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00:27<millisa>I am amused.
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00:43<millisa>They have a system for mounting two of the trashcan pro's in 4U of space, too
00:44<millisa>I'm sure linode will be replacing their entire fleet now.
00:44<synfinatic>"because we can"
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01:42<JimmyAdaro>Hi there
01:42<Woet>Hi Jimmy Adaro
01:42<JimmyAdaro>Woet How are you?
01:42<Woet>I am existent
01:42<Woet>And you?
01:42<JimmyAdaro>That's deep
01:42<JimmyAdaro>I'm fine, upgrading my Linode
01:43<JimmyAdaro>Waiting for it to reboot haha
01:43<eagles051387>morning all :)
01:43<Woet>The date & time is currently: Sunday, 3 June 2018 at 13:43:38
01:43<JimmyAdaro>02:43 AM in Buenos Aires
01:44<JimmyAdaro>I need to solve a doubt that I have
01:44<JimmyAdaro>I just created a new image in a new disk, I already had one, is the SSH access to this new image different from the other one?
01:46<Peng_>Different in what way?
01:47<JimmyAdaro>Peng_ I don't know, I assume those 2 images are like 2 different "servers", but I only have 1 IP, so...
01:47<Peng_>You're right
01:47<JimmyAdaro>So, the same IP is for both servers?
01:47<Peng_>It's like if you dual-boot a computer. They have different SSH host keys. Your passwords will be whatever you set them to, which could be the same, or different.
01:49<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
01:49<Peng_>If you *have* multiple IPs, you could primarily use different ones. But they'd still (be able to) use all of them.
01:50<JimmyAdaro>So, how can I difference the "ssh root@my_ip" from Server 1 and Server 2?
01:51<JimmyAdaro>I already have 2 users (root and other) which their respective SSH keys
01:51<JimmyAdaro>^ for the Server 1
01:51<JimmyAdaro>Couldn't connect to Server 2 yet
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01:54<lshosting_us>I read an article from 2011, be it’s been 7 years. Does Linode have a reseller program?
01:54<nyancat>lshosting_us: linode has a referral program but I'm not familiar with a reselling program
01:56<Woet>lshosting_us: doesn't mean you can't resell though. what do you expect from a resellers program exactly?
01:58<lshosting_us>Maybe getting a resellers area to manage clients whereas I sell linode products to clients of my own
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01:59<lshosting_us>I’m looking at the api currently, but would be hoping things would be compatible with whmcs.
02:00<JimmyAdaro>Wtf I just connected to my server with SSH, executed "cat /etc/passwd" and now I cannot access using Terminal (I can access through Linode's Console)
02:00<JimmyAdaro>"ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused"
02:00<JimmyAdaro>ufw allows connections to port 22
02:01<JimmyAdaro>Oh, now i can
02:01<JimmyAdaro>Wtf just happend lol
02:02<JimmyAdaro>Now, how can I access to the 2nd disk/server?
02:02<lshosting_us>Yes never mind. I’ve figured it out. I would have to write a module for linode and control everything from my account with whmcs
02:05<Woet>lshosting_us: yup
02:05<lshosting_us>If anyone is looking for cheap affordable quality web/ future node hosting, check out (replace _ with dot in name)
02:06<lshosting_us>Woet thanks, and bye!
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02:07<JimmyAdaro>That was kinda funny
02:12<JimmyAdaro>Lmao I just blocked myself out
02:12<JimmyAdaro>Even from Linode's Web Terminal
02:12<JimmyAdaro>I just added the other Disk to my configuration profile and reboot the Linode
02:13<Peng_>Adjust it and reboot again?
02:13<Peng_>Or use rescue mode?
02:13<JimmyAdaro>Adjust what?
02:13<JimmyAdaro>I rebooted twice now
02:15<JimmyAdaro>Shutting down
02:16<JimmyAdaro>Changing root pwd
02:18<JimmyAdaro>Ok, now I can use Linode's Terminal
02:20<JimmyAdaro>Did I just lost ALL my information????
02:20<Peng_>What information?
02:20<Peng_>A new disk image won't have all your other disk's files on it
02:21<JimmyAdaro>Nope, I'm using the configuration profile with the Disk 1 only
02:21<JimmyAdaro>SSH keys, web server, Apache, MySQL, everything
02:21<JimmyAdaro>I can't find those
02:21<JimmyAdaro>That would be really fucked up
02:21<Peng_>That sounds impossible
02:23<JimmyAdaro>"Failed to start apache2.service: Unit apache2.service not found."
02:23<JimmyAdaro>I did have Apache 2installed
02:25<JimmyAdaro>What the fuck
02:25<JimmyAdaro>I lost everything
02:26<JimmyAdaro>This is not nice
02:27<Peng_>Things don't normally just disappear
02:30<JimmyAdaro>What can I do now?
02:32<Peng_>I don't know.
02:32<Peng_>Did you delete any disk images or tons of files?
02:32<JimmyAdaro>I'm booting in rescue mode
02:32<JimmyAdaro>I did not explicity remove any thing
02:32<Peng_>Rescue mode is like booting a live CD on your computer
02:33<Peng_>Did you configure it with the right disk images, and mount them?
02:33<JimmyAdaro>Yes I did
02:33<Peng_>Finnix doesn't have Apache installed
02:33<JimmyAdaro>And I tried to switch back to the previous config profiles
02:34<JimmyAdaro>and the couldn't connect with SSH
02:34<Peng_>What happened
02:34<JimmyAdaro>With what?
02:35<JimmyAdaro>With my local keys, I cannot connect
02:35<JimmyAdaro>I'm using Linode's browser terminal
02:36<Peng_>"cannot connect" is vague
02:36<Peng_>Cannot connect to what OS? What error message do you get?
02:36<Peng_>Finnix doesn't run an SSH server by default. You can start it. Its host keys will be different.
02:37<Peng_>If you haven't intentionally deleted your files, they haven't gone anywhere.
02:37<JimmyAdaro>Yeah, i'm not using rescue mode anymore, i'm back to main config profile with the main disk mounted, but cannot see my files
02:38<Peng_>Are you sure it's the right disk?
02:38<JimmyAdaro>Yes, 100% sure
02:38<Peng_>Maybe something got broken with Apache before you rebooted?
02:39<JimmyAdaro>I used to have a SSH key error connecting with mac Terminal, now I just have "ssh: connect to host my.ip port 22: Operation timed out" error
02:39<JimmyAdaro>Seems like SSH is not running in my server
02:39<JimmyAdaro>UFW has no settings
02:39<JimmyAdaro>Seems like everything is lost
02:41<JimmyAdaro>Configuration Profile is like always has been
02:46<JimmyAdaro>I don't get it
02:46<Peng_>Sounds like a firewall or network configuration issue
02:46<JimmyAdaro>No, is not, I cannot find my previous files
02:47<JimmyAdaro>Is not just a firewall or ssh configuration
02:47<Peng_>The SSH thing sounds like a firewall or network configuration issue
02:47<JimmyAdaro>Or maybe those things are not installed anymore?
02:47<Peng_>Things don't uninstall themselves
02:48<JimmyAdaro>Sure, I get that, but I cannot find my files using root, so?
02:50<JimmyAdaro>This is crazy
02:50<JimmyAdaro>I cannot understand what is going on
02:54<JimmyAdaro>Anything to do?
02:56<Peng_>This sounds entirely impossible to me
02:56<JimmyAdaro>I'm deleting the new disk (not the one where I used to have Apache, etc.) just in case
02:56<Peng_>Don't delete the wrong disk :|
02:56<JimmyAdaro>No, no
02:57<Peng_>Deleting a disk won't change anything about other disks
02:58<JimmyAdaro>I just need to be sure that is not any strange going on Linode's behind the scenes
03:00<JimmyAdaro>Nope, nothing changed
03:00<JimmyAdaro>Still not finding my files nor my second user for the server
03:02<JimmyAdaro>I'm gonna open a ticket, this is driving me nutd
03:17<JimmyAdaro>Now I'm gonna wait
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03:43<JimmyAdaro>Support people work on weekends?
03:49<JimmyAdaro>Thanks Peng_
03:51<JimmyAdaro>Gonna take a nap
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05:25<eagles051387>hey all quick question can block storage been connected to multiple nodes? what i am thinking to have a front end linode and that would connect to the same block storage on 2 linodes and then through a node balancer load balance between the 2
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07:18<AnMaster>Is it possible to migrate a linode to a different data center? Or do you need to create a new one?
07:19<Peng_>You can migrate it. File a ticket. Its IPs will change.
07:20<AnMaster>ah, not something you can do yourself from the control panel, I see. Thank you!
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10:40<dmontes>good evening
10:40<dmontes>buenas tardes
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10:40<dmontes>adios bye
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10:44<Woet>good evening
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11:20<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
11:24<Woet>you're not Eugene
11:24<Woet>its a blatant lie
11:41<@scrane>Eugene is a figment of our imagination
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12:24<naresh>i am facing this issue on linode "Network Helper did not run: could not determine distribution or distribution version " suddenly all stopped...
12:24<naresh>can you tell me what happened with my server ?
12:25<@bmartin>Are you able to open a support ticket and pass the number along here so we can take a look?
12:27<naresh>bmartin, ticket id 10542006
12:27<@bmartin>we will have someone with you shortly
12:28<naresh>i am in trouble.. dont know what happened with this i have my working code there..
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12:33<naresh>what could be the issue ?
12:34<naresh>bmartin, seriously i am in trouble.. here i have working apis :(
12:34<@bmartin>we will have someone with you very shortly
12:34<@bmartin>I'm not certain without digging in a bit deeper to your issue
12:34<@bmartin>Do you have backups that you could roll back to if needed?
12:34<naresh>no i dont have...
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13:05<naresh>hi bmartin
13:05<naresh>your guy says try with rescue mode..
13:05<naresh>can you guide me
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13:17<naresh>millisa how much linode will charge if i need urgent help ?
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13:27<naresh>millisa, can you help me more..
13:27<@scrane>naresh What's the exact isssue you're having?
13:29<naresh>i am facing this issue on linode "Network Helper did not run: could not determine distribution or distribution version " suddenly all stopped...
13:31<naresh> this is my fdisk output
13:32<@scrane>Okay, that looks good. What happens when you reboot your LInode now?
13:40<naresh>scrane, i am facing strange issue with linode.. when i am restaring server from linode dashboard then linode admin automatically session end..
13:41<naresh>i am sure my issue coming with linode end..
13:41<@scrane>Did you reboot the Linode after performing the filesystem check?
13:42<naresh>linode admin panel not working..
13:42<naresh>its not allwoing me to login
13:42<@scrane>You can't log into Linode Manager?
13:43<naresh>no.. its itf login then its autoamatically session end..
13:44<@scrane>Are you on a VPN or a service that is actually changing IP addresses?
13:45<naresh>i was nothing doing.. just working on nodejs..
13:46<naresh>still after rebooting i am seeing "Network Helper did not run: could not determine distribution or distribution version "
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13:46<millisa>what does it show on lish console
13:48<naresh>[linode4562690@h168-sin1 lish] There is no screen to be attached matching linode4562690.
13:48<naresh>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
13:51<millisa>and you are hitting the power on button to get it running?
13:53<@scrane>naresh I would recommend taking a look at your ticket to see if there have been any updates there that might help.
13:55<naresh>yes i am following ticket same..thanks man for your help
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13:55<naresh>more its depened on my lic
13:58<naresh>scrane, more here quick i need : chroot /media/sda /bin/bash this is sayinng
13:58<naresh>chroot: failed to run command '/bin/bash': No such file or director
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14:01<millisa>did you skip the steps before that where you mount disks and temp filesystems?
14:03<@scrane>So that would indicate to me part of your filesystem is missing which most likely due to corruption. I think your best bet will be to create a new Linode and use SCP to copy the files from this Linode to the new one.
14:04<naresh> millisa scrane
14:05<@scrane>Yeah.. if it can't find /bin/bash, that's not good. I think your best bet is to create a new Linode, redeploy the operating system, then upload the files from the old Linode to the new one:
14:05<millisa>what *do* you see in /media/sda?
14:10<naresh>millisa, scrane i can see.. there i no any my files..
14:10<naresh>means i have lost my backup ?
14:10<naresh>all files project ?
14:11<@scrane>Hmmm reboot the LInode into Rescue Mode once more so you're starting fresh then run "mount -o barrier=0 /dev/sda" then "ls /media/sda"
14:12<naresh>i am trying
14:12<naresh>should i reboot again in rescue mode ?
14:15<naresh>i tried and then cd media/sda
14:15<naresh>i check using ls command in each folder
14:15<naresh>nithing is there
14:15<naresh>all plain
14:16<millisa>show the output of 'df -h'
14:17<naresh> seems bad luck
14:17<naresh>and disaster...
14:18<millisa>taht looks like a mostly empty disk.
14:18<millisa>is there only a single 20gb disk in your account? did you format/delete the disk?
14:19<naresh>i never formated or deleted..
14:19<naresh>i have 25 gb space, 20 gb used and 5 gb free showing my linode dashboard
14:19<naresh>then how rescue mode showing emplty
14:19<@scrane>Did you run rm -rf /
14:21<millisa>what is the output of "tune2fs -l /dev/sda|grep created"
14:26<naresh>Filesystem created: Mon Sep 18 17:40:01 2017
14:27<millisa>interesting; it matches one of my centos 7 systems.
14:29<naresh>uh... i am sure there are some issues from linode end..
14:34<@scrane>I'm sorry to say, I believe the data is gone.
14:37<naresh>ya.. i accept.. but linode can give my backup at any cost ?
14:37<@scrane>We do not have any backups of the data we can provide unless you have previously activated the Linode Backup Service.
14:37<naresh>hm ok.. thanks
14:37<naresh>seems a bad day ...
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16:54<Wande>I want to make enqury
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16:59<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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17:37<staticsafe>hrm interesting issue, can't reach AWS Cloudfront over IPv6 from my new Atlanta Linode
17:37-!-fgeek [] has left #linode []
17:37<staticsafe>opened a ticket with support since it seems to be a Linode routing problem -
17:44<@scrane>That certainly seems interesting. So we can get a little more fidelity, can you also provide us with the output of the MTR formatted as follows? mtr -6rwbzc 100
17:46<dwfreed>!mtratlanta -6rwbz
17:46<linbot>dwfreed: [mtr-atlanta] argument -6/--inet6: ignored explicit argument rwbz -- Usage: !mtr-atlanta [-4/--inet] [-6/--inet6] [-b/--show-ips] [-B NUM/--bitpattern NUM] [-c COUNT/--report-cycles COUNT] [-e/--mpls] [-f NUM/--first-ttl NUM] [-i SECONDS/--interval SECONDS] [-m NUM/--max-ttl NUM] [-n/--no-dns] [-o ORDER/--order ORDER] [-u/--udp] [-v/--version] [-y NUM/--ipinfo NUM] [-z/--aslookup] HOSTNAME -- see https (1 more message)
17:47<linbot>dwfreed: ://
17:48<dwfreed>!mtratlanta -6 -b -z
17:48<linbot>dwfreed: [mtr-atlanta] 4. AS??? 2001:478:132::75 0.0% 3 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.8 0.0 -- 5. AS??? ??? 100.0 3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- see for full mtr
17:49<dwfreed>scrane: ^
17:49<staticsafe>sure I'll run it and put it in the ticket as well
17:49<@scrane>I did not know linbot could do that.
17:50<dwfreed>currently there are only dallas and atlanta nodes
17:50<dwfreed>because Peng runs them
17:50<@scrane>Aah, gotcha
17:50<dwfreed>oh, might be a newark one too
17:51<dwfreed>linbot: help mtrnewark
17:51<linbot>dwfreed: (mtrnewark <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1".
17:51<dwfreed>that one is run by Yaakov, but I'm not sure it still works
17:51<linbot>dwfreed: That URL appears to have no HTML title.
17:51<dwfreed>answer: nope
17:54<staticsafe>noticed it because my StackScript failed to download the SSH public keys
18:00<dwfreed>HE's best route is through AS209 (Qwest/CenturyLink), from 56 Marietta
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20:06<Steele>How are you?
20:07<MrPPS>good - you?
20:07<Steele>Alright, had a question about Linode's services.
20:08<Steele>You know of anyone who runs game servers on Linode? Wanted to see how the performance was.
20:08<MrPPS>I don't sorry
20:08<MrPPS>I'm sure people do it, but I don't know of them
20:09<Steele>Quite a shame. Ran one on Linode before but had some difficulty with speed.
20:09<Steele>Ended up moving hosts, ended up killing my community. Now I'm back at it again and looking for another host.
20:09<MrPPS>I know people have mentioned CPU timing issues with any virtualised system for a game server
20:09<MrPPS>but I've not personally tested
20:10<Steele>I was running a 10 player game server and my CPU ran 100% useage and caused severe lag. Was a shame too, love using VPSes, quite love using Linux + the full control of the server.
20:11<Steele>Anywho, figured I'd hop in and ask you guys before making a call or contacting them directly about speeds.
20:14<MrPPS>Yeah, unfortunately I've got nothing more concrete to offer :)
20:14<MrPPS>Good thing is, you can get dedicated physical servers that also run linux + full control
20:14<MrPPS>so you don't have to give up that part - only the "VPS" part!
20:15<Steele>Ah yeah, but those are typically way through the roof pricing that I've seen.
20:15<MrPPS>Depends on what provider you go with + what part of the world + what specs you need etc.
20:15<MrPPS>I had one for ~$60 for a while, 32GB of RAM, 4TB storage, etc. But, latency to my part of the world was killer
20:19<Steele>Yeah, I think my max budget is $30, so I can't do a dedicated. Only looking for a host, you really can't change it, so you have to pick carefully.
20:19<MrPPS>Yeah, fair call
20:28<Steele>Do you know if the E5 is a Xeon?
20:29<MrPPS>I don't know sorry
20:29<Steele>Aww. Ok
20:30<Steele>That's about all I got then. I'll have to look elsewhere.
20:30<Steele>Thanks anyways
20:30<MrPPS>No worries - ciao :)
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21:14<Peng_>scrane: staticsafe: I posted it on Amazon's forum on like the 12th of last month
21:15<staticsafe>so it is an Amazon problem?
21:15<Peng_>scrane: staticsafe: CloudFront goes up and down. Route 53 (their DNS service, using the same IPv6) range has been down for Linode and for Cloudflare's Atlanta PoP since the 11th
21:15<Peng_>using the same IPv6 range) *
21:15<Peng_>Since Linode isn't the only affected ISP, I assume it's an Amazon problem
21:17<Peng_>I never told Linode out of bloodymindedness. An AWS person said they would work with Cloudflare like a week ago.
21:20<Peng_>I posted on Amazon's forum and emailed their NOC, which is to say, the bit bucket.
21:34<Peng_>IPv6 can break for almost a month and only 2 people notice :<
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22:01<staticsafe>Peng_: Linode support says Linode Network Ops found and fixed the issue and I can confirm
22:02-!-frailtyy_ is now known as frailtyy
22:04<Peng_>Not fixed for me
22:07<staticsafe>Peng_: what host are you testing to?
22:08<Peng_>Not the same one twice usually. 2600:9000:2038:1200:19:bc9c:a140:93a1 and most recently
22:09<staticsafe>yeah those are broken for me as well, works though
22:10<Peng_>Which IP? I got 2600:9000:2038:3a00:19:8abb:140:93a1 for at the moment.
22:10<Peng_>(among others)
22:11<Peng_>I can ping that!
22:11<staticsafe>so a partial fix
22:12<staticsafe>I wonder if its some routing issue over an IX
22:12<staticsafe>because the path is going over Telia transit now
22:12<staticsafe>for 2600:9000:2045:e00:19:8abb:140:93a1 that is
22:14<Peng_>Yeah, 2600:9000:2038:3a00:19:8abb:140:93a1 still gets the IXP route.
22:21<Peng_>dwfreed: mtr-atlanta doesn't reject -r and -w anymore
22:34<dwfreed>Peng_: woo
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22:38<MrPPS>! *
22:39<aaabbb0731>where is here
22:39<MrPPS>What do you mean?
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23:00<Woet>he was lost.
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