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00:28<Eugene>bhanks - lets do dis, yo
00:28<@bhanks>you got it bby<3
00:39<@bhanks>Eugene all set
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01:18<Eugene>Yay I'm back
01:19<Eugene>At first ping, this appears to be working better.
01:19<MrPPS>znc upgrade?
01:19<Eugene>Long running ticket
01:21<MrPPS>ah yes, I see scrollback now
01:30<@bhanks>Eugene yayyy i hope so
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01:35<Eugene>Still seeing the ARP thing with .2 and .3 -_-
01:35<Eugene>Though I suspect that may just be something haunted
01:35<Eugene>1022 packets transmitted, 1022 received, 0% packet loss, time 1034550ms
01:35<Eugene>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.354/0.616/3.252/0.183 ms
01:36<Eugene>mdev 0.183. Much better!
01:36<roke>hello i have a question my site is serving images at a ridiculously slow pace like 5 seconds to load a single 139kb image what is likely the problem?
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01:43<millisa>roke: can you give a sample url?
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01:48<@bhanks>Eugene i'm really glad to hear that! :)
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03:07<Woet>Eugene: me too! :)
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04:26<Ernest>Hello I need help with my account and I am not getting any response
04:27<@bmartin>Do you have a ticket open? If so please let us know the number so we can take a look
04:28<Ernest>It is urgent please
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04:31<@bmartin>You should have a response Ernest
04:31<Ernest>Hello I urgently need help on this ticket 10496575
04:31<@bmartin>We are aware Ernest and we have responded
04:32<@bmartin>The response will give you all the info you need
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05:25<Ikaros>Mmm. Can't really blame people for worrying if their ticket was even seen or not, I mean there's no way to tell other than an actual response to it. But still, patience is always a virtue.
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05:27<@bmartin>I apologize if that came off as terse. I blame a lack of coffee. The ticket had been responded to prior to the initial message :(
05:31<Ikaros>Eh. It's only text. *shrugs*
05:32<Ikaros>More importantly for me, I should stop staying up all night. Already 4:30 AM. Thank god I don't have to work today at least.
05:33<Ikaros>Can't help it really, I do my best sysadmin'ing at night
05:33<Ikaros>Yeah. I'm out. Head nearly fell onto my desk. lol
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06:57<Zimsky>Ikaros: to me you're just some text on a screen
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07:04<Anomaly>Hello. My Linode received a ToS violation yesterday stating it was sending spam. They posted the full email with headers and none contain my server anywhere. I checked my Exim logs and couldn't find any reference to the email either. However one thing that did stand out was the email itself (HTML) contained a CSS comment to my website (which is hosted on the Linode server in question). Would this be the likely trigger for the spam violation?
07:05<Anomaly>Looks like the spam email used a Litmus email template, which had a reference to a CSS fix I documented years ago related to Android!
07:05<@bmartin>hmmm that could be a spamvertised type situation
07:05<@bmartin>can you send over the ticket number so we can take a look
07:06<Anomaly>Sure the ticket is: 10504984. It was reported late yesterday evening (UK GMT). I have checked the server and I don't believe the email ever originated from my Linode.
07:06<@bmartin>I'll take a look
07:06<Anomaly>Many thanks.
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08:51<v0lksman>hey staffers, when are you guys going to expand to Canada?
08:51<@bmartin>What do you mean by expand? Do you mean in terms of a data center? or an office?
08:51<Woet>or a balloon?
08:52<v0lksman>data center
08:52<Woet>or liquid nitrogen?
08:52<Woet>why would they? the existing US locations are like 10 ms difference
08:52<Woet>if that
08:52<v0lksman>legal reasons
08:52<@bmartin>to be honest I don't have any real info on that but our is where we announce that stuff
08:53<v0lksman>yeah nothing has been announced...sadly my 9 year run with you guys may be coming to an end for 90% of the stuff I host...all because of agent Orange Tiny Hands
08:53<Woet>so what are the legal reasosns?
08:53<Woet>reasons *
08:54<v0lksman>compliance on keeping things hosted in canada due to laws and compliance differences in the US
08:54<Woet>that doesnt sound very legal
08:54<v0lksman>not sure on specifics but clients (multiple) are demanding it now
08:54<Woet>its probably more about preference than legal reasons
08:55<v0lksman>either way they pay the bills...
08:55<@bmartin>does canada have something similar to the GDPR?
08:55<@bmartin>we have updated our privacy policy and customer agreement with some terms that may help ease concerns
08:56<hawk>v0lksman: And it's purely about where it's hosted? Services provided by a US company in Canada would tick their boxes?
08:56<Woet>yea, that seems unlikely
08:56<v0lksman>for some it's enough...others want Canadian owned companies
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08:58<v0lksman>bmartin: we've had PIPEDA for a while...similar to GDPR I believe
08:59<@bmartin>I will definitely pass this feedback along
08:59<v0lksman>please of my clients wants me to move things to AWS so a US owned co isn't their concern...just location
08:59<ericoc>if you tell them their data is in canada, would they even know better? what are the odds that their packets aren't traversing a router in the US?
08:59<@bmartin>and I know a lot of companies say that but we legit pass feedback and requests and all of that along regularly
09:00<v0lksman>ericoc: if I tell them and I'm lying I would just get sued out of point to that for me
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09:04<john>hello do you know that how many data center linode offer like Vultr offer 15 choices?
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09:57<Parveen_Bhadoo>Nanode 1GB
09:57<FluffyFoxeh>Linode 2GB
09:59<Parveen_Bhadoo>My webiste is on wordpress can i tranfer here on linode
10:00<Parveen_Bhadoo>i am not a developer
10:03<@ctarquini>Sure thing, you can host almost anything on our platform. We have a guide here:
10:08<Zimsky>you can't host a d-wave cluster simulation
10:13<@ctarquini>inb4 Linode Quantum
10:14<Zimsky>at least I won't be the one dealing with those support tickets
10:14<Zimsky>"why doesn't my classical algorithm work faster?"
10:14<Zimsky>"HOW MENY QUBIT ???"
10:16<Zimsky>"how 2 run shors???????????"
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16:05<linbot>New news from blog: Spectre Variants 3a and 4 (Spectre-NG) and Linode: What you need to know <>
16:07<Cihan>Hello guys, trying to clarify the billing for the servers.Let's say I pick linode 300GB server and I used it only for 1h but spent all 9TB data out capacity. What will be my bill for the month?
16:08<Peng_>a lot
16:08<Cihan>I know -trying to figure out how bad it would be
16:08<Peng_>Your bandwidth quota would be the monthly value divided by the number of hours it existed.
16:08<Cihan>so the bandwidth quota is advertised as 10000 mbps
16:08<Peng_>transfer quota*
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16:09<Peng_>Linode 300 GB has 9 TB of transfer, which is about 12.5 GB per hour. So if you have it for 1 hour, you would exhaust your quota of 12.5 GB, and have to pay 8,987.5 or so GB in overage fees.
16:10<@scrane>You math faster than I, Peng_
16:10<Cihan>oh I see
16:10<Cihan>so the transfer quota is per month
16:10<Peng_>I divided it based on 720 hours (30 days) but I think Linode uses a different figure.
16:10<@scrane>Correct, and prorated for the time the Linode is available.
16:10<Peng_>but it's close enough
16:11<Cihan>and the overage fee is $0.02 per GB?
16:12<relidy>!point Peng_
16:12<linbot>relidy: Point given to peng_. (9)
16:12<Cihan>so 8987 . 0.02 = $179
16:12<Peng_>Cihan: It's actually cheaper to get a bunch of 1 - 4 GB nodes, for their transfer pools, even if you never turn them on.
16:13<Peng_>since $5 gets you 1 TB that way
16:13<Cihan>I see. I will look it up now that I know how its calculated
16:14<Cihan>this is for a video streaming application like the hqtrivia gameshow - trying to calculate how much it would cost to host it at linode
16:16<Peng_>A lot, probably. :X
16:16<Peng_>Consider hosting most of your service on Linode, but most of the streaming on semi-sketchy unmetered dedicated servers.
16:17<Cihan>I know - they have $15M funding so far:) because of this high cost of operation
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16:17<@mtjones>Cihan: It's going to be expensive, but using a lot of data will be expensive anywhere. You may be able to reduce costs by limiting bitrate/max video resolution
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16:18<Cihan>the location of the servers is also important. Target audience will be in Istanbul/Turkey so none of those cloud providers have servers there. Closes will be in Frankfurt/Ireland
16:19<Peng_>Expensive CDN time? :(
16:19<MajObviousman>what the hell was that
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16:20<@mtjones>Even though frankfurt's geographically closer to the mediterranean you may be able to get better speeds from London due to undersea cables, either one should provide at least decent latency to Turkey
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16:20<relidy>HE tunnel trouble for anyone else?
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16:20<Peng_>I'm good
16:20<dwfreed>I just had dallas issues
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16:21<Cihan>@mtjones @peng - thanks guys for the feedback
16:21<relidy>Yeah, I'm connecting through Dallas as well. Seems to have stabilized though
16:21<Peng_>At least some of the other people disconnecting from #linode are Dallas
16:22<@mtjones>@cihan Anytime! We're here 24/7 so if you need anything at all feel free to open a ticket.
16:22<@mtjones>Or, give us a call: U.S.: 855-454-6633 Intl.: +1-609-380-7100
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16:23<MajObviousman>dwfreed: same
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16:23<MajObviousman>if that was a BGP reconverge, it was one hell of a calculation
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16:26<Peng_>Dallas - [enemy VPS] got whiny at 20:13
16:26<pk>guys are private IP's still working in the UK data center, I spun up two nodes and i can't ping one from the other via private ip
16:27<Peng_>Uh, by "whiny" I mean "log messages about it going up and down"
16:27<Peng_>pk: Are you sure they're both configured right?
16:27<pk>brand new linodes
16:28<pk>public IP's work fine
16:28<Peng_>Are they configured?
16:29<pk>in what sense?
16:29<MajObviousman>sometimes you have to use The Hammer
16:29<Peng_>(Also, IPv6 is better. ;-)
16:29<MajObviousman>and you know what the hammer is
16:29<Peng_>pk: Are the private addresses and routes in the network configuration files? Do they show up in "ip a" and "ip r"?
16:30<pk>no firewalls
16:30<@scrane>pk did you add the private networks after you booted the Linode?
16:30<@scrane>Did you reboot the Linode after adding them?
16:30<pk>ifconfig shows the private ip
16:31<pk>yes rebooted
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16:31<@scrane>Are both Linodes in the same datacenter?
16:31<pk>yes UK
16:31<@scrane>Can you PM me their private IP addresses?
16:32<pk>sorry - they're gone now - but I can do it again tomorrow - just checking to see if this was a known issue (or a GDPR thing)
16:33<@scrane>Definitely not a GDPR thing.
16:34<@scrane>You should be able to add the private IP addresses to both LInodes and ping them so long as both Linodes have private IP addresses in the same datacenter.
16:34<pk>Ok - I have a support ticket in about it - I'll update it tomorrow with specific IPs
16:35<@scrane>No problem
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16:52<marlon>can anyone tell me where linenode servers are located
16:54<dwfreed>^ that lists all of Linode's locations
17:02<frogzilla>excuse me guys, i too have a question about the data transfer pricing. 4TB a month means something like 100mb per minute (ca); should i overreach this limit, would i be subject to an extra charge?
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17:03<frogzilla>for instance, if i had a traffic of 3mbs that'd mean im over the limit of 1.65 mbs, so would i be charged for that as well?
17:04<relidy>frogzilla: You're charged if you exceed your total transfer pool for the month. It's not rate limited (beyond what the interface is capable of).
17:05<dwfreed>note that transfer is prorated on the month the Linode is created and the month the Linode is deleted
17:05<relidy>I guess technically there is some rate limiting, but it's on the order of Gbps.
17:06-!-marlon [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
17:09<frogzilla>"Linode 300 GB has 9 TB of transfer, which is about 12.5 GB per hour. So if you have it for 1 hour, you would exhaust your quota of 12.5 GB, and have to pay 8,987.5 or so GB in overage fees."
17:09<frogzilla>im a little bit confused now
17:10<Peng_>frogzilla: That was for a specific scenario of a Linode that existed for 1 hour.
17:10<frogzilla>ahhhh ^0^
17:11<frogzilla>!<3 Peng_
17:11<linbot>frogzilla: ♥
17:21<AlexMax>the top end linode has 32 cores
17:21<AlexMax>does that mean that the underlying CPU has at least 32 cores?
17:21-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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17:22<AlexMax>is /proc/cpuinfo at all accurate?
17:23<AlexMax>wait a minute, what if there are multiple processors...
17:30-!-Duckle_ [~quassel@] has joined #linode
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17:36<gparent>Linode just translate how many unicorns are running your VPS into whatever set of Intel processors that would usually make.
17:36<gparent>it's all a clever KVM trick.
17:37<@scrane>Unicorns... yes. You have discovered the secret.
17:37<gparent>Just a wild guess based on common industry standards.
17:42<Ttech>AlexMax: 18 cores, 36 threads
17:42<Ttech>is what my linode host has
17:43<AlexMax>that's "hyperthreading"
17:44<Ttech>Interestingly, DigitalOcean uses old processors from 2013 with 8 cores, 16 threads, Linode uses processors from 2016 with 18 cores and 36 threads
17:45<Ttech>So what we learned here: Linode gives you better quality hardware
17:45<AlexMax>the cpuinfo I have points to a 2014 CPU - but this is for one of my normal boxes
17:46<gparent>I have no pending upgrade on my Linode and its CPU is from 2013.
17:46<gparent>My only DO server has one from 2014.
17:46-!-Duckle_ [~quassel@] has joined #linode
17:46<gparent>They each have hundreds if not thousands of servers.
17:46-!-Duckle_ is "candy" on #msys2 #linode
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17:50<Peng_>Yeah, DigitalOcean uses worse CPUs.
17:50-!-Duckle_ [~quassel@] has joined #linode
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17:51<Peng_>But you can be unlucky and wind up on a heavily loaded host no matter what the CPU is
17:53<gparent>also cpuinfo is still cpuinfo.
17:54<Peng_>None of my Linodes are on the latest CPU generations anymore :(
17:54<Peng_>(Does it matter? Nope!)
17:54<Peng_>(Am I unhappy? Definitely!)
17:54<gparent>they'll still win on I/O
17:55<gparent>unless ive just been lucky a few years straight with Linode
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18:10<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • plan cul reze <>
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19:34<iONinja>I have a question about how overage is calculated. Take this example
19:34<iONinja>Linode 1 ($5): used 2 TB after one month
19:34<iONinja>Linode 2 ($5): used 1 TB after one month
19:34<iONinja>Linode 3 ($5): used 0 TB after one month
19:35<iONinja>Is the overage calculated overall or per Linode? In this example, Linode 1 would be charged for overage if it's per Linode, as it's quota is only 1 TB. However, if it's charged overall, then there would be no overage, as the quota is 3 TB
19:35<iONinja>So which one is it? Thanks!
19:36<Peng_>Overall. Transfer is pooled between all Linodes on your account.
19:37<iONinja>Great, thanks for the quick response
19:37-!-iONinja [] has quit []
19:39<@mcintosh>!point Peng_
19:39<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to peng_. (10)
19:39<frogzilla>thats awesome, i didnt know! :D
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20:32<cbirk>i am the walrus
20:56<cmcfarland>(:3 っ
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21:34<Zimsky>: )
23:02<FluffyFoxeh>I need something mindless to do for 3 hours
23:02<millisa>How do you feel about answering support tickets for a cloud provider?
23:03<millisa>Oh. mindless. not 'soul crushing'
23:37<dwfreed>come wire these rfid readers for me
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