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06:41<afif_cherif>what is the commad for know the directory
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07:45<Usman>i need some information for VPS
07:46<@sjacobs>Usman: hey. go ahead and ask your questions whenever you're ready.
07:48<Usman>ok can i have windows on my selected VPS plan
07:57<@sjacobs>it's definitely possible, but you would have to do the install yourself. there is a detailed guide on how to do it.
07:57<@sjacobs>the distribution images that Linode offers "out of the box" are the following:
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09:02<troy>rip forum
09:05<@bmartin>Dust in the wind
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12:01<samalex>Hello. Kinda new to Linode and looking at the $10 plan... Is the DNS Manager a free add-in or does it cost something per month?
12:02<samalex>I currently use a free service for DNS management, but if I could get it all bundled together with my domain that'd be awesome.
12:03<@scrane>DNS manager is a free add-on so long as you have a LInode on your account
12:04<samalex>Thanks. Also i'm confused on the $10 plan it also says $0.015 per hour. How would this factor in or does this only come into play if I cross any limits?
12:04<relidy>It's hourly up to the monthly cap
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12:05<Javi>Anyone here?
12:05<@scrane>hey Javi!
12:05<Javi>u work on linode?
12:05<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
12:06<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:06<samalex>Hourly based on uptime? Just want to be sure if I went to the $10 plan I wouldn't be hit with unexpected costs.
12:06<@scrane>samalex Hourly based on the time your Linode is on the account.
12:06<Javi>Ok, ok, thanks
12:06<@scrane>If you power the Linode down, the resources are still reserved on the host so the billing will continue.
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12:07<samalex>Ah, so 31 days * 24 hours * 0.015 is $11.60 for a 31 day month, is that what I'd pay for say May?
12:07<relidy>Nope, you'd pay $10 in that scenario
12:08<@scrane>You pay $0.015/hour up to $10 total.
12:08<samalex>So I don't have to worry about the per hour cost if it's just still $10 a month?
12:08<@scrane>The hourly cost only matters if you have your Linode on the account for less than a month.
12:09<@scrane>You should never be billed more than the monthly limit for a Linode.
12:09<samalex>Oh I gotcha like a prorate? that makes sicne
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12:23<renkui>My host cannot access the extranet?
12:24<relidy>What are you trying to access, and how?
12:25<renkui>I cannot access my host via SSH
12:25<renkui>IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready 8021q: adding VLAN 0 to HW filter on device eth0
12:26<relidy>Have you opened a support ticket by chance?
12:27<react>kill it with fire, redeploy
12:27<@bmartin>someone will be with you shortly renkui
12:27<@bmartin>Please keep in mind that as an infrastructure provider, the configuration of your services on our platform is ultimately your responsibility, though we're happy to provide guidance whenever we can.
12:29<renkui>I want to back up my data. How do I do it?
12:29<react>do you want to use Linode's backup service, or DIY?
12:33<react>if you're going to roll your own, you're assuming the burden (and risk) of management; you'll probably want to choose a mature third-party storage vendor like AWS S3, GCS, etc.
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12:34<react>if you're playing things fast and loose and don't really care about your data... rsync to your local storage? :)
12:36<renkui>I want to download my site's files and databases
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13:10<AlexMax>found this during lunch
13:11<AlexMax>way to be late to the party YC :P
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13:40<Pronosticszone>Hey everyone, may i know for how much can i get additional IP's attached to a vps ?
13:40<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
13:40<Pronosticszone>Thank you!
13:42<millisa>what did you want the extra IP for? (most things can be done with a single IP nowadays)
13:44<Pronosticszone>For email marketing ( using pmta )
13:45<Pronosticszone>I'm not yet a client, just gathering pricings. Is there any promo code for new clients ?
13:45<smallclone>don't see that happening
13:45<millisa>what'd stop you from using the already assigned public IP?
13:45<smallclone>Pronosticszone: linode10 is the code that's usually available
13:45<smallclone>it's a $10 code
13:46<Pronosticszone>I'd like to use rotating to keep things clean
13:46<smallclone>if you want to keep things clean
13:46<smallclone>send clean emails
13:46<millisa>that statement didn't make sense...
13:46<smallclone>to people who subscribe to them
13:46<Pronosticszone>am sorry but are you accusing me of something @smallclone ?
13:46<smallclone>that's exactly what i'm doing
13:46<Pronosticszone>why would you do that ?
13:47<smallclone>because there's no legitimate reason to need to rotate IPs on your email server regularly
13:47<Pronosticszone>Indeed there is, are you a marketer ?
13:47<smallclone>unless you're trying to avoid getting blocked, in which case you are most likely doing something to warrant that blocking
13:47<smallclone>no i'm a real human being
13:47<Pronosticszone>No it's not, it's all about sending limits per hour
13:48<millisa>Linode doesn't impose limits like that
13:48<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
13:48<Pronosticszone>Thanks for the info @millisa
13:49<millisa>They aren't going to give you an extra IP to move your mail around because you are getting blocked/limited by the places you are trying to send to
13:49<ericoc>burning/rotating IP addresses reeks of sketchiness
13:49<smallclone>yeah that is an extremely sleazy practice and no legitimate provider is going to condone it
13:49<ericoc>sounds like trying to dodge blacklists
13:50<Pronosticszone>have a look at this
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13:51<ericoc>doesn't really matter what some software claims its requirements to be
13:52<ericoc>there's the reality of it: burning through IP addresses is sketchy and suspicious
13:52<millisa>It can actually hurt your deliverability.
13:53<smallclone>not to mention the question: if you're sending that much mail, are you sending to people who opted into it?
13:53<Pronosticszone>nice question, your answer is yes
13:53<Pronosticszone>even heard of spam act?
13:53<linbot>New news from forum: Announcements • Linode Forum Decommissioning <>
13:54<smallclone>if you are, then it's still unclear why you need more IPs. the link you sent seems to indicate that it's necessary to allow you to send as much mail as possible from multiple domains, which is not typically what one would characterize as legitimate behavior
13:55<smallclone>if that's not what you're doing then just use the one
13:55<@scrane>Pronosticszone To clarify, we would not consider this technical justification based on what you have shared.
13:57<Pronosticszone>okay, thank you, i have got the answers i was seeking for
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14:02<millisa>Now I'll never get my mail telling me who the new [girl|guy] is.
14:03<dzho>that MTA seller contributes to the sketchiness I bet
14:03<dzho>like, I wonder, how much of their sales come from someone whose bottlenecks were never about the MTA in the first place?
14:04<dzho>> Why pay Full price when you can get a coupon?
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14:29<samalex>Quick billing question. A friend of mine has a Linode server he maintains and he has me setup as an admin to help out. I now want to host my own Linode and pay for it under my account but his info and CC details are setup under contact. Can my email address and account be an admin on his account while I have my own separate account I pay for?
14:30<millisa>any reason you don't want to create your own account and just have them move the linode from his account to yours?
14:31<millisa>(I think the answer to your question is linode is just going to bill to one person for an account)
14:31<samalex>millisa, My hope is that he and I will maintain our own distinct accounts and nodes paid for by each of us. But he'd like me on his as an administrator since I help with his.
14:32<samalex>When I login udner my account I see just his stuff, I hoped I could somehow switch between his and my own distinct account
14:35<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
14:36<grawity>you can have sub-accounts, but there's currently no option for quick switching
14:36<grawity>either you log in to your main account and see your own linodes
14:37<grawity>or you log in to a sub-account issued by your friend, and see his linodes
14:38<samalex>grawity can this be done using the same username or would I need two distinct usernames ?
14:38<grawity>how would Linode know which account you're logging in to
14:40<samalex>grawity, I'm not sure that's what I'm asking if it's possible. If not do I need to have two email addresses or can I create two logins using the same email address?
14:41<grawity>I think accounts can share an email
14:42<@jalter>best not to do that, but if you use Gmail (and many other providers) you can use plus addressing (e.g. and both reference
14:48<samalex>jalter it let me create a second account on my primary email and I've already started building nodes. I can change it if need be, yes my account is gmail and I thought about using +whatever, just that's confusing if I need to reset my password and forget I used that.
14:49<samalex>i just updated it to use a +linode in my email addy.
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15:11<Ajay>Hello Linode team, I am interested in your hosting plans. But before buying the plan I would like to ask few questions
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15:15<tinku>Are you from linode customer care ?
15:15<DrJ>tinku, ops are
15:15<tinku>Sorry, did not get you
15:15<DrJ>just ask what you need
15:15<tinku>I need some help with my linode server
15:16<tinku>Can you please help me ?
15:16<DrJ>tinku: you need to elaborate more
15:16<tinku>Sure Sir
15:16<tinku>I have installed a wordpress on my server
15:16<tinku>Next, I installed a wordpress theme
15:17<tinku>For importing a demo in my wordpress backend, it is asking that "For importing demo content, you need to activate zip extension.4"
15:17<tinku>Can you help me get this extension activate in the server ?
15:17<grawity>I'm guessing they mean the PHP extension
15:18<tinku>I think so
15:18<grawity>activating that depends on what OS your server is running
15:18<DrJ>tinku: look for "" in your php.ini file (likely /etc/php.ini)
15:18<DrJ>if it has a semicolon (;) before it, remove it
15:19<tinku>will that work?
15:19<DrJ>I believe you will then need to restart your http service
15:19<tinku>Thank you so much sir, it was a great help
15:19<tinku>I will try to do this
15:20<tinku>May I know your location please, since the chat window seems different in my laptop
15:20<tinku>I mean if you are comfirtable
15:20<DrJ>what does my location have to do with that?
15:21<DrJ>Never a real good idea to give out much, if any, personal info on IRC
15:21<tinku>Sir just asking, since I have not seen this type of chat window earlier, I am from India and contacting Linode customer service for the first time
15:21<DrJ>tinku: just know that this is not really "Linode customer service"
15:22<tinku>so curious to know that if I am talking with someone outside of India, so only asked
15:22<DrJ>you are
15:22<DrJ>afaik there are 0 Linode employees based in India (thank God) (no offense)
15:22<@jalter>tinku: This is a community chat. Some people work for Linode. Some people don't.
15:23<tinku>Sir, thats exactly I wanted to know, that if I am talking with someone from Linode customer service team
15:23<DrJ>I am not
15:23<grawity>as previously mentioned, the channel ops here are Linode staff, the rest of us are customers
15:23<@jalter>I am
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15:23<DrJ>However, tinku, just know that your question really has nothing to do with Linode anyway
15:23<tinku>Got it sir
15:23<tinku>Thank you so much for your help
15:23<grawity>though, configuring PHP generally isn't something Linode staff do, is it?
15:23<DrJ>but we are friendly enough to still help
15:23<@jalter>Have a great day!
15:23<tinku>Have a good day.
15:25<DrJ>by the way, the day I try to contact Linode Support and I get Jeff from India is the day I switch providers ;)
15:25<grawity>why is that
15:26<grawity>don't like people named Jeff?
15:26<@jalter>I'll make sure Jeff knows to hand off that call
15:37<tinku>great to have so many people over here
15:37<tinku>Hello everyone :)
15:40<tinku>I am getting this error "For importing demo content, you need to activate zip extension"
15:40<tinku>Can someone please help me regarding this ?
15:41<tinku>@DrJ, I am not able to find php.ini file (likely /etc/php.ini)
15:42<tinku>I am using filezilla
15:42<tinku>can you please tell me the location for this >?
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15:44<DrJ>tinku: in terminal run command: locate php.ini
15:49<DrJ>you might also want to consult with ##php on
15:49<tinku>Iam sorry, not well versed with technical things
15:49<DrJ>since this is really a php question and not related to linode in any real way
15:49<tinku>can we find this in filezilla ?
15:50<DrJ>that is a command, you will need to run it in your terminal, such as SSH or by using the lish console
15:50<tinku>ok, trying this
15:50<tinku>sorry, if I am bothering you much
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15:58<dzho>tinku: what documentation, if any, are you consulting for this?
16:02<tinku>I was trying to import a theme data and it was saying me to activate zip extension
16:02<tinku>I was using godaddy before, so it was completely new for me
16:02<tinku>so was seeking help.
16:05<dzho>tinku: what godaddy service?
16:05<dzho>it looks like they have VPS, but I seem to recall they do more shared hosting
16:06<dzho>ooh, and their VPS looks to be managed, so even that is not a good comparison to linode.
16:06<tinku>Yeah I think so
16:06<dzho>tinku: you will need to do more work to make linode work for you than godaddy
16:06<DrJ>tinku: I'm just going to throw this out there... if you are running your own VPS and have no clue what you are doing you are just asking for trouble... as in getting hacked
16:07<tinku>They have fully managed server so we dont have to explore for any other help, as it will do it by itself
16:07<DrJ>of course everyone needs to learn in the beginning... but I think it's better to play around learning and setting things up on a home VPS server that is not accessible to the internet
16:07<dzho>well, they do it for you, it doesn't just happen :-)
16:07<dzho>and you pay more for that
16:08<tinku>but anyhow if you need something, you can find easily
16:08<tinku>but for Linode, I have become a big fan for this Linode server, but since it is just a beginning for me so finding some trouble
16:08<dzho>tinku: anyway, you could probably make use of this
16:08<tinku>but later on everything will be back to normal
16:09<tinku>Thank you so much for the url
16:09<tinku>you are really a great help
16:09<dzho>you're welcome
16:09<tinku>everyone is so helping here, thank you so much for making me a part of this community
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16:14<dzho>sometimes the window for being welcoming is so short
16:15<millisa>it was the same user
16:15<dzho>my compromise on dealing with the noise from churn is to ignore the joins
16:16<dzho>that way at least I'm less likely to try to answer someone that has already bailed
16:33<@jalter>I think about this video whenever I see people who want to talk to staff while the rest of the community does the heavy lifting
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16:36<millisa>I was disappointed when I looked up what the 'Nippon Ham Fighters' were.
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16:37<@jalter>i prefer to let my imagination handle that one
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16:41<dzho> <-- the best part on the next one autoplay took me to
16:42<dzho>also that's a very 11111111 time point
17:05<dwfreed>jalter: I really want to make a linbot alias for that video
17:08<@jalter>please do
17:09<dwfreed>I just can't think of a good short alias name, or I already would have
17:09<millisa> !translate
17:10<millisa>hm. already used.
17:12<dwfreed>millisa: I more want something that fits with the rest of the text jalter said :)
17:16<Cromulent>I've just changed the DNS servers for all of my domains with my domain registrar - how long should I wait before deleting the DNS from Linode (the servers are still hosted with Linode I just moved DNS)?
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17:17<dwfreed>Cromulent: at least 2 weeks, probably more
17:17<Cromulent>that long? blimey
17:17<dwfreed>you don't have to maintain them
17:17<dwfreed>just as long as the important records still work
17:17<Cromulent>but it is a lose end
17:18<dwfreed>welcome to caching
17:18<Cromulent>oh well I guess I'll wait two weeks then - thanks :)
17:18<Cromulent>I'm just happy not to have to wait 15 minutes now with every change
17:26<dwfreed>you could have run your own nameserver and slaved Linode to it
17:27<Cromulent>I could have done but a) didn't know how to do it and b) I'd rather just use a third party service that handles it all for me without any hassle
17:28<dwfreed>running a hidden master is pretty easy
17:28<millisa>out of curiosity, which dns provider did you choose?
17:29<Cromulent>google cloud dns
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20:52<problem>I have a problem
20:52<problem>my linode server is not working
20:52<problem>basically when modifying my wp(nothing server side) my site went down. i did a server reboot but got a networking console error.. did another reboot and now i get "Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active."
20:53<problem>any advice?
20:56<problem>[ OK ] Started Daily apt upgrade and clean activities. [ OK ] Reached target Timers. [ OK ] Started Set console font and keymap. [ OK ] Started LSB: Set the CPU Frequency Scaling governor to "ondemand". [ OK ] Started Permit User Sessions. [ OK ] Started LSB: Record successful boot for GRUB. [FAILED] Failed to start Accounts Service. See 'systemctl status accounts-daemon.service' for details. [FAILED] Failed to start System Logging Service. See
20:56<problem>What to do :/
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21:37<Eugene>Cromulent - whatever is longe: the EXPIRE field in your SOA, the TTL on your NS delegaion from the tld zone (not the same as your NS record), or the cache length of your average resolver(1 - 24h)
21:45<Peng_>Also the TTL in your authoritative NS records.
21:45<Peng_>Your average resolver won't cache that stuff longer than your TTL (unless your TTL is egregiously short)
21:45<Peng_>And BIND's default max TTL is 1 week
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