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00:05<zifnab>it's ancient and i don't care enough to convert it
00:05<zifnab>i only have it there because it was on imageshack and they went to shit and wanted people to pay them at some point
00:05<zifnab>and it was at the time too large for imgur
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01:56<eagles051387>out of curiosity any wordpress gurus here?#
01:58<MrPPS>some probably are; might have better luck if you just state your question though :)
02:07<eagles051387>MrPPS: im not sure its really a linode question to be fair though
02:07<eagles051387>was going to pm someone if they had experience with it
02:07<MrPPS>eagles051387: this is also community members
02:07<MrPPS>so often the support questions are just general questions as well :)
02:08<eagles051387>basically i have a wordpress site that i manually migrated from plesk server i have to cpanel server both on linode
02:08<eagles051387>now with this site that is setup on the cpanel server im getting error 500 and from the logs im seeing path issues etc.
02:10<eagles051387>now im thinking of getting rid of the files etc on the server and db too
02:10<eagles051387>what is the best way to get all content and themes and plugins copied over
02:10<eagles051387>an export form wordpress and reimport on the new install
02:10<eagles051387>or take a backup through wordpress plugin and then restore that from the backup
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02:14<MrPPS>eagles051387: is the path issue with a file related to the server itself, or is it an extension missing?
02:14<eagles051387>MrPPS: with files
02:15<eagles051387>and i dont want to touch anything on whm that could potentially break the entire server
02:21<MrPPS>yeah, if you're doing it all through GUI stuff, I don't have much advice to offer sorry (I don't use any of those tools), other than to try what you already suggested
02:21<MrPPS>back up through the wordpress backup plugin, install fresh wordpress in whm, and restore
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05:22<yosup>Hello! - can anyonne tell me if it's OK if we use a new Linode instance to send out roughly 100,000 emails (TOTALLY OPT-IN AND GDPR COMPLIANT) per day? We need to move our Server URGENTLY today (for compliance reasons) from US to EU - we use FDC and they can do it, but Linode would be more efficient... I'm reading the T&C but not seeing
05:22<yosup>...not seeing limits
05:28<@bmartin>Hello. There are not limits to emails being sent from a server
05:29<@bmartin>however you do need to be in compliant with our ToS and if a lot are reported as spam ToS Violations will be opened on the account. Double Opt In is our preferred method of email sending
05:33<yosup>Yes thats awesome
05:33<yosup>Hey whjile im here, how would a 16GB 2 core instance CPU stack up against Dual Xeon 5504's?
05:33<yosup>While you*;re here
05:34<@bmartin>I'll be honest I don't have any data or a good answer for that. It is not something I've personally tested.
05:34<yosup>No worries thanks so much for your help @bmartin
05:34<@bmartin>no problem at all
05:34<yosup>Have a great day!
05:34<@bmartin>you too!
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06:10<Ajay>Hi, I have one domain name
06:10<Ajay>and name server is updated with linode
06:10<Ajay>but domain is hosted in India. net4 India
06:10<Zimsky>i see
06:10<Ajay>Please advise how to reverse the same
06:11<Zimsky>i don't know what you mean by reverse
06:11<Zimsky>what's your problem / what are you trying to do?
06:12<Ajay>I want to create some DNS record on my domain which is hosted on Net4 Inida
06:12<wyomingplease>have you added the corresponding DNS records in Linode Manager after pointing the domain name to Linode?
06:12<wyomingplease>if not, you can find more info here:
06:12<Ajay>but it was allowing me to do because of the name server is with linode
06:12<wyomingplease>(pointing to Linode nameservers is what I was referring to)
06:36<Ajay>I forget the user name to login in linode portal but i have the email id
06:36<Ajay>please advise to know the user name
06:36<@bmartin>Have you tried the recover username option on the login page?
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08:18<vellur>anyone there?
08:18<@bmartin>How can we help you vellur
08:25<Nightmare>bmartin: Do you know any cute, single and male sysadmins you could refer me to?
08:25<@bmartin>I'll check my ledger
08:26<ericoc>what's upppp
08:26<vellur>is it technical chat?
08:26<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
08:27<vellur>do you provide VPC?
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08:27<ericoc>vellur: there's no concept of a "vpc" within linode
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08:27<ericoc>there is a private network in each datacenter local to the datacenter
08:28<ericoc>but it's a private network within the datacenter, not private to your linode account
08:32<vellur>we need to connect our on primises to datacenter using vpn
08:32<vellur>we need to migrate our 18 virtual machine to linode
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11:46<jay>Hello I have two Linode boxes they use separate IP's and have setup connection parameters but their SQL servers cannot communicate with each other anyway to troubleshoot why
11:48<dzho>jay: can the servers communicate with each other in other ways, eg, ping, ssh ... ?
11:48<dzho>can the servers communicate with other hosts? eg, can you initiate a connection from them to can you ssh into them from your laptop or desktop?
11:49<Guest3544>^ + are the in the same DC? If so, do you have private addresses hooked up to both, and is that how you are having them connect?
11:49<dzho>can you connect to the sql service from the machine that hosts it?
11:49<dzho>which sql server software is it?
11:50<jay>I can ping correctly yes
11:50<jay>i am trying to setup sql group replication if you are familiar with that and i have specified two servers in the config
11:51<jay>however one cannot join the other group with a message of : '[GCS] The member was unable to join the group. Local port: 33061'
11:51<dzho>what if any documentation are you trying to use from ?
11:51<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
11:52<jay>I can ssh into them yes
11:52<jay>and ping out from them
11:52<jay>but something is preventing a connection between their SQL ports
11:52<dzho>you'll probably want to send more detailed copy/paste including what commands you're using, full sets of error messages, etc.
11:52<dzho>did it work before, and what did you change?
11:53<jay>no it never worked before I am trying to setup group replication never done it before
11:53<dzho>15:49 < dzho> which sql server software is it?
11:53<jay>MySQL community server edition
11:53<dzho>maybe someone more familiar than I am will recognize that error message, but I don't
11:54<millisa>did you open the ports for the group members to each other?
11:55<jay>I did (sudo ufw allow 33061) and added iptables rules too
11:55<@sjacobs>have the MySQL user's been granted proper permissions to connect remotely?
11:56<@sjacobs>for example:
11:56<jay>good question let me check
11:57<@sjacobs> is a good page to work through, as well.
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12:02<jay>would a telnet command from one server to another allow me to check if i can connect between two mysql ports?
12:03<millisa>you'd see telnet connect; there probably wouldn't be anything meaningful though.
12:03<millisa>nmap -p portnumber ip
12:04<millisa>that would tell you whether the port is open or not without messing with telnet
12:05<jay>looks like it's open 33061/tcp open unknown
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12:08<jay>hm it looks like the 33061 port on the remote server is closed
12:08<jay>even though i added the ufw allow rules
12:08<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:09<@mcintosh>!point Eugene
12:09<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to eugene. (63) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
12:09<linbot>mcintosh: 1. eugene (63) 2. millisa (56) 3. dwfreed (52) 4. mcintosh (38) 5. peng (21)
12:10<@bmartin>!towel Eugene
12:10<linbot>bmartin: Point taken from eugene! (62)
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12:11<millisa>jay: sudo ufw status verbose
12:12<jay>i cant seem to open mah ports
12:13<millisa>are you sure you configured the other server and restarted the mysql service?
12:15<jay>i configured both and restarted it yes
12:15<millisa>did you look to see if mysql is running there, that it is listening on the port, that the firewall allows access?
12:16<jay>how can i check that it is listening on that port?
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12:16<millisa>netstat -tulpn |grep mysql is one way
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12:21<jay>so for that it's showing that it's listening on 3306 but not on 33061 which is the port i configured for group replication
12:21<jay>is that an issue?
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12:22<millisa>probably. what did you set for the group_replication_local_address on that system?
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12:24<jay>loose-group_replication_local_address = "host2:33061"
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12:26<jay>when i run nmap it shows : 33061/tcp closed unknown
12:34<jay>how do i open a port?
12:35<millisa>with ufw,
12:40<jay>so i added those rules but it still refuses connection to the port
12:40<jay>do i need to restart the server or something
12:40<millisa>the firewall openings wouldnt require a restart.
12:43<jay>could you take a look at this real quick :
12:44<scivola>jay: you sure mysql is listening on that IP address and not just
12:45<millisa>pastebin the output of 'netstat -tulpn'
12:45<jay>yes i changed bind-address in mysql to that address from
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13:14<Edgar>Anyone can tell if linode have chat support ?
13:14<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:14<Edgar>Im not able to find it ?
13:14<millisa>Not able to find what?
13:14<Peng_>Linode has support ticket, email and phone support, and community forums and this IRC channel.
13:14<Edgar>I need to know if i can move a linode server form one account to another one.
13:15<relidy>Edgar: Yes, but you'll need to open tickets on both accounts (and have one reference the other)
13:16<Edgar>There a charge for this process ?
13:17<Edgar>Thank you.
13:23<Zimsky>Eugene: how's your crusade going
13:23<Woet>from MU772
13:23<Zimsky>no one cares woet
13:23<Woet>onwards to the free land
13:23<Zimsky>no one ever did
13:23<Zimsky>no one ever will
13:23<Woet>but I care and I'm the only person that matters
13:24<Zimsky>much in the same way a telemarketer feels they're essential to the operation
13:24<Eugene>Which? The one where Linode has changed the terms of their Customer Agreement without proper user notification, a date change, or providing a diff? No movement since Monday.
13:24<Woet>Zimsky: speaking of things no one cares of, please remind Eugene no one cares about the terms of service
13:25<Zimsky>I care
13:25<Zimsky>but I'm no one
13:25<Zimsky>so that statement fits me
13:25<Zimsky>much like this great shirt I got the other day
13:26<Zimsky>Eugene: how many times a day do you call them now
13:26<Eugene>Never. I did update my tickets again just now, because you reminded mme.
13:27<Zimsky>I help.
13:27<Eugene>!point Zimsky
13:27<linbot>Eugene: Point given to zimsky. (3)
13:27<Zimsky>nice, already up to three again
13:28<FluffyFoxeh>oh shit, storage upgrades
13:29<Woet>Zimsky: why don't you care I'm flying your national airline
13:29<FluffyFoxeh>Somehow I didn't see this until now. Was it a staggered deployment?
13:29*Woet staggers all over FluffyFoxeh
13:30<FluffyFoxeh>maybe I just didn't look at the manager in the past week. that's possible
13:30<Zimsky>Woet: you're flying aeroflot? wat
13:30<Woet>i haven't looked at the manager since I signed up
13:30<Woet>in like 2012
13:30<Woet>Zimsky: we all know of your Chinese origins
13:30<Woet>i would fly aeroflot if they had a good deal though
13:30<Woet>i tried flying the other russian airline
13:30<Woet>the one with the red themed first class
13:31<Zimsky>hey cool I could go meet woet at the airport
13:31<Woet>implying you're capable of meeting people
13:31<Zimsky>then steal his shoes, turn off the lights, and spread lego everywhere
13:32<Zimsky>FluffyFoxeh: on the low tier it's only 5g though
13:32<Zimsky>lol Woet nice satellite internet
13:32<Zimsky>all of your messages just arrived at once
13:32<Woet>10159 packets transmitted, 7812 packets received, 23.1% packet loss
13:32<Woet>round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 1004.620/1240.402/24380.989/1357.135 ms
13:33<FluffyFoxeh>Zimsky: I use the $10 one
13:34<Zimsky>so what diff in stuff did you get
13:35<FluffyFoxeh>10GB more storage I believe
13:35<Zimsky>the classic 24 second ping
13:35<Eugene>I hae better experience with ICMP over satellite connections by adjusting the rate from 1/s to 1 per 5s
13:37<Eugene>Its amazing that IP even works right over such high-latency connections. Testament to the stubbornness of basic protocols
13:37<FluffyFoxeh>oh wait, 30GB -> 50GB
13:38<Woet>Eugene: I'm pretty stubborn too
13:41<Zimsky>hitler was pretty stubborn too
13:41<Woet>i didnt build nice autobahns like him tho
13:41<Peng_>Wait what, I have 50 GB of storage now? Whoa
13:42<Woet>my 2004 iPod has more
13:42<Peng_>I really need to take the upgrade. o_o
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14:16<Woet>did you guys stop talking or did Zimsky mitm my connection
14:17<FluffyFoxeh>I took that free upgrade
14:18<Woet>you have guts
14:18<Eugene>Zimsky can't mitm, he's not worth of the term.
14:18<Eugene>Maybe "troll in the middle"
14:18<Woet>> he's
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14:52<millisa>Greetings, Guest3648
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15:15<jay>So i think i figured it out how can i change my server from listening on localhost to the actual ip address
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15:27<millisa>Merry Towel Day.
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15:35<linus>Hello, does linode support vpc peers?
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15:37<Peng_>What's a vpc peer?
15:38<linus>basically a connection interface between two vpc's
15:39<linus>an alternative to using public ip's
15:40<Eugene>!towel millisa
15:40<linbot>Eugene: Point taken from millisa! (55)
15:40<Peng_>Linode doesn't have VPCs. Private IPv4 IPs can be accessed by any Linode in the data center.
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15:55<Hampus>Can I get support here? for migrating serveR?
15:55<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:55<Hampus>I want to move my server to another account on Linode
15:56<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:56<relidy>Hampus: You'll need to open a support ticket on both accounts, with one referring to the other ticket, asking for the migration.
15:56<millisa>Hampus: to move a linode to a different account, put in a ticket on both accounts
15:56<Hampus>Ok, I have doned that
15:57<Hampus>When do you think they will answer?
16:00<millisa>we wouldn't know; if it's urgent, you could call them. sometimes the staff will watch here and if you drop a ticket#, they might see it and look at it sooner
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16:18<ADVPadmin>checking to see if anyone manages server
16:18<millisa>someone probably does...
16:19<ADVPadmin>Server was just blocked from our server for causing a DDOS attack
16:19<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
16:19<ADVPadmin>Cool thanks
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16:25<Peng_>What happens to people who ignore the tos changes
16:26<millisa>I'll let you know in a few days...
16:50<nate>Peng: I was gonna mention how easily they were skipped too but figured I'd wait >.>
16:52<Peng_>I hope I don't get deleted from something important because I don't read an email. o_o
16:52<Peng_>(I'm sure Linode will be fine.)
16:52<csnxs>i don't remember getting an email about the tos changes
16:52<csnxs>...for linode, anyway
16:52<Peng_>I did
16:53<nate>I didn't, I just skipped them in the manager
16:53<csnxs>I got emails saying I agreed to them
16:54<Peng_>I got "We've updated our Privacy Policy, Customer Agreement, and Acceptable Use Policy" earlier this month
16:55<nate>you in the EU?>
16:55<csnxs>i got no such email
16:56<csnxs>got emails saying i accepted the new agreements and the eu thingy tho
16:56<Peng_>nate: Nope
16:56<Peng_>I didn't get an email saying I accepted them
16:57<Eugene>Don't forget that the last-changed date on the Customer Agreement is listed as 2018-05-14, but it was edited (without notification!) on 2018-05-21.
16:57<Eugene>That's a fun legal point
16:58<millisa>This was the mail I got on the account that hasn't agreed to the policies. It came in a little under a week ago:
17:00<csnxs>all I have is
17:00<csnxs>(i have two of one of them because I have a sub-account on that email as well)
17:01<millisa>That's what mine look like that were agreed to
17:02*csnxs shrugs
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19:59<omzee>Hey all, I'd love some clarifications regarding the backup history shown in Linode Manager, any input is highly appreciated!
20:00-!-shortdudey123 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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20:01<millisa>omzee: clarification on what part?
20:01<omzee>So the question is- when I set the backup window, the timezone is GMT-5. Are the times in the bkp history the server times in which a bkp has started?
20:03<millisa>the times in the backup history show in whatever timezone you have your profile set to
20:04<millisa>if you click 'my profile' up in the upper right, you can get to your login's profile.
20:05<omzee>got it, thanks a lot :)
20:06<millisa>would be nice if the drop down for the window was in your local timezone times, too
20:06<omzee>I highly agree
20:09<millisa>which it is probably worth noting that the new interface has the same issue, but doesn't state that the backup window is in gmt. I actually don't like the backup history window there at all... it shows 'a day ago' and '5 days ago' with durations of 'an hour' instead of the actual minutes
20:09<millisa>er, gmt-5
20:12<omzee>yup, a timestamp + TZ would be lovely ;)
20:12<millisa>which that info *is* there in the api it uses.
20:15<omzee>is there any way to remove private IPs? couldn't find one o_O
20:17<millisa>I don't know of one from the api. You could just not configure it in the OS
20:18<millisa>er, sorry, don't know of one from the manager
20:18<millisa>i haven't tried it from the api, but it does have a note that one used to remove public ips doesnt work on private there
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20:22<omzee>millisa: kk thx!
20:22<millisa>sure thing
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23:11<Zimsky>Eugene: I object to that terminology
23:12<Zimsky>I also find you objectionable, but that's another matter
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