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00:13<rsdehart>gjjansen: maybe they were just asking out of curiosity
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01:00<smallclone>^ that's going to be a _pretty_ common question if you start enabling a firewall on a popular distro and don't announce it anywhere
01:00<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • Webmin install <>
01:01<smallclone>like that's the second one related to that issue today, at least
01:01<smallclone>and i would imagine it has generated some support tickets as well
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02:58<Reilae>there have cc
02:58<Reilae>what channel are giving cc for carding
02:59<Peng_>None, fuck off
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03:31<Peng_>hey hey what channels are conspiring to commit crimes
03:31<Peng_>could you provide a list, your IP address, photograph and signature
04:01<@bmartin>Well I just missed all the fun
04:02<@bmartin>Hello fellow people, where do the crimes?
04:03<Zimsky>fuck off Peng_
04:04<@bhanks>ugh i wish i hadn't missed that
04:04<Zimsky>I don't trust you and I don't feel safe
04:04<Zimsky>I'm scared I'll be carded and I'm upset due to the language peng is using
04:05*Peng_ snaps credit card with teeth
04:06<Zimsky>have you ever seen a plastic card splinter
04:06<Zimsky>because someone didn't put enough plasticiser in it
04:06<Zimsky>and then someone tries to bend it with their teeth and it just shatters
04:07<@bhanks>i would have invited him to my secret channel where we talk about fraud.
04:07<@bhanks>all you need to join is a photo of your government issued ID and your credit card!
04:07<Zimsky>much like "watch me drink this glass of beer with my teeth"
04:07<Zimsky>bhanks: okay but I am my own government and credit card issuer
04:07<Zimsky>so idk what use those will be to you
04:07<@bhanks>that's fine
04:08<@bhanks>Zimsky if you have a video of you breaking a CC with your teeth pls forward that to immediately
04:09<Zimsky>I have a video of me throwing a 5p coin into an empty can from 10 metres away
04:09<Zimsky>I must put it on the you tube
04:09<Peng_>I'm not visible to cameras
04:09<Zimsky>is that because you're a vampire or a nobody?
04:10<Peng_>Why not both
04:10<Zimsky>have you ever heard of a vampire you haven't heard of?
04:10<Zimsky>so you can't not not be both
04:11<Peng_>That's why you haven't heard of me
04:12<Zimsky>or haven't I?
04:20<Zimsky>hey isn't it cool how IRC channel names are like hashtags for the topic in the channel
04:21<Peng_>Get out
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04:40<GlennJ>I see DigitalOcean's storage volumes are encrypted at rest (see Does anyone know about Linode's?
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05:32<Zimsky>bmartin: do your job
05:32<@bmartin>done thank you
05:32<Zimsky>or don't, I'm not the linode employee police
05:33<Zimsky>fight the power
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07:42<frogzilla>the linbot is trolling
07:44<Zimsky>trolling is illegal though
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09:08<mahahome>Hi we need help with restoring linode from the snapshot
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09:19<Woet>apparently not
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09:27<nyancat>i didn't think the snapshot was that hard
09:27<Woet>incompetence has no bounds
09:27<ericoc>probably clicked restore and it fails because you have 100% allocated already
09:27<nyancat>that is so true
09:27<nyancat>i've only used DigitalOcean's snapshot tool, it works very well
09:28<nyancat>I have cloned one linode into a dozen though
09:28<nyancat>that was fun
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10:07<Rejuan>Is it possible to host a huge traffic streaming website with linode. I need to serve 60Gbps. If I choose 12 "Linode 64GB" server, Is it possible ?
10:11<dwfreed>technically yes, but your transfer costs are going to be enormous
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10:15<Rejuan>Thanks a lot to all
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11:54<zifnab>I have to share my displeasure with "we updated our policies, you can't do shit until you accept them, even though they're not valid for another two weeks"
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11:55<Peng_>What if I never log in again?
11:56<zifnab>Well I'm now in the shitty situation of "something's broken but I can't look at it without reading and accepting new agreements"
11:56<zifnab>Which is complete bullshit
11:56<zifnab>Thankfully that box is just a Jenkins slave with an ansible playbook and I can just move it elsewhere
11:57<Peng_>Sorry :(
11:57<zifnab>Not your fault. I was hoping caker was around, he appears to have left irc
11:58<smallclone>whine about it on the community forum, that's what i do
11:58<millisa>he hasn't been in channel since before xmas.
11:58<millisa>at least not under that name.
11:59<@mcintosh>zifnab: you can just click away instead of accepting, no?
11:59<zifnab>mcintosh: that is entirely non-intuitive...
11:59<zifnab>Yes, thanks, this is what I get for having 4 hours of sleep last night
12:00<@jackley>!point mcintosh
12:00<linbot>jackley: Point given to mcintosh. (37)
12:00<zifnab>...make it a banner like the maintenance / billing notices
12:01<smallclone>yeah i mean, it isn't exactly obvious you can click out of it, at least when you're in a rush to fix something
12:02<@mcintosh>not sure it's getting changed into a banner but i certainly see what you mean about it being unintuitive
12:02<zifnab>To me this looks like the password prompt on account where you can click out of it but it just brings you back to the password prompt
12:02<@mcintosh>will see what we can do about making it more obvious that it is not a trap
12:02<@mcintosh>np - sorry for the confusion
12:03<zifnab>Now I'm going to go be grumpy at work, was sick yesterday, slept all day, went to bed at 4 and just woke up...
12:03<smallclone>those european data agreements will do that to you
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12:06<DNS_>Question: Can the DNS Manager be used for domains not hosted or pointed to a Linode instance ?
12:07<smallclone>you need to have at least one billable service on your account, or the domains will not be served
12:07<smallclone>but yes
12:07<smallclone>it's DNS
12:07<smallclone>you can point it wherever
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12:08<DNS_>Thats what I needed to know about would it work without a billable service. Thank you!!
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12:31<linbot>New news from blog: Updated Linode Plans / New Larger Linodes <>
12:32<millisa>I like free stuff
12:33<@mcintosh>!point linbot
12:33<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to linbot. (1337) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 8)
12:33<@bmartin>NEW THINGS!
12:34<@bmartin>Linode got the nodes that make you Jump Jump
12:35*bmartin this is why they don't let me out during the day
12:37<DNS_>What would be a good use example for a "Storage Block" ?
12:39<millisa>as in a linode block storage device?
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12:40<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:41<@mcintosh>!point Eugene
12:41<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to eugene. (60) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
12:42<@jalter>!point mcintosh
12:42<millisa>And the 'nanode' term makes an appearance on the pricing page
12:42<linbot>jalter: Point given to mcintosh. (38)
12:42<@bmartin>Eugene are you going to Linode on our new plans?
12:42<Eugene>I was just logging in to Upgrade, yes
12:42<Eugene>It looks like I might be able to downsize one of my Linodes too
12:42<@bmartin>My man!
12:42<@bmartin><3 appreciate you Eugene
12:42-!-ChanServ changed the topic of #linode to: Linode Community Discussion | | Updated Linode Plans / New Larger Linodes - | Linode’s New Bug Bounty Program – Now on HackerOne:
12:43<@jalter>!point ChanServ
12:43<linbot>jalter: Point given to chanserv. (1)
12:43<@bmartin>!point Trust and Safety
12:43<linbot>bmartin: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
12:43<@bmartin>no trust, no safety
12:43<@jalter>That request was bad and you should feel bad
12:43*bmartin perpetually feels bad
12:44<Eugene>Yup, sweet. Jack will fit in a Linode 4G, instead of a 8G.
12:44<Eugene>Cost-cutting time!
12:44<zifnab>the evil linode bracelet has been vanquished
12:45<Eugene>!lick zifnab
12:45<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zifnab. (15) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 12)
12:45<@bmartin>Eugene or you find all kinds of fun new things to Linode with
12:45<DrJ>More disk space!
12:45<zifnab>That costs money
12:45<@bmartin>Bracelet nooooo
12:45<zifnab>I'd be ok with fun new things if it was free
12:45*DrJ orgasms
12:45<@bmartin>mOrE dIsK sPaCe
12:45<@bmartin>!towel DrJ
12:45<linbot>bmartin: Point taken from drj! (2)
12:46<DrJ>bmartin: much appreciated
12:46<Eugene>That's unlikely. I've been migrating away from Linode and onto AWS for my toy projects. Linode is great and all, but your support in Terraform sucks and there's just not enough "depth" to the services for what I want to do.
12:46*bmartin feels bad man
12:46<DrJ>wait, I lose a point due to the twoel?
12:46<zifnab>I should open a ticket and ask for new bracelets
12:46<Eugene>Lick adds moisture; towel removes it.
12:46<zifnab>!caress Eugene
12:46<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (61)
12:46<Eugene>zifnab - get me a bottle opener too
12:47<zifnab>Eugene: I'll be getting lineage swag shortly. Going to try a Shopify site...
12:47<Eugene>Awwww yisss
12:47<@mcintosh>Eugene: fwiw better terraform support is actively being worked on
12:47<DrJ>hmm, not seeing my new free space :(
12:47<@bmartin>DrJ did you resize your disk to reflect it?
12:47<millisa>oldplans-newplans side by side:
12:47<Eugene>mcintosh - neat. Will that include DNS Manager? That's a killer feature for me
12:47<DrJ>oh wait, totally overlooked the huge "A free upgrde is available for this Linode!" at the top
12:48<Eugene>I.... have a lot of DNS zones
12:48<DrJ>it's only like 80 point font
12:48<DrJ>needs to be at least 90
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12:48<@mcintosh>got eem
12:48<@jackley>DrJ: best I can do is 82, sorry dawg.
12:48<@bmartin>Hold on one minute
12:48<zifnab>Eugene: I listed the car last night!
12:49<@bmartin>DrJ good news....82.75
12:49<DrJ>wow, that's a nice upgrade for the 4GB plan
12:49<@bmartin>I take full credit DrJ
12:49<DrJ>going from 48 to 80
12:49<@bmartin>I just want people to be happy ya know?
12:49<millisa>the 12/24/48's seem like the big winners
12:49<DrJ>I am happy
12:50<DrJ>little too happy, as you already know
12:50<@bmartin>That was regrettable but I get it
12:51<DrJ>always a downside though
12:51<DrJ>48 minute estimate downtime
12:51<DrJ>this has always been my biggest complaint about linode... the free upgrades are a killer to my uptimes
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12:53<DrJ>bmartin: I actually have about 20GB of audio archive files I had to remove a few months ago from my linode to free up space
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12:53<@mcintosh>DrJ: it's generally much faster than the estimate
12:53<DrJ>now I can upload them back :)
12:53<@mcintosh>it's conservative, intentionally
12:53<DrJ>ah :)
12:57<DrJ>I think it will be much faster mcintosh
12:57<DrJ>said 48 minutes... just started and says it has 6:43 to go
12:57<@bmartin>Math in the cloud
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12:58<@jalter>cloudminutes are less than realminutes
12:59<millisa>I feel like a kid with new shoes.
12:59<@bmartin>You can jump higher and run faster
12:59<DrJ>jalter: cool, wasn't aware of that
13:00<@jalter>neither was i
13:00<DrJ>bmartin: is it safe to change the new size value in the linode manager while the migration is going on?
13:00<@bmartin>I'd wait
13:00<@bmartin>I have no data to back this up but personally I'd wait
13:00<@bmartin>keep it safe
13:01<DrJ>my thinking is it is going to auto boot so I'd have to manually shut down... trying to save a step :)
13:01<@jalter>I believe you won't be able to resize disks until your queue is empty
13:01<@jalter>but it's been a while
13:01<@bmartin>I think that's accurate also
13:01<DrJ>eh, not worth the risk of screwing something up I guess
13:02<@jalter>it's safe to try. it'll either schedule a job or tell you to wait
13:03<@bmartin>Goodbye IRC
13:03<@bmartin>until next time
13:03<DrJ>give me my point back first
13:03<DrJ>then you may leave
13:03<@bmartin>!point Drj
13:03<linbot>bmartin: Point given to drj. (3)
13:03<DrJ>you are dismissed
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13:04<Eugene>Step 1: complete.... on to step 2....
13:04<DrJ>8 minutes
13:04-!-Eugene [] has quit []
13:04<DrJ>said 48
13:04<DrJ>I'll take it
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13:08-!-mode/#linode [+o jfred] by ChanServ
13:08<DrJ>Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
13:08<DrJ>dev/sda 79G 31G 44G 42% /
13:08<DrJ>mission accomplished
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13:33<@mcintosh>zifnab: should be clearer that you aren't trapped on the page, now
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13:36<Eugene>That took longer than expected. Helps if I don't alt-tab away in the middle of the migration.
13:36<ChanceCA>Was looking at the Linode page for Block Storage. What would be a good use example of using it?
13:36<smallclone>storing things
13:37<ChanceCA>I see. So where a backup is a complete clone, you can store different things ( files, MySQL, etc ) on the block?
13:39<ChanceCA>Thanks! Was trying to understand the difference
13:39<Peng_>It's a disk, you can do anything
13:41<ChanceCA>Appreciate it, Peng. Youve been very helpful
13:46<millisa>ChanceCA: the linode backup service does not cover the block storage
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13:57<zifnab>mcintosh: thanks!
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13:58<@mcintosh>zifnab: no problem
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14:00<jfred[m]>Also, if you can tolerate the increased latency/decreased speeds (since it's attached over the DC network rather than locally), you can have an OS installed to a blockstorage disk and boot a Linode from that
14:00<millisa>it makes linode resizes go *really* quick
14:03<jfred[m]>remote root disk + a floating IP + some automation = "oh the host machine went down? the Linode's back up anyway!"
14:05-!-fergtm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:05<jfred[m]>though probably better to run HA systems in the first place to avoid having any downtime, of course
14:08-!-squidly [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:14<grawity>hmm, IIRC previous plan upgrades used to resize the disk image automatically, this one didn't
16:17<@sjacobs>grawity: i don't think that has ever been the case. it's a commonly requested behavior, though, and does cause some confusion. i heard that it's being worked on. :)
16:17-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:17<grawity>maybe I'm confusing with $OTHER_VPS_PROVIDER
16:18<millisa>(I prefer it not resizing the disk automatically; or at least would prefer it be a setting that I can disable since I rarely setup my linode with the full disk allocations to keep migrations quicker)
16:19<@sjacobs>millisa: noted. i also keep all my Linodes at half capacity (often much less).
16:20<@sjacobs>migrations, backup restores, deploying a second disk image, etc.
16:23-!-knitcap [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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16:37<Demo>After the scheduled reboots connection to my Linode has improved rapidly, seems odd unless my ISP has tinkered around the same time.
16:41-!-bbigger_ [~bbigger@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe05:4d66] has joined #linode
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16:41<diveyez>Everyday im linodin
16:42-!-bbigger [] has joined #linode
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16:42<diveyez>Demo lots of changes coming these days
16:42<diveyez>Had some outages for medical records systems this morning as well
16:42<Eugene>grawity - I have always figured / noticed that during these "migration" events you end up on new-er Hosts (with a higher number). Which is probably just a side effect of old Hosts being marked as "do not put new Linodes on here", but YMMV.
16:43<Eugene>Its a good way to force host refreshes, so you can sunset old boxes
16:43<Eugene>Everybody likes more disk + RAM, right?
16:44<Demo>diveyez: yeah true. I haven't logged into manager since, will check if same host.
16:44<Demo>Eugene: oh yes!
16:44<Eugene>It used to be possible to enumerate all of the hosts in a given datacenter; they stopped publishing those DNS recors publiclly some years back.
16:44<millisa>ended up on a v3 e5-2680 after this morning's update.
16:47<millisa>found another nanode updated this morning on a v2. which is just fine.
16:48<diveyez>"application.exe -DIE -7days"
16:48<diveyez>God my business partner is going to hate me when he uses his browser when he gets back
16:49<diveyez>He leaves his browser open for weeks at a time.
16:49<diveyez>I made something to kill it every 7 days
16:49<grawity>and why did you do that
16:49<grawity>besides trying to be an asshole
16:50<diveyez>6 days 23 hours 13 minutes remaining
16:50<diveyez>Thats what I will tell him
16:50<grawity>yeah as if bullshitting a "business partner" generally ends well
16:51<diveyez>Im the brains here, if I say a browser dies in 7 days it does
16:52<diveyez>We are moving location in 3 weeks, its like a madhouse around here
16:52<diveyez>all kinds of pranksters and people rushing to digitize 10 years of patient info
16:52<diveyez>quite hilarious, even though every 15 minutes some machine breaks and I have to fix iot
16:53<diveyez>The fact that I have the e5's and two power edge servers makes my life easy
16:54<diveyez>Need more ssd though, too slow without
16:54<diveyez>Which is why I love linode, but compliance is an issue with medical stuff using linode
16:54-!-Demo_ [irc@] has joined #linode
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20:28<mendonza>hey everyone
20:28<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
20:28<mendonza>what is the maximum # of VPS one can create ?
20:29<smallclone>you're limited to 10, iirc, at least when you initially sign up - it's too prevent abuse / fraudulent behavior
20:29<smallclone>you can open a ticket to request more
20:30<mendonza>ok, thanks. how fast is this quota increased then upon request?
20:30<mendonza>i'm in need of more infrastructure so i can scale. also, couldn't find a restful api to launch these there any?
20:33<mendonza>oh, tks!
20:35<mendonza>hm, doesn't seem to support cloud-config when creating an instance
20:36<smallclone>yeah you can't supply that kind of stuff then the linode is provisioned
20:38<mendonza>there are stack scripts, but they do not seem to be compatible with cloud-config
20:38<mendonza>like the user data Digital Ocean has, for instance
20:39<smallclone>yeah that's correct
20:40<mendonza>in the market for something like DO
20:40<millisa>have you considered DO?
20:40<mendonza>can't really find none except lightsail
20:40<mendonza>i'm using DO alrady
20:40<mendonza>just wanted to have another provider
20:40<mendonza>to increase my capacity
20:41<mendonza>as im constantly asking DO to raise my quota
20:41<smallclone>this is why i don't really like solutions like cloud-init or whatever that are kind of dependent on the hosting provider
20:41<smallclone>but i mean that doesn't do you much good now
20:41<smallclone>why not just go with lightsail?
20:41<millisa>I always preferred api + ansible/chef/puppet/salt
20:42<mendonza>yeah @milisa - i will have to change my stack
20:42<mendonza>tks everyone :)
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21:47<Eugene>Is thorner in here, under another nick perhaps? Re: #10485998, it is still ongoing
21:48-!-hearhero2 [] has joined #linode
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21:53<@sjacobs>Eugene: doesn't look like he is here, but i passed it along.
21:53<Eugene>Shrug. Not a rush or anything; all of my connections are v6 based and unimpacted. Legacy IP is..... legacy
21:54<Eugene>I've had good experience troubleshooting these problems via IRC in the past
21:56<Peng_>[Other ISP] still has a localized IPv6 outage :(
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22:03<Zimsky>did any of those spam forum posts specify where I can buy 1000 rubber ducks?
22:04<Zimsky>I suddenly have a brilliant idea
22:07<Eugene>Alibaba is great if you want a pallet of anything
22:07<Eugene>And don't mind wiring money to some bank account in china with no recourse
22:07-!-atrus [] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
22:08<Zimsky>I'm one of those people with "some bank account in china"
22:10<Zimsky>2 weeks later - "yes we send package, it have no tracking but"
22:10<Zimsky>"take it up with china post"
22:10<Eugene>rsyracuse - I was just running a MTR
22:11<Eugene>Jack reports as going via; Jeeves reports as
22:11<Eugene>That sounds like it is transiting across the A/B pair
22:11<Zimsky>jeeves sounds distrustworthy
22:11<Eugene>I did run it before as well, but I found `ping`'s output to be more informative because it actually shows the ICMP history; MTR just shows the Last and StDev
22:12<Eugene>Jeeves is my SSH jump box so yeah, he's kinda shady.
22:13-!-hearhero [] has joined #linode
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22:16<Eugene>Ohhhh I fucking found it
22:16<Eugene>Its BGP!
22:16-!-atrus [] has joined #linode
22:16-!-atrus is "Jeremy Nickurak" on #linode
22:17<Eugene> is being announced in a more/less specific route!
22:19<Eugene>Ahhhhh I think its an announcement overlapping
22:19<retro|blah>So I'm seeing traces to die before it reaches CoreSite in LA
22:19<Eugene>My other address is in the 173.230.156 block
22:20<retro|blah>Right, I also see the same thing for say
22:20<Eugene>Which is covered by the same /20 parent announcement, but by differing /24 specific ones
22:21<Eugene>I'm not seeing an issue from any other IPs(eg, I suspect because thats a totally separate section of IP space
22:21-!-CodeMouse92__ [] has joined #linode
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22:22<retro|blah>Traces to on the other hand do complete from my standpoint. Ditto
22:23<Eugene>Sorry, I forgot to mention the actual issue
22:23<Eugene>Traces fine, but I'm seeing really weird packet-to-packet timing variances between two Nodes in the same DC
22:24<Eugene>This is after taking today's free Upgrade on both nodes, and then a Resize downwards for Jack. So I have two new hosts
22:24-!-hearhero [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:25<Eugene>That stDev is killin' me
22:32<Eugene>I guess I could try to get a tcpdump with high-resolution timestamps
22:39<Peng_>I've seen similar after I resized a node and it has ~5 % steal
22:39<Peng_>IPv4 and IPv6
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22:50<Peng_>19936 packets transmitted, 19936 received, 0% packet loss, time 1207286231ms
22:50<Peng_>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.243/0.946/105.001/2.053 ms
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23:38<dwfreed>Peng_: what'd you do, have that set to ping once every 60 seconds or something?
23:41<Peng_>I rebooted for Spectre 1207286231 ms ago apparently.
23:41<dwfreed>well, longer than that
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