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00:30<vineesh>are you providing vps or dedicated
00:30<millisa>Linodes are vps
00:31<vineesh>ok, did you provide complete root access
00:32<vineesh>whm and cpanel is in package or not?
00:32<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
00:32<vineesh>checking links wait
00:33<Woet>the answer is no
00:33<Woet>its not.
00:35<vineesh>managed plan is available or not?
00:36<MrPPS>vineesh: managed plan is available, which includes a license for cpanel, yes
00:36<Woet>for $100 per month extra
00:37<vineesh>Linode 8GB i interested this plan managed cpanel, how much cost
00:37<Woet>+ [12:36:53] <Woet> for $100 per month extra
00:37<Peng_>It's not fully managed though
00:37<vineesh>100 extra
00:37<millisa>per linode in the account
00:38<MrPPS>vineesh: for managed, yes
00:39<vineesh>in cpanel fee showing only $20 on thier site monthly
00:39<vineesh>then why not you asking 100 extra
00:39<millisa>you can get your own cpanel license
00:40<millisa>you can likely find it for closer to 13-14 bucks if you shop around
00:40<Woet>vineesh: because it comes with managed.
00:40<millisa>you'll just have to do the install yourself
00:42<vineesh>$40/mo for hosting spce
00:42<vineesh>then cpanel license 20
00:42<vineesh>total 60
00:43<Zimsky>assuming 40 + 20 = 60
00:44<Woet>vineesh: and then its up to you to install, configure, maintain and manage your VPS.
00:44<zifnab>Zimsky: what if it's base 40
00:44<zifnab>...i mean base 6, obviously
00:44<zifnab>or base 4!
00:45<Zimsky>then you calculate it the same?
00:45<zifnab>but if this is a base 4 system, the answer would be 210
00:45<Zimsky>there you go
00:47<zifnab>it's actually wrong, it can't be base 4
00:47<zifnab>4 is not a valid number in base 4
00:47<zifnab>if it's base 5 however, 110 would be accurate.
00:47*zifnab goes to sleep now
00:48<vineesh>now i am using cloud hosting from siteground
00:48<Zimsky>unless you describe the nature of the base 4 system using base10
00:48<Zimsky>which is what you did, zifnab
00:48<Zimsky>must everything be explained to you?
00:48<zifnab>well, no, valid digits in base 4 are 0, 1, 2, 3
00:48<vineesh>i want to decrease cost thats why i checked your site
00:48<Woet>vineesh: except siteground is fully managed
00:48<Woet>vineesh: and Linode, even for $100 a month extra, is not.
00:49<Woet>vineesh: so perhaps you should compare oranges to oranges.
00:50<vineesh>so 100 for managed and 40 for hosting total 140
00:51<vineesh>send me managed plan link
00:54<vineesh>so total cost 140
00:54<zifnab>congrats, you've mastered base 10 math.
00:54<vineesh>did you take backup
00:55<millisa>There is an addon
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03:51<Sil3ntOne>Hi, doesn't Lassie reboot on it's own after a server resize??
03:52<mattmcc>I could've sworn it used to too, but yeah, my last couple resizes didn't come back on their own.
03:56<Peng_>If the node was booted before the resize ran, the manager should boot it again regardless of Lassie.
03:56<Peng_>Nonetheless I might have experienced the same thing last time I resized.
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05:28<frodeborli>Hi all! I'm having network lag when I connect to SSH on my linode - but no network lag if I connect via a second linode.
05:29<frodeborli>Traffic on the server is low (2 mbit currently), and CPU usage is low (1%)
05:30<Sil3ntOne>are both linodes located in the same region? (could the 2nd one be located closer to you?)
05:30<frodeborli>Both are in Frankfurt.
05:31<Sil3ntOne>Then i'm not sure why. Btw, you might want to check number of connections too rather than just bandwidth.
05:32<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: There are very few connections (only one SSH - me).
05:32<Sil3ntOne>[when I connect to SSH on my linode] is there just an initial delay? or continuous delay?
05:32<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: It's very laggy. Similar to packet loss
05:32<frodeborli>but no packet loss when I connect via another linode in the same region.
05:32<Sil3ntOne>can you mtr to your server and check if it actually packet loss?
05:33<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: I'm not sure what you mean by mtr... sorry
05:33<Sil3ntOne>you could just try to ping to start with before moving to mtr
05:34<Sil3ntOne>is the ping jittering? many spikes / drops?
05:34<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: A traceroute from the failing server is very slow, but from the second server it is fast.
05:34<Sil3ntOne>>.> sorry linode, that's just the first article i came across for mtr lol
05:35<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: But the numbers seem similar...
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05:35<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: lol :)
05:35<Sil3ntOne>pastebin / screenshots of both?
05:37<frodeborli>Peng_: I'm experiencing lag with ipv4.
05:37<Sil3ntOne>can you provide screenshot of both the traceroutes frodeborli?
05:38<Sil3ntOne>or pastebin.. either works
05:38<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: The host is Working on Windows tracert - I don't have a shell available on hand that I could use Linux from.
05:39<frodeborli>It seems fine
05:40<frodeborli>But server still lagging
05:40<Sil3ntOne>There is a windows alternative for mtr
05:41<Sil3ntOne> is the one that lags?
05:42<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: Yes
05:42<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: WinMTR
05:42<Sil3ntOne>Can you also get this and record a gif/video of the lag? maybe seeing a video of that would give some ideas - This free tool helps with recording sections of screen -
05:42<Sil3ntOne>let winmtr run for a minute or 3
05:42<frodeborli>I'm using putty, and it takes a couple of seconds before what I write is shown on the shell
05:43<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: Actually, up to 7-8 seconds sometimes.
05:43<frodeborli>And HTTP traffic is also slow.
05:44<Sil3ntOne>hmm no idea why there is that much of a delay with below 100ms ping then
05:44<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: MTR for a few minutes. Seems to be dropping a few packets at
05:45<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: I'm assuming it is TCP traffic that is troubling.
05:45<Sil3ntOne>isn't too high, ping is great too, it should even have 1 sec delay
05:45<Sil3ntOne>shouldnt* even have
05:46<frodeborli>I'm considering a reboot
05:46<Sil3ntOne>see if any of these help
05:46<Sil3ntOne>okie, i g2g away for a bit
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05:47<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: Thanks for your help.
05:48<Zimsky>not very silent for one who claims one is silent
05:48<frodeborli>Zimsky: hehe :)
05:49<Sil3ntOne>The irony o.o
05:49<frodeborli>Turns out that the first SSH connection is the one lagging - and another SSH connection to the same server does not lag.
05:49<frodeborli>Perhaps there is some load balancing going on on linodes end?
05:49<Sil3ntOne>That's really odd
05:49<Sil3ntOne>or somewhere in between?
05:50<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: With static routing. That my first shell window goes through one device (firewall, router or something), and my second goes through another?
05:51<Sil3ntOne>if you open up 3-5 different winmtr instances and start them one after another, do the routes differ?
05:52<Sil3ntOne>not sure if that's the right way to check
05:53<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: The routes are the same.
05:53<Peng_>Other direction could be different
05:54<Sil3ntOne>hmm ya, try mtr from server to your IP
05:55<Sil3ntOne>lag could be downstream
05:55<erik>frodeborli: It could be DNS related
05:56<Sil3ntOne>no, if it was DNS related there would only be initial lag, not continous
05:56<frodeborli>erik: I don't think DNS is involved now - my SSH connection is open and has been open for a while
05:56<erik>Sil3ntOne: Ah, i thought it was initial lag on first connection
05:56<erik>my bad for not reading properly
05:56<frodeborli>erik: Pressing a button in putty causes 7-8 seconds delay.
05:57<erik>frodeborli: and a second connection is quick?
05:57<frodeborli>erik: But in another window - no noticeable delay to the same server.
05:57<Sil3ntOne>it's really weird :P his first connection lags continuously while the 2nd doesn't..
05:57<erik>frodeborli: You have tried restarting putty?
05:57<erik>just to rule it out
05:57<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: And I did connect to SSH because we noticed slow HTTP traffic.
05:58<Sil3ntOne>Could it be the NSA spying on SSH connections some how? xD may be their interceptor only intercepts the 1st connection and it's lagging badly..
05:58<frodeborli>erik: Since new windows seem quick, I am worried that there is a problem on some device somewhere along the route.
05:58<Sil3ntOne>but it's http traffic too.. hmm.. so above is not likely..
05:59<Peng_>Horribad steal?
05:59<Peng_>When the CPU is overloaded and everyone suffers
06:00<Peng_>Particularly those using too much CPU. :P
06:00<Sil3ntOne>oh, noisy neighbors?
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06:00<Sil3ntOne>could be.. but then 2nd ssh should lag too
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06:00<Sil3ntOne>Frodeborli try using instead of putty?
06:01<Sil3ntOne>or try MOSH
06:02<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: I've used putty for around 12 years with no issues and I am a creature of habit :)
06:02<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: I've never seen this before. HTTP traffic seems to be okay now. Perhaps there was some failover event somewhere.
06:03<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: And that my first putty window is stuck on a failing router due to some session stickyness.
06:04<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: I've probably used putty for 15000 hours or so - it's my main development tool. :-) I'll test bitvise just because I am curious.
06:05<Sil3ntOne>bitvise has some niceties ... right click paste, profiles, inbuilt sftp browser etc.
06:05<Sil3ntOne>Mosh is for when you are travelling and have horrible phone internet that keeps reconnecting.. Mosh would preserve whatever you are doing over SSH and restore that on reconnect
06:05<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: Yeah, I've missed sftp-browser. Putty has right click paste and profiles though
06:06<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: I usually use screen for that purpose
06:07<Sil3ntOne>configuring putty profiles seems tedious to me
06:09<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: If I had to connect to several different hosts all the time, it might be problematic - but I have a dedicated shell server that I use to connect to other servers with.
06:10<Sil3ntOne>ohh ok
06:11<frodeborli>Sil3ntOne: Thanks a lot for your effort. Kudos!
06:11<Sil3ntOne>my pleasure :) always something new to experience / learn lol
06:12<Sil3ntOne>now I know this is a possibility :P 1 ssh lags other doesn't
06:12<frodeborli>me too.
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06:54<arsa>i want to ask about cloud vps hosting at 5 dollar price
06:54<arsa>is the package has been include mysql, wen server and python installed?
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07:01<voker57>no but you can install whatever you need yourself
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07:18<Sil3ntOne>Arsa, that's the price of an un-managed server, they will install the selected Operating System and give you SSH access.. You are free to install whatever you want to.. I read somewhere that linode also provided 'managed hosting' at a higher price but I'm not sure what all that covers.
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07:28<loadkick>Hello Guys
07:29<@sjacobs>loadkick: howdy.
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07:41<loadkick>i just wanted to understand how can i use the linode image i have created out side linode hosting system?
07:41<loadkick>can anyone help me?
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09:34<raytube>Hi, I was trying to find out more about the managed hosting options from Linode
09:35<@sjacobs>raytube: did you have any specific questions? general info can be found here:
09:35<raytube>Well, I guess the main was an idea of price?
09:35<@sjacobs>it's $100 per linode per month.
09:37<grawity>it's probably also not quite the same managed hosting as you expect?
09:37<raytube>Ok, so basically a $100 per server?
09:37<raytube>@grawity - Can you clarify further?
09:41<@sjacobs>Linode Managed is more of an incident response plan. Software installation and configuration is still your responsibility. It comes with a WHM and cPanel installation, if you choose, but the configuration stops there.
09:42<raytube>Ah ok thanks. Perhaps not what I'm looking for then. Thanks for the info!
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11:23<arby>I've installed a clean Linode instance by deploying LinodeStackscript -> 64bit OpenSUSE 15. It installes, & boots, and is immediately accessible via SSH. I'm trying to change some config, particularly grub2's in /etc/default/grub. Logged in as root, every file on the linode instance is modifiable -- except for /etc/default/grub. Can't edit it, can't move it -- only get "operation not permitted". Tried booting into Finnix, mounting the drive -- same issue
11:23<arby>Tried reinstalling the instance from scratch -- same issue.
11:24<arby>What can possibly be preventing mod of that single file?
11:25<Peng_>ext4 supports setting a file immutable via an attribute
11:26<Peng_>If it was done on purpose for some reason, I wouldn't suggest changing it.
11:26<Peng_>But that might be the mechanism
11:28<arby>Peng_: That's it. `chattr -i /etc/default/grub` does the trick; now editable. That's *SUPPOSED* to be a user-editable file ...
11:28<Peng_>Sure, but there might be a reason Linode set it up that way
11:29<arby>Heh, I'm sure it's sooooooper-secret
11:34<@sjacobs>arby: that is odd. i'm taking a look.
11:35<arby>sjacobs: Thx. Makes changing/adding mounts -- particularly "/boot" a challenge! Also, would ask whether it makes sense on your end to NOT set "GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID=true" by default
11:38<@sjacobs>that setting avoids a lot of headache in the virtual environment. there are a few things which can cause UUIDs to change. don't have them off the top of my head, but just respecting what is in the /dev/sd* slots in the manager, and using /dev/sd* in the grub and fstab simplifies it quite a bit.
11:39<Peng_>Restoring from a backup?
11:39<dwfreed>if you use the Linode Backup Service, restoring a backup will give a different UUID
11:39<dwfreed>Peng_: :D
11:39<arby>sjacobs: The problem is, the 'respecting' part isn't as robust as you'd like ... at least not in tests here so far.
11:40<dwfreed>you put a disk as /dev/sda, and it'll be /dev/sda until you change it
11:40<@sjacobs>what is in /dev/sda of the configuration profile, will always be in /dev/sda of the linode. using that avoids UUID changes. is that not the case for you?
11:40<dwfreed>even across backup restores
11:43<arby>sjacobs: working aon *knowing* what the issue is, but ... Simple experiment: Deploy a clean Linode instance from StackScript:OpenSUSE15. Create a drive, "BOOT" (500MB, ext4).
11:43<arby>rsync "/boot/" contents to BOOT drive.
11:43<arby>Set BOOT drive as /dev/sda; SWAP as /dev/sdb; rest ("/") as /dev/sdc.
11:43<arby>Try to mount BOOT & get Linode to boot from it ...
11:44<arby>Haven't been able to do that -- drop to grub shell at boot -- UNLESS grub config's changed to mount by UUID=
11:45<dwfreed>did you do update-grub after making a separate boot device?
11:46<arby>Tried to avoid the problem by starting with an OS-Installer disk, and installing from it rather than starting off with StackScript-deployed instnace; ended up in filesystem-unrecognized hell. Haven't followed up on that. Yet.
11:46<dwfreed>installer probably made partitions, whereas linode's grub2 "kernel" is probably expecting a straight fs
11:49<dwfreed>(neat trick: grub2's "search" command can pick a device by checking if a certain file is on it, say grub.cfg)
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12:20<arby>instead of monkeying with it, appears that simply avoiding what grub2 thinks are the right devices, using a grub custom.cfg works around the problem. I'm up & booted with GRUB2, and /boot on /dev/sda, swap on /dev/sdb and / on /dev/sdc.
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12:41<mokil>hi guys
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15:01<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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15:37<Guest4650>Any problems with the internal mirrors for APT ubuntu 16.06
15:37<millisa>you'd be the first to say something.
15:37<Guest4650>Then it might be something I've done. :lol:
15:38<millisa>might be. or you could just be first.
15:38<millisa>what are you seeing?
15:38<retro|blah>Ubuntu 16.06???
15:39<millisa>i recollect something from a few months back where you had to force ipv4 to get it to talk to
15:39<@mcintosh>Guest4650: what error are you seeing?
15:39<@sjacobs>that specific issue should all be resolved. and it was often upstream
15:40<@sjacobs>not aware of any current issues.
15:40<Guest4650>Err:2 yakkety-security/main amd64 git-man all 1:2.9.3-1ubuntu0.1 404 Not Found
15:40<@sjacobs>apt update first?
15:40<Guest4650>Doing apt update
15:41<retro|blah>Also, Yakkety is not 16.04.
15:41<@mcintosh>Guest4650: can you run this command? ubuntu-support-status
15:42<@sjacobs>Yakkety stopped receiving updates last July.
15:42<Guest4650>Support status summary of 'xxx': You have 0 packages (0.0%) that can not/no-longer be downloaded You have 544 packages (100.0%) that are unsupported Run with --show-unsupported, --show-supported or --show-all to see more details
15:43<Guest4650>Why they heck is my apt on Yakketty? I did a 16.04 installation.
15:44<@sjacobs>does `lsb_release -a` show 16.04?
15:45<Guest4650>Well it has been upgraded at some point. (glares at the new kid)
15:45<Guest4650>sb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 16.10 Release: 16.10 Codename: yakkety
15:45<Guest4650>Okay. so do I understand correctly that 16.10 is not LTS?
15:46<Guest4650>Any options besides rebuild or take chances on 18.04?
15:46-!-DrJ is now known as Guest4651
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15:47<millisa>Best option: install empty 18.04, get 'new kid' to get all the services you care about on that 16.10 working, then do a data migration/sync.
15:47<millisa>you wanted to upgrade anyways. right? right?
15:48<Guest4650>Oh I'd love to, but I true 'new kid' no further than I can throw him. He's like a kitten on catnip in a room full of shreddables.
15:48<Guest4650>:lol: Uh, right.
15:48<millisa>second best option: do it yourself. demote new kid to Junior Coffee Retriever (in training)
15:48<Guest4650> /true/trust
15:49<Guest4650> :takes deep breath: :seeks upgrade guide:
15:49<Guest4650>Thanks for the help!
15:52-!-Guest4651 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:52<Guest4650>:reads upgrade guide: I think the unplanned emergency of the day deserves its own Linode. :adds linode to account:
15:53<millisa>you can always swap the IP later if it looks like it'
15:53<millisa>er, if it looks like it'll work
15:55<@sjacobs>yeah. you can shut that linode down. clone it to a another in the same dc, which should go fairly quickly. and boot it up while you work on the cloned copy.
15:55<@sjacobs>if everything goes as planned, and you're happy with it, you can swap their IP addresses, as millisa mentioned.
16:01<Guest4650>Yep. Considered that. Since the E.O.T.D. is a chat bridge, and it appears the chats are temporary in nature, I'm going to pretend I didn't see anything like an OS in an unauthorized state, and move on to greener pastures. :lol: I can come back to this cluster once the E.O.T.D. is over. The server is operational and case tests indicate no immediate danger. I just can't install git.
16:01<Cromulent>have you guys seen the mass exodus from Github to Gitlab in the last 24 to 48 hours or so? Seems Microsoft buying Github isn't all that popular
16:02-!-darwin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:03<Guest4650>Microsoft has a history of destroying platforms. They know not the wonders of incremental updates, or non-bloat-ware.
16:14<Cromulent>I've been on Gitlab for a couple of months now - have to say it is pretty cool for open source (and closed source stuff if you can afford it or run your own instance from the open source code)
16:16-!-darwin [] has joined #linode
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16:20<Eugene>Meh. I'm not planning on changing who I give money to or where my git URLs live any time soon.
16:20<Cromulent>fair play
16:20<Eugene>Knee-jerk movements for ideological reasons are rarely good for long term stability
16:20<@mcintosh>if they handle GH like they handle VS Code it will (continue to) be the best in its class
16:21<Cromulent>I still prefer PyCharm for Python
16:21<Eugene>I didn't like the Github product very much anyway. Its a place that I can SSH to and from. THat works fine.
16:21<Cromulent>the CI/CD on Gitlab is pretty cool
16:22<Cromulent>took me a little while to figure out (never used Docker before) but you can do some pretty powerful things
16:23<Guest4650>PyCharm for the win Cromulent. ;)
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17:50<RamenN00dles>Did anyone know Josh?
17:54<RamenN00dles>Josh. Guy who apparently used to come here. A canadastani programmin' EDM guy. I'm trying to figure out if his friends I used to talk to are still around. I lost track of them ages ago.
17:55<millisa>happen to know a username?
17:59<RamenN00dles>Mostly Josh - seen a couple instances of Loveless and one of ` apparently.
18:01<RamenN00dles>Of the friends? Only one of them I was familiar with on IRC was lilkittenboi and I don't ~think~ he was on this server.
18:01<millisa>talking 2012-ish?
18:04<RamenN00dles>Most likely.
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23:21<Eric_>any serveice here?
23:21<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:22<Woet>Eric_: I have 4G service right now
23:23<Woet>if that answers your question
23:23<Woet>actually, I checked, LTE right now
23:23<Eric_>I mean Linode customer service
23:24<Woet>The #linode channel on OFTC is where the Linode community comes together to chat about system administration, development, and all things Linode. Stop on by for real-time advice on Linode products and troubleshooting tips. We love our community, and we're sure you will too.
23:24<Peng_>They're often here but not all the time
23:24<Eric_>got it
23:25<Eric_>Woet I just want to change my host ,any advive for me?
23:25<Woet>Eric_: you only live once
23:26<millisa>resizing your plan often moves you to a new host. or you can put a ticket in to request it. what's wrong with your host?
23:26<Woet>millisa: oh, you think they mean host node, not actual hosting company?
23:26<Woet>its possible
23:26<rsdehart>you're not going to be able to officially request a host change in the community chat, but we're happy to talk you through deciding whether you need it or not
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23:32<Peng_>I want to change hosts to one where I'm the only person using too much CPU
23:38<rsdehart>Peng_: I had to look twice because I worried it was in fact Eric_ who said that
23:38<Peng_>Sorry :(
23:38<rsdehart>that would be a pretty brazen thing to unironically state :D
23:40<Peng_>It's my true feeling, but I don't have the nerve to say it in a ticket :P
23:43<Eric_>My trouble is acess problem in China
23:44<Peng_>Do you want to move to a different data center?
23:44<Peng_>Or change IPs?
23:44<rsdehart>I think he has a ping of several minutes
23:44<Eric_>current IP is in LONDON
23:45<Eric_>I wanna change it to Tokyo
23:45<Woet>Eric_: then create an image of your Linode and launch it in Tokyo
23:45<Woet>no guarantees on geo IPs though
23:46<Eric_>migate directly
23:46<Peng_>Eric_: What do you mean? Is your Limode in London?
23:46<Eric_>No need to creat image
23:46<Peng_>Eric_: You can file a support ticket to be moved to Tokyo
23:48<millisa>or do it yourself.
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