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01:41<Eugene>You're a towel
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04:48<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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05:23<@bmartin>Hello how can we help you?
05:23<johnsmith18>If we buy a VPS, already include Public Static IP???
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05:24<cmcfarland>Yes, each Linode instance comes with a static IPv4 address.
05:25<baldr>quancuno della mia specie?
05:26<johnsmith18>So, Can we use email server on this VPS? or need to buy Public IP for email?
05:27<cmcfarland>You can configure a mail server on your Linode's IP address.
05:27<cmcfarland>Before you do so, I would strongly suggest reviewing Linode's Terms of Service
05:28<cmcfarland>Specifically section 3. Prohibited Usage
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05:30<johnsmith18>Yes, Thank you
05:30<cmcfarland>You're welcome.
05:37<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Can API be disabled? <>
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09:58*csnxs eats a jaffa cake
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10:36<@mcintosh>!to csnxs urmom
10:36<linbot>csnxs: Yo mommas so blind, she dated mikegrb and thought it was Ben Affleck! (25:0/0) [mumro]
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11:33<themonkii>hey guys - If I buy a VPS - how long does it take for linode to setup for me?
11:35<dwfreed>it's automated
11:37<themonkii>so instant?
11:38<dwfreed>pretty much
11:38<Cromulent>unless your account gets flagged
11:38<themonkii>awesome - been waiting on another provider for 30hrs, and need to get a MN online. Thanks!
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11:41<dwfreed>Cromulent: he's canadian; as long as he doesn't do anything really stupid in his signup, it'll be automated approval
11:44<Cromulent>fair play
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14:29<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • I am the new guy <>
14:32<nate>But I wanted to meet the new guy :(
14:38<ericoc>new guy was tryna sell houses in CA (via forum spam???)
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15:27<DrJ>namecheap, the registar I use, now includes free whois privacy for all domains for life :)
15:27<DrJ>thought some here might find that useful
15:28<millisa>are there any that aren't doing that?
15:28<Cromulent>DrJ: pretty good for me given the number of domains I own
15:29<DrJ>millisa: as far as I know basically none do that
15:29<dwfreed>Gandi does that too
15:29<DrJ>they often include it for free in your first year
15:29<millisa>gdpr stuff..
15:29<Cromulent>most of them don't even get used - I have a problem when it comes to buying domains
15:30<Cromulent>oh this off-topic so apologies but can anyone recommend a good site for learning about tech stuff? I have bought a few udemy courses and have in the past subscribed to safari books online and have been looking at pluralsight
15:31<Cromulent>I guess I'd call myself an intermediate programmer and sys admin at the moment
15:31<Cromulent>dwfreed: good call - thanks
15:32<Cromulent>anything else?
15:33<millisa>(seriously, which registrars are still giving out registrant details? I can't find one since the gdpr stuff)
15:34<Cromulent>dwfreed: hmm server IP address can't be found
15:34<Cromulent>must be my ISP
15:34<dwfreed>yeah, works fine here
15:34<dwfreed>linbot: dns6
15:34<linbot>dwfreed: 2600:1402:a:294::18a8, 2600:1402:a:2ac::18a8,
15:35<Cromulent>ah working now - thanks - although I have a feeling MIT stuff might be a bit advanced for me given their reputation as an education establishment
15:35<dwfreed>that has practically all their courses
15:36<dwfreed>at least their freshman stuff should be within reach
15:37<Cromulent>I did comp sci at a second rate university in the UK and MIT is like the best in the world from what I hear
15:39<dwfreed> this might be a bit too basic, but it's worth a try
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16:05<hdb2>anyone having DNS issues resolving hosts, specifically in the Dallas datacenter? can't tell if it's more than just me or just me...
16:11<dwfreed>hdb2: seems to be fine here? What's your /etc/resolv.conf
16:12<hdb2>it was using and sometime around noon CST all name resolution started failing, so we swapped to things cleared up, but we're still having the occasional error resolving hosts.
16:14<dwfreed>how much querying are you doing?
16:14<hdb2>quite a bit. but it sounds like it may be just me...
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16:15<dwfreed>hdb2: I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if you got blacklisted by google for abuse
16:16<dwfreed>if you're doing a lot of querying, you should run your own resolvers
16:19<hdb2>dwfreed: hadn't thought of that, thank you for the heads-up. I'll look into it.
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16:35<xxh9>does anyone know how long this has been ... in place?
16:54<millisa>Mar-17-2017 was the first wayback machine had it.
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18:31<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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19:03<Peng_>IIRC, Google Public DNS's normal rate limit is 100 queries per second
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19:24<BladimirF>Can you explain me a little bit more about the monthly bills? I understand linode charges at the end of the month, however, if I choose the $20/monthly plan, is it possible that linode charge me more than that the next month? For example, does the server makes autoscaling so meaning using more resources instead of run out of them?
19:25<BladimirF>I like the idea of having a $20 cap, so I don't get charged more than those $20/monthly, and if i need more resources I rather my server crash, and then I can review and increase as needed
19:26<millisa>You should probably read
19:26<millisa>There can be mid-month billing. There are transfer overages.
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19:30<BladimirF>Yeah, transfer overages makes sense, but if i am understanding correctly, if no transfer overages, then the bill will remain every month $20(monthly cap), right? Unless of course, if I upgrade any resource on the server, otherwise, it should remain the same every month, right?
19:30<BladimirF>Sorry if I am redundant, just wanna make sure before migrating all my servers
19:30<millisa>Pretty much. There are add-on services like backups that could bump the price
19:31<BladimirF>right, cool
19:31<millisa>You hit the cap around the 26th of each month if the system is on for the entire month
19:31<BladimirF>Do you know if linode has DDOS mitigation on the network?
19:31<BladimirF>or for the virtual servers?
19:31<millisa>not for your linodes. but there's nothing stopping you from using something like cloudflare on your own
19:34<BladimirF>Ok, got it. Do you know if linodes centOS 7(for example) templates support docker or any other virtualization inside of my linodes? i believe this should be asked if the infraestructure support that I virtualize servers inside of my virtual machine
19:35<BladimirF>That would be my last question :)
19:35<millisa> probably would answer that
19:36<millisa>(I haven't played with it myself)
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19:36<BladimirF>Got it, alright. Thanks for your help
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19:41<Lyka>does the $5 plan have enough resources for an email server?
19:42<millisa>possibly? depends how many users you put on it, and what extra services you'd put on it.
19:42<dwfreed>and how much mail you handle
19:43<millisa>and how much you want to filter/spamscan.
19:43<Lyka>it's a personal email server
19:43<Lyka>currently on a $10 linode
19:44<millisa>if it's already on a linode, you could look at that linode. see how much space you are using and how much memory you are using
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19:54<Lyka>is it possible to just downgrade said $10 linode to a $5?
19:54<zifnab>you'll have to resize the disk first, but afaik it's possible
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20:01<Lyka>what is difference between linode 1024 and nanode 1gb?
20:01<dwfreed>they're the same thing
20:03<warewolf>huh, just checked the output of 'free -g' and .. I could actually move down to a linode 1G
20:08<Lyka>lowered my 2048 to a 1024. helped that it was only using 24g of disk
20:08<Lyka>i forgot to resize after several upgrades
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21:15<zifnab>is there any info on deprecation fo the old API
21:16<dwfreed>I imagine it won't be deprecated until the new API is at feature parity
21:17<zifnab>`curl$(curl -s4`
21:18<zifnab>is much easier than jumping through oauth hoops or whatever (i spent 30s looking through the docs)
21:20<dwfreed>zifnab: "When Type=A or AAAA the token of '[remote_addr]' will be substituted with the IP address of the request."
21:20<zifnab>good to know
21:23<dwfreed>zifnab: you can use personal access tokens on APIv4 for your own scripts
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22:57<dwfreed>emag: RIP CowBot again
22:57<dwfreed>emag: need a CowBot monitor
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23:20<linbot>New news from status: Newark Emergency Non-Service Affecting IPv6 Maintenance <>
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23:46<user6142>hello. i just created an account earlier this morning. i received a confirmation email that the payment had been processed. however, it's already in the afternoon and there appears to be no record of my account at all. i have tried having the username reset, and the password reset, without success...
23:46<millisa>There's usually another mail to go along with the payment mail
23:46<millisa>Often they ask for extra info in that second mail
23:47<user6142>i did not receive it and there are no messages in spam folder
23:48<Zimsky>give em a tinkle on the 'ol dog and bone
23:49<millisa>Looks like you'll have to contact support then.
23:50<user6142>ok. thanks.
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