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01:17<Jimmy>Hello I am trying to ssh into a remote mysql server from my Linode but after I enter password it just hangs and does nothing
01:21<Zimsky>what do the logs say ♫ ♪
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01:22<Jimmy>which log would that be in?
01:23<Jimmy>let me check mysql log
01:25<Jimmy>it says enter password: so i type it in and then nothing happens
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02:01<Jimmy>is iptables installed my default cause it's not on my server?
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02:32<rsdehart>Jimmy: it's important to understand that mysql and ssh are two distinct services
02:33<Jimmy>what does that have to do with anything
02:33<Jimmy>i am using mysql -h flag to connect to a remote host
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02:37<rsdehart>Jimmy: you said you're trying to ssh into a remote mysql server
02:38<rsdehart>so it's pretty integral to your situation as described
02:38<Jimmy>doesnt mysql command start an ssh tunnel?
02:39<rsdehart>it just attempts to connect to a remote host on port 3306
02:39<rsdehart>(if you don't specify some different port)
02:39<rsdehart>(and also specify a host)
02:40<rsdehart>if you want an ssh tunnel, you'll need to initiate it yourself
02:42<Jimmy>ah ok
02:42<Jimmy>well i meant just connecting directly them
02:42<rsdehart>well, when you specified h flag, I understood that
02:43<rsdehart>I'd expect it to time out if the port weren't open, really
02:44<rsdehart>if it were the user not having remote access enabled it would tell you so
02:44<eagles051387>is there a limit to the number of block storage volumes?
02:44<eagles051387>actually let me rephrase
02:44<eagles051387>if you for some reason reach the 100TB
02:44<eagles051387>can you request an increase?
02:45<eagles051387>or not at this stage
02:51<Jimmy>yea i got it to work
02:51<Jimmy>im trying to setup this group replication thing for mysql it's a nightmare
02:52<eagles051387>Jimmy: im going to have to setup postgres replication soon
02:52<eagles051387>just need to finish off these backup scripts
02:53<Jimmy>yea it sucks
02:54<Jimmy>documentation for it is terrible
02:56<Zimsky>just use postgres
02:57<eagles051387>Zimsky: i would but im using wordpress as cms of choice for people that i do websites for.
02:57<eagles051387>so im kind of stuck with mysql as that is what it only supports.
02:57<Zimsky>so just use postgres
02:58<Zimsky>don't use wp
02:58<Zimsky>all problems solved
02:58<eagles051387>Zimsky: im using postgress for someone else i do work for.
02:58<Zimsky>is it the mafia
02:58<Jimmy>is migrating from mysql to postgres easy
02:58<eagles051387>Zimsky: no
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03:41<rsdehart>eagles051387: would you tell us if it were the mafia?
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04:09<casoe84dk_>I'm sorry to ask but I have not been able to figure out a easy way to setup a openvpn server to use as a gateway. Does anyone know a easy guide? I do not unfortunately have much knolige of linux servers. The server is running debian
04:11<casoe84dk_>btw there is a openvpn server already on the server so that is the reason that I can't use the script from roadrunner
04:15<casoe84dk_>Ment the script OpenVPN "road warrior" Installer
04:37<Woet>casoe84dk_: what have you tried so far? which documentation did you read? which step are you struggling with?
04:42<casoe84dk_>Woet: I have been trying the openvpn guide from linode and got it to run, but I can't get the internet part working from the client
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04:53<casoe84dk_>actually just thought of a way for me to try. Remove the old server ( keeping a backup ) and then install openvpn with the installer script and then restore the backup
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12:06<theguyfromthebush>linode support is super fast
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13:51<vicky>hello i want resell linode hosting on mt whmcs its posible?
13:53<ericoc>linode just gives you root access to virtual linux servers, you can use them for what ever you want
13:53<ericoc>linode doesn't supply whmcs or cpanel, but you can install any thing that you want
14:00<vicky>im currently install whmcs on other hosting but i want sell linode like cloudways .com cloudways .com sell your hosting starting 7$/mo same i want
14:00<vicky>on whmcs
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14:05<Rainbow>vicky, you can resell, but you need a way to manage the linodes yourself
14:05<Rainbow>i mean you could tie your billing panel into Linode's API
14:05<Rainbow>thats kind of stupid
14:06<Rainbow>do you know how many resellers exist already?
14:06<Rainbow>the market is oversaturated
14:06<Rainbow>go build a real business.
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14:24<@mcintosh>Rainbow: be nice
14:26<vicky>please explain real business mean
14:27<vicky>i want sell best hosting in india at best cheapest price if any better business idea please say
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14:29<Guest3730>I use Debian for last 6 years ... it is working fine for me.. but i like to try something new like CentOS .. how is it? better than Debian?
14:29<Peng_>Guest3730: They're both fine.
14:30<Guest3730>i am stuck on Debian 8 .. seems like they removed mysql :(
14:31<Guest3730>for mango db, i run php sites .. i don't want to rewrite my scripts ..
14:31<Peng_>Did they really? Did they replace it with MariaDB?
14:32<Peng_>Is that a problem?
14:33<Guest3730>i have not tested ,, but i think for maria db i need to rewrite all scripts .. otherwise i need to find a way to install mysql on Debian 9
14:34<Cromulent>mariadb is mysql compatible
14:34<Cromulent>but you could dump > import to make sure
14:35<Guest3730>Wow.. need to test ,, before attacking my Live server :O) ...
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14:37<Guest3730>CentOS vs Debian or anything lese is best for running websites? ROCK solid .. (Debian is stable as rick.. i got uptime for 300+ days with millions of visitors per day)// still..
14:38<Cromulent>CentOS is a the free version of RHEL
14:38<Cromulent>so should be pretty solid
14:39<Guest3730>thanks bro.. let me go an play with it.. bye..
14:40<SleePy>uptime is not a achievement. Its a security risk if your not live patching the kernel
14:43<Guest3730>how to do that on linode? any articles >?
14:44<Guest3730>Swap Disk 256 vs 512?
14:44<Guest3730>i always choose 512
14:44<Guest3730>any reason to choose 256?
14:45<Cromulent>if you are swapping you already have a problem and should probably look at your config
14:45<Jimmy>can i edit my server config files before i boot my linode?
14:45<millisa>you can boot into rescue mode and mount the disks and edit them there
14:47<Guest3730>Swap Disk 256 vs 512? Swap disk not required?
14:49<Jimmy>is there anyway to roll back to a restore point like 2 days ago?
14:51<millisa>if you have a backup of your own, you could...
14:52<millisa>linode backups would have the last backup, last weeks, and the one before + one manual
14:52<Cromulent>Guest3730: I use 256 but if I ever swapped I'd change my config or upgrade the Linode
14:58<Guest3730>bro any important TASK list to make my Server more secure? I already installed CSF .. like that any list of TASKS?
14:59<Cromulent>disabled IPv4 and IPv6 :P
15:01<Jimmy>ki can't mount any discs in recovery
15:01<millisa>why not?
15:02<Guest3730>disabled IPv4 and IPv6 Already done.. :P
15:02<Jimmy>mount : can't find /dev/sdh in /etc/fstab
15:02<millisa>is /dev/sdh where you put a disk you want to mount?
15:04<Jimmy>im running : mount -o barrier=0 /dev/sda
15:04<Jimmy>like the tutorial says
15:05<millisa>why you type that you are getting 'can't find /dev/sdh'? there isn't a typo in one of those?
15:06<millisa>er 'when'...
15:09<Peng_>Isn't /dev/sdh the Finnix ISO
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16:38<@gjjansen>manderson: Are you okay?
16:40*gjjansen hides.
16:41<Zimsky><Rainbow> go build a real business
16:41<Zimsky>linode resellers who add nothing are a racket
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18:11<dan>the kind you play tennis with?
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20:20<Jimmy>i have a question
20:21<Jimmy>is it possible to choose a restore point
20:21<Jimmy>like 3 days ago
20:23<Jimmy>i have backups
20:23<Jimmy>but it only allows me to do 6 days ago
20:24<Jimmy>wondering if there was a way to specify a custom time
20:28<dwfreed>no, the backup service only stores one daily and 2 weekly backups
20:31<Jimmy>ok thanks
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22:35<Nightmare>Oh, wow, when was the storage upgrade offered? Damn
22:36<Nightmare>This is the only thing I ever wanted from Linode <3
22:38<Nightmare>although, I almost feel obligated to go ahead and do an OS upgrade to 64-bit if I'm going to shut this box down again
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23:11<@gjjansen>Nightmare: It's a good time to make the jump to 64-bit.
23:12<Nightmare>I've been saying that for something like 2-3 years now
23:12<Nightmare>Yet I can never seem to find the motivation
23:13<Peng_>can 32-bit address more than 2 GB of disk space
23:14<Nightmare>not sure whether to take that question serious or not
23:15<Nightmare>if it is serious, then yes, iirc it can do like 2TB or something like that, but I may also be making stuff up
23:21<nate>I would have figured maybe he meant from a single-file perspective
23:22<nate>The interesting thing to note as I recall though is we technically had 32-bit storage spacing in the 16-bit OS era, and pseudo-64-bit storage spacing in the 32-bit OS era
23:23<nate>ie; LFS basically made it so you could have up to 4G file sizes in the pre-NT days on FAT, then NTFS was introduced which I forget what the upper end filesize for that system is
23:24<nate>Apparently 16TB or 256TB depending on your NT kernel
23:27<Peng_>I may have been trolling
23:28<Nightmare>Heh, I suspected that tbh
23:29<Nightmare>You're a little too technically aware to be asking questions like that
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23:35<spongebob>so i can't open custom ports on my linode
23:35<spongebob>and linode support does not know how to fix it
23:36<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
23:36<@gjjansen>!point Eugene
23:36<linbot>gjjansen: Point given to eugene. (63) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
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