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05:11<loadkick>Hi Guys..!
05:12<@bmartin>Hello there
05:12<loadkick>I'm getting an error while creating an image for one of my linode
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05:12<loadkick>Unable to create image. Size of disk (2508MB) is larger than the per-image limit of 2048MB.
05:13<loadkick>Hi Martin
05:13<loadkick>what this message means and what is the solution
05:14<loadkick>otherwise i have successfully created image for another linode which is of similar size
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05:16<Peng_>The other one must have been smaller
05:17<loadkick>i just checked both of them are 20GB
05:17<@bmartin>So you're trying to create a disk image
05:17<loadkick>was able to create image for - (196352 MB, ext4) sized disk
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05:18<loadkick>but not able to for (196096 MB, ext3)
05:18<@bmartin>your disk space is not necessarily indicative of the size of the image itself
05:18<@bmartin>this is something you are going to need to open a support a ticket for
05:18<loadkick>yes.. @bmartin
05:19<loadkick>may i use that is already open ?
05:19<loadkick>from yesterday
05:20<@bmartin>just send over that ticket number
05:23<loadkick>I haven't looked at our plan in linode hosting but does creating an image cost anything? how do i download the image or store in the cloud?
05:24<@bmartin>The image will be stored on your account
05:25<@bmartin>we don't have an option to download that image but you can copy contents of your Linode via rsync
05:26<@bmartin>loadkick can you update that ticket with your question in regards to images so our support team can take a look
05:31<loadkick>i dont want the updates to be sent to others in my account..plz include me only and india development team
05:32<loadkick>can you plz do that... others in the account arent part of the system
05:32<@bmartin>I can't isolate your user independent in relation to the ticket updates
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05:40<loadkick>i have updated the ticket Martin!
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09:22<ericoc>happy friday linode
09:27<@bmartin>Happy Friday ericoc
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09:47<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • SOCKs proxy with user/password <>
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12:43<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:31<bobbeers>anyone here can help me find out something
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13:31<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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13:34<bobbeers>do you guys have a one on one live chat
13:34<millisa>this is a community chat
13:34<millisa>if you need official communication; calling them or writing their support address would be the way to go.
13:35<bobbeers>ok thanks
13:35<millisa>but there's a good chance someone here knows the answer to your question if it's not account specific
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13:46<smallclone>feel free to ask your question
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13:47<where>Who are you?
13:47<smallclone>this is a community channel
13:47<smallclone>if you have a question that isn't specific to your account, we can probably answer it
13:48<where>You are the staff linode?
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13:48<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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13:50<where>There are other friends
13:50<smallclone>yes there are
13:50<millisa>and countless enemies. But with perseverance, and spandex, we shall overcome.
13:50<smallclone>no wait!
13:51<smallclone>didn't see that coming
13:51<where> linode recently whether resources can be a free upgrade
13:52<smallclone>ah a question
13:52<smallclone>yeah they recently upgraded the resources available for each plan
13:52<millisa>They offered a free upgrade yesterday . some just got a little more disk. some got disk and transit. others got more ram and vcpu
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13:53<where>Have a link can see the official instructions
13:53<millisa>instructions for what?
13:53<smallclone>instructions to upgrade the plan?
13:54<millisa>If you click on a linode in the manager, if it has a free upgrade, it will have a message up at the top with a link you can click on.
13:55<where>I login to try
13:57<where>oh I don't have it prompt
13:58<millisa>did you click on a linode? It looks like this:
14:00<where>Thank you may be the reason why I didn't buy the server
14:08<where>thank you bye
14:08<smallclone>where: yeah if you don't have a linode you don't need to upgrade, you just buy one
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14:28<where>Do you have a linode staff in
14:29<millisa>the answer is the same as last time
14:29<where>what ?
14:29<smallclone>yeah you need to buy a linode to have a linode
14:29<@sjacobs>we're around.
14:30<where>I want to transfer my products to other accounts
14:30<@sjacobs>that'll take a support ticket.
14:30<millisa>If you put a ticket in from both accounts, they can move it
14:30<smallclone>where: open a ticket
14:31<@sjacobs>open the first ticket requesting to transfer the linode. get the ticket number. create a ticket on the second account and include the original ticket number.
14:31<@sjacobs>that's the quickest way.
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14:32<where>I want to use another account under the server now account below the IP address of the server Can you tell me what to do
14:33<@sjacobs>can you rephrase that. i'm not sure i follow.
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15:14<eagles051387>hi all how is everyone
15:14<smallclone>doing well
15:14<smallclone>how are you
15:16<eagles051387>smallclone: not bad here :)
15:21<eagles051387>has anyone here running cpanel on a linode. Im running it but my specific question is if they have tried running cpanel with the block storage
15:25<smallclone>hm, dunno about that
15:25<smallclone>there's this:
15:26<smallclone>or is your question not about configuring it?
15:26<eagles051387>smallclone: wasnt thinking of using it as backup storage though
15:27<eagles051387>more for primary storage for accounts
15:27<eagles051387>ill open a ticket with them as they are quick at responding.
15:28<smallclone>you can use block storage that, you just need to create the filesystem and then mount it there in fstab
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15:38<zeebee>what is .0075 / hour in addition to $5 per month
15:38<millisa>if you a referring to the 1gb plan, it's .0075 and hour up to the $5 monthly cap
15:39<zeebee>oh okay got it. Thanks good information
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15:40<millisa>(that billing page doesn't use the 'nanode' verbiage for the 1gb size if anyone cares)
15:49<smallclone>yeah i mentioned that during my long tirade against the nanode
15:51<smallclone>tldr: it was moved and renamed so people wouldn't confuse it with a 200GB linode which i'm sure was happening all the time
15:52<frogzilla>so basically for the 4gb plan we're paying 20 divided by 666.666 :0
15:52<frogzilla>linode's ceo must be anton lavey
15:52<millisa>I'm not complaining. I am hoping it is the beginning of a pattern. I want a meganode. with extra large fries.
15:52<frogzilla>just kiddng :| im trying to be funny ehy...
15:53<frogzilla>thats funny..
15:53<frogzilla>and i agree..
15:54<frogzilla>cm one say something! you make me feel uncomfortable :<
15:54<millisa>something! you make me feel uncomfortable
15:54<frogzilla>LOL thanks millisa..
15:54<@sjacobs>welcome to linode, home of the linode, can i take your order?
15:55<frogzilla>*_* brilliant
15:55<millisa>KVM = kilonode value meal
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16:32<eagles051387>millisa: kernal virtual machine (KVM)
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16:32<millisa>psh. those dont come with fries.
16:32<smallclone>lol, corrects an obvious joke with a misspelling
16:32<smallclone>that was an alpha move
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16:35<frogzilla>KVM = Kernel Virtual Maize
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16:37<frogzilla>D: my jokes are never funny...
16:39<frogzilla>plus no one ever gave me a point ... :< forever alone
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18:13<mattmcc>Huh. Plan upgrades a month before Linode's birthday?
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18:56<frogzilla>you got some more space and data nate :P and in a month linode is celebrating its 15th birthday
18:57<nate>pretty sure I still have linodes pending the last upgrades lol
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23:38<maryann>dose anyone this addres they acessed one of my sites i traced here to account on linode and they have some kind of wifi fruity attack tool on there
23:39<@mtjones>maryann: Could you send a report and a sample log of the access to ? We'll be happy to investigate.
23:39<nate>maryann: If you suspect a linode host of being used for malicious stuff, report it to
23:39<nate>or what he said :P
23:39<maryann>ok i will
23:40<Zimsky>"accessed one of my sites" what does that mean
23:42<maryann>i have live chat site for tech support i use livezilla and from the logs this person spent 3 hours on the site doing nothing tried send him a message no responce
23:44<Zimsky>so doing nothing is a terrible terrible thing?
23:45<Zimsky>sounds like woet so I guess it makes sense
23:45<nate>Perhaps suspicious from a VPS IP address but not exactly malicious, could just be someone using their linode as a tunnel and forgot they left the tab open
23:45<maryann>this person was useing FruityWifi is an open source tool to audit wireless networks. It allows the user to deploy advanced attacks by directly using the web interface or by sending messages to it.
23:46<Zimsky>I like how you copied the description literally from their site
23:46<nate>Technically FruityC2 is a multi-purpose tool, and even at that pretty sure a linode VPS isn't on a wireless network with your system, even if you were at linode as well
23:46<Zimsky>none of this sounds bad or malicious at all
23:47<nate>But as said most you can do is reach out to and see what staff think
23:47<nate>At the very least perhaps something they can reach out to the owner about to see if they actually installed the tool for testing purposes
23:48<maryann>ok i will my linux logs picked scans and a attempt to log in the link to the tool is here the person installed it
23:50<Zimsky>maybe don't worry about it unless it's actually doing damage, as opposed to "an attempt"
23:50<Zimsky>chasing down every attempt on an internet-facing service quickly becomes tedious and exhausting
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23:51<maryann>i know ok i won't but still iam sending to the email you guys said to sent it to
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23:54<rx7a>Hello all!...
23:54<rx7a>Does Linode offer VPS_service ?
23:54<Zimsky>no, they offer VPS service
23:55-!-millisa [] has joined #linode
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23:55<rx7a>It is "no" !
23:56<Peng_>Linode offers VPS service
23:56<Zimsky>that's what I just said
23:57-!-Eugene [] has joined #linode
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23:58<rx7a>Is this the price of VPS service:
23:59<rx7a>Coooooooool!... (y)
23:59<rx7a>Thanks for your reply! :)
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