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06:49<dzho>so, ok, it's the weekend, but I thought linode had 24/7 support?
06:50<Peng_>They do
06:51<Zimsky>gonna need proof
06:51<Peng_>Every day I'm filin' support tickets
06:53<Zimsky>i'm sure
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07:53<tinkerwolf>So I have a question. Without adding a new linode, how can I look at the available stackscripts?
07:55<tinkerwolf>... never mind, I just found it...
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07:59<tinkerwolf>Am I able to transfer/swap IPs on Linodes?
08:00<tinkerwolf>within same datacenter ofc
08:01<Peng_>Yes, except for the IPv6 address based on your MAC address.
08:02<tinkerwolf>If I was trying to migrate from Ubuntu to Fedora, what would you recommend to minimize down time and ease of config transfer?
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08:03<stdaro>is there a timeline for block storage being available in atlanta?
08:03<Peng_>Retirement? :P
08:03<tinkerwolf>The more I work with Fedora, the more I love it.
08:04<tinkerwolf>I want to get my servers running Fedora, but I have a rather complicated setup.
08:05<tinkerwolf>it's a rather daunting task the more I think about it...
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08:26<marius>HEllo. My server (hosted on other country) is constantly attacked from some static ips on the linode network. Is someone able to check this and to stop the attack?
08:31<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
08:33<marius>thank you!
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08:49<frogzilla>hey guys im trying to add and remove some iptables rules on centos7 but whatever i do the rules are deleted after i restart firewalld. i tried to use iptables-save in different ways, modifying /etc/sysconfig/iptables (with root permissions) but nothing works :/ also tried other suggestions found on the web but couldnt find a solution
08:50<frogzilla>plz help me c_c
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08:56<frogzilla>ive followed that guide line by line but it didnt help much ._." ill try again.. lets see what i can do xd thank you thou
08:57<dzho>frogzilla: pasting full text of configuration files, of commands, of error messages, and of log entries in a pastebin are the kind of detail that people would need to be able to even start to try to help
09:00<frogzilla>there are no errors, when i type my rules (e.g iptables -A INPUT ! -i lo -s -j REJECT ) everything works fine, but if i restart the system or firewalld the rules disappear. i also tried using --permanent but the rules i type wont load after the restart :/
09:18<frogzilla>i guess ill have to reinsert every rule after every reboot ... ;( thank you.. ...
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09:32<Cromulent>could someone do me a favour and see if is successfully secured with DNSSEC using - I've never used it before and I'm not sure what the output actually means
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09:33<Cromulent>sorry using that ^
09:33<eagles051387>hey Cromulent
09:34<Cromulent>it looks to me as if DNSSEC is set up and working
09:34<Peng_>My resolver considers it valid, yes.
09:34<Cromulent>awesome thanks
09:35<Zimsky>my revolver works fine
09:35<Peng_> looks good too.
09:35<Peng_>(Though 1024-bit RSA makes my skin crawl.)
09:35<Cromulent>I know - nothing I can do about that
09:35<Zimsky>TIL we're post-quantum already
09:36<Peng_>Google doesn't support less bad algorithms?
09:37<Peng_>Move to Uraguay, their ccTLD uses 2048-bit and 4096-bit RSA. ;-D
09:37<Peng_>Uruguay* fuck
09:37<Zimsky>you're literally going to hell now
09:38<Zimsky>why move to uruguay though
09:39<Zimsky>pretty sure they don't require residence
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10:25<Cromulent>Peng_: no idea - I haven't gone through the documentation with a fine tooth comb yet - I just read what I needed to configure it
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10:29<Cromulent>the only reason I turned on DNSSEC was I wanted to try out SSHFP records - now I need to decide whether I should do it on all of my domains or not
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10:33<Cromulent>awesome it still works when the known_hosts file is deleted - SSHFP in action
10:36<grawity>openssh's SSHFP support works, but the DNSSEC half is kinda halfassed
10:37<Cromulent>hmm that kinda sucks - but I've done all I can do on my side of things
10:53<gparent>I use signed host keys and never look back
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10:56<Cromulent>eh sod it - I'll enable it for all of my domains
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12:10<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:11<Zimsky>Eugene: do you really want to turn this into a federal investigation?
12:12<grawity>if you don't like RSA1024, use EC P-256 or P-384
12:12<Zimsky>for zone signing?
12:12<Eugene>Zimsky - I've never had one
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13:49<oneeyedwilly>anybody know why resizing an ext4 disk using linode manager gives me "Error determining filesystem blocksize" ?
13:50<ericoc>did you create the disk image + file-system using the manager?
13:50<oneeyedwilly>I just used the free upgrade and wanted to resize a disk
13:51<oneeyedwilly>I'm not sure, someone else created the machine, It's ext4 and encrypted with luks
13:51<grawity>linode can't exactly resize ext4 if it's encrypted
13:52<grawity>of course, it should be able to grow the volume itself anyway
13:53<grawity>but after it has done that, it's up to you to grow the filesystem to fill...
13:53<ericoc>pretty sure you need to open a ticket to explain and ask them to mark your disk image as "raw" on the linode host side
13:54<oneeyedwilly>alright thanks
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14:07<Cromulent>wow today is a bad day my broadband connection and my landline telephone both went down and need an engineer to fix
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15:32<jindal>I want to purchase hosting for java and php..Please let me know is that possible
15:38<Cromulent>jindal: that is possible
15:38<Cromulent>you just have to set it up yourself
15:40<jindal>okay means linode will provide me to machine like I have on local system and I can do anything with those system like installing php java python and any library???
15:42<jindal>okay thanks
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15:46<Zimsky>o _ O
15:46<Cromulent>ok U2F is bloody awesome
15:47<Zimsky>I wouldn't say bloody, but it's nice I guess
15:47<Cromulent>just got my yubikey today
15:47<Zimsky>have you only just discovered it
15:47<Cromulent>going through all my accounts enabling it now
15:48<Zimsky>nice, so when someone wants to get into your shit, now they know they just need to find your yubikey
15:48<Zimsky>which will probably be on your person
15:48<Cromulent>was pretty much the same with the old 2FA and my phone
15:49<Cromulent>anyway knowing you've been broken into is far better than someone just logging in secretly over a period of time - if someone steals my key at least I'll know about it
15:50<Zimsky>they'll probably also steal your computer, other electronics, and maybe you
15:51<Zimsky>but they can never steal your heart
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15:51<Cromulent>anyway for £50 you can't really complain about the extra security
15:54<hdb2>I just created a new disk and want to mount it in my linode. shouldn't it show up under lsblk? if I don't see it there does that mean something went wrong?
15:58<Zimsky>they're £50 now? I remember seeing them for £30 some time ago
16:02<Cromulent>oh well - guess I overpaid - but I did get the NEO
16:05<Zimsky>this was for the neo, lol
16:05<Cromulent>ah well there you go - not like £18.50 is going to ruin me in the long run
16:06<Cromulent>considering the amount I used to spend on smoking and now on vaping it is nothing really
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16:30<Breno_Ribeiro>Hello. To upgrade pending, can my data be erased?
16:31<retro|blah>I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you asking if your data might get lost if you accept a pending upgrade?
16:34<retro|blah>Highly unlikely. I have never had my data erased during a migration or upgrade. Regardless, having backups is suggested.
16:34<Cromulent>yeah I always shut down and do a snapshot before upgrading
16:35<Cromulent>just to make sure
16:35<Breno_Ribeiro>tks for help
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17:24<Breno>When I resize the disk, is it formatted?
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19:47<stdaro>is there an ETA for block storage in Atlanta?
19:51<Peng_>I saw your question before, but I haven't heard an ETA. :T
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19:58<rweir>Is openvpn still the least terrrible vpn system?
19:58<Peng_>WireGuard is catching up
20:24<rweir>Ah that’s the one I couldn’t remember, cheers
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21:47<helperdude>hello linode:! :)
21:48<helperdude>I spend about $12,000 per year with you ---- and have a server down. Can you help me?
21:49<millisa>why's it down? what's the console say?
21:49<helperdude>I've sent server support requests on my server but no response.
21:50<millisa>for emergencies, you can always call; but if it's down for reasons other than a hardware/host issue, it's usually on you to fix it
21:50<millisa>login to the manager and see what it says and what the console says with lish
21:50<helperdude>what is your # ? I'd prefer to call!
21:51<millisa>linode's number is on the contact page
21:51<millisa>but you probably should login to the manager and look to see why it's down
21:51<helperdude>I aked and the number is not easilt avaialble can you give iut to me?
21:52<helperdude>it is automatied dial and not answer
21:52<helperdude>im on hold
21:52<millisa>really? they usually pick up pretty quickly everytime I've called.
21:53<helperdude>i've been with you fot 2\10 years!
21:53<Peng_>millisa doesn't work for Linode. (Neither do I.)
21:53<Peng_>What have you figured out about your server outage?
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