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01:16<eagles051387>morning all
01:19<MrPPS>hey hey
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02:41<zifnab>TIL my original linode, 'fuschia', is mispelled
02:41<zifnab>and has been for 9 years
02:42<zifnab>Zimsky: pengiuns strikes again ^^
02:42<zifnab>google does not autocorrect this spelling
02:42<zifnab>neither does word
02:42<zifnab>i assume it's spelled both ways.
02:43<Woet>zifnab: shut up
03:05<dwfreed>from wikipedia: "Fuchsia (often misspelled "Fuschia") may also refer to:"
03:06<Woet>its a shitty server name anyways
04:10<rsdehart>"bacon" is way better
04:16<linbot>New news from community: Linode Charging Extra, Why? <>
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08:46<linbot>New news from community: SPF record confusion in Linode DNS manager <>
08:58<Woet>"Your account is not able to log in at this time. Contact support."
08:58<Woet>guess im not going to be replying on the community
08:59<@sjacobs>aww. :(
08:59<@sjacobs>Woet: is your account prepaid?
09:00<Woet>sjacobs: my account is not-paid
09:00<dzho>Woet: is your account paid at all
09:00<Woet>dzho: my account is not-paid
09:00<@sjacobs>ah. that may be it.
09:01<dzho>that's what I remembered
09:01<Woet>sjacobs: I'm not a spammer, I promise
09:01<@mcintosh>it will be opened to unpaid accounts
09:01<Woet>mcintosh: just hook me up bro
09:02<dzho>but first you need to send a photocopy of your passport
09:02<dzho>also a complete set of fingerprints
09:02<dzho>and a genotype
09:02<dzho>and agree to wear a transponder anklet
09:04<Woet>dwfreed: help dzho is phishing me
09:05<dzho>I send you this IRC message to seek your advice
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09:10<Woet>hook me up bmartin
09:10<Woet>i wanna show my superiority on your community too
09:10<@bmartin>woet we may need to get you a trial membership
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09:26<linbot>New news from community: Create DNS Export File <>
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09:36<dzho>a trial, yeah
09:36<dzho>just the thing for Woet
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10:06<Zimsky>zifnab: good job
10:07<linbot>New news from blog: Block Storage Now Available in Singapore and London <>
10:08<Zimsky>good thing someone clarified it with the wiki article though
10:10<Zimsky>dzho: there was a trial but he's not allowed to talk about it
10:10<Zimsky>judge's orders
10:29*trippeh boggles
10:30<Zimsky>are you trippen trippeh
10:32<trippeh>just boggling
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11:02<tim>what is this?
11:03<dwfreed>this is the Linode Community Discussion channel
11:03<tim>I need VPS for ebay. With UK location
11:06<tim>do you have dedicated uk ip?
11:07<Zimsky>not personally, but you can get a linode in london?
11:08<tim>how do I do that?
11:08<rainbow>buy a linode
11:08<rainbow>in the UK
11:08<rainbow> can I even explain something so simple?
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11:09<Zimsky>ouija board
11:10<tim>where is Linode in london? Should I go to london or what?
11:11<Zimsky>do you know what linode sells?
11:11<Zimsky>ok just checking
11:11<@bmartin>We have a data center in London. When you create a Linode you can select that as the location
11:11<@scrane>tim If you create Linode you can select what data center it deploys in
11:12<Zimsky>yeah you don't need to go anywhere, you just sign up on the website, give them money, and you can get servers
11:12<@bmartin>Listen to the man Scrane. He's a cool dude
11:12<@scrane>You can read more about this here
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11:16<tim>ohh yeah! I did. I bought the shitties nd cheapest VPS ;)
11:18<tim>what would you recommend me for ebay? which ubuntu or whatever?
11:18<Zimsky>ebay? what
11:18<@sjacobs>whatever you are comfortable with. Ubuntu will most likely have the most guides and tutorials around the internet.
11:19<tim>Zymsky, yeah ebay. What is wrong with that? ;)
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11:21<ericoc>what do you mean by "you need a vps for ebay"?
11:22<Rainbow>maybe he needs a VPN?
11:22<Zimsky>it's pronounced Xhйghçghy
11:22<tim>How to explain? I m going to use ebay using VPS
11:22<Rainbow>because his IP got blocked. or he's in China or something where they filter the internet
11:22<Rainbow>tim, you cant use ebay with a VPS
11:22<Rainbow>a VPS is for a website.
11:22<dwfreed>he's in Russia
11:22<Rainbow>or running a VPN
11:23<Rainbow>or an IRC server
11:23<Rainbow>or an email server
11:23<tim>I just have virtual assistants and usually they have their own ebay accounts. And I can't just give them login and password for my accounts to access it from their ip and computer
11:24<Zimsky>well whatever, you can more or less do what you're trying to do
11:24<Rainbow>Тим, для чего нужен виртуальный частный сервер для использования Ebay?
11:25<tim>I think I can speak English ;) I pretend to speak English at least
11:25<Rainbow>Тим, используя VPS, не будет делать ничего, чтобы помочь вам с вашими виртуальными помощниками.
11:25<tim>interesting community here. What are you doing here btw ? lol
11:25<Zimsky>о боже
11:26<Rainbow>Мы говорим о Linux. Мы шутим друг с другом. Я работал в Linode, поэтому мне нравится разговаривать со старыми друзьями здесь :)
11:26<Rainbow>My Russian is terrible.
11:26<Zimsky>it's ok
11:27<tim>doesn anyone sell on ebay? ;)
11:27<Rainbow>Mluvím lépe česky
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11:27<Zimsky>no one speaks czech though
11:27<Zimsky>czech your privilege
11:27<Rainbow>Tá mo chailín ag múineadh dom labhairt na Gaeilge áfach!
11:28<Rainbow>nope, fucked that up
11:28<tim>why not? ;)
11:28<Rainbow>Zimsky, my babushka did :p
11:29<Rainbow>Doesn't quite work spelling in english but
11:29<tim>Guys do I need VPN for that VPS?
11:30<tim>is a static IP?
11:30<Zimsky>no and yes
11:30<Rainbow>tim, the VPS has a static IP
11:33<tim>that is great
11:33<tim>look, I made it running but where is the machine lol?
11:33<@scrane>In the cloud
11:33<@bmartin>also London
11:34<Zimsky>in some big building in lundun
11:34<@bmartin>unless you close somewhere else. Then it would be located there. :)
11:35<tim>cmon ;)
11:35<tim>tell me how to get it work, you nerds ;)
11:37<Rainbow>^ there
11:37<Rainbow>that's how to get it to work
11:37<tim>I did everything like in the guide and it is running now
11:37<tim>it says it is running
11:37<Rainbow>now follow the other guides
11:37<Rainbow>we dont know what you actually want to do with your VPS so we can't help you.
11:38<tim>I just want to access it
11:39<tim>I chose My Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Profile
11:39<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Frankfurt <>
11:39<tim>Success System Boot - My Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Profile
11:45<@scrane>that guide should provide you all the information on booting the Linode and accessing it via SSH
11:46<@scrane>If you do a search in for specific things you want to do (such as VPN), you will see different guides that will walk you through all the commands.
11:46<@scrane>I would also HIGHLY recommend reading through these guides to make sure your Linode doesn't get compromised:
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12:09<Zimsky>note; fail2ban is not security
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12:09<Zimsky>just don't use terrible auth configurations for ssh
12:14<tim>I still can't access it!
12:15<tim>Im trying to type password but it is not active
12:20<tim>where and what is my login? no freaking guide explains this
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12:21<@scrane>tim, that is all in the getting started guide
12:22<@scrane>The username is 'root' and the password is the password you entered when you deployed the Linode's Ubuntu image
12:34<tim>thanks, nobody mentioned that it is ROOT haha
12:34<tim>I did update and accessed it. But where to see the desktop? Or it should be always like MS DOS ? lol
12:36<@scrane>It'll generally always be command line unless you specifically install a desktop environment
12:36<Rainbow>you've never used linux before, have you
12:36*millisa waves
12:36<Rainbow>whuddup millisa
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12:42<Rainbow>oh god don't install VNC
12:42<Rainbow>so insecure :(
12:42<tim>so how do I use it then?
12:43<tim>which OS has desktop?
12:43<tim>ubuntu only?
12:44<millisa> most all of them could have a GUI if you really wanted it.
12:45<tim>I just need anything to run internet browser. Something easy. Didn't expect I will waste so much time :(
12:46<@scrane>All of the images we provide don't have a desktop environment because for the most part it's considered a drain on resources for servers.
12:46<@bmartin>a Linux based system doesn't seem like it is the best fit
12:46<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
12:46<@bmartin>You can install whatever you'd like so if you want a remote viewer with a desktop environment you can. you just have to go through and install it
12:46<@jackley>If you installed a GUI on Ubuntu 16.04, you could probably use Glish –– that'll likely be faster than VNC. Glish is built into the Linode Manager.
12:47<tim>so how do I start? I just install ubuntu 16.04 and then in command prompt add something?
12:48<@bmartin>that may assist you in the process
12:49<@jackley>nice, yeah, that's a pretty short guide you could follow tim
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12:52<@ctarquini>tim: Out of curiosity, what are you trying to accomplish? For example, do you need a browser on a virtual server because you want to change/hide your IP?
12:53<@ctarquini>cause if that's the case, setting up a proxy or vpn may be easier. The glish guide is a pretty straight forward way to access a desktop environment on our platform though
12:58<tim>yeah, hide IP. But proxies are no safe. VPN I can't give to my virtual assistant. Because it doesn't work with protable browsers. It is easy to mess up
13:01<tim>just clicking wrong button and account is dead! They are stupid those virtual assistants. Also, I d like to compare. Want to see the difference between proxy vps and vpn
13:03<@scrane>This is a pretty comprehensive article on the difference between a proxy and a VPN in general.
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13:06<ttt>I have a question
13:06<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:07<tim>it is not just about safety. But also price and convenience. I hate VPN. Proxies feel much better. But for safety they are worse. Because I don't even see anyone guarantees it is FRESH
13:07<ttt>Do you have a server in Hong Kong?
13:07<ericoc>linode is certified FRESH
13:07<@scrane>Our datacenters in Southeast Asia are Singapore and Tokyo
13:07<millisa>Singapore is probably the closest linode location.
13:08<ttt>I want to install vpn since china blocks everything, and I was told that I need a server located in Hong Kong
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13:14<Peng_>why Hong Kong
13:14<millisa>ultimate freshness
13:14<ericoc>they were told
13:17<tim>I just gave up. Sorry guys lol
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13:57<linbot>New news from community: Block storage attached but does not appear in file system <>
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14:21<Markh07>trying to fix my DKIM records within Linode DNS, when adding the TXT record I use "" but Linode changes it to "default._domainkey" - can anyone confirm this is expected & correct?
14:24<Peng_>Sounds correct
14:24<Peng_>Does it work?
14:24<dwfreed>very expected, very correct
14:25<dwfreed>all records in a zone are relative to the zone root, so the manager will eat any usage of the zone root in the record name
14:27<linbot>New news from community: iptables-restore failing on the COMMIT line <>
14:31<dwfreed>if you're going to make fake questions, at least be helpful and give the rules file and the output of the command in the question
14:32*dwfreed glares at Linode
14:33<Markh07>sorry, went AF for a bit
14:33<Markh07>appears I entered the wrong key
14:33<Markh07>so my fault haha
14:33<Markh07>thanks everyone!
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14:41<david>Good day
14:42<david>I was wandering if someone would know how or if it's still possible to install our purchased version of RedHat on Linode ? and if you would recommend that
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14:43<Rainbow>"omg someone didnt answer in 48 seconds better bail!"
14:44<Rainbow>on that note, yo @staff, i forgot what email i used with my forum account :( one of y'all mind helping? <3
14:44<dwfreed>the email is pretty immediate
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14:44<Rainbow>dwfreed, can't request a password reset without knowing the email you used.
14:45<dwfreed>the forum is read-only
14:45<Rainbow>otherwise I'd be fine :p
14:45<Rainbow>well then!
14:45<dwfreed>so you can't request a password reset at all
14:45<Rainbow>the fuck happened? :<
14:45<dwfreed>Linode moved to that community site you just trolled
14:45<ericoc>it got laid to rest in favor of /community
14:45<Rainbow>I'm not trolling
14:45<ericoc>that's what a troll would say
14:45<dwfreed>yeah, okay
14:46*Rainbow has quit ()
14:47<Rainbow>No but seriously
14:47<Rainbow>It's been 3 years I've been bitching about this
14:47<dwfreed>and you'll probably be bitching to /dev/null for 10 more
14:47<Rainbow>and the hard work was already done :P and it's not like they're a stranger to that deploy method; coreOS is now supported
14:48<linbot>New news from community: FREEBSD WHEN? <>
14:48<dwfreed>being able to deploy it != being able to support it
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14:51<Rainbow>I don't think anyone is asking for "support"
14:51<Rainbow>literally just a way to deploy without having to dd down a disk image in recovery mode
14:51<dwfreed>but people will, though
14:51<Rainbow>I've had to move most of my stuff to digitalocean and Civo :(
14:51<Rainbow>@dwfreed, you haven't met the FreeBSD community, have you?
14:51<dwfreed>I've met the Linode community
14:51<dwfreed>they're pretty dumb
14:52<Rainbow>We don't usually open support tickets. We fix shit ourselves :P
14:52<relidy>People used to say the same think about the Linux community. "You'd only run it if you know what you're doing."
14:53<Rainbow>But I mean.... all support has to do is go "FreeBSD is not an offering that we can provide support for. If you need assistance, we recommend reading the FreeBSD Handbook at "
14:53<dwfreed>and then customers will get mad
14:53<Rainbow>can even make it a /bsd autocomplete
14:53<dwfreed>because it's there in the dropdown
14:53<Rainbow>Not Linode's fault that people are stupoid
14:53<dwfreed>and they'll still make tickets
14:53<Rainbow>I fail to see the issue here
14:53<dwfreed>which is a not-insignificant load on support
14:53<Rainbow>Refusing to have an OS because stupid people will make tickets...
14:54<dwfreed>when they're already struggling to keep up
14:54<Rainbow>they literally had a BROKEN slackware image for years
14:54<Rainbow>they have Gentoo and Arch
14:54<Rainbow>like....its no different.
14:54<dwfreed>and I'm sure they answer Gentoo and Arch questions from time to time
14:54<dwfreed>I know I did
14:55<Rainbow>I was in support for a year and a half man, I only ever got one ticket like that. It was for slackware. And I was the only one that knew the image was busted. And I answered it appropriately. "Hey, it's broken, here's a script I wrote that'll fix it, sorry, we're working on it, but we cant officially support the image anyway"
14:55<dwfreed>I don't have enough fingers to count the number of times I had to ask akerl an arch question
14:55<Rainbow>Still got a ton of "HOW DO I UBUNTU" tickets
14:55<Rainbow>so by your logic
14:55<Rainbow>Linode shouldn't even support Linux at all
14:56<Rainbow>because stupid people will open aimless tickets
14:56<dwfreed>Linode staff know Linux (at least I would hope so)
14:56<Rainbow>Linode support already says "we don't help with internal configuration"
14:56<Rainbow>stick to that, problem solved. SUPPORT FREEBSD :U
14:56<dwfreed>who's going to maintain the image?
14:56<Rainbow>To one extent or another, depending on the person, yeah.
14:57<Rainbow>Does it need maintaining beyond a minor update every 6 months?
14:57<Rainbow>that can be handled with a 3 line shell script?
14:57<dwfreed>that's still going to require somebody to understand it
14:57<Rainbow>I dunno....the team that maintains the images?
14:57<Rainbow>oh, wait. wait. here. I'll help it be understood in a few minor steps.
14:57*ctarquini is not touching this
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14:58<Rainbow>1. boot disk. 2. freebsd-update -r 11.2-RELEASE 3. Clear any accidentally generated ssh hostkeys. 4. Shut down. 5. Deploy to hosts.
14:58<Rainbow>step 2, only difference from say ubuntu is that its freebsd-update instead of apt-get dist-upgrade -y
14:59<dwfreed>ubuntu doesn't even use apt-get dist-upgrade
14:59<Rainbow>dwfreed, i don't know the internals anymore maaaan, it's been years since I was there. Last I heard there was a team now.
14:59<dwfreed>(well, it does internally, to an extent)
14:59<Rainbow>dwfreed, okay, okay, I used the debian command.
14:59<Rainbow>I don't Linux much these days.
14:59<Rainbow>sue me :p
14:59<dwfreed>and Debian is moving away from using the apt-get frontend directly
15:00<Rainbow>the point i'm making is, Linode could provide a minimum amount of effort to get a highly asked for OS onto the platform
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15:00<Rainbow>and treat it the same way they do Linux
15:00<Rainbow>and call it a day
15:00<dwfreed>Rainbow: now imagine a support team trying to support an OS that they don't use
15:00<Rainbow>I mean, DigitalOcean is significantly less competent than Linode. and they support it.
15:00<Rainbow>Civo doesn't have anyone there that even knows FreeBSD. But they provide a way to submit a Community image
15:01<Rainbow>that gets vetted
15:01<dwfreed>how do they vet something they don't even know?
15:01<Rainbow>Linode could maybe do the same? Allow a small number of vetted Community Image Specialists to provide images on a volunteer basis for esoteric OSes
15:01<dwfreed>again it goes back to support
15:01<Rainbow>dwfreed, they vet the person, and explicitly claim no support for the Option
15:01<Rainbow>it works pretty well
15:02<Rainbow>I'm the Civo FreeBSD Community Image Maintainer. Easy Breeze Beautiful OS Deploy
15:02<dwfreed>anyway, we're going in circles here
15:02<Rainbow>We are.
15:02<Rainbow>This is Linode, not CircleCI
15:02<Rainbow>let's go in Linodes
15:02<dwfreed>I highly doubt Linode will support FreeBSD anytime in the near future
15:02<Rainbow>Which is a bummer :(
15:02<Rainbow>Doesn't stop me from popping up every 2 to 3 months and briefly harrassing people
15:03<Rainbow>I mean mcintosh loves me and he knows it
15:03<Rainbow>he looks forward to my quarterly bitching <#
15:03<Rainbow>RIGHT MCINTOSH?
15:03<dwfreed>there's a keyword in har*ass*
15:04<Rainbow>damn, here I thought we were having a friendly debate regarding the viability of allowing a new OS deploy
15:04<Rainbow>that's okay, I still love you dwfreed
15:04<Peng_>Five years from now: "Help all the FreeBSD images have the same SSH host key and the community image maintainer is in jail."
15:05<Rainbow>Okay to be fair I'm pretty sure something like that happened in the 3DS homebrew scene
15:06<Rainbow>Some dude made a whole bunch of homebrew and then he got popped for being into some atrocious shit
15:07<Rainbow>But lucky for Linode, the worst thing I do is cuss on IRC sometimes.
15:07<Rainbow>and yes, I'm totally volunteering to provide a Community image if Linode ever goes in that direction
15:07<Rainbow>and regularly maintain it
15:07<Rainbow>Because I don't just bitch, I offer solutions.
15:07<Rainbow>Aimless whining is pointless :<
15:10-!-thiras [~thiras@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:30<millisa>is the maintainer being in jail a problem? I should probably update my last reiserfs system.
15:34<dwfreed>mm, murderfs
15:42<csnxs>i once used a machine that used reiserfs!
15:42<csnxs>aptly, it died
15:44<@jalter>Same. In my defense, ext3 wasn't really widely used at the time, and ext2 is kind of basic.
15:47<dwfreed>ext2 is the fat32 of linux filesystems
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16:04<warewolf>raise your hand if you know what the UMSDOS filesystem is
16:04*warewolf raises hand
16:05*dwfreed cuts hand off and throws it on the floor
16:06-!-steve__ [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
16:08<synfinatic>i had a bunch of computers that ran reiserfs... until uhm, yeah
16:08<synfinatic>so much better then ext3
16:09-!-kishore [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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16:10<kishore>hi, Is ipv4 given for each linode ?
16:11<kishore>even with 5$ linode ?
16:11<millisa>even with
16:12<kishore>ipv4 include even with 5$ linode instance ?
16:13-!-eagles051387 [~Thunderbi@] has joined #linode
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16:13<kishore>Just to get for more clarity public ipv4 included with 5$ linode instance ?
16:13<millisa>still yes
16:14<kishore>Sweet! have a great day!
16:27<@jalter>eyyy UMSDOS
16:27<@jalter>i was just telling a coworker about how scary and amazing loadlin.exe was
16:28-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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16:36<synfinatic>kinda amazing how Subway looses money on every $5 footlong and linode does just for a $5/mo VPS
16:36<synfinatic>*just fine
16:38<rsdehart>almost like things cost different amounts
16:48<linbot>New news from community: How do I stop my Linode from printing low level messages? <>
16:49-!-kishore [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:51<Rainbow>ZFS > all
16:54<dzho>wait, what ... UMSDOS
16:54<dzho>what year is it
16:57<dzho>boot floppy and UMSDOS root on a Zip drive to run the network on a PC with a NIC, but for which the integrator-installed OS/2 had no drivers
16:57<dzho>send backups over network to SGI with a SCSI CD-R burner and voila!
16:58<rsdehart>I had to burn a song to cd last night for something or other. Made me upset to waste the money
16:59<dzho>I remember doing the payoff curves to show where the initial cost of the CD-R drive + unit cost crossed below that of the curve for the Zip drive
16:59<dzho>those Zip disks were so freaking expensive
17:06-!-claude [] has joined #linode
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17:18<smallclone>re: the slackware image, i don't know when it was last updated since i left, but i fixed that nasty issue with basically stripping all the info in /var/log/packages
17:18<warewolf>I literally just threw away ten 100mb zip disks.
17:18<smallclone>although Rainbow is correct, that problem was around for a *long* time
17:19<smallclone>but the long-running slackware issues are, at least to me, a good example of why supporting esoteric platforms is sometimes a bad idea
17:19<smallclone>particularly if you're not going to put much effort into it
17:39-!-Lolgooby [~oftc-webi@2607:fb90:c2fd:10:b0f:db90:473e:c754] has joined #linode
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18:51<Takyoji>Any reason for 10000s of packets per second for a DNS query of I'm assuming it's some odd DoS attempt or something?
18:52<@scrane>I don't think there is likely a good reason for that.
18:54<retro|blah>huh, guess it's up there with
18:54<Takyoji>Well, there's a query every.. 2 microseconds (0.000002 seconds)
18:55<Takyoji>Just disable recursive DNS queries from external sources (since I'm not even intending to be a recursive DNS server, just authoritative)?
18:58<Eugene>Takyoji - you're receiving those requests? Its very likely a DNS reflection / amplification attack, and you should do your best to not respond to authoritative queries (even a not-allowed response is not good to do)
18:58<Takyoji>Any recommended guide for proper configuration?
18:58-!-fstd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:58-!-fstd_ is now known as fstd
18:58<Eugene> is my BIND config files, if they're of any use to you ;-)
18:59<Eugene>I run a hidden BIND master, with Linode & as my public Secondaries. Works great.
18:59<Takyoji>Only reason I have BIND installed is just to host a few zones that are DNSSEC signed, with Linode as the front-facing DNS servers for those zones
19:00<Eugene>If you're already fronting with Linode then you should ignore all TCP/UDP :53 from other clients
19:00<Takyoji>(with Linode slaving to my server for those zones)
19:00<Takyoji>Correct. That'd probably be the quickest resolution
19:00<Eugene>Iptables is the best bet. The IPs you need to whitelist are also in my config files
19:15<Takyoji>Crisis averted
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22:44<cbirk>how to put le plan9 on linard
22:53<millisa>gave me a giggle:
23:06<cbirk>i wish microsoft would implode
23:10<rsdehart>what do you expect would result from this?
23:10<cbirk>glory for all
23:10<rsdehart>to be sure
23:10<cbirk>less microsoft products
23:10<rsdehart>and regarding plan 9, I'm pretty sure that's not an officially-supported OS
23:10<rsdehart>and I don't just mean by Linode
23:10<cbirk>yes it was a joke
23:11<cbirk>are you a microsoft employee????
23:11<rsdehart>the hell are you on about?
23:20<Peng_>what were your first 8 plans for this conversation
23:24<rsdehart>no, I meant for no reason asking if I'm a microsoft employee
23:33<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
23:33<cbirk>oh, rsdehart, because you're an idiot
23:33*rsdehart considers the source
23:33*rsdehart dismisses.
23:34<cbirk>your website is broken rsdehart
23:36<rsdehart>that's nice
23:39<cbirk>maybe you should migrate it to IIS
23:39<rsdehart>can't think of why I'd do that, but ok
23:39<rsdehart>duly noted
23:40<cbirk>cos you love microsoft
23:40-!-John [] has joined #linode
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23:40<rsdehart>I don't remember saying that, but keep spewing whatever it is that's emanating from the jello in your head
23:40-!-John [] has quit []
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23:55<Zimsky>cbirk: you seem to be stuck in "2005 cool kid wannabe" mode
23:56<Zimsky>next you'll be saying that rsdehart is actually the one eating poo!
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