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00:03<maryann>thanks for help
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00:20<Fheigo>hi, someone has promo coupon ?
00:22<Zimsky>I think so
00:23<Fheigo>Zimsky: Helpme
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06:19<Ben>Hi all i want to know what are the charges for linode managed for 1 linode instance
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07:10<rsdehart>maybe he figured out there's a website on his own
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08:16<iONinja>Hi everyone
08:16<iONinja>I need the linode limit raised if possible?
08:16<iONinja>Have opened a support ticket 4 hours ago
08:17<iONinja>Anyone around?
08:19<iONinja>It is quite urgent, is anyone there?
08:20<@smccabe>Hey iONinja, do you have a ticket number?
08:21<iONinja>@smccabe #10490205
08:23<@smccabe>Thanks! I see the ticket, and will update it likely in the next ten minutes.
08:23<iONinja>Thank you so so much! Just wondering, what will you raise it to?
08:28<@smccabe>iONinja, just updated : ) go ahead and refresh that ticket
08:30<iONinja>Thank you!!! :O
08:31<@smccabe>Not a problem : )
08:31<Zimsky>: )
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08:59<Mutter>someone help me. i can not access my account
09:01<Zimsky>you should send linode an email or give them a call
09:06<blap>hey someone gibs me a linode for 4 weeks
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09:06<blap>just need a http and irc
09:07<grawity>huh, I forgot I had a ping running to another linode, and rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.312/1.058/5023.343/34.235 ms, pipe 5
09:07<grawity>5023 seconds :|
09:07<grawity>oh waiiiit, those are milliseconds.
09:07<Zimsky>yes they are ms
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09:19<helpme>hi, anyone experiecning timeouts on
09:20<helpme>the manager is being unresponsive.
09:20<Zimsky>happens to me at mcdonalds all the time
09:20<Zimsky>it works though
09:20<helpme>i am not at macdonalds.
09:22<Zimsky>do a ping/mtr and see what's up
09:22<helpme>25% fine, 20% timeouts, 50% highping
09:22<helpme>any ops alive?
09:23<helpme>i cant even submit a ticket.
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09:34<helpme>it has been sent
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09:40<helpme>atlanta is fine, dallas has the same problem as well (same as
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11:36<Esmer>Hi, is there a way to contact to the support other than ticket system? My server is down because of a failed migration. I opened a ticket half an hour ago
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11:36<@smccabe>Esmer, you can always call in
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13:36<JC_>Hi! Does anyone know off hand if Linode Backups work, if I create a swap partition? I see in their documents they say "The Backup Service must be able to mount your disks. If you’ve created partitions, configured full disk encryption, or made other changes that prevent us from mounting the disk as a filesystem, you will likely not be able to use the Linode Backup Service. The backup system operates at the file level, not at the block level.
13:43<@smccabe>Hey JC_ , are you asking if the backup system backs ups the swap disk?
13:44<grawity>or maybe whether it backs up disks which are partitioned
13:44<grawity>JC_: the usual Linode method is to create a completely separate image for swap
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13:46<arby>Honest to crikey. A "gag clause" to boot!
13:46<arby>"8.6 Publicity Covenant. For a period commencing on the Effective Date and continuing through the expiration of the three (3) year period following the termination of this Agreement, you represent and warrant that you shall not issue any press release or make any other public communication with respect to this Agreement or your use of the Linode Services without our prior written consent, which consent may be withheld for any reason or for no reason."
13:52<arby>"Breaks my heart", but I've bought cabinet space at HE, and am populating racks with servers to migrate to. Anyone here happy with any slightly less contractulally-delusional hosting cos?
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14:11<JC_>@grawity Yes, I am asking: does the Linode Backup work with a partitioned disks. My partition is for swap.
14:12<grawity>I think the docs you quoted practically outright state that it doesn't
14:13<@smccabe>JC_, you could always consider using rsync and setting up a cron job to back up files
14:14<JC_>Thanks @smccabe and grawity I will have to use another method for backup of Linode instance I guess.
14:14<grawity>or another method of adding swap?
14:15*grawity uses borg for server backups
14:19<JC_>Yes, i think I will try for switching to a swap file on my primary partition instead of a separate partition. I was following the guide for setting up Linode instance without knowing how Linode Backup would not work!! I'm going to also reach out to ServerPilot so they add this caveat to their documentation.
14:21<JC_>Thank you grawity and smccabe !!! Much appreciated to have another set of eyes on this. Thank you!!!
14:30<grawity>JC_: I was in fact talking about this
14:34<JC_>grawity. That's how I have my swap disk. It seems like Linode Backup won't work with that from their document. Isn't that what you understand?
14:34<grawity>the Linode docs are talking about partitioning a single disk (as in MBR/GPT partitions)
14:35<grawity>what the Linode Manager does is create *completely separate* disks, which usually remain unpartitioned internally
14:39<JC_>grawity so then how does Linode Backup select which disk to backup?
14:40<grawity>I think all disks with recognizable filesystems?
14:44<JC_>That's a relief because to think I was using Linode Backup all this time and it was a false sense of security.
14:45<grawity>what you see in my screenshot is Linode's default setup, anyway
14:47<JC_>I dont think that was a default. I had to create the swap when i made my Ubuntu setup.
14:48<JC_>Correction. Swap does seem to be a default!
14:53<gparent>yes, I couldn't find a way not to add swap (didn't check API)
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15:35<SleePy>What happens if we don't check those boxes for the agreement updates?
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16:24<jpleau>hi, I'm trying to import a zone into my linode account, I'm getting "Your nameserver must allow zone transfers (AXFR)" -- what exactly do I need to do? Do I add a special record somewhere?
16:25<grawity>you need to configure your nameservers to allow zone transfers (AXFRs)
16:26<grawity>which is about as 'exactly' as it gets without knowing the actual software hosting your zone
16:26<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
16:27<Eugene>arby - whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
16:28<Eugene>Is that new for the new one?
16:28<jpleau>grawity: fwiw, the domain is registered at, and the DNS are hosted at I'll ask them how to enable zone transfers, thanks.
16:29<arby>Eugene: Yeppers!
16:30<Eugene>I guess I really am migrating somewhere else
16:30<@abrining>jpleau yeah, DigitalOcean is were your zones are at, so in order to do an AXFR transfer, DO will have to allow it. It's most likely a setting in your account
16:30<grawity>it's common that DNS hosting services don't offer this option at all (either technical reasons or just regular lock-in)
16:31<@abrining>yeah, if they do not have AXFR servers or their DNS servers do not support AXFR, you'll have to manually set up the zone or copy/paste a zone file
16:31<grawity>going by the DO forum, you'll probably have to use the API (e.g. via to grab a zonefile instead
16:31<arby>Eugene: A long phone chat yesterday basically involved "No, we're not changing a thing", "trust us", and "that's not the intent ..." ... Boggles th mind, really.
16:32<jpleau>grawity: I downloaded the zone file from the user area already. I was looking for something in linode's DNS manager to import it but no success so far
16:33<zifnab>mcintosh: if you could run 8.6 of the agreement past your idiot bosses, I am about to start moving shit and opening tickets.
16:33<zifnab>I would appreciate it.
16:33<zifnab>I actually am opening tickets
16:34<Eugene>zifnab - feel free to cross-reference #10485998
16:34<Eugene>Oh sorry no, that's my shitty IPV4 one
16:34<Eugene>10481123 is the Policy Change Objections
16:34<jpleau>abrining: I have the "copy" part done, where am I supposed to paste it in linode's dns settings?
16:34<grawity>jpleau: and vice versa, it seems Linode has an export option but not import
16:37<@abrining>jpleau, grawity is correct. You can't import zone files directly, so you will need to enter the records manually if you can't use AXFR
16:37<jpleau>ok, thanks. I'll contact them if enabling AXFR is a possibility, otherwise I'll do it manually.
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16:39<arby>Eugene: Got a hosting provider you're fond(er) of? I'm still poking around -- in the meantime, got my own rack.
16:39<Eugene>I've been shifting applications to AWS and/or back into my closet
16:40<arby>Closet seems like the best bet these days ...
16:44<Peng_>"Hey what host do you use, you said you really like them, right?"
16:44<Peng_>"That's classified."
16:44<Peng_>"Do you have a referral link so I can sign up?"
16:44<Peng_>"I can neither confirm nor deny that."
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17:51<@mtjones>Eugene: arby: and everyone else referencing the new agreement: We'll be removing the first sentence of 8.6 soon, thank you for letting us know your thoughts on the matter. Please do continue to provide feedback, we thrive on it!
17:52<Eugene>More explicit language explaining that the EU Model Contract does not apply to US customers would be welcomed
17:53<Eugene>The and/or explanation is..... well, a bit and/or-y
17:53<arby>mtjones: You'd likely get more 'feedback' to thrive on if the attitude wasn't that WE are the problem here, you recognized that this contract language IS a problem that's causing real customers to spend real time & money *leaving* Linode, and you didn't give us a "whole week" to unwind from this mess.
17:54<Eugene>Its not like there was 2 years to prepare or anything /s
17:54<arby>Eugene: For whom? Us, or them?
17:55<Eugene>"Entities affected by it"
17:55<arby>Did *you* see their language prior to a couple of days ago?
17:56<Eugene>I've read the agreement in the past. Never in this detail, because I've never had good reason to
17:57<arby>I've never seen any "past" agreement from Linode that has any of this GDPR language in it. Are you saying that you have? I'd love to see it, if you did.
17:58<arby>That this current language wasn't focus-grouped/beta-tested/whatever-you-wanna-call-it *before* roll-out (as I was told), suggests a .... "missed opportunity (TM)"
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17:59<Eugene>The EU source law was passed in 2016. The may 25th date should not have been a surprise. Rolling out contract changes on short notice is..... lol
17:59<@mtjones>Eugene: Thanks, I'll make sure that section of the agreement is stil on our radar. arby: This contract is 100% on us. Could you clarify what you mean by a whole week to unwind? I'd like to understand where you're coming from so I can address anything that isn't working out.
18:00<arby>mtjones: We have until May 25th to "agree" or get lost. IIUC, that's ~ a week.
18:01<Eugene>I actually asked specifically for a cut-off date; there is not one set
18:01<Eugene>So for now I'm going to continue to not agree
18:01<arby>I was told May 25th ... hm.
18:01<Eugene>May 25th is when the regulations start being enforced; whether or not Linode is planning to shut things off is another story
18:02<arby>Eugene: "The following Customer Agreement will apply to the use of any Linode service beginning on May 25, 2018, though you are invited to review and accept its terms at any time before such date. "
18:02<@mtjones>The May 25th deadline is our, and other companies', deadline to be compliant with the GDPR. Right now, you can hold off on the new agreement with us past May 25th as there's no deadline on that.
18:05<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • What ways are there to avoid getting billed more than what you could afford? <>
18:05<Eugene>^ get a job, hippie
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20:25<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • What ways are there to avoid getting billed more than what you could afford? <>
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20:48<FreakingOut1987>i'm not sure if there is a better channel to mention this but I have two pretty much identify mailservers (derived from the same script) and when I run spamcheck I get two different scores. The extra penalty is from the following: 1.1 DKIM_ADSP_ALL - No valid author signature, domain signs all mail
20:48<FreakingOut1987>I've checked the source for the two e-mails sent from two different domains and have gone line by line and they're the same :|
20:48<FreakingOut1987>what gives?
20:50<FreakingOut1987> - Problem e-mail
20:50<FreakingOut1987> - No problem e-mail
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20:54<frogzilla>something's wrong with your dkim :|
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21:19<dwfreed>FreakingOut1987: fwiw, we can't validate the DKIM on that email if you change the signed details...
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23:53<zifnab>guess i'll ask here before i even bother poking support: this EU model contract, is it defined anywhere what it's scope is
23:53<zifnab>because to me, it looks like any customer data I process I now have to follow these rules on
23:54<Zimsky>the eu council will have snipers ready to take you out for violating gdpr
23:54<zifnab>(i'm also looking at competitors new agreements, DO specifically limits theirs to data I have provided to DO)
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