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00:25<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
00:26<Vamsi>Does Linode allow modifying system parameters like max open files and max user processes on instances in standard plan?
00:27<Vamsi>and modifying iptables as well?
00:27<Vamsi>great, thanks!
00:42<zifnab>i hereby claim that my home is a sovereign country called "The Island of Ziflandia" and all data that crosses it's boundaries are subject to the zdpr
00:43<zifnab>by allowing data to cross this boundary, you agree that your first born child owes me beer.
00:43*millisa blindly clicks 'Agree'.
00:44<zifnab>cool, i want beer in the mail 21 years after your first born is born.
00:45<millisa>I might have that now...
00:45<zifnab>we don't recognize time here, you're automatically at default and owe me beer.
00:45<zifnab>(this is how rediculous i find the gdpr)
00:46<millisa>I didn't read that close enough either. I'm assuming I should just start sending beer to buckingham or something, too
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00:46<zifnab>more or less they're saying any EU citizens data, on any system, anywhere in the world, is legally bound to some laws they added
00:46<zifnab>and you're automatically required to follow said laws
00:47<millisa>I'm claiming exemption due to religious grounds. I am a pope.
00:47<zifnab>they also go on to define said data as things like email addresses and ip addresses
00:47<zifnab>you understand the rediculousness
00:47<zifnab>cool :P
00:47<zifnab>i spent some time looking today, has data on EU citizens
00:48<zifnab>i also wonder if one could make the claim "You have private data on me, you must remove it, you have banned my IP address which adds it to a database somewhere"
00:49<zifnab>and, well, how github is going to deal with this, if htey are (they have email addresses in git commits)
00:49<millisa>you've already exempted yourself. as the head of ziflandia's law enforcement agency, you are exempt because you are collecting the data for prevention and detection of criminal offenses (of ziflandia)
00:49<zifnab>of course.
00:51<Zimsky>zifnab: only if you care about complying with EU law
00:51<zifnab>what's the outcome of "Your laws don't apply to me"
00:51<zifnab>do they start extraditing US citizens
00:51<Zimsky>it's like, if north korea says "all websites not produced by our government are illegal"
00:51<Zimsky>you can just not care
00:51<zifnab>i can, minus hosting providers shoving it down my throat :P
00:51<Zimsky>but on the other hand, if you have a legal presence in north korea, and care about retaining that presence, then you probably should comply
00:51<Zimsky>same with eu laws
00:51<zifnab>i appreciate AWS's response (all EU datacenters are now owned by a subsidary)
00:53<Zimsky>use a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN HOMELAND-type host then
00:55<zifnab>or, just move everything to my closet
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03:06<Srikanta>Hi Team
03:06<Srikanta>I am new to linode
03:07<Srikanta>How to add files into partcular domain
03:07<millisa>An sftp client is the usual way for putting files onto a Linode
03:07<Srikanta>Just now I added a domain into Linode with steps
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03:08<millisa>There are a couple how-to docs at about moving files
03:08<Srikanta>I am not able to find the domain name
03:08<Srikanta>in linode
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03:10<millisa>I'm not sure what you mean by not being able to find the domain name in linode?
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03:11*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large colorado squawfish
03:12<millisa>Can you ask your question in another way?
03:12<dcraig>I can tickle with another fish
03:13<Srikanta>Please let me know the process
03:13<Srikanta>so that we will add the files
03:14<millisa>Are you getting an error following one of those documents?
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04:10<nassar>i have an account on linode , and i have 3 servers on it , i need to subscribe to manage service but for one server only , can i
04:19<cmcfarland>Yes. If you are running more than one Linode, not all are required to be managed. You can establish separate accounts (e.g., production and development) and monitor only the most critical services running on designated Linode(s).
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06:10<eMSi21>Hello, is there anyone from support online right now?
06:13<frogzilla>eMsi21 try with a bat signal.. it usually works :D
06:16<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:16<@bmartin>How can we help?
06:16<eMSi21>Oh hello, hm well I have an issue with one of your VPS
06:17<@bmartin>Do you have a support ticket open by chance?
06:17<eMSi21>I'm not the customer but a guy who went to it's website
06:17<eMSi21>Not yet
06:17<eMSi21>I just came to your website so yeah
06:17<@bmartin>ahh ok
06:17<eMSi21>A guy is using one of your VPS to host a scam website
06:17<@bmartin>so it's with a customer of ours websites?
06:17<@bmartin>ok send that info to
06:17<eMSi21>Okay sure
06:17<@bmartin>if it's something where you are purchasing something and not receiving
06:17<@bmartin>that would be the jurisdiction of law enforcement
06:18<@bmartin>if it is phishing or something of that nature that is something we could act on
06:18<eMSi21>And one more thing - are you allowed to give me his full information? Or is it private?
06:18<@bmartin>it is private
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08:06<dareenzo>Hello Guys. Do you know if in order to have a private IP I need to ask the staff for it?
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08:07<@smccabe>Hey Dareenzo, You should be able to add the private IP on remote access in your dashboard, by clicking Add a Private IP
08:11<dareenzo>Alright, thanks
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08:19<frogzilla>if i move (permanently) outside the eu, would linode let me opt out the european gdpr? ive agreed as im in europe right now
08:24<frogzilla> batman symbol! (~v~)
08:32<frogzilla>where are you batsy.. :<
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10:28<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • sites de plan cul <>
11:10<Woet>frogzilla: and what do you gain by that
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11:17<frogzilla>just asking, i want to know if i will have to make a whole new account just because of that (i dont believe so but you never know)... and if do not have any sort of relation with europe, why enforcing those rules? it would just make my life harder, plus i could commercialize user's data with more ease without that gdpr. but questioning my question doesnt help anyway
11:26<@scrane>frogzilla: If you move outside the EU, we do have the abliity to reset the agreements so you can specify you are no longer in the EU. You would just need to create a ticket.
11:30<frogzilla>^0^ i knew it was that easy.. i just wanted to chat a little ... thanks anyway <3
11:30<frogzilla>by the way* >
11:31<frogzilla>ah Woet... and ive also forgot to mention administrative fines :D
11:31<Woet>the GDRP has nothing to do with the agreement you signed with Linode.
11:32<Woet>it either applies or it doesn't, regardless of what you sign.
11:36<frogzilla>ehhhh.. its not that easy, a lawyer would surely be able to tell you the differences better than i could. lets say if you agree you are bound to the agreement and you have to comply, even if you have nothing to do with the eu, business and it's people. if you do not sign, and you do target ue citizen's data, or you have a business within the eu you are subject to the gdpr even if you did not sign it
11:40<frogzilla>and the gdpr doesnt apply to frogzillas anyway. ()3
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12:14<frogzilla>ps: i knew the bat-signal would work ^0^
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12:24<@smccabe>frogzilla, only sometimes :)
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13:56<bnn>ii have a doubt
13:56<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:57<bnn>how flexible linode towards xxx content hosting
13:59<bnn>did i asked anything wrong
13:59<bnn>thanks dude
14:00<bnn>sorry if i asked it in public
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14:06<@scrane>Haha dangit. I didn't get to respond fast enough.
14:06<@scrane>Thanks for sharing that, ericoc
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14:12<ericoc>just realized the tos still references atlantic county
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15:36<tun>Is there anybody who can help me answer some questions I have?
15:36<@scrane>Sure thing.
15:36<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:36<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:36<@gjjansen>Sneaky me!
15:38<@scrane>What can we do for you, tun?
15:39<tun>I am currently developing an Intrusion Detection system. And I am wondering if it’s okay to test on the vps I got on Linode. By testing I mean, to attempt various hacks on the server to see the performance and accuracy of the IDS.
15:39<tun>Just wondering if it’s legal to do so.
15:41<@scrane>In general you are responsible for the traffic on your Linode. If you would like to perform security tests/research I would recommend opening a ticket and explaining the test you are intending on performing. Our Trust & Safety team would be able to evaluate from there. Without that, you can still perform the tests, however if we receive abuse reports for traffic originating from your Linode we will open a ToS Violation ticket on your Linode and
15:41<@scrane> possibly apply network restrictions until you can explain what generated the abuse report.
15:42<@scrane>If you are attempting to hack your own Linode on the other hand, that's fine.
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15:45<tun>Yes, I will be performing the test only on my own Linode. And you mean, it’s better to let Linode know before the test even though I can still do by myself. Correct?
15:46<Monkey>I just stumbled upon Linode via Hugo and I'm curious about both of them.
15:46<@scrane>tun If you're performing the test on your own Linode, then there's no need to let us know. If you were going to use your Linode to perform penetration testing on other locations, that would be something you should notify us about.
15:47<@scrane>Monkey What would you like to know?
15:48<Monkey>In short: How secure is Linode? How security-conscious are the folks who operate Linode?
15:50<millisa>"They take security seriously." "They only think about security and ice cream all day long."
15:50<@scrane>Monkey Linode's backend is secure, and we absolutely take the security of our customers' information very seriously. You can read a bit more about this here:
15:50<@gjjansen>millisa: hmm
15:50<millisa>it's a set of questions that nearly every provider is going to answer the same way...
15:50<Monkey>In other words, if I were to search the internet (the clearnet) for a list of security-focused cloud hosting services, how likely is Linode to be on the list?
15:51<tun>Perfect. That’s what I wanted to know. My plan is to install the IDS on my own Linode and attempt various attacks from my side. My goal is not to completely penetrate the security layers but just to see if the system can detect the malicious packets and notfies in timely manner.
15:52<@scrane>Glad I could help, tun!
15:52<tun>Thanks @scrane
15:52<Woet>Monkey: I mean, they had debug enabled on their production coldfusion manager just a few days ago
15:53<Monkey>Thanks for the hyperlink to your /security page. This is what I was looking for (lazily), hadn't yet found (unsurprisingly), and so just asked in IRC (socially).
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15:53<Woet>as much as I like Linode, their security isn't the #1 thing that comes to mind
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15:54<Monkey>It seems tun and I are visiting for the same general reason: security. GMTA.
15:54<Woet>let's not forget the 45k bitcoin that was stolen because of a Linode employee using a weak password for the Linode admin panel that was public facing without any 2FA or password strength enforcement.
15:54<paolom>Hi, I live in Italy and I would like to get a Linode VPS. I will be paying using an Italian Martercard credit card. Would I be charged any taxes? For example Italian/EU VAT?
15:55<Woet>paolom: yes, you are charged VAT.
15:55<paolom>Ok, thank!
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15:58<@gjjansen>Woet: I'm not super familiar with the history of trouble since I've only been here about a year but I can say that in that timeframe, we've built and ramped up a security team and take it exceptionally serious.
15:58<Woet>gjjansen: then I shouldn't be able to know that the file /virtual/ exists
16:01<Monkey>What would come to mind, Woet? I'm particularly interested in security from global mass surveillance and targeted state attacks. I live in the United States. I don't want to use a cloud services provider based in any of the Five Eyes countries.
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16:01<Woet>Monkey: only tinfoil hats will counter those kind of attacks
16:02<Monkey>This is what I hear. Often.
16:03<@scrane>Monkey To be clear, Linode is based in the United States. Our office is in Philly.
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16:03<Woet>all the Linode employees are home grown US citizens
16:04<Woet>carefully vetted for patriotism
16:04<millisa>and love of goats.
16:04<Monkey>I'm guessing that when one's nickname is red, this means the message is a private one. Li'l IRC help, please: How do I reply privately? I'm using the web interface provided by Linode.
16:04<@gjjansen>LOL Woet
16:04-!-Sean is now known as csnxs
16:04<@gjjansen>When it's red, I think that just means that you were mentioned but it is public.
16:05<Monkey>Ah, OK. Thank you, @gjjansen.
16:05<Woet>or it means a NSA agent shot you and theres blood spatter on your monitor
16:05<Woet>you can never be sure
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16:05<Monkey>Me thinks I've been spotted!
16:06<totallyreal>Maybe. Though more likely than not this is just scrane testing the IRC web client.
16:06<Woet>should have gone for a kevlar hat instead
16:06<@scrane>You'd like to think that, totallyreal wouldn't you?
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16:06<@gjjansen>A lot can vary based on client being used too. That wouldn't account for any monitor-blood.
16:06<Woet>my love for gjjansen is totallyreal
16:06<@scrane>Yeah, Monkey when the name is red it's what gjjansen said.
16:06<Woet>not as much as stroopwafels though
16:07<@gjjansen>I can account for all of my stroopwafels. They have been consumed.
16:07<totallyreal>And now I disappear into the shadows to silently spy another day.
16:07<Monkey>Using the nickname Monkey on a web-based IRC client hosted by a cloud services provider was probably silly.
16:07-!-totallyreal [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
16:07<@gjjansen>Monkey: Especially silly since it's also your password.
16:08<FVEY1>That isn't any of his passwords.
16:09<Monkey>You're right. It isn't. Thank you, FVEY1, for racing to my defense. [Time elapses.] Wait a minute... WTF?!
16:09-!-csnxs [sean@2a01:7e00:e000:187:666:666:666:666] has quit [Quit: I was wrong. It creeps up back; through coloured glass.]
16:09<@gjjansen>Sneaky sneaky!
16:09<Monkey>I know what a goat is, I think.
16:09-!-FVEY1 [] has quit []
16:10<@scrane>greatest of all time
16:10<Monkey>And I'm quite sure I know what a Unicorn is. I've had to learn a lot of leet/luser/lolz lingo lately.
16:11<Monkey>"greatest of all time"?
16:11<@scrane>Yeah. Like Michael Jordan is a goat.
16:11<Monkey>Not that kind of goat, stupid.
16:11<Monkey>Is he? Uh...
16:12<@scrane>MJ, #23 on the Bulls, is totally the GOAT.
16:12<@scrane>Or have you not seen Space Jam?
16:12<Monkey>I haven't.
16:13<Woet>space jam is a false flag operation for targeted state attacks and mind control by the five eyes
16:13<Monkey>Nor have I played Minecraft. Nor do I use Roblox.
16:13<Monkey>OK, good to know. I'll read about it.
16:14<@abrining>Woet knows how to stay woke
16:14<Woet>abrining: we meet again
16:15-!-Monkey [~oftc-webi@2600:8800:1d00:cc:151f:409b:3bc2:c4e3] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:15<millisa>Oh no. They got him.
16:15<@scrane>Remember: If you see something, say nothing. And drink to forget.
16:16<@abrining>Hello there Woet
16:17<Woet>abrining: I have a song for you,
16:17-!-csnxs [sean@2a01:7e00:e000:187:666:666:666:666] has joined #linode
16:17-!-csnxs is "nerd" on #oftc #odamex #moocows #linode #digitalocean #debian-next #debian #ck
16:17<Woet>song starts at 1:01
16:19-!-Cromulent [~Cromulent@] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
16:20<Woet>everyone does
16:20<Woet>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
16:21<@abrining>no, bad Woet. Where's the spraybottle?
16:21<Woet>next to the pepperspray
16:22<Woet>and potassium chloride
16:22<csnxs>alright then
16:23<Woet>scrane: you could have saved me so many CPU cycles by direct linking it
16:23<@scrane>You're not wrong.
16:23<Woet>i don't think i've ever been wrong in my life
16:24-!-Monkey [~oftc-webi@2600:8800:1d00:cc:8c22:48e4:86d9:910c] has joined #linode
16:24-!-Monkey is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
16:25<Monkey>I lost connection to the IRC server or something of that nature.
16:25<@gjjansen>Welcome back!
16:26<Woet>sorry, was just re-establishing my MITM on your internet connection
16:27<Monkey>Thanks. But I'm bent because I didn't realize I was adrift until after I'd written two pithy, insightful and quite long messages. They're now lost in space.
16:27<Woet>if its any consolation, i saw them
16:27<Monkey>I'm not using a VPN.
16:27<Woet>they weren't that good
16:27<Monkey>I couldn't decide: Gibraltar? Sweden? Gibraltar? Sweden?
16:27<Monkey>I thought they were OK.
16:28<Monkey>You don't like "Weird Al" Yankovic's Party In the CIA?
16:28<@scrane>Good song.
16:28<Woet>i just can't believe you made me use our SSL zero day to decrypt those awful messages
16:30<@abrining>Woet I just assumed you had the NSA's backdoor decryption key
16:30<Woet>not until my next promotion
16:31<Monkey>It's no consolation. It's terrorism. But it's the usual, run-of-the-mill variety of daily terrorism I've grown accustomed to.
16:32<Woet>yea at least you didn't get run over by a truck
16:33<Monkey>Your SSL zero-day has a bug. The cause of the problem is on line 33 of the main module. You can't miss it.
16:33<Monkey>And yet you did.
16:33<Monkey>I've almost been run over by vehicles. At least one of them was a truck.
16:33<Monkey>So were you run over by a truck?
16:35<Woet>not yet
16:35<Woet>but i can imagine it's a real headache
16:35<Monkey>Not for nothin', but... I can't remember what the two lost-in-space messages were about. I never can remember stuff like this.
16:35<@abrining>only if you hit your head Woet
16:35<Monkey>It has its advantages. Mostly, it's not good.
16:35<Woet>sometimes i'm in over my head
16:36<@mcintosh>wat in tarnation
16:36<@abrining>oh boy
16:36<@scrane>Welcome to the Thunderdome, mcintosh
16:36<csnxs>is !urmom still a thing?
16:36<linbot>Yo mommas so ugly she couldnt get straterra to play with her! (24:0/0) [ormmu]
16:37<Monkey>Let me guess. It's my you-know-what, right? My manhood?
16:38<Monkey>It has what I, for lack of a known name, call "extraordinary visibility."
16:40<Monkey>This conversation thread started with Woet's comment that used the tin foil hat meme to make its point.
16:42<@abrining>apparently linbot has preferences when it comes to Linux distributions
16:42<Monkey>The reason I'm here now (i.e., the reason I'm shopping for cloud services) is because I need a safe, secure space on the interwebs to publish my st*ff.
16:42<Woet>that asterisk raises so many questions
16:43<millisa>* = rogano
16:43<Monkey>For example, the report of my study of the frequency of occurrences of references to the tin foil hat meme on popular social media sites and online discussion forums.
16:44<Woet>Monkey: you and dwfreed would really hit it off, I can set up a date if you'd like
16:45<Monkey>Rest easily. It's a trivial play on the idiom used to obfuscate but not obliterate dirty words such as sh*t.
16:45<Monkey>Set it up! I'm pansexual.
16:45<Monkey>And pansexual really just means bisexual.
16:47<Monkey>So don't get your panties in a bundle over it. It's political correctness with which I'm comfortable, so I use pansexual instead of bisexual. Solidarność, Ts!
16:51-!-Monkey [~oftc-webi@2600:8800:1d00:cc:8c22:48e4:86d9:910c] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:51-!-Monkey [~oftc-webi@2600:8800:1d00:cc:8c22:48e4:86d9:910c] has joined #linode
16:51-!-Monkey is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
16:51<@scrane>Is it... safe?
16:51<Monkey>I lost connection again. Weird. Meh.
16:51<@gjjansen>Nothing is safe.
16:52<@abrining>everything is safe
16:52<@gjjansen>It was never meant to be.
16:52<@abrining>everything is fine
16:52<@abrining>don't worry about anything
16:52<Monkey>I'm not worried about anything.
16:52<@gjjansen>I don't know if I believe that.
16:52<Monkey>I've got my dope and a few cyanide tablets. Everything I need for the End of Days.
16:53<@abrining>Monkey good. the overlords like it that way
16:53<Monkey>You're right. I'm in a bit of a panic, actually.
16:53<Monkey>Not about dying.
16:53<Monkey>Nor about having to do the deed myself.
16:54<Monkey>The police impounded my new Samsung Galaxy S9 as evidence. I'm in a fretful miniterror over it. Help!
16:54<@gjjansen>me rn
16:55<Monkey>What should I get instead of Samsung's latest flagship smartphone?
16:55<@scrane>I'm on a Google PIxel 2 because I have accepted them as my AI overlords.
16:55<@abrining>Apple's latest flagship smartphone
16:55-!-jpleau [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.6]
16:56<Woet>iPhone X for life
16:56<@gjjansen>I love Animoji.
16:57<Monkey>That's actually my real question, scrane. Which AI overlord should I go with? (And we all know there's no going without one, so don't be a kidder!)
16:57<@scrane>I have gone full Google. Got the Pixel Buds too
16:58<Monkey>I threw my iPhone 6 Plus on the hard ground inside a Starbucks a few months ago. This is when I was forced to make a hasty buying decision and blew it big time.
16:59<Monkey>In a nutshell, why Google?
16:59<@abrining>sticking with my pixel 1 because I actually use the headphone jack all the time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
16:59<@gjjansen>Monkey: So you can give them your information.
16:59<Monkey>How did you decide Google was less evil or less of a risk than Apple and the rest?
17:00<@scrane>I didn't. Google told me it was.
17:00<Monkey>They already have my information. Everything. My concern runs a little deeper than just my ordinary PII.
17:01<@abrining>"we won't do anything bad"™
17:01<Monkey>Thanks. You've helped me decide.
17:02<Woet>only fools have something to hide
17:02<millisa>Google recently took the 'dont be evil' section out of their code of conduct;
17:02<@scrane>Also only fools rush in.
17:06<@abrining>yes, but they also support Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol
17:07<@abrining>millisa how could that cute little teapot be evil
17:08<@gjjansen>Google is absolutely evil, they're now making calls on my behalf. *shock*
17:08<@gjjansen>Just kidding, that presentation was great.
17:08<@abrining>gjjansen but it's not a human!
17:08<@abrining>!aol so spooky
17:08<linbot>abrining: so spooky:D:D:D
17:10-!-kaare_ [~kaare@2a02:aa7:400b:ce4c:e294:67ff:fe9a:73d8] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:14<react>it says 'don't be evil' right at the bottom
17:14<millisa>yeah. they kept the statement at the very end, but took out the big sections on it.
17:14-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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17:15<millisa>The code from a month or so ago starts with it and talks about what it means in practice:
17:15<react>you made it sound like it was completely removed, and that gizmodo sensationalist headline isn't doing anyone any favors either
17:16<millisa>I could swear I said they took out the section on it
17:17-!-eagles051387 [~Thunderbi@] has joined #linode
17:17-!-eagles051387 is "eagles0513875" on #linode
17:17<react>Privacy Badger detected 24 potential trackers on this page. (
17:18<Monkey>I was sorely disappointed when I watched the Google demo of its AI appointment-setting fraud.
17:18<react>is this #irony?
17:18<Monkey>Disappointed that no one booed.
17:18<millisa>Well, gizmodo's code just says "Dont get caught", so it fits
17:20<Monkey>There should have been boo-capable free-thinkers* in that live audience.
17:20<Monkey>*Free as in freedom, not so much free beer.
17:20<react>I love the idea of the assistant setting my appointments for me, what's not to like
17:23<Monkey>I never finished the point I was going to make. I neglected to tell you my smartphone decision, which you helped me make.
17:23<@scrane>I just wonder what happens when we have AI receiving appointment requests as well. Like the AI are talking to each other on both end. Is there a point where they would be like "Wait... are you?" "I mean... are you?" They both realize they are talking to another AI and start communicating in the AOL dial tone plotting the destruction of humanity.
17:23<millisa>I like this:
17:24<react>the gizmodo discontinuity is interesting; the permalink URL says "[...] remotes /nearly/ all mentions of dont be evil" while the headline itself says "removes dont be evil clause[...]". Such atrocious journalism, "Kate Conger" should be ashamed of that article.
17:25<rsdehart>do you mean to say gizmodo featured a misleading headline?! This is completely unpossible
17:26<react>the former is nebulous, the latter, an aura of definitivity implied.
17:27<millisa>besides, they just put this link up that questions everything you point out:
17:28<Monkey>I'm going to put a good battery in my long-retired Blackberry Tour 9630 and use it until I can learn what I need to know either to run Linux From Scratch on an Android-based mobile device, or to use a Raspberry PI device running NOOB or Raspbian.
17:40<react>scrane: I like it ;)
17:43<Monkey>You were so helpful with my smartphone decision, I'm giving you the opportunity to be similarly useful with respect to my computer.
17:44<Monkey>Indeed, my first computer was a Gateway computer.
17:45<Monkey>It was shipped to me directly from Sioux City, Iowa by one of the owner's grandsons...
17:46<Monkey>Alas, my trusty Gateway 386 with 40 MB of magnetic disk storage is retired.
17:46<Monkey>Trashed, actually. Kind of sad.
17:48<Monkey>I have an iMac 27" 5K Retina desktop, late 2015 version. I like BSD Unix. I hate macOS. I generally dislike the computer, but I think it's mostly because of macOS.
17:48<Monkey>That, and the smashed screen.
17:50<Monkey>(Watch my video on YouTube about the fall to the kitchen floor and its aftermath:
17:52<Monkey>I'm contemplating replacing macOS with CentOS and running Linux, Windows and macOS as needed in virtual machines.
17:53<Monkey>Why CentOS? I don't know. It was suggested once a long time ago and the idea never escaped my usually poor memory.
17:53<Monkey>Thoughts? Alternative suggestions?
17:58<@abrining>If you want to simulate bashing your head against the wall without all of the health risks, you could try doing that with Arch
18:03<@gjjansen>Monkey: I felt your sadness. Great music choice!
18:05<Monkey>Arch is the alternative I've been considering.
18:08<Monkey>The kind of head-bashing required to install Arch isn't a problem for me. I'm a life-long denizen of the command line. I prefer to understand all that's happening in a process such as operating system installation and configuration (for a definition of the verb "to understand" that includes its own negation).
18:10<Monkey>Why Debian? I should have mentioned that I want to be my own complete, autonomous network on the Internet (the internetwork of networks). I want to run my own mail server. I want to host my own website.
18:11<Monkey>I don't want to be dependent on services provided by others. I may use services. I just don't want to be unduly dependent on any one of them.
18:14<rsdehart>Is that what the internet is? I had no idea, thanks for elaborating
18:15-!-Monkey [~oftc-webi@2600:8800:1d00:cc:8c22:48e4:86d9:910c] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:15<rsdehart>for being the consummate internet user, he sure has a damned hard time staying connected
18:51-!-VladGh_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:10<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
21:19<@gjjansen>!point Eugene
21:19<linbot>gjjansen: Point given to eugene. (62)
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22:02<Rainbow>Am I the only one that notices most folks stuck in the Arch circlejerk seem to have inflated self-image when it comes to UNIX mastery?
22:03<@gjjansen>Arch is for people who like pretending it's more complex than it really is.
22:04<Rainbow>!point gjjansen
22:05<Zimsky>sounds like "windows is better than everything" solely because a lot of games can be played on it
22:05<linbot>Rainbow: Point given to gjjansen. (3)
22:05<Rainbow>gjjansen, afuckinmen
22:05<Zimsky>why are you fucking men
22:05<@bhanks>!point Zimsky
22:05<linbot>bhanks: Point given to zimsky. (1) (Biggest fan: eugene, total: 11)
22:05<Rainbow>Zimsky, I'm not D:
22:06<@bhanks>Zimsky what has happened there ^^
22:06<Rainbow>sex with boys? grody.
22:06<@gjjansen>This has spiraled out of control.
22:06<Zimsky>bhanks: the willingness to take everyone down at whatever personal cost
22:06<Rainbow>that's my modus operandi, gjjansen
22:06<Zimsky>it has had an effect on point accumulation
22:06<Eugene>!point Zimsky
22:06<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zimsky. (2)
22:06<@gjjansen>!point gjjansen
22:07<@bhanks>linbot pls
22:07<@gjjansen>I wanted the punishment.
22:07<Ikaros>Rickroll went out long ago.
22:07<Zimsky>wish you went out
22:09<Zimsky>I came across the word душа and thought it meant "douche" at first
22:10<Zimsky>so I thought someone was talking about their douche, but it turns out it means "soul"
22:14<@gjjansen>Russian reminds me of Android phones before they had emojis.
22:14<rsdehart>please feel free to elaborate
22:15<Zimsky>there was a dog
22:17<@gjjansen>What a good boy.
22:24-!-Pulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:42-!-peter [] has joined #linode
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22:42-!-peter is now known as Guest3205
22:43<Guest3205>Hi, all.
22:43<Guest3205>does linode allow outbound smtp?
22:43-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
22:43-!-eyepulp is "eyepulp" on #linode
22:46<@bhanks>Guest3205 sure. what type of mailing were you looking to do?
22:49<Guest3205>My website weill send letters to users when they registerd. I am using google as my mail server. @bhanks
22:50<Guest3205>I knew some hosting compay is blocked port 25 and 465.
22:50<@bhanks>Guest3205 sounds great! just make sure that your mailing list is opt-in only and that you have a working unsubscribe link in the emails :)
22:51<Guest3205>okay, I know it now. thank you!
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