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00:04<zifnab>Eugene: no it's an auto kill regex.
00:04<zifnab>It kills any form of the n word I've seen used by shitty bots
00:06<Eugene>sooo....bobs mods?
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01:00<Woet>zifnab: just auto kill anything involving super
01:00<Woet>spaces are there in case you already did
01:03<Woet>or the channel name at least
01:04<Woet>the network isn't legit tho
01:14<zifnab>Eugene: if I touch that game I'm doing nothing else for a week.
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03:44<intertoons>how long it ll take for an instance wit cPanel
03:45<intertoons>cloudlinux compatible ?
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12:30<ziogio>i don't get how the pricing plan works... do i pay monthly or hourly? and how is the "used hour" calculated?
12:31<@scrane>You pay hourly up to the monthly limit
12:31<@sjacobs>while the linode is on your account, it is billed. it is billed for every hour it is on your account, up to the monthly price.
12:31<ziogio>ok thanks :
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13:38<JimmyAdaro>Hi there! I have 2 questions about Linode. #1 Can I use the server for host adult content (+18)? #2 Can the bill be per year instead of per month?
13:39<millisa>1 - (generally, if it is legal it is ok) 2 - you can preload your account with whatever you want and have it bill against the credit, but otherwise it is billed monthly or even mid monthly for newer accounts
13:39<JimmyAdaro>millisa Thank you very much :)
13:40<millisa>more billing info here:
13:40<@sjacobs>!point millisa
13:40<linbot>sjacobs: Point given to millisa. (56) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 13)
13:41<JimmyAdaro>The plans can be upgraded and downgraded any time, is that correct?
13:41<millisa>yep, and it's pretty easy to do
13:42<JimmyAdaro>What if iI have a, lets say, 50 GB disk and downgrade to a 25 GB disk? What happens with those other 25 GB?
13:43<millisa>it's in one of the blueboxes on that last link. you have to make the disk small enough to fit before it lets you size down
13:43<millisa>If you know you are going to be dynamically resizing; you might consider just setting the disk to something small. you don't have to size the disk upwards when you go to a bigger plan
13:43<millisa>you get the allocation, but you don't have to use it
13:45<JimmyAdaro>millisa Awesome, thanks again!
13:45<millisa>sure thing
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15:00<andy>iif i do a clone of my linode how do i know which configuration profile on the target server will get overwritten?
15:00<Peng_>None of them?
15:01<andy>so it will create a 3rd profile?
15:03<andy>also there is a field for configuration options and a field for disks if i check only the configuration profile it will pull in the correct discs?
15:04<millisa> #5
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19:34<warewolf>uh. No, you really don't get much say on what CPU a linode has.
19:35<warewolf>that's not a virtual private server any more, that's called a dedicated server. There's a reason why VPSes are god awful cheap.
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19:39<Peng_>"Linode already has AMD EPYC cpus sprinkled into their mix." omg
19:43<Peng_>"and Intel Xeon Gold 6148"
19:43<warewolf>somebody is missing the point, heh
19:43<warewolf>honestly a more wise suggestion would be "Set all CPUS to qemu64"
19:43<warewolf>because then you could migrate *anywhere* live.
19:44<nate>I want linodes with GPU's and PCIe passthrough configured :o
19:44<warewolf>if you're doing something that requires specific CPU features ... you need to do it at home, not in a datacenter *that you don't own*
19:44<Peng_>Before Meltdown: "Yay a new CPU!"
19:45<Peng_>After Meltdown: "Oh new a new CPU. Can't you use a Pentium 3?"
19:45<Peng_>Oh no*
19:46<warewolf>in other news, I'm really glad I uploaded an infosec presentation to slideshare.
19:47<warewolf>today I figured out a feature of USB flash drives, and had to go back to my slides to figure out related stuff again (talk from 4y ago)
19:50<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • CPU Open Source <>
19:56<AlexMax>that thread is a doozy
19:56<AlexMax>(there is at least one host I know of that has ARM servers)
20:00<Peng_>I hope [certain company] has replaced their mid-2000s Opterons
20:02<AlexMax>hrm, kind of a shame that atom is no longer a thing
20:02<AlexMax>last one released in 2013 i think
20:10<dwfreed>AlexMax: Denverton was released August of last year
20:16<dwfreed>C3955 is 16 cores, too
20:19<AlexMax>dwfreed: that's weird, I was looking at the official Atom page on wikipeida
20:19<dwfreed>yeah, the Atom page is missing a whole set in history
20:22<warewolf>AlexMax: ARM is kind-of awesome. I think that's about as "open source" as "real hardware" gets, since the CPU design is held by ARM Holdings, and people just license it and fab CPUs. Down side: weird CPUs from licensees adding stuff into them.
20:25<AlexMax>like Apple chips
20:27<warewolf>and nearly every other cell phone on the planet. And RasPIs. ARM is *everywhere*.
20:27<AlexMax>i got one a few feet
20:28<warewolf>my WD hard drives are Marvel licensed ARM cortex M3 based HDD controllers, IIRC
20:28<AlexMax>from me right now
20:28<warewolf>(and I have JTAG on them!)
20:33<dwfreed>warewolf: Kamilion has fun stories about HDD controllers
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23:31<Eugene>warewolf - Linode has started testing EPYCs, a few people in here and the forums have mentioned encountering them. While I do agree that the specific feature set or chipset /shouldnt matter/, there are a few avenues (AWS will sell you a very expensive dedicated CPU!) and reasons (avoiding the massive virt penalty for real-time anything systems) outside of home or renting-a-rack
23:44<Peng_>Hypothetically, if one of my nodes gets migrated to an Epyc, are any sort of software compatibility problems likely? E.g. default GCC options enable XYZ when compiling on Intel which craches on Epyc?
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