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00:08<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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00:31<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • astrologie et sciences humaines <>
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01:02<millisa>oooh. an amd proc
01:02<millisa>model name : AMD EPYC 7451 24-Core Processor
01:02<dwfreed>on a linode? O.o
01:03<millisa>dfw host after the free upgrade
01:03<dwfreed>that'll break people's stuff in fun ways
01:03<millisa>only spotted one of them; 1gb nanode
01:07<dwfreed>two of those processors from newegg is 5,200
01:08<millisa>it's almost enough for factorio
01:08<eagles051387>morning all
01:08<eagles051387>hey dwfreed :)
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01:08<dwfreed>I wish factorio could thread more
01:08<eagles051387>dwfreed: you play it i just got it as well on sunday :)
01:16<millisa>I might have a problem.
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01:29<dwfreed>millisa: only when that reaches 8,760
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01:31<millisa>I probably should have put 'Factorio' on my tax return...
01:34<Eugene>Wow, you've got me beat.
01:35<Eugene>Though I guess I did also develop a Stellaris hbit
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03:04<Winter>Is anybody there to answer some questions on payment?
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03:09*dcraig tickles guest3390 around a bit with a large wrymouth
03:09<@bhanks>Guest3390 what questions do you have?
03:12<Woet>specifically, what questions do you have that aren't addressed by
03:13*dcraig submits payment to woet
03:13<Woet>dcraig: thanks, here's your renewed fishing license
03:14<dcraig>great, just what the doctor ordered
03:15<Woet>you're a doctor?
03:16<Woet>you just fiddle with dead bodies
03:16<Woet>i was asking dcraig
03:17<Zimsky>he could be a doctor of philosophy
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03:22<Zimsky>Woet: as a fivespirit dolphinkin, do you still find oppression and xenophobic behaviour towards you?
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03:26<Woet>Zimsky: I just spray them using my blowhole
03:27<koko>when you say 1 cpu core do you mean 1 virtual cpu or one real CPU core?
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03:41<dcraig>yeah I'm the doctor of philosophy
03:43<dcraig>what is the meaning of linode
03:43<Zimsky>it's a point that tells fibs
03:44<Zimsky>a lie node
03:44<Zimsky>or a point made of NaOH
03:44<dcraig>I thought it was pronounced leh-node
03:45<Zimsky>le neckus beardus
03:47<rsdehart>I thought dcraig was banished to the outer rim
03:47*dcraig explores rsdehart's outer rim
03:48<rsdehart>dcraig: enough
03:48<rsdehart>I'd ask where you've been but I dont' think i want to know
03:48<dcraig>just busy workin
03:49<dcraig>gotta pay the rent
03:49<Zimsky>dcraig: did you get a job in the outer rim?
03:49<dcraig>feels like it
03:52<dcraig>yes? :P
03:52<dcraig>I'm taking a month off though
03:54<Zimsky>I wonder if there were unemployment benefits in the empire
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04:18<rsdehart>I expected the empire had full employment
04:19<rsdehart>don't have a job? Come be fodder! Sign up at your local storm trooper recruiting station
04:23<nate>I'd do it, but only cause I'm a good shot which probably means an immediate promotion :P
04:23<cmcfarland>I'd be a scout trooper
04:23<rsdehart>nate: not according to the theory that they missed on purpose
04:24<nate>rsdehart: It's technically a canon theory if you still accept the EU canon, but there was also more than just simple storm troopers in the EU Too
04:25<Zimsky>Ikaros: get the fuck out
04:25<Zimsky>like, leave IRC
04:25<Zimsky>or don't, it's up to you
04:26<Zimsky>*cowers in the corner*
04:26<Zimsky>rsdehart: where is this "missing on purpose" theory
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04:27<Ikaros>And why would I do that, exactly? I have a simpler solution.
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04:29<Zimsky>hitler had a simple solution too
04:30<Ikaros>I don't see any relevance. But w/e. Moving on.
04:37<Ikaros>Any particular reason why I'd be inclined to take advantage of a plan upgrade that only offers me disk space that I really don't even need? :P
04:38<rsdehart>did they only offer it to you?
04:38<Ikaros>No I mean I saw the "free upgrade" button appear, I clicked, saw the only benefit in my case at least was just a disk space increase...and truth be told it's not really space I need.
04:39<Ikaros>I mean that and I had just gone through downtime with the Spectre patching.
04:39<Ikaros>So I didn't want more downtime so soon just for more disk space + doing the resize
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04:59<jaskal>missed a leading slash :)
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05:43<khoerulamri>good afternoon
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08:10<u0_a146>any body
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08:16<u0_a146>pls people i need help
08:17<Zimsky>and what do you need help with
08:20<u0_a146>are you into computing
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08:26<@bhanks>this is a good starting point for the conversation
08:27<warewolf>I computer professionally.
08:29<ericoc>how2 kompewter
08:31<Zimsky>plz to help
08:34<warewolf>neato exists
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09:24<byziad>Hey Guys
09:26<byziad>I just installed my Wordpress site on Linode and encountering this issue "The requested URL was not found on this server error" . It isn't happening on the Home page.
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09:57<Banana>Good Day Everyone
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10:10<@scrane>Hello Banana!
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10:17<@scrane>Hey there GLM!
10:35<GLM>Do you have any solution for this? [FAILED] Failed to start Raise network interfaces.
10:35<GLM>ping -c 3
10:36<GLM>connect: Network is unreachable
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10:39<@scrane>Yes! Just one second and I can send you a good bit about this from our Community Site
10:41<@scrane>Look for the header that mentions that error, and there should be a decent amount of information there to help point you in the right direction
10:57<GLM>i ran all of the commands
10:57<@scrane>Still nothing?
10:58<GLM>i think it was because sendmail... but not sure
10:58<GLM>it is working now
10:58<GLM>thanks a lot
10:58<@scrane>Glad I could help
10:59<GLM>i submitted tickets, but 3 hours no response... and i had no sites
10:59<GLM>thank you
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11:50<Seb__>hi there where can I ask question about pricing?
11:50<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:52<Seb__>all right :) I just wanted to know how upgrading / downgrading works
11:52<Seb__>from one plan to another
11:53<Peng_>Do you have a more specific question? You can upgrade and downgrade, and fees are prorated.
11:53<Zimsky>you upgrade, you downgrade, you regrade, you gatorade
11:55<Seb__>All right, so there's no extra fees for upgrading and downgrading between plans. I just wanted to confirm that since I'm currently at GoDaddy and upgrading from one plan to another would cost more than buying a whole new plan
11:56<Peng_>That sounds awful. o_O
11:57<@sjacobs>there is no charge to upgrade or downgrade. an example is if you spend half the month on a $5.00 plan, and upgrade to a $10 plan, you would be invoiced for $7.50.
11:58<Seb__>perfect, a lot for the support
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12:32<millisa>would it really be $7.50 though? Neither plan would hit the monthly cap in that example.
12:32<Peng_>Plus it would be rounded up one cent right
12:33<millisa>15*24*$.0075 + 15*24*$.015 = $2.7 + $5.4 = $8.1 (for a 30 day month)
12:34<millisa>if you guys do a prorated monthly cap, I'll be most impressed
12:35<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:35<Eugene>I can confirm that they do not in fact do a Monthly cap if you resize. I've noted it several times on my bill when readjusting a machine
12:35<Eugene>It shows up as X hours of size A and Y hours of size B, two separate line items
12:36<millisa>that's how I've seen it.
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12:52<@sjacobs>thanks for clarifying. noted. i questioned that myself after responding.
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17:08<Demo>hey guys, I work in a store, there's been no audio for 3 months. The old CD Changer has basically blown up, was on nearly everyday since 1996.
17:09<Demo>I'm looking at implementing a cheap alternative, as management won't pay as they've 'overspent' I'd have to pay personally for this.
17:10<@sjacobs>are the cost of compact discs putting a hurting on their bottom line?
17:10<Demo>sjacobs: head office sent them discs every quarter, without deducing their stores budget
17:10<Demo>the place is literally going to ruins.
17:11<Demo>relidy: perfect solution!
17:11<Demo>relidy: would I be able to burn the compacts to the cast?
17:12<Demo>Oh I see how it works now, like a traditional cast, that's great, I can put the music onto my phone and go from there.
17:13<Demo>Thanks so much.
17:14<@mcintosh>!point relidy
17:14<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to relidy. (12)
17:15<dwfreed>> burn the compacts to the cast
17:16<Demo>!point relidy
17:16<linbot>Demo: Point given to relidy. (13)
17:16<Demo>dwfreed: it's late here, you knew what I meant.
17:17<relidy>Heh, thanks. Hopefully that works out. It's hard to beat $35 if you have something that can cast to it.
17:17<relidy>(Or you could just buy a cheap CD player and keep motoring on with the CDs)
17:18<Demo>relidy: I may get the contents list of the CDs and make a spotify playlist to match.
17:20<Demo>relidy: I'd rather not, the sales have decreased rapidly since the music has stopped.
17:22<frogzilla>can i share some magic ? :D
17:22<Demo>of course
17:22<frogzilla>but we need more people Demo :/ otherwise it wont be funny
17:23<frogzilla>hey guys! ^0^ roooar! would you like to see a magic trick?
17:23*relidy shrugs
17:24<frogzilla>ok lets do it v.v we're enough
17:24<frogzilla>1 sec pleae v.v
17:25<frogzilla> <--- without reading around youtube comments (and im watching you <.< ) listen, and than write here what you hear :D
17:26<frogzilla>oh maybe i should have linked youtube directly.. :/ here you go ( hopefully this is permitted here on chat )
17:27<frogzilla>:< frogever alone ...
17:29*frogzilla goes back to the ocean...
17:30<relidy>Sorry, hard to get excited over Yanny vs. Laural.
17:31<relidy>Wired has a YouTube video that does a pretty good job of explaining it, if you're interested.
17:32<frogzilla>:< ive watched it.. but i thought it would have been nice to do it here in the chat
17:33<frogzilla>at least i got a reply ^0^ thanks relidy...
17:34<relidy>!point frogzilla
17:34<linbot>relidy: Point given to frogzilla. (1)
17:34<frogzilla>my first point :'(
17:34<frogzilla>!<3 relidy
17:34<linbot>frogzilla: ♥
17:35<frogzilla>ill keep muto away from you, i promise v.v
17:36<@scrane>Alright I'll listen.
17:36<frogzilla>0.0 oh my godzilla! <3
17:36<@scrane>"Remember to drink your ovaltine" Huh.
17:36<frogzilla>ooook :3 i will...
17:36<frogzilla>what do you hear now? >.>
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20:23<ryu>question i have a query that times out when running it's running on a table with like 100mill rows anyway to like go around that
20:34<dwfreed>optimize the query
20:40<millisa>using 'explain' might help you figure out what to address first
20:43<millisa>if you haven't seen it, there's also - which has some general performance tuning and talks about one of the helper scripts
20:58<AlexMax>What is a normal amount of steal%
20:58<AlexMax>and when should I be worried
20:58<AlexMax>also holy cow, I've got a load average of 12, 10 and 18, but very low CPU usage
20:59<millisa>load doesn't necessarily equate to cpu
20:59<millisa>if you share any of my hosts, then don't worry about steal. 70% is just fine.
21:00<AlexMax>well, the only reason I'm looking at the server is because my players were complaining about the server feeling jittery
21:00<Ikaros>What plan do you have?
21:01-!-Plinker [68f9e5e9@] has joined #linode
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21:01<millisa>(I rarely see over 5%, and even when it shows up that high, it doesn't last long)
21:03<AlexMax>i should probably upgrade my linux distro
21:03<AlexMax>it's debian 7
21:03<Ikaros>To be perfectly honest, the way you make it sound is that you're running a game server, so let me ask you this - is this a typical load for you or is it the first time you've noticed this?
21:04<AlexMax>Ikaros: My players have always complained about server feel on occasion, but it seems like since the spectre migration their complaints have become more frequent
21:04<AlexMax>the trouble is that it's very subjective
21:05<AlexMax>the server could ping fine, have steady CPU and load average and not be overstressed
21:05<millisa>what's the game?
21:05-!-nate [] has joined #linode
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21:05<AlexMax>but if the timing is off, players notice
21:05<AlexMax>millisa: Zandronum. A doom source port.
21:05<Ikaros>Yeah perhaps you're feeling some impact from it. I mean, you have an older distro, so likely an older kernel, and you're running off 2 CPU cores on top of that. So I'd start by upgrading the distro version first.
21:06<AlexMax>Zandronum's netcode is very primitive and ugly
21:06<AlexMax>and the underlying gamesim runs at 35 tics per second
21:06<Ikaros>At the very least you'll get the benefit of updated system libraries and whatnot
21:06<Ikaros>Obviously, be sure to read Debian's guide to upgrading first
21:07<AlexMax>but I have a lot of stuff on this server, and setting up the new server to be just so will require some time and effort :P
21:07<Ikaros>And I mean before you even touch anything, lulz
21:07<AlexMax>to be honest, I want to get a fresh install
21:07<AlexMax>my current install is some weird franken-install
21:07<AlexMax>it started out as a 32-bit userland
21:07<MrPPS>oh I had one of those
21:07<MrPPS>eventually got too painful to manage
21:07<AlexMax>and now I have both 32 and 64 bit userland
21:07<Ikaros>So you want to wipe clean and start fresh with a new up-to-date instance?
21:08<AlexMax>I know how
21:08<AlexMax>It's just going to be a lot of work
21:08<Ikaros>Heh I don't doubt you do, and you're right.
21:08<Ikaros>So adequate planning.
21:09<AlexMax>and I'm not 100% sure how I even want to manage things
21:10<AlexMax>I was considering going a container route
21:10<AlexMax>but the thing is, I use one binary to run dozens of servers at this moment
21:10<Eugene>I've been happy with Terraform for provisioning + Salt for config-management
21:10<AlexMax>and some servers use sqlite3, which I'm not 100% sure how it behaves on a shared docker instance
21:11<AlexMax>they warn you repeatedly against using stuff like NFS
21:12-!-uriah [~uriah@] has joined #linode
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21:12<uriah>holla ?
21:16<Eugene>This ain't no holla back node
21:17<uriah>i dont understand u ? O.O
21:19<millisa>uriah: did you have a question or want to talk about linodes?
21:20<uriah>no thx
21:21<MrPPS>no please
21:21<uriah>im noob hh xD
21:21<Eugene>AlexMax - re: cpu steal and high-resolution timing. I've tried running game servers on Linodes (Factorio most recently) and other Virt platforms; most of them just don't work out. It's not the steal % that gets you, but the re-scheduling of threads between cores on the host CPU, or any other dozen things. The only thing that seems to work reliably is old-fashioned hardware.
21:22<Eugene>Noisy neighbors are also a pain in the butt.... of course, some of the things I've done in testing made ME that neighbor, so YMMV
21:24<Peng_>One of my Linode has 5% steal. It sucks, but I'm the noisy neighbor, so what can I say? :P
21:24<uriah>what is (linode) ?
21:25<Peng_>One of my [enemy VPS] has horrifically bad steal
21:25<MrPPS>uriah: Linode is a VPS host
21:25<MrPPS>uriah: see
21:25<uriah>ok thanks
21:25-!-waltman [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
21:26<Peng_>uriah: Look at the top of your screen
21:26<uriah>Peng: what ?
21:29<MrPPS>uriah: the topic
21:29<MrPPS>it refers to linode etc
21:35<uriah>any one here is from afreca ?
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21:39<uriah>• Your credit card was declined. Please contact your bank for additional information.
21:39<uriah>why ?
21:40<MrPPS>goeie dag, meneer!
21:40<MrPPS>Possible reasons could include bank blocking transaction from another country, insufficient funds, things like that
21:41<MrPPS>Could always contact the bank and ask :)
21:41<uriah>fuck it and fuck egypt
21:42<uriah>what ?
21:43<MrPPS>where'd that comment come from, and what does it have to do with any of what you just said?
21:43-!-frogzilla [] has quit [Quit: croak ()3]
21:45<uriah>comment come from egypt !
21:50-!-uriah [~uriah@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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21:51<big_bro>any one here?
21:51<big_bro>any Official staff here?
21:52<Peng_>Usually. Why do you ask?
21:53<big_bro>dude are you form china
21:53<Peng_>I'm afraid not
21:54<big_bro>peng ,it is like a chinese name,sorry bro
21:55<big_bro>shit happened, forget my linode password,also forget my rigister email password
21:56<big_bro>millisa thanks
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22:36<Peng_>100.0% CPU usage, 0.0% steal. Either my counters are broken or this host is lightly loaded. :D
22:38<AlexMax>Eugene: Yeah, I was able to confirm this firsthand, honestly.
22:38<AlexMax>I wrote a program that runs in a tight loop and repeatedly polls the monotonic high-resolution timer
22:39<AlexMax>and had it printf anytime there was a >1ms slip
22:40<AlexMax>On real hardware, there was almost never any problems, but on most virtual machines I tried slips of 2-3ms were regular
22:42<AlexMax>Linode included
22:42<dwfreed>that's the nature of virtualization
22:43<AlexMax>yeah, I run Windows on my home machine and was going to test it before realizing that I'd be running the test binary in a Virtualbox VM
22:44<AlexMax>not sure I could trust WSL
22:44<dwfreed>WSL is basically the reverse of Wine
22:44<AlexMax>WSL isn't Linux, it's a reimplementation
22:44<rsdehart>your bias is showing
22:45<rsdehart>if it were me I'd be keen to test it just to have the evidence against it
22:49<AlexMax>I also wouldn't expect Wine to behave exactly like Windows either
22:50<AlexMax>I also didn't want to install WSL just to test that one thing
22:50<rsdehart>oh, well that's a big hindrance
22:50<AlexMax>I don't need a linux environment. I already have multiple VPS's that I can access from anywhere
22:50<rsdehart>yeah, so do I. I still like a local one
22:50<AlexMax>so I don't need a local one
22:50<AlexMax>If I want a local one, I want the whole thing
22:51<rsdehart>what is WSL missing in particular?
22:51<rsdehart>I guess I mainly use it to ssh
22:51<AlexMax>I want a hardware-accelerated desktop
22:51<AlexMax>that's something I can't get with a Linode
22:51<rsdehart>I see. I use windows for my desktop
22:51<AlexMax>and there is - occasionally - a need for such an environment
22:52<jfred[m]>My main issue with it is its lack of smartcard support
22:52<jfred[m]>I use yubikeys for SSH auth and if I had to use windows I'd want that to still work
22:52<AlexMax>but not often enough for me to install linux on bare metal
22:53<AlexMax>as for normal desktop use, I use the roman proverb
22:53<AlexMax>When in rome, do as the romans do
22:53<AlexMax>in other words, when on Windows, do as Windows users do
22:53<rsdehart>you're defending your use of Windows by describing behavior on Windows?
22:54<rsdehart>too deep recursion. core dumped
22:54<millisa>You mean 'Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabris, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam '?
22:54<AlexMax>I don't like using "unix-alikes" in a windows environment
22:54<rsdehart>why not?
22:54<AlexMax>because the two environments just don't mix
22:55<AlexMax>I think the WSL home directory is still hidden because trying to open stuff in the WSL mount from Win32-land causes a big kaboom
22:55<rsdehart>cool. I use what works best for me
22:56<AlexMax>I don't hate linux
22:56<AlexMax>on the contrary
23:00<AlexMax>I just wouldn't trust WSL 100% to behave like actual Linux - and Virtualbox is a virtual machine, thus unsuitable for tests. I just pastebinned the program and asked a friend who did run linux on bare metal to compile+run it.
23:01<rsdehart>where is this intended to be deployed?
23:01<AlexMax>oh, it's literally just a page-long binary that runs in a tight loop and tests to see if there is any >1ms slip between polls
23:02<AlexMax>s/binary/c program
23:02<rsdehart>right, I got that
23:02<AlexMax>If I get slippage, then it follows that the game I host will also "jerk"
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