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00:52<VIVAAN>Hello everyone
00:52<VIVAAN>is there anyone from India ?
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00:52<VIVAAN>Hello Ahsanul :)
00:53<VIVAAN>Yesterday was facing some issue with my Linode server, since it was asking to activate php extension
00:53<ahsanulhaque>Which extension?
00:54<VIVAAN>it was easy in godaddy since they give a complete backend, but the traffic was something which can not bear by them
00:54<VIVAAN>Linode is something which solved my issue and now I am a big fan of Linode
00:54<ahsanulhaque>Agreed. Linode is great. :)
00:55<VIVAAN>Thats why I am using it for my blogging
00:55<VIVAAN>I have around 10 websites which has traffic more than 500 per website
00:55<VIVAAN>so I preferred Linode as got referred by one of my friend
00:56<VIVAAN>What do you do Ahsanul ?
00:56<VIVAAN>Where are you based out of ?
00:57<ahsanulhaque>I'm working on a startup. Kind of.
00:57<ahsanulhaque>I'm a digital nomad traveling through Asia right now. :)
00:57<VIVAAN>Oh great
00:58<ahsanulhaque>What about you?
00:58<VIVAAN>Are you an Indian ?
00:58<VIVAAN>I am a software engineer, based out of India
00:58<VIVAAN>and a professional blogger
00:58<VIVAAN>I thought you are from India, as one of my friend name same as urs
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01:04<Vikas>Can anyone tell me "Standard Plans" are VPS or not ?
01:09<dcraig>and what is a Nanode?!
01:09<dwfreed>Vikas: all the plans are VPS
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01:18<VIVAAN>Can someone please elaborate ?
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01:18<VIVAAN>about VPS?
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02:09<valmaraz>is there any linode support eam here?
02:11<linbot>valmaraz: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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04:49<silentboss>is anyone up?
04:51<silentboss>whats up
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07:11<silentboss>windows explorer keeps crashing ,anyone got a fix
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07:32<sam_>hi my linode ubuntu 16 server has problem starting, maybe corrupt disks, when i run e2fsck -f /dev/sda i get:
07:32<sam_>root@ttyS0:~# e2fsck -f /dev/sda e2fsck 1.42.13 (17-May-2015) Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes Pass 2: Checking directory structure Pass 3: Checking directory connectivity Pass 4: Checking reference counts Pass 5: Checking group summary information /dev/sda: 61116/2970432 files (0.3% non-contiguous), 1439223/12517376 blocks
07:32<sam_>any help?
07:34<MrPPS>sam_: let the fsck finish
07:34<MrPPS>once that's done, you should be right to go
07:35<sam_>so should i exit the lish terminal and do a normal reboot?
07:35<MrPPS>has the fsck finished?
07:35<sam_>finished within seconds
07:35<MrPPS>then that should be all
07:35<MrPPS>fsck's happen periodically anyway
07:35<MrPPS>anything else to make you think you have issues?
07:35<MrPPS>or just noticed the fsck happen?
07:36<sam_>i cannot boot to server, it says network interfaces are down
07:36<sam_>i was using ftp and lish when this happened
07:36<sam_>and i have no server backups :/
07:36<MrPPS>can you log in fine on lish?
07:37<sam_>i mean
07:37<sam_>not login to os
07:37<sam_>i cannot enter any command in normal mode
07:37<MrPPS>so on the lish shell, you are never dropped to a proper prompt?
07:37<MrPPS>if this was the first boot, then yes, reboot - see if it comes up normally
07:38<sam_>i restarted the server in normal mode and now i get
07:38<sam_>[ OK ] Started Regular background program processing daemon. Starting Permit User Sessions... Starting LSB: Start/stop sysstat's sadc... [ OK ] Started D-Bus System Message Bus. Starting LSB: Record successful boot for GRUB... [ OK ] Started Daily Cleanup of Temporary Directories. [ OK ] Reached target Timers. [ OK ] Started Set console font and keymap. [ OK ] Started LSB: daemon to balance interrupts for SMP systems. [F
07:38<sam_>Failed to start Raise network interfaces. See 'systemctl status networking.service' for details
07:38<MrPPS>alright - what does systemctl say?
07:38<sam_>i cannot type it
07:39<sam_>cannot type any command at all in normal mode
07:39<MrPPS>I see, that is odd
07:39<MrPPS>Do you have the network helper enabled or not?
07:39<sam_>how do i check that?
07:40<MrPPS>it's on your linode profile
07:40<MrPPS>for the VM
07:41<MrPPS>go to the VM dashboard, under configuration profiles, edit your configuration profile
07:41<MrPPS>scroll down, and check if "auto-configure networking" is enabled or not
07:41<MrPPS>also, are you using your own kernel, or linode provided? etc
07:41<sam_>yes it is enabled
07:42<sam_>im using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Profile (Latest 64 bit (4.15.13-x86_64-linode106))
07:42<MrPPS>then it may be worth submitting a support ticket; only other thing in the mean time you could do would be to boot the recovery image
07:42<MrPPS>and poke around in a chroot environment
07:42<sam_>im sorry but im not a bit techie at core system commands and im totally lost :/
07:43<sam_>they told me to check the disks with e2fsck
07:43<sam_>and im stuck now dont know what to do
07:44<MrPPS>so if you run it now
07:44<MrPPS>as in, for a second time - does it come up as being "filesystem clean"?
07:45<MrPPS>or "/dev/xvda1 clean"
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07:46<sam_>i still get same results
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07:47<sam_>e2fsck 1.42.13 (17-May-2015) Pass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes Pass 2: Checking directory structure Pass 3: Checking directory connectivity Pass 4: Checking reference counts Pass 5: Checking group summary information /dev/sda: 61116/2970432 files (0.3% non-contiguous), 1439223/12517376 blocks
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07:49<MrPPS>use that, follow it to boot into rescue mode, and perform a file system check
07:49<MrPPS>(i.e. while the main linode isn't booted)
07:52<sam_>i got another type of error now
07:52<sam_>[ OK ] Reached target System Time Synchronized. [ OK ] Started Daily apt download activities. [ OK ] Started Daily apt upgrade and clean activities. [ OK ] Reached target Timers. [ OK ] Started Set console font and keymap. [ OK ] Started /etc/rc.local Compatibility. [FAILED] Failed to start Login Service. See 'systemctl status systemd-logind.service' for details. [FAILED] Failed to start Accounts Service. See 'systemctl status accounts-daemon.serv
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08:05<MrPPS>sam_: that is definitely odd
08:05<MrPPS>sam_: what is this server used for?
08:06<sam_>just a lamp installation
08:06<sam_>nothing else
08:06<sam_>support jsut told me to go into rescue mode and transfer my data
08:06<sam_>i hope i can do this
08:07<sam_>i cant even mount it
08:07<sam_>root@ttyS0:~# mount -o barrie=0 /dev/sda mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so.
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08:09<sam_>i am able to mount it using mount /dev/sda
08:09<sam_>but how do i get to my /var/www now
08:09<@sjacobs>ls /meda/sda/var/www
08:10<@sjacobs>whoops. `ls /media/sda/var/www`
08:11<sam_>i can see the directory
08:11<dwfreed>it's barrier=0
08:11<MrPPS>sam_: back it up first of all :P
08:11<dwfreed>but that probably isn't needed
08:13<sam_>so i should change root in order to backup?
08:13<MrPPS>you can back it up however you choose - I just recommend you back up your www directory and any sql databases you have
08:13<@sjacobs>you won't need to. you can start ssh in rescue mode, and just use that path to copy the directory.
08:15<@sjacobs>or you can mount another disk or block storage volume and copy the data to it.
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08:20<Eliz>ericoc dared me!
08:20<Eliz>"why can't I post on the forums?"
08:20*Eliz runs.
08:20<ericoc>woww the callout
08:21<Mohan>all my linodes are down
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08:23<Eliz>guess it wasn't that bad
08:27<MrPPS>apparently just a little bit down
08:27<sam_>@mrpps i am in the process of downloading my www directory but what about my sql db, i cannot use mysqldump not even access the mysql command
08:27<MrPPS>sam_: you can generally copy the entire directory itself
08:27<MrPPS>that contains the DB's
08:28<MrPPS>/var/lib/mysql usually
08:28<MrPPS>but depends on your config file
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10:14<sam_>@mrpps thanks so much for your help
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10:39<fugazzi>Question: if I format my disks in btrfs can I still use linode backup and pv-grub2? Thanks!!
10:41<ericoc>pretty sure backup service will not work
10:42<fugazzi>I was thinking that restore would be ext4 but backup could work..hmm thnaks anyway :-)
10:43<ericoc>you could try it unless one of the ops/employees chimes in with insider info
10:43<ericoc>> Backups taken of ext4 or ext3 filesystems will be restored as ext4. Backups taken of other mountable filesystem types will have their contents restored using ext4.
10:43<smallclone>fugazzi: it won't work
10:44<fugazzi>btrfs would be mountable i guess
10:44<fugazzi>smallclone: btrfs not mountable by linode backup?
10:45<fugazzi>ah ok, not good, thank you
10:46<smallclone>you could take the files / directories you want backed up, and routinely perform a copy or whatever to a separate ext4 disk, and then have them only run backups on that disk
10:47<smallclone>(the "only run backups on this disk" part requires opening a ticket, but it's easy for them to do)
10:48<fugazzi>ah ok, that would be easy using btrfs snapshots
10:48<fugazzi>good idea!
10:48<fugazzi>many thanks
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11:12<sam_>im having problems restoring my mysql database folder which has files ending with .db .frm and .idb
11:12<sam_>whats the proper way to restore them?
11:18<nate>Generally by doing a mysql dump and then importing the .sql dump to the new system
11:18<nate>Is there any particular reason you choose one of the worst ways to copy over databases? :P
11:18<sam_>my server got corrupted and im in rescue mode
11:18<sam_>i can only acces it via rescue mode
11:20<nate>Well the main problem you're gonna have with .idb files is those and other similar named files/extensions are InnoDB, which operates largely in memory, so there's unfortunately a lot more than just copying those over. I mean realistically speaking if you copy literally the entire folder and all files, you -should- probably be okay to an extent, but you're prob gonna end up having to do repairs.
11:20<nate>What problems exactly have you ran into? Errors? Can you share the errors if so?
11:24<sam_>basically out of nothing my server went down, i could not login to user acc, support told me to do repairs in rescue mode, i did and still nothing, then i mounted the drive and downloaded www directory, now i have mysql database which i dont know what to do
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11:26<hdb2>dwfreed: earlier in the week you mentioned that I should think about running my own resolver due to the high # of queries that our app does. I thought about using dnsmasq as a simple solution, does that sound reasonable?
11:27<hdb2>dwfreed: point all of my servers to my dnsmasq server and let it cache queries
11:29<dwfreed>that would probably help a lot
11:29<dwfreed>make 2 for HA
11:30<hdb2>dwfreed: I've never used the linode nodebalancers before...could that be used in front of the 2 dnsmasq servers for load balancing?
11:30<hdb2>(I don't mind doing the RTFM work, just wanting to know if I'm headed in the right direction)
11:30<dwfreed>just put 'options rotate' in your resolv.conf
11:30<hdb2>AH. cool
11:31<hdb2>hey, thanks again for the pointers this week, I think this is gonna be a huge help. :)
11:44<sam_>@nate you here?
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12:30<android_ninja>Is bandwidth usage tracked per server instance, or lumped into one lump sum for the entire account?
12:31<dwfreed>for billing purposes, the latter applies
12:31<dwfreed>but for your own uses, you can look at each Linode and see how much transfer it's used
12:32<android_ninja>Ok, so if I have 5 instances, where 4 of them are very low traffic then the 5th is higher traffic it can go over it's individual limit and will start pulling from the lump sum created by the other 4 not using very much, and not until that runs out do we get charged more
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13:13<Fervid>Greetings, I was just wondering.. How can I open a new terminal using the linode webmanager? I'm using deb server
13:13<millisa>Use ssh?
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13:14<i-make-robots>hi! for the second time in two weeks my server stops delivering and didn't tell anyone. no warning email, no alert from linode. the node number is linode2567057, in the UK. what's up with that?
13:14<Fervid>is that the only way? I was wanting to open a new terminal from my phone's web browser
13:15<millisa>Ssh would be the normal way. I couldn't tell you if the lish console on the remote tab works from a phone.
13:15<millisa>i-make-robots: what do you mean it stops delivering?
13:15<Fervid>ok i appreciate the help! have yourself a great weekend.
13:15<i-make-robots>auto pay via cc. "there is a free upgrade for your node! existing billing packages are not reconciled." -_-
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13:16<i-make-robots>millisa - the server is still on but the traffic has dropped to zero, cloudflare says 502, and CPU usage since 10 yesterday is negligible.
13:16<i-make-robots>the last time it happened i restarted apache and everything got better.
13:17<dwfreed>linode doesn't monitor your Linodes unless you pay them to (it's called Managed, and it costs $100/Linode/mo)
13:17<millisa>What do your logs say when a request comes in?
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13:18<millisa>what do you see if you try to hit the linode directly with a browser rather than going through cloudflare?
13:18<i-make-robots>i just rebooted to apply the upgrade. so i'm not sure.
13:19<i-make-robots>when it's back up i'll look in the logs
13:19<i-make-robots>my linux skills are bad. I'm a "do what stackexchange tells me to do" kind of guy :(
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13:35<i-make-robots>hm. phpfmp7 uses 30% of cpu?
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14:06<i-make-robots>the apache error log says some child process could not be killed and SIGTERM was sent. that's at about the moment spu and web traffic drop to <1%
14:06<millisa>look at your system log and I'll wager you'll find the OOM killer doing things.
14:06<i-make-robots>then a SIGKILL
14:06<i-make-robots>then fastcgi can't find apache any more and goes bye bye
14:07<millisa>out of memory
14:08<i-make-robots>in the longview i see the momory usage stayed the same even after the traffic stopped.
14:09<i-make-robots>used ~700mb, cached 2.8gb, buffer 244mb, swap 0mb
14:12<i-make-robots>does that still sound like an OOM problem?
14:12<i-make-robots><-- ignorant
14:13<millisa>it still sounds like you hsould look at your system log
14:15<i-make-robots>yikes. most of the log is ip tables denied someone hitting the server every 3 seconds for ... weeks?
14:15<millisa>welcome to the internet
14:19<i-make-robots>so at 10:17 in the syslog it says "created slice user slice of [me]"
14:20<i-make-robots>then a bunch of stuff I'm not familiar with about reached target things, then stopping lsb apache, then restart apache lsb.... but afaict apache didn't actually come back online.
14:21<millisa>without knowing why 10:17 is meaningful and without the actual log entries, we'd be just guessing.
14:22<i-make-robots>10:17 is about the time the usage graphs drop off.
14:22<i-make-robots>actual log file last entry at 10:19, then there's a new syslog file. so the whole box rebooted?
14:23<millisa>did it?
14:23<i-make-robots>i'm guessing because of new syslog. like i said, i'm not good at linux.
14:23<i-make-robots>also i really appreciate your patience with me.
14:23<i-make-robots>thank you
14:23<millisa>what does 'last' and 'uptime' say?
14:24<i-make-robots>last reboot 10:27 stilll running
14:24<i-make-robots>and 10:17 down (0:02)
14:25<i-make-robots>uptime 57 minutes.
14:25<i-make-robots>that's probably from the service upgrade linode offered.
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14:47<i-make-robots>well... i'm out of ideas. I'll check in again next time it happens. hopefully never! Thank you :)
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19:03<waltman>Eugene: How's the Linodin' today?
19:04<Eugene>ur a node
19:05<waltman>I am?
19:22-!-Origanist [] has joined #linode
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19:23<Origanist>just wondering about the apparent new host naming scheme
19:23<Origanist>used to be Newaerk1650 and so on
19:23<Origanist>now looks like h1298-cc1
19:24<Origanist>what's up with that?
19:25<Peng_>Is it really "cc1"?
19:26<Origanist>can't be sure
19:27<Peng_>The local UN/LOCODE is US CJJ.
19:28<Origanist>freemont goes h1140-fnc1
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20:38<steve__>is there anyone from Linode support online?
20:42<Peng_>Usually. Why do you ask?
20:43<steve__>I would like to get into contact with someone who may be able to assist in removing some abusive content
20:44<Peng_>You can email Or wait for someone here to discuss it
20:45<steve__>I've already sent an email to abuse, but I was hoping there would be someone who could help on the spot
20:49-!-steve__ [] has left #linode []
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