>who left debug logging on the production website
05:50<Woet>why is coldfusion still a thing
05:50<hawk>I heard cold fusion is the future
05:52<Woet>so many questions
05:52<Woet>caker is gonna wake up mad
05:53<Woet>"why didn't the night shift deal with this? let me guess, bhanks was on duty again?"
05:53<@bhanks>im rolling my eyes deeply
05:54<Peng_>Watch out for repetitive strain injuries :(
05:54<Woet>bhanks knows all about that.
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06:11<@bhanks>hey Peng_ did you replicate this at all?
06:11<@bhanks>I'm not hitting that error message right now but I'm not sure if you were able to when this was originally going on
06:12<Woet>Peng_: We recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer, preferably using Google Chrome as a browser in updating your settings. At times, we can have technical difficulty with our apps and with other browsers. Switching to this method usually resolves most issues with our site. We also recommend clearing cache and cookies before you will use our website again.
06:13<Peng_>bhanks: No, I didn't reproduce it. I was afraid to risk my accounts on something scary and broken.
06:13<Peng_>bhanks: I didn't *try* to reproduce it.
06:13<Woet>ill try it
06:13<Woet>cause i have balls
06:14<Woet>no issues but i'm on the whitelist
06:14<@bhanks>no worries thanks for the info Peng_ <3
06:14<Woet>let me try to delete it
06:14<Woet>never mind then
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07:03<Ashish>Sorry, guys, I dropped off earlier as I was on train
07:03<Ashish>I still cant signup on Linode.
07:03<Ashish>It still gives same error.
07:03<@bhanks>Ashish you tried just now?
07:03<@bhanks>okay thank you.
07:04<Ashish>Does it make any difference that I am based in UK?
07:04<warewolf>(only half kidding)
07:04<@bhanks>it should not.
07:04<Ashish>It works everywhere? I mean Linode hosting ??
07:04<@bhanks>Yes Ashish
07:05<Ashish>Yes, still same error. checked once again.
07:05<Ashish>Let me try on IE.
07:06<warewolf>Ashish: what browser are you using, and do you have any security plugins (adblock, noscript, ghostery, etc) installed?
07:06<warewolf>I was having problems yesterday because noscript was blocking some javascript, but I wouldn't expect that to throw a cold fusion error on the server side
07:06<Ashish>I have tried on IE as well just now.
07:07<Ashish>same error, earlier I was trying on google Chrome.
07:07<warewolf>(I don't work for Linode, I'm just a happy customer of theirs)
07:07<Ashish>Warewolf, understood, I am new to forum :)
07:08<Ashish>I will try on mac later... may be its some sor of firewall setting at my end..
07:08<Ashish>But so far I never had any issues.. but there is always first time,
07:08<@bhanks>thanks for checkin back in Ashish, our Team is looking into it :)
07:08<Ashish>Thanks Bhanks
07:09<Ashish>Support here is awesome. Really .. I know its mostly community than actual Linode .. but thats what makes it better ! Its unbiased :)
07:09<warewolf>unbasied my left foot, I love linode.
07:10<Ashish>Thanks guys, I will check back later this evening. If it works, I will ping and leave a message.
07:10<warewolf>have for the past decade. :)
07:10<Ashish>Warewolf - You are one happy customer :)
07:10<Ashish>see you guys later
07:15<Zimsky>"who left debug logging on the production website"
07:16<Zimsky>this sounds like it could be turned into a song
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07:17<Zimsky>bhanks: what if I just call up and sob quietly into the phone
07:17<@bhanks>well you wont be talking to me so I cant say what will happen
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07:38<@bhanks>alrighty the issue should be resolved now :)
07:38<@bhanks>thanks for letting us know!
07:38<Zimsky>no problem bhanks any time
07:41<Woet>thanks bhanks 😁πŸ’ͺOne ☝️ of us πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦, one βš€ of us πŸ•Ί, gooble-gobble πŸ’¦ gooble-gobble πŸ¦ƒ
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08:20<Gabe_H_Coud>A newbie problem: I have got 2 linodes both on the same data centre and both have Private IPs. Attempting to create a reverse proxy Nginx to Node.js. I am not able to access to Node sever via reverse proxy from Nginx using its private IP. Any tips?
08:23<smallclone>Gabe_H_Coud: are you sure nginx / node is actually listening on the private IPs?
08:24<Gabe_H_Coud>that is the problem. I cant check that on nginx linode
08:24<Peng_>Why not
08:24<Gabe_H_Coud>node is listening on the private ip with the said port
08:24<Gabe_H_Coud>I tried netstat -tln but it did not show that. Couldnt find a different way
08:24<Gabe_H_Coud>apologies as I fear these are very basic questions
08:25<Gabe_H_Coud>I have been following Digital Ocean's guide
08:26<Gabe_H_Coud>just dont think that Nignx is connecting to Node correctly if at all
08:28<@sjacobs>netstat will show all listening ports. running with sudo will show the service listening on that port.
08:29<@sjacobs>netstat on the nginx box should show port 80 (i assume). netstat on the nodejs box should show the port you are listening on there, which should match what is in your nginx reverse proxy config.
08:32<Gabe_H_Coud>that's the thing: netstat -tln shows correctly on both
08:32<@sjacobs>can you paste and share the output somewhere?
08:32<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
08:33<Gabe_H_Coud>Sure - node is showing the private ip at port 8080 (as it should). Nginx is listing at 0.0.0:80 for tcp
08:34<Gabe_H_Coud>should I get the rest on bpaste?
08:34<@sjacobs>and is nginx reporting a 502 or something else?
08:34<@sjacobs>... when visiting it in the browser.
08:34<Gabe_H_Coud>nginx error! 50x
08:35<@sjacobs>does the nginx error logs have any details? does the nodejs server have any logs showing the requests are making it to it?
08:35<@sjacobs>that is where i would start. or even just a `telnet 192.168.x.x 8080` from the nginx box to see if you can even reach it.
08:36<@sjacobs>if you can't, but netstat is showing it as listening, it could be a firewall configuration, too.
08:36<@sjacobs>(replacing the x's with real values, of course)
08:37<Gabe_H_Coud>telnet from nginx is showing the "name or serivce not known" - "unknown host"
08:38<Gabe_H_Coud>that is when using the socket ":8080"
08:38<smallclone>Gabe_H_Coud: let's go back a bit, can you simply ping the private IP?
08:38<Gabe_H_Coud>yes I can
08:39<Gabe_H_Coud>without the ":8080" that is
08:39<smallclone>we should probably see the output of netstat -plantu on each machine
08:40<smallclone>as well as "iptables -nvL"
08:43<Gabe_H_Coud>sure - just copy/pasting the outputs
08:45<ericoc>telnet uses "telnet host port" not "telnet host:port" so no colon
08:48<Gabe_H_Coud>here are the netstat -plantu and iptables -nvL on both machines:
08:50<Gabe_H_Coud>thanks @ericoc - I know get bad port error
08:51<ericoc>ahh is this firewalld
08:51<Gabe_H_Coud>I have to enable port 8080 on node server dont I
08:53<ericoc>yeah doesn't look like firewalld is allowing 8080 inbound on the node server from the nginx server
08:54<ericoc>probably something like this;
08:55<Gabe_H_Coud>testing that now
08:55<ericoc>that "rich rule" example (and an ipv6-equivalent to match even!)
08:55<Gabe_H_Coud>many thanks to all! Really appreciate all your time
08:56<Gabe_H_Coud>hmm - should source address then be the private IP of nginx or public?
08:56<ericoc>private if you're using private to connect to node
08:57<ericoc>(also private just because why go out to the internet if you don't have to)
08:57<ericoc>!point sjacobs
08:57<linbot>ericoc: Point given to sjacobs. (7)
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09:01<Gabe_H_Coud>added the firewalld rule - can even see it on public.xml
09:01<Gabe_H_Coud>however, telnet is still giving the same error
09:01<Gabe_H_Coud>bad port
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09:02<ericoc>doing telnet from nginx to the node private ip?
09:02<Gabe_H_Coud>oh - but I can now curl from the nginx server and get the right output
09:02<ericoc>if curl works, you should be good?
09:02<smallclone>erm sorry i asked for a bunch of outputs and then went and got coffee
09:03<smallclone>but it looks like this went ok
09:03<Gabe_H_Coud>thank you for all your time nonetheless, really much appreciated
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09:03<Gabe_H_Coud>I think I am a step closer
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09:03<Gabe_H_Coud>but still something seems not right
09:03<smallclone>so you can curl it..what's not right?
09:03<Gabe_H_Coud>the browser is still showing the nginx error on nginx public ip
09:04<Gabe_H_Coud>i can curl the private IP - which is great
09:04<smallclone>might be time to get a look at that nginx config
09:04<ericoc>nginx logs yeah what smallclone says
09:05-!-mode/#linode [+o smccabe] by ChanServ
09:11<@sjacobs>i don't know if this matters, but have you tried removing the quotes around http://<ip_address>:8080 ?
09:11<@sjacobs>gonna try on one of my machines and see if it breaks it.
09:12<ericoc>sjacobs is just floating in free machines to play with over there :p
09:12<smallclone>yeah it shouldn't need quotes
09:12<ericoc>is nginx picky about ending / like Apache is in the ProxyPass url
09:12<@sjacobs>sudo nginx -t
09:12<@sjacobs>^ that should check for formatting. i think.
09:13<Gabe_H_Coud>done that but no luck
09:13<Peng_>ericoc: Trailing / has meaning. "" is valid.
09:14<Peng_>ericoc: :D
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09:14<@sjacobs>yeah. it passed the check and still works with quotes (was trying to break it)
09:16<smallclone>i'm a little confused why you're setting a root directory for the domain and then also proxying root
09:16<smallclone>but i uh, haven't used nginx in a while so someone here might know this better
09:17<@sjacobs>yeah. that part isn't necessary. all a proxy _needs_ is listen, server_name, and the location block with the proxy_pass line.
09:17<Gabe_H_Coud>i have been using Digital Ocean's instructions - this was supposed to be a learning project
09:17<Gabe_H_Coud>btw just changed the server name to nginx public ip
09:17<smallclone>it should work with it set, anyway. i just check an old proxy config i used
09:17<@sjacobs>we understand. just trying to narrow it down. i was curious what was being cinluded from /defaults.d/
09:18<@sjacobs>the server_name block was working just fine. i wouldn't change that part.
09:19<Gabe_H_Coud>had an issue with the dns - it is now on public IP
09:19<Gabe_H_Coud>same as before:
09:25<Gabe_H_Coud>so nginx proxy is fine because if I were to change it to something generic like, it forwards correctly. Which makes me think that the problem is nginx connecting to the private IP of node
09:26<Gabe_H_Coud>i can curl to the note private ip via the nginx machine but nginx cant via poxy
09:27<@sjacobs>odd. did the logs on the nginx box give any insight into the 502?
09:35<Gabe_H_Coud>permission denied errors
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09:41<Gabe_H_Coud>[crit] 3451#0: *276 connect() to failed (13: Permission denied) while connecting to upstream, client: 123.456.789.012, server:, request: "GET /poweredby.png HTTP/1.1", upstream: "", host: "", referrer: ""
09:45<Gabe_H_Coud>got it working!!
09:46<Gabe_H_Coud>SElinux was causing the issue
09:46<Gabe_H_Coud>Once again, thank you to all for taking the time to help
09:46<Gabe_H_Coud>I have learnt quite a bit already
09:47<Gabe_H_Coud>Especially <ericoc> <smallclone> and <@sjacobs>
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11:03<smallclone>ahh selinux
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11:10<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
11:11<toufic>Hi, I lost the ssh key pairs and I cannot access my linode via ssh and can't find a way to change the keys since root login is disabled
11:11<smallclone>toufic: you want lish
11:11<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
11:12<smallclone>basically it's like having console access, you can get in and fix your ssh stuff
11:17<toufic>ok thanks for the tip
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11:53<Gabe_H_Coud>this may not be the right channel but I am having a real brain freeze moment. I have a simple php chat application that works with Ajax running on a LAMP stack. I now need to integrate Node to this for real-time communication. I can reverse proxy from Nginx to both Apache and Node servers but how do I implement the logic. Say Nginx listens on 80/443, does it not then need to choose one of the two to proxy the traffic? If so, how can both listen?
11:53<smallclone>i don't really understand the question
11:54<smallclone>you want to send it to..both of them?
11:54<Gabe_H_Coud>I believe that is what I need to do - yes
11:54<Gabe_H_Coud>sorry! It is a bit complicated
11:54<Gabe_H_Coud>imagine a simple LAMP stack where all works fine. Now, I need to run Node next to this in order to support real-time communication
11:55<Gabe_H_Coud>I am thinking of reverse proxying Nginx to both Apache and Node machines
11:55<Gabe_H_Coud>just not sure if this is the logical option and if is possible at all
11:56<Gabe_H_Coud>as I said, a real brain freeze moment as something in this set up seems seriously wrong
11:57<smallclone>erm, i mean, i'm pretty sure you can only use proxy_pass once for each location, i'm not sure i'm getting what you're attempting to do
11:57<@sjacobs>you could have two location endpoints in your nginx config. `/` for the php things, and `/chat` for the node things. or run it on a different subdomain and request that subdomain from the php app when you need to talk to node.
11:57<@sjacobs>if i understand correctly.
11:58<Gabe_H_Coud>i think i was just ignoring the obvious answer - thanks again guys!
11:58<smallclone>yeah i mean if you have a different location for the node thing and the lamp stack, you'll be fine. but you can't send one request to two places..
11:58<Gabe_H_Coud>For some reason, I was trying to find a way of combining php application with Node's sockets features
11:58<Gabe_H_Coud>looks like I need to rewrite the whole back-end in node
11:59<Gabe_H_Coud>because php set up works so well, I just needed the websockets features of node for realtime communication
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12:19<warewolf>"php" and "works so well" in the same sentence
12:24<ericoc>it _is_ easy to set up
12:29-!-jwon [] has joined #linode
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13:16<nate>It is also easy to make work well if you aren't legitimately tech inept
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13:43<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking β€’ DNS with Google domain <>
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14:25<nyancat>Anyone having a problem accessing the Settings tab of any of their Linodes?
14:27<nyancat>brilliant - just confirming that i am not the only one :D
14:27<millisa>seems accessible from the interface though
14:27-!-socom [] has joined #linode
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14:27*nyancat shrugs
14:28<nyancat>I try not to use that new interface, I dislike/am not used to the design
14:30<@scrane>Looks like this is happening for a few people. We are looking into this now.
14:31<dwfreed>scrane: I can confirm it; whoops page on trying to access the settings tab
14:31<millisa>confirmed it on all of my accounts
14:31<dwfreed>sounds like it doesn't matter if restricted user or not
14:31-!-socom [] has quit []
14:32<@scrane>Thanks for confirming this for us. We've got some eyes on the problem now.
14:33<wyomingplease>is it just me or clicking the Extras tab does nothing (e.g. takes me back to the Dashboard)?
14:33<millisa>looks fixed
14:33<millisa>(and the extras tab went away, hooray!)
14:34<wyomingplease>I can still see the Extras tab...
14:34<millisa>log out and back in
14:34<wyomingplease>(the Settings tab is fixed indeed)
14:34<wyomingplease>logging out did the trick, it went away
14:34<millisa>oh. heh. extras comes back when you click 'settings'
14:35<ericoc>ha @
14:35<millisa>ericoc: i had a sandwich in one hand. i have an excuse!
14:35<ericoc>jealous, what kinda sandwich
14:36<millisa>butter bread, black forest ham, swiss (not baby swiss you heathen), shredded lettuce, a light coating of mayo. both sides for proper distribution.
14:36<ericoc>i feel so out of the loop, i log in to the linode manager so rarely that i always forget my password and have to reset it and junk
14:37<nyancat>I wish that a sandwich were the answer to my problems
14:37<nyancat>In fact, I should get myself a ham sandwich, we do have some black forest ham in the fridge, but alas, no swiss :(
14:37<ericoc>i actively remove lettuce from any sandwich i get haha
14:37<ericoc>like, jimmy johns, i scoop/scrape all the lettuce out
14:44<@smccabe>same @ericoc. lettuce is okay in tiny amounts
14:44<ericoc>true, small amounts are tolerable
14:47<ericoc>but it seems like places try to pack on the lettuce as like sandwich filler. get a BLT that's like 90% lettuce, 5% bacon, and 5% tomato
14:54<@smccabe>thats why its a that sounds more like a bLLt
14:58<ericoc>Bee Extra Ell Tee (BXLT)
15:04-!-technoid_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:07<nyancat>When I get a BLT I usually ask them to hold the lettuce and put onion on the bagel instead
15:07<nyancat>Er, rather, the tomato
15:07<nyancat>I don't know my vegetables today, my brain is a vegetable
15:08<nyancat>anyone want to do my work for me? i've got 100 abuse cases to close before 7pm and I don't think it's going to happen
15:14<@gjjansen>I believe in you.
15:14<@gjjansen>Just put the tomato on the email.
15:17*nyancat shrugs
15:17<nyancat>sure. not sure how a vile tomato is going to help me solve my problems
15:17<nyancat>but hey, anything is possible
15:24-!-customer [] has joined #linode
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16:16<ericoc>onions are meh unless in onion rings. also i can eat claussen dill spear pickles out of the jar no problem, but don't really love pickles on sandwiches
16:17<@mcintosh>!boo ericoc
16:17<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from ericoc! (2)
16:17<ericoc>claussen > vlasic
16:17<ericoc><3 mcintosh
16:17<ericoc>fried onions make onions ok, like diced fried onions on a cheesesteak
16:49-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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16:56<MajObviousman>ericoc: aaaand now I want a philly cheesesteak
16:59<nyancat>well gjjansen, not sure how it worked but i'm done, with an hour to spare
16:59<nyancat>no thanks to your tomato idea
16:59<nyancat>i should try this more often
17:00<@gjjansen>nyancat: Did you put the tomato on the email?
17:00<@gjjansen>Helps loosen up the joints.
17:00<nyancat>yeah, i put it on my motherboard too
17:00<nyancat>it increased performance
17:00<@gjjansen>You love to hear it.
17:01<MajObviousman>but which KIND of tomato did you use?
17:01<nyancat>the tomato-ey ind
17:01<MajObviousman>san marzanos will improve it more than say hothouse
17:03<@gjjansen>That's definitely true, MajObviousman
17:03<MajObviousman>can't use the cheap crap or it may even negatively impact performance
17:04<nyancat>so uh, I think I broke something.
17:05<nyancat>going to try a reboot.
17:06<dwfreed>is python3-gdbm installed?
17:06<nyancat>i should hope so
17:07<nyancat>it is, yea
17:08<@gjjansen>For the right version of Python?
17:08<@gjjansen>Weird to ask but I've kicked myself after doing that several times.
17:09<dwfreed>nyancat: does /usr/lib/python3.5/lib-dynload/ exist?
17:12<nyancat>i'll note that it -was- working before apt upgrade ran
17:12<nyancat>it looks like the python3 dev libraries were upgraded
17:12<dwfreed>reinstall python3-gdbm
17:15<nyancat>all good.
17:15<nyancat>that was bizarre.
17:15<nyancat>thankfully, it appears to be the only broken thing on the system.
17:22<nyancat>dwfreed: found out the cause of it too, i use a third party repo for python and it looks like someone dun goofed
17:23<dwfreed>yeah, don't do that
17:23<dwfreed>use pyenv
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19:14<frogzilla>hey guys, sorry for the quick intrusion. a 'little' question, journalctl gave me this: " reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for [] failed - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT! " is that a sort of DNS poisoning ?
19:15<frogzilla>its got a few of those messages
19:17<frogzilla>also some warnings in my database.logs coming from chinese ip. :p
19:19<frogzilla>( ive found heaps of those around in my logs, just wondering if thats due lack of dnssec )
19:21<frogzilla>also if youre bored and want to chat a little ... lol
19:31<frogzilla>unbelievable how there are 300 people here lol.
19:31<dwfreed>no, it's a really old message from openssh that only mattered back when host-based authentication was more prevalent
19:31<frogzilla>ohh Deo gratias
19:32<dwfreed>that message has been removed from recent versions
19:34<frogzilla>oww.. thanks a lot dwfreed :) ive also found ip instead of that, thats why i was afraid of a sort of dns attack. on google ive found people saying 'some1 is trying to hack your system' etc.
19:34<frogzilla>but if you say not to worry ill sleep definitely well :p
19:35<dwfreed>the message itself means that the IP address's reverse DNS does not forward confirm
19:36<frogzilla>apart from dnssec my system is using all sort of strong ciphers and security precautions so.. followed every linode, apache, mysql, etc. step
19:36<dwfreed>as long as you don't allow password auth, or use strong passwords, you have nothing to worry about
19:37<frogzilla>all right. thanks for the explanation as well :) i do my best to keep my server secure <3
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20:35<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin;
20:41<Eugene>I actualy don't get that one very much, but yes, I do have some concerns about the "inalienable right to reproduce", especially in medically contra-indicated cases or extreme social unwell-ness. Its a really hard subject and probably not appropriate for an iRC channel focussed on VPS hosting.
20:42<Zimsky>extreme social unwell-ness?
20:42<Eugene>"Mental issues requiring physical restraint" etc
20:42<Zimsky>Eugene: since when has anyone cared about the suitability of a topic in this channel?
20:42<Zimsky>apart from peng
20:42<Eugene>Fair point
20:43<Zimsky>if people want to reproduce, well, they can try
20:43<Eugene>I don't think its right to, for example, weigh 500lb and have 12 welfare babies. Bad, contrived example, but having seen this first hand... that ain't gonna work.
20:44<Eugene>But its Wrong to tell people not to do that, or incentivize not doing that, soooo.... its a good thing I'm not a politician
20:46<Zimsky>that's more of an issue with the welfare system
20:47-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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20:47<Zimsky>and sounds more like the kind of thing that would instead be flagged and lead to those children going into foster care
20:47<Zimsky>at least in decent countries
20:48<nate>the fostercare system is overwhelmed as it is with legitimate cases, someone abusing welfare is hardly a foster care situation if they're actually taking care of the kids
20:48<Zimsky>if someone can be 500lbs and properly look after their children, good for them
20:48<Zimsky>which fostercare system?
20:48<nate>Any really, I don't think I've ever seen a single state claim they have a perfectly functioning foster care/CYS system rolling
20:48<Zimsky>I have next to no idea how the americans handle that stuff
20:49<Zimsky>though I suppose the UK isn't the best example either
20:49<nate>Generally CYS (or whatever named variant state-to-state) does the investigation in to whether or not the children need to be removed from a household
20:49<Eugene>The USA is not really a decent welfare country. We fail all the goddamn time at this.
20:49<nate>but they're almost always overcase'd and under-staffed
20:49<Eugene>See: various Mormon splinter groups, especially Warren Jeffs & friends
20:50<Eugene>Basically anything involving Flint, Michigan.
20:50-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has quit [Quit: Oh freddled gruntbuggly | Thy micturations are to me | As plurdled gabbleblotchits | On a lurgid bee]
20:50<Zimsky>"is a veteren affair like some army guy cheating on his wife?"
20:50<Eugene>It makes me sad
20:51<Zimsky>fix the system then
20:51<Zimsky>stop being sad
20:51<Eugene>In any case, you need a license to Drive but not to Fuck. #Yolo
20:51<Zimsky>it's almost as if those are different things with different contexts, risks, and effects
20:51<Zimsky>how straaaaange
20:53<Eugene>Society is weird and sub-optimally run. Meh.
20:53<Eugene>Something something communism
20:54<Zimsky>I like communism
20:54<Eugene>I grew up to be an organic foods hippie living on an island with entirely too much UNIX
20:54<Eugene>So whatever
20:54<Zimsky>is rms your dad
20:54<Eugene>No, you can google him though
20:55<Zimsky>no thanks
20:55<Zimsky>Eugene: have you dyed your hair blue though
20:55<Eugene>I'm a hippie, not a hipster douchebag
20:56<Zimsky>so everyone with blue-dyed hair is a hipster douchebag?
20:56<Eugene>It is a very strong indicator in Seattle
20:56<Eugene>Goes with "my first nose piercing" and the Amazon employee badge
20:56<Zimsky>what about pink hair? does that make someone a different kind of hipster douchebag? perhaps a hipster doucheshoulderbag?
20:57<Eugene>Pink indicates a colostomy bag
20:57<Zimsky>and now that episode of silicon valley is playing in my head
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20:59<Zimsky>Eugene: do you have a chart or mapping of these translations
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