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00:01<Woet>yea, I was a bit confused why everything says "open a ticket"
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01:10<loadkick>Hello There
01:12<loadkick>i just want to know if i can build a machine/vm from the image i have captured in linode? i.e does the linode image can also be used outside linode?
01:13<loadkick>can someone plz suggest!!
01:13<Peng_>More or less. There might be some issues, like if the image doesn't have a kernel installed, or the serial console device is different.
01:14<Peng_>You could also install a different image and use your configuration management to deploy your software and data.
01:16<loadkick>Thanks peng, but what do you mean by configuration management and if there is an option in linode console plz guide me to save my linode config and data
01:18<Peng_>configuration management as in software like Ansible or Salt
01:18<loadkick>basically i wanted to recover from my crash if any with complete backup
01:19<MrPPS>loadkick: you can likely do this; install the same software and same OS version, then grab your config files + data out of complete backup
01:19<loadkick>oooh, i see... any url that can guide me would really help
01:20<MrPPS>otherwise, as Peng_ suggested - config management tools can create reproducible environments :)
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05:44<N00dle>Btw, don't s'pose the discussion on Josh's friends went any further, did it?
05:47<Zimsky>yes it was concluded that josh has no friends
05:47<N00dle>Well I liked him.
05:47<Zimsky>I have no idea what you're talking about
05:49<N00dle>I came in here yesterday askin' 'bout a guy who came here in like '11/'12 to see if anyone remembered him and if I could connect to anyone he knew who I also used to know.
05:50<@bmartin>Friends...what is that?
05:52*Woet sets bmartin on fire
05:54<@bmartin>Fire = Friends
05:54<Zimsky>bmartin's probably too soggy to burn
05:55<Zimsky>Woet: I thought the judge said you weren't allowed to talk about arson any more
05:55<Woet>Zimsky: I'm outside their jurisdiction now
05:59<Zimsky>if you ignore the orange notice, ok
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06:35<vaiaco>Can you tell me what is the hardware raid controller that you are using
06:35<Zimsky>idk if they'll tell you that
06:36<Zimsky>what's the relevance/importance of knowing that anyway
06:36<vaiaco>I would like to know more about the hardware architecture
06:36<vaiaco>At least tell me if you are using a hardware raid controller or a software one
06:36<Zimsky>yeah they don't really share that info with people
06:37<vaiaco>You have your servers set up in RAID 10
06:37<Zimsky>but try if you like
06:37<vaiaco>You have to manage that RAID somehow
06:37<vaiaco>That is what I am doing
06:37<vaiaco>do I have to ask somewhere else
06:38<@bmartin>vaiaco I'm checking to see if I have any info I can share on this.
06:38<vaiaco>That will be great
06:38<vaiaco>I am asking for your KVM based servers
06:38<vaiaco>I know that you are using RAID 10 on old XEN once
06:39<vaiaco>However I am interested in the new KVM based once
06:39<grawity>imho, the exact specifics are not part of the service you purchase, anyway... as long as it implements RAID 10 in a reliable manner *somehow*
06:39<vaiaco>Yes I am aware that at some point you can change the controler to something else
06:40<vaiaco>However can you tell me what is the name of one that you are using now
06:40<Zimsky>I'm more curious why you'd really need to know
06:40<Peng_>The official statement has always been that "Linode uses battery backed hardware RAID" right
06:40<Zimsky>a raid controller's a raid controller
06:41<@bmartin>We are unable to disclose any specifics beyond what has already been shared
06:41<Zimsky> - management
06:41<vaiaco>A client of mine requires that information, so he can use my services
06:41<Zimsky>your client sounds silly
06:42<vaiaco>and thye compare hosting providers
06:42<vaiaco>I recommend you
06:42<Zimsky>and should get a dedi or colo if they need specifics
06:42<vaiaco>however they want that information, so they cna proceed with my offer
06:42<@bmartin>We are unable to provide that specific information.
06:45<vaiaco> <Zimsky> and should get a dedi or colo if they need specifics
06:45<vaiaco>Can you please eleborate on your recommendation
06:45<vaiaco>i am not quite sure I understand you
06:45<Zimsky>I'm not recommending anything
06:46<vaiaco>what us dedi or colo?
06:46<vaiaco>I will also appreciate if you mind your language
06:46<Zimsky>I'm saying if someone cares so much about having a specific raid controller, then a vps provider is not for them
06:47<Zimsky>and they should be renting/buying hardware, not virtual servers
06:47<Woet>who needs to mind their language?
06:47<Zimsky>I would never mind my language anyway
06:47<Woet>i literally can't find a single bad word in my scroll back
06:47<vaiaco>Ahh that is Ok :) I did not know that this is acceptable
06:48<vaiaco><Zimsky> your client sounds silly
06:48<vaiaco>A client is a client
06:48<Zimsky>is a client is a client
06:48<vaiaco>they have requirements and questions
06:48<Woet>you know you can say no to clients right
06:48<vaiaco>Ies I can, however they pay good
06:48<vaiaco>and I do not want to miss that deal
06:48<Zimsky>or inquire as to why they need to know, then possibly inform them they are being silly
06:49<Zimsky>or be like "nah my server provider doesn't do that"
06:51<Zimsky>vaiaco: what service are you providing anyway?
06:53<Zimsky>okay, but what kind of hosting
06:53<vaiaco>why does it matter if you will not answer my specific question :)
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06:53<Zimsky>I'm generally curious
06:54<Zimsky>I also don't have the answer to your other question because I don't work for linode
06:54<vaiaco>You can check a server setup and tell me the spec of the RAD controler, if you can be so kind
06:54<vaiaco>I do not mind
06:55<vaiaco>If you cannot answer my question, I will appreciate if someone that can answer it, do that
06:55<grawity>you already got an official answer from Linode staff
06:55<grawity>13:41 <@bmartin> We are unable to disclose any specifics beyond what has already been shared
06:56<vaiaco>I am just being curious, why you cannot disclose that
06:56<vaiaco>At least conform you are using a hardware or software RAID 10
06:57<grawity>and personally I am curious why your client requires that to be disclosed
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07:09<vaiaco>As per GDPR reglament I am not able to disclose that kind of information and to feed your curiosity
07:10<vaiaco>on the other hand Linide as VPS provider should have the specs on the server in hand in case a client ask
07:10<Zimsky>lol what
07:10<Zimsky>pretty sure linode has no obligation to disclose the details of their internal infrastructure
07:11<Zimsky>and you don't have to tell anyone anything, that's not even a GDPR thing
07:12<vaiaco>assumptions assumptions :)
07:12<Woet>"it’s fully native SSD servers using battery-backed hardware RAID. "
07:12<Woet>what else do you need to know?
07:12<vaiaco>That is awesome
07:12<Peng_>I said that already
07:13<Woet>yea, apparently we have to repeat things for vaiaco
07:13<Zimsky>but Woet said it now
07:13<Woet>and copy/paste from google results
07:13<vaiaco>The link does not said anything about the type of RAID
07:13<vaiaco>ohh well
07:13<vaiaco>I gues that is the best that I can get
07:14<Woet>[18:56:57] <vaiaco> At least conform you are using a hardware or software RAID 10
07:15<Zimsky>I can confirm I am using RAID 17
07:15<Zimsky>running on mediumware
07:15<Zimsky>but sometimes tupperware
07:20<vaiaco>at least have some light durring the winter
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09:59<Zimsky>petrol bonfires in winter are great
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10:15<Peng_>I can't put my finger on why but that sounds like a bad idea
10:18<Zimsky>there's nothing bad about them if you do it right
10:19<Zimsky>the trouble usually starts when people add more petrol /after/ the fire is lit
10:19<Zimsky>or if they do it in a forest, or if it's not contained
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11:29<Cromulent>petrol pfft - nitro glycerin is where the fun is at
11:31<Zimsky>you've been talking to woet haven't you
11:31<Woet>stop accusing people of war crimes Zimsky
11:32<Zimsky>they aren't accusations
11:36<Cromulent>ah so that is how you shrink a VMDK file
11:37<Zimsky>yes, you accuse it of war crimes
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12:29<oneeyedwilly>hello I have a question
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12:29<oneeyedwilly>I have a linode with 2 encrypted disks and was looking for a backup solution
12:30<oneeyedwilly>would getting a block storage disk and backing up the data there be a viable solution?
12:36<@mcintosh>sure, that is possible
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12:42<oneeyedwilly>alright thanks
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13:56<scrane>Hey Nitin! How's it going?
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17:55<relidy>I just realized that the (old) API now expects "Nanode 1GB" instead of the previous "Linode 1GB" or "Linode 1024". That's an annoying change for the sake of change.
17:58<dwfreed>the old API expects plan IDs to linode create calls; the plan ID didn't change, just its display name
17:59<relidy>Well, my bootstrap code that previously provided "Linode 1024" stopped working until I provided "Nanode 1GB"
17:59<relidy>That's via Saltstack's Salt Cloud infrastructure, so there's so abstraction happening.
18:01<relidy>I guess I need to track down the IDs and see if they'll work in that field so this won't happen again >.>
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18:13<smallclone>relidy: feel free to "sound off" about it in my long-running complain-a-thon here:
18:16<relidy>!point smallclone
18:16<linbot>relidy: Point given to smallclone. (21)
18:23<Peng_>I once lost $0.40 to AWS because they changed a drop-down from alphabetically sorted to random
18:24<Peng_>They changed it back eventually
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19:41<rweir>Did they charge you $0.01/month for the sorting?
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20:15<diveyez>I am now a proud owner of a 24 core xeon rack mount server and a mercedes benz
20:15<diveyez>Without linode, none of that would be possible <3
20:15<Karrde>I used to have a second IP with a set reverse DNS record on my linode .. I gave up the IP but the reverse is still there. Needs ticket?
20:22<dwfreed>Karrde: the reverse will be automatically reset after a while
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20:28<Karrde>it's been months(?) since I released the IP so I'll ticket
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20:39<@mcintosh>relidy: that issue lies in salt cloud
20:41<@mcintosh>what version of salt are you running? a fix for that has been backported to version 2017.7, I believe
20:42<relidy>mcintosh: 2017.7.5
20:44<@mcintosh>i'm not entirely familiar with the saltstack release process... if you don't have it, then i assume it hasn't quite gotten out there yet
20:44<@mcintosh>that said, the latest in git is fixed to that effect
20:45<relidy>I'm intentionally holding off on the current release (2018.3) due to some known bugs, but I'm up to date otherwise. I'll deal, one way or another, it was just unexpected for the process to suddenly break.
20:46<@mcintosh>fair enough... apologies for the disruption
20:48<relidy>Not your fault, but I do agree with the general criticism smallclone outlined in the community question. It's such an arbitrary distinction between the 1GB and 2GB sizes. The High Mem stuff makes sense because the resource ratios are all different. That's not the case here.
20:55<@mcintosh>in the future, there will be more of a distinction there
20:55<@mcintosh>but I think the criticism is fair at present, and I hear you (we hear you)
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22:14<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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22:43<Woet>Eugene: false.
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23:44<DanielNM>Every night I'm Linodin'
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