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02:04<zifnab>Peng_: i did one of these swaps recently, yes, you'd need to recompile some things (android build isues, had to blow away a bunch of things that only build once)
02:05<Peng_>Hrmph. Thanks.
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02:09<zifnab>it's annoying, i have no idea why it's required (this was e5-2670->epyc)
02:10<zifnab>they should have the same feature set
02:11<Peng_>I've had to recompile one thing while jumping between different Intels. It used AVX or AVX2, I think, so it was also a victim of that Xen/GCC/glibc bug.
02:12<Peng_>Breaking anything *important* would be a pain though
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02:33<zifnab>should just fix that iirc
02:34<zifnab>ie don't -O3 or -Ofast or -ftree-vectorize
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02:43<lolmaus>Hey Linode! A question about hourly billing. I have a use case where I need a VPS occasionally. Can I keep it shut down and launch for a couple hours per day, then shut down again? Will I be charged only for the running hours? Will the VPS stay available for restart or does a pause in billing imply destroying the box?
02:43<kyhwana>lolmaus: you're charged for as long as it exists, wether it's shut down or not
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02:45<frailtyy>Must not have liked the answer.
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02:50<nate>lolmaus: You're paying for a reservation of hardware resources
02:50<nate>Not uptime
02:51<nate>Otherwise people would constantly be queuing in line for their VPS to 'start' while everyone takes turns with hardware resources
02:54<MrPPS>hardware library
02:56<lolmaus>Thx for clarifications, makes total sense.
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05:43<Skip0a>is anyone else not able to spin up a Linode 1GB I'm not seeing the option for it in the Linode Manager
05:44<@bmartin>scroll to the bottom it should be there under nanode
05:44<Skip0a>Thanks I'm so blind hahaha
05:46<@bmartin>haha it's ok!
05:50<Zimsky>nice marketing move
05:54<Skip0a>I would not really say its a nice marketing move I was almost going to go over to a competitor for the $5 plan :(
05:54<Zimsky>that's hilarious
05:55<@bmartin>I'll pass the feedback along that it isn't terribly easy to find
05:56<warewolf>wow, a 1G linode is a "nanode" now? What's a 64mb linode? /me remembers the days of user mode linux and 64mb
05:59<dwfreed>warewolf: a Linode 64 would now be a Linode 4096
05:59<@bmartin>does Linode 64 play goldeneye?
06:00<warewolf>I think that's effectivly what I've got now
06:00<dwfreed>storage: 80x, RAM: 64x, transfer: 160x
06:00<erik>speed of storage: 100000x ;)
06:02<warewolf>wait no, that's exactly what I've got now. I've never paid for an upgrade (aside from extra IPs) in my life, and I'm still paying the same each month (but annually)
06:05<dwfreed>warewolf: you're paying 54 cents more than you used to
06:05<warewolf>uh, maybe?
06:05<dwfreed>(from when the plan went from 19.95 to 20 even)
06:06<warewolf>it's not like rent at my apartment that goes up $100/y and I notice it hurts /a lot/ after a decade
06:06<dwfreed>my rent at this place will probably never increase
06:07<@bmartin>I bought and then got a job in philly and hour from my house
06:07<dwfreed>bmartin: hour driving, or hour public transit?
06:08<@bmartin>I live in the middle of nowhere
06:08<@bmartin>it's 45-50 mins to the patco if I wanted to go that rough
06:08<dwfreed>pretty much all highway?
06:08<dwfreed>(plus traffic on the ben franklin)
06:08<@bmartin>Yeah it's not too bad honestly
06:08<@bmartin>especially at 4am
06:08*warewolf lives in virginia, and commutes to maryland 3 days a week :( 45 mi drive, 1h on a good day, 2h on a bad day
06:08<Zimsky>do you run a train on the ben franklin?
06:09<@bmartin>though it's funny that right before here I got rid of my Hybrid and got a car much worse on gas
06:09<dwfreed>Zimsky: patco crosses on the ben franklin
06:12<warewolf>SHouldn't have clicked that.
06:12<warewolf>I should not have clicked that.
06:12<dwfreed>yeah, definitely not
06:12<dwfreed>my akill button is calling my name, and it's really tempting
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06:33*warewolf looks at ~/.irssi/scripts/
06:33<warewolf> changed => "20050429",
06:33<warewolf>wow, it's been that long.
06:34<warewolf>dwfreed: do you run irssi? I have no need for this script (used back when I opered here to automatically akill botnets when they joined their channel), do you want a copy before I delete it?
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07:14<sujay>is there a way to calculate the server size
07:14<sujay>depending on the users?
07:15<warewolf>sujay: that varies very much on the applications you're running
07:15<sujay>I'm running a cakephp application
07:15<warewolf>sujay: e.g. if you're running mail, each user is going to have a persistent IMAP connection to your server, and you can monitor usage and calculate it
07:15<sujay>its mainly database
07:16<warewolf>I have no idea what a cakephp app is aside from being PHP, but the general idea is most likely the same as I described before
07:17<warewolf>have 1 user using the site, log how much memory and CPU is used
07:17<warewolf>then make it 10, write down how much memory/CPU is used; then you've got a concept for how much (on average as an estimate) each user will use up
07:18<sujay>let me check
07:18<sujay>i will run a test server and simulate in that
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07:18<warewolf>if your webapp is anything like a website forum, where there's a search capability that pegs the database while you're runining full-text queries, that'll throw off your metrics because full-text queries in databases are expensive
07:18<warewolf>"expensive" in disk utilization, memory utilization and cpu utilization
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09:18<Cromulent>hmm Namecheap are giving away WhoisGuard for free for life from now on according to the email I just got
09:18<Cromulent>which is good because I have it on all of my domains
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09:26<Rehan>Hi. If I resize my Linode instance, will the IP address change along with it?
09:26<@bmartin>No it will not
09:27<@bmartin>it will migrate to another host within the same data center
09:27<Rehan>ok. thanx
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10:48<MajObviousman>akerl: spotted you in the wild on github
11:02<csnxs>^ creep
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17:33<dwfreed>warewolf: I have a whole lot of triggers for various spam things; GanneffServ has klinechans for botnet c&c channels
17:35<warewolf>cool, I'll get rid of it then :)
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18:30<Cromulent>omg why did I only just learn you could do this now?
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19:42<frailtyy>Cromulent: Wow. I have two of these sitting around that I haven't used in some time.
19:43<Cromulent>frailtyy: I'm buying one tomorrow
19:43<Cromulent>£50 for all that extra protection seems like a good deal
19:46<frailtyy>Yeah. They're cool devices. I used 'em for LastPass but switched off of that.
19:46<dwfreed>I use them for LastPass and TOTP
19:46<dwfreed>and for GPG
19:47<dwfreed>oh, and u2f too
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20:06<Cromulent>dwfreed: I've just switched to using BitWarden and will be getting the premium version so I can use the Yubikey with it
20:08<frailtyy>Hmm. I'd be glad just to use them again.
20:08<frailtyy>Easy two-step.
20:13<MrPPS>yeah, those devices are a heavy part of my day to day everything :P
20:14<MrPPS>GPG (which extends to passwords via gnu pass), sudo, login, git, ssh keys, doors to work, etc.
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21:22<newcustomer4721>Good day everybody. I was wondering if I can consult someone regarding creating multiple droplets
21:22<millisa>by droplets you mean linodes?
21:23<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:24<newcustomer4721>Thank you millisa. I'd like to know what's the necessary procedure to host multiple sites (each with different ip) on Linode.
21:25<millisa>If you put on 1 site per linode, they'd each have their own IP.
21:26<millisa>If you want to put them on the same linode, why not have them share the same IP?
21:26<newcustomer4721>Per linode e.g. per hosting account? (sorry I'm quite a newbie)
21:27<millisa>An account can have many linodes. Each linode has a public IP.
21:27<newcustomer4721>Or the same hosting account with multiple Nanode 1Gb packages for example
21:27<Peng_>Why different IPs?
21:27<millisa>That's the important question.
21:28<newcustomer4721>I used to host my sites on the same server with permanent ip and got hacked many times losing all
21:29<newcustomer4721>would prefer minimizing the risk and splitting them
21:29<newcustomer4721>(3 sites)
21:30<millisa>Well, you can have many nanodes in the same account, each with their own IP, each completely separate from the other.
21:30<millisa>But it'd probably be better to figure out why you are getting hacked.
21:31<newcustomer4721>Wish I knew, not like I'm hosting anything valuable on them..
21:31<newcustomer4721>Thank you for your kind help millisa and Peng_
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22:05<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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23:17<Langus>Why many Linode IPs are sniffing my router on udp port 50397 ??? I don't have and don't want any business with Linode LLC.
23:17<Peng_>What does "sniffing" mean?
23:18<Langus>I'm receiving many hits on my firewall from IPs registered to Linode LLC... Why a respectable company would do that?
23:19<Peng_>What kind of hits?
23:20<Peng_>Linode isn't doing anything weird.
23:20<Peng_>A Linode customer may be doing something legitimate, or illegitimate.
23:20<Langus>Im droping unrequested packages on port 50397, but I have many entries from Linode LLC... It is possible that you are hosting some russian/chinese hackers?
23:20<Peng_>Or a Linode customer's VPS may have been compromised.
23:20<frailtyy>Only Russians and Chinese hackers.
23:21<frailtyy>Have you submitted logs or something substantive to the abuse contact?
23:21<Peng_>Are you sure there's any actual abuse?
23:21<Langus>I haven't submitted anything... this is my first contact...
23:22<Langus>50% of my firewall entries are on port 50397... checked 4 IP addresses and all correspond to Linode LLC...
23:22<Langus>(firewall LOG entries)
23:23<Peng_>Being in a firewall log isn't an indication something was bad or illegal
23:23<Peng_>isn't proof*
23:24<Langus>If it is not abuse, why somebody from a company would like to touch a home router?
23:24<Peng_>I don't know. Maybe you're downloading stuff from a website hosted by a Linode customer.
23:24<nate>You're also on IRC clearly so could be a port scan by security tools done when connecting
23:25<nate>That all said, do you even understand what linode -is-?
23:25<nate>You're "Why a respectable company would do that" makes me think you don't
23:25<dwfreed>it'd be helpful if you'd show us one or more of those log lines
23:25<linbot>Maybe not a verb. But you can do it here:
23:26<nate>Because it's likely not linode doing anything at all, if it were anything malicious, it would be customers, in which case you should be contacting abuse with all the relevant information if you're -that- concerned, alternatively share it with us like dwfreed said and we might be able to help put it into context
23:26<Langus>Yes, but I'm not talking of right now, just 20 mins ago I cleanned the logs and these entries are appearing every other second... I'm not downloading anithyng... my kiddos are using Netfilx...
23:27<Peng_>Maybe some software on your computer is doing something.
23:27<nate>Then you are indeed technically downloading stuff (you're downloading from netflix). That said, perhaps next time if you're going to jump into a locations IRC channel to berate them and make it sound like they're doing shady shit, preserve the logs?
23:28<frailtyy>Especially if it is abuse. Can't really stop something when you don't know where it's coming from.
23:28<Langus>notice / May 29 22:15:44 / IN=br1 MAC=e0:22:02:XX:XX:XX SRC= DST=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX TTL=48 PROTO=UDP DPT=50397 Drop Unknown Incoming Packet
23:30<nate>Before you started dropping them, did you check to see where they may have been trying to go on your local network to make sure it's not something local?
23:32<nate>The fact you have so many attempts going to your system on that specific port (by your word literally 50% of your log was comprised of it), makes me think you have something on your own home network that may have did something. That's not to say those still aren't compromised linodes (again only linode themselves could look into it if you contact abuse), but it might be helpful if you check for anything compromised on your side as well
23:32<Langus>I don't think Netflix is hosted in Linode right? And my computer is not doing anything... I was just about to close everything and call the day when I decide to look the gateway logs... weirdly, caugth my attention the udp port 50397 and that this is not the first time with something similar...
23:33<Peng_>Computers are always doing thingas
23:33<Langus>Locally they were unrequested, otherwise the firewall would let them in...
23:33<Peng_>Sometimes firewalls lie
23:33<dwfreed>that doesn't even include the source port, so it's not exactly useful information
23:35<Langus>Yes you are right, most of the time programmers doesn't care about using the right parameters on the logging call...
23:36<Langus>No source port, only DPT... but that number... unrequested...
23:37<Peng_>Sometimes firewalls lie
23:37<Ttech>there has to be a source port
23:37<dwfreed>oh there is, just the dumb firmware didn't save it
23:37<Langus>... during the week of the VPNFilter malware...
23:37<zifnab>suggestion: get a log, email it to
23:37<Ttech>i liek zifnab idea
23:38-!-technoid_ [] has joined #linode
23:38-!-technoid_ is "Tech-noid" on #Corsair #debian #linode
23:38<Langus>Yes, I'll se tomorrow if they'r still there, I'll report it... Well thanks guys!...
23:38<dwfreed> similar useless log lines
23:38<zifnab>i blame Eugene
23:38<Ttech>yeah thats useless logs alright
23:39<Ttech>They took iptables logs, broke them, and then sent them as security logs
23:39<Ttech>"its a feature"
23:39<Langus>That is the same as my ATT gateway... 5268AC...
23:40<Langus>jaajajja... well guys, thanks a lot... we'll se it tomorrow!... bye!
23:41<Ttech>if you are on dynamic ranges
23:41<Peng_> has a port
23:41<Ttech>you might be just getting the last guys traffic
23:44-!-Langus [~oftc-webi@2600:1700:170:2058:3936:c38b:3337:a61e] has left #linode []
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