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00:02<millisa>are you ok?
00:03<dwfreed>"I need somebody"
00:25<MrPPS>manderson: what is it buddy?
00:28<dwfreed>I think manderson was trying to ask ChanServ for help, given that he got ops 3 seconds later
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01:01<ryu>whats the best way to keep two databases in sync
01:01<millisa>mysql and postgres have replication
01:01<millisa>depends how frequently the datachanges, how big the datasets are, how you might want to handle recovery.
01:02<millisa>some folks like logshipping setups so they can restore to specific points in time
01:02<ryu>i have some scripts that run and modify the database on my live server but apparently that slows the site down some
01:02<ryu>i am thinking of moving those to a prod server and just sync the databases
01:03<millisa>is it mysql?
01:04<millisa>there is a doc for master-master replication at
01:05<ryu>thank you
01:05<millisa>if you want master-slave; there's lots of howtos on that (it's about 6 or 7 steps)
01:05<ryu>before i go down this path i am wondering if the database update scripts are the cause of slowdowns
01:05<grawity>that doc kind of gives the illusion that private ip address are private
01:06<millisa>you might want to enable some of the slow query log settings then
01:07<millisa>it's mentioned in that mysql performance guide from earlier, but I don't think they actually tell you how (there's ~3 settings you'd want to turn on)
01:11<ryu>if i do siege --concurrent=250 --reps=100 site becomes terribly slow
01:11<ryu>maybe need a larger server
01:18<Eugene>bhanks - ya, close it please. Nice and stable again.
01:18<@bhanks>awesome :) thanks Eugene<3
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07:04<goose>I need to install the linux headers on my linode, but `apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)` returns `Unable to locate package linux-headers-4.15.13-x86_64-linode106` -- What package should I be installing?
07:08<@jackley>goose: what distribution are you using? it'd probably be easier for you to switch to the Ubuntu/Debian kernel -- that'd enable you to install the kernel headers via apt
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07:21<goose>jackley: Debian stable. Does switching require a reimage?
07:22<@jackley>goose: nope!
07:23<goose>jackley: thank you! I'll check that out
07:24<@jackley>goose: is this a newly deployed Linode, or one that's been around for a bit? We've been rolling several of our images over the last few months so they default to Grub 2 and the distro kernel.
07:24<goose>A few months old
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07:25<@jackley>there is a good chance you could simply switch your configuration profile to "Grub 2", reboot, and you'd probably boot into an already-installed distro kernel.
07:27<grawity>I'm reading those instructions and they talk about configuring grub for the serial port... but I thought Glish was the regular console display, not serial?
07:28<@jackley>I'm not sure exactly why those instructions specify the serial port, but I could check. Perhaps something with Lish.
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07:30<grawity>yeah, SSH lish puts me on ttyS0
07:30<grawity>well, fwiw, grub2 supports using both at the same time
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07:46<adam___>fi want to buy Nanode 1GB, can i have managed service in this package , what is the price of managed service
07:59<@sjacobs>Linode Managed is $100 per linode per month.
08:00<@sjacobs>you should also review that page and become familiar with what it provides. it is not a typical "managed service" in the sense that software updates and configuration would be your responsibility.
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08:26<dareenzo>Yo. I have a question on partitioning? How is it done on Linode? Do I create one system disk and another one, boot the system disk and set a mount point for the latter?
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08:28<@sjacobs>completely up to you.
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08:28<@sjacobs>by default, it'll put everything on one disk, with the exception of swap, which will go on a second disk.
08:29<@sjacobs>but you have the ability to create disks (and block storage volumes) and control which device they are assigned to.
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08:32<dareenzo>Alright thanks
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10:04<@sjacobs>tarq: howdy!
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10:12<papers>Hello when I clone my Linode do i need to select configuration profiles and the swap images?
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11:58<papers>i just cloned one of my linode's but when i hit the ip of the clone it immediately redirects me to the original where can i remove that redirect
11:59<millisa>Like hitting it with a web browser? That'd either be in your web config, an .htaccess, or somewhere in the code.
12:00<papers>yes with web browser
12:01<@sjacobs>just a hunch, but it sounds like there is a "default" in your web server configuration. not sure what it is in apache, but for nginx it looks like:
12:02<papers>Ah thanks where would I edit that config at
12:05<@sjacobs>that would be dependent on the web server you are using, and where it keeps its configuration files for your operating system.
12:05<papers>i am using nginx
12:06<papers>i checked sites-available default config but there are no redirect lines there
12:06<papers>.htaccess does not have a redirect specified either
12:06<@sjacobs>possibly in `/etc/nginx/sites-enabled` or `/etc/nginx/nginx.conf`
12:07<millisa>Things like wordpress have stuff in their code to force a name be used.
12:09<papers>yea not using wordpress thankfully
12:10<papers>i think it may be to do that im using server_name; as a static variable that is defined somewhere else in my nginx config
12:10<millisa>if you do an 'nging -T' it should test the config and dump the whole thing out to the screen.
12:10<millisa>if you pasted that somewhere, we might be able to help spot it
12:10<millisa>er, sorry, 'nginx -T'
12:11<papers>let me try
12:11<wyomingplease>nginx -T will show the path to the nginx.conf file but won't show the actual contents of it, but that's still a good starting point
12:12<wyomingplease>the nginx.conf file will likely contain several include directives for other conf files so you can check those as well as you're likely to have them
12:12<wyomingplease>in order to better understand how nginx handles incoming requests, you can take a look here:
12:14<papers>i had ssl on my live site but my clone does not need it so i removed the ssl parts
12:14<papers>probably broke something
12:15<millisa>maybe. if you throw the output of the config into a pastebin/bpaste/ , we could see
12:19<millisa>I only see the one redirect with the index
12:20<papers>it uses codeigniter as the framework
12:21<millisa>did you possibly add into one of the controller to force https or www when it doesnt exist? that's pretty common
12:22<papers>you're right i'm an idiot
12:22<papers>the other url defined in the config file which was copied over
12:23<millisa>hopefully that's all it was
12:24<papers>well it doesnt redirect now but it gives me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
12:24<papers>must be a server misconfiguration
12:29<papers>thanks for the help
12:30<millisa>you find it?
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13:55<Ikaros>That's a lotta posts.
14:05<millisa>So, I'll now be able to search communities to find out who is the new girl!
14:05<millisa>or something about 'astrologie'
14:07<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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14:23<papers>if i type in my server ip it will automatically add in https:// how can i remove this
14:24<Bashmanjr>Maybe out of support for this community, but trying to learn some file commands. Trying to figure out a way with rmdir to remove multiple directories with spaces
14:24<Bashmanjr>exxample1 1700 folder1
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14:27<dwfreed>(quoting or escaping the space)
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15:04<papers>master - master replication means any change on either is propagated to the other ?
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15:13<DaNiii>Anyone an tell how much time it would take for new acount verification
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15:18<dzho>!to Racer ops
15:18<linbot>Racer: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
15:19<dzho>that said, this is only something of a guess, but it seems to depend on the payment method and how that's handled amongst the various systems invovled.
15:19<Racer>Creditcard Used
15:20<dzho>yes, well, depends on the card, the bank that issued it, how much, what country you're in, what country the bank is in, who knows what else.
15:20<dzho>the phase of the moon, which way the wind is blowing
15:20<dzho>are the markets up or down
15:20<dzho>are the trees fully leafed out (northern hemisphere) or starting to turn (southern hemisphere)
15:21<dzho>in short, sometimes it takes some time.
15:21<@scrane>Hey Racer about how long ago did you sign up?
15:22<Racer>almost 25 30 min
15:22<dzho>^^^^ one of the ops who is employed by linode fwiw
15:23<@scrane>I would recommend sending an email to just to make sure. In that email include the last 6 digits of the credit card you used to sign up so we can verify you to the account that way.
15:23<Racer>just called
15:23<dzho>oh good
15:26<Racer>ok doing email as well
15:26<Racer>first 6 digit or last :P
15:27<Racer>ok thanks
15:27<Racer>Sent Email
15:28<dzho>good luck
15:30<Racer>ty all
15:30<Racer>Account Activated
15:30<Racer>Great Support (Y)
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15:37<papers>does linode show what port mysql is bound to?
15:39<millisa>the linode manager won't, but you can see it with netstat/ss
15:39<millisa>'netstat -tulpn |grep mysql' would be one way
15:40<Peng_>Longview would :D
15:40<millisa>!point Peng_
15:40<linbot>millisa: Point given to peng_. (11)
15:41<millisa>(unless you changed it from default, it's probably on 3306)
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16:42<papers>i am trying to add a plugin called group_replication to mysql but it tells me i don't have the required library anyone had this issue before?
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18:03<damian_>I am kinda confused on Linode's network stuff
18:03<damian_>Like it says I got 236GB of Network Pool and on my vps it says I got 1000gb
18:04<millisa>it is prorated
18:04<damian_>Not sure what that means
18:04<damian_>I am kinda stupid
18:04<dwfreed>you only get part of the total transfer allocation the first month
18:05<millisa>if you had the linode on day 1 of the month and you had it through the end of the month, you'd have the full pool allocated
18:05<damian_>So because it's not the start I won't get the full 1tb
18:05<damian_>Thanks, That's helped alot
18:05<dwfreed>the same applies on the month you remove the linode
18:05<millisa>here's your reference -
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18:07<Woet>can someone explain to me why people use "alot"
18:07<Woet>especially native speakers
18:10<dwfreed>because 99% of the time, we speak it, so there's no way to tell if there's a space after the a or not
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18:11<millisa>alot of the thyme its two up set ewe im assuming
18:12<relidy>I want too !boo millisa, but I can't bring myself two.
18:12<millisa>doooooo it
18:13<@scrane>alot of the time I'm sure they don't consider it.
18:14<Cromulent>language evolves over time - people who stick rigidly to certain rules forget that the language they speak now is vastly different to even 50 years ago
18:14<millisa>Which is just bully!
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18:16<@mcintosh>I appreciate that multiple people earnestly answered that question :P
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18:18<@scrane> Would you say alot of people earnestly answered it?
18:19<dzho>> vastly different to even 50 years ago
18:19<dzho>that's one of my favorite trans-Atlantic differences
18:20<dzho>USians almost uniformly say "different from"
18:29<@mtjones>Shouldn't it be "different than"?
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23:24<zifnab>Woet: people use 'alot' because not enough people link
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23:30<Cromulent>you lose points for not using webp
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