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#linode IRC Logs for 2018-06-08

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00:00<cbirk>sick reference Zimsky
00:00<cbirk>thumbs up dude
00:00<Woet>dude? wow
00:01<cbirk>oh nice woet is here too
00:01<Zimsky>cbirk: your opinion doesn't interest me
00:01<cbirk>Zimsky's status [√] rekt [ ] not rekt
00:01<Zimsky>so I'll save you the trouble of having to plan comebacks
00:02<Zimsky>Woet: everyone can be a dude
00:03<cbirk>tell us more Zimsky
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00:24<Rainbow>smallclone, the issue I'm talking about was with the 14.1 image, where half the libs needed to actually run basic binaries weren't there
00:24<Rainbow>is that the one you mean?
00:25<Rainbow>b/c the person who was building it at the time elected to do manual package selection at install, without understanding that Slackware has no automated dependency resolution
00:27<cbirk>kimsufi has bsd Rainbow
00:27<Rainbow>cbirk, I wouldn't trust their installs as far as I could throw them
00:27<Rainbow>they backdoor them
00:27<Rainbow>I've got a kimsufi dedi
00:27<cbirk>its OVH
00:27<Rainbow>I did a manual netinstall for mine
00:27<Rainbow>oh i know
00:28<Rainbow>they backdoor them tho
00:28<Rainbow>ostensibly for "support assistance"
00:28<Rainbow>whenever my box goes down, i see them trying to log in. it's hysterica;l
00:28<Rainbow>oh its in their docs
00:28<cbirk>or how you discovered this
00:28<Rainbow>their support recovery root or whatever the fuck they call it
00:28<Rainbow>or it was in there at least like 5 years ago when i first bought one
00:29<Rainbow>i know for a fact they try and use it still when my box loses network. i see login attemps on a user that doesn't exist, on the private IP, right after support says "we're attempting to intervene on your behalf"
00:29<Rainbow>and im like LOLNO
00:30<Rainbow>I'm tempted to try dumping the password they use. because it's not key-based
00:30<cbirk>i dont think they do that
00:30<cbirk>ive never seen such a thing on my servers
00:30<cbirk>im not running their kernel either
00:30<Rainbow>cbirk, remind me when I'm sober and I'll grab some logs
00:30<Zimsky>do an install with FDE and be like "lol go pull the key from memory then"
00:30<Zimsky>alcohol is the devil's urine
00:30<cbirk>when will you be sober?
00:31<Rainbow>im sick
00:31<cbirk>arent we all
00:31<Rainbow>no like pneumonia
00:31<Zimsky>why are you not sober
00:31<Zimsky>if you have the GNU-monia
00:32<Zimsky>rsdehart you forgot to interject
00:32<Rainbow>Zimsky, no see, i can't have GNU/monia
00:32<Woet>this chat is more retarded than usual
00:32<Rainbow>i've never even been near Stallman's toes
00:32<Woet>what happened
00:32<Rainbow>eating the toe cheese is how it happens
00:32<Zimsky>Woet: cbirk will probably get bored and leave soon, don't fret
00:32<Rainbow>his toecheese is like the yeerks from animorphs
00:32<Rainbow>remember animorphs?
00:32<Rainbow>pepperidge farm remembers.
00:32<Zimsky>stallman is my spirit animal
00:32<cbirk>Zimsky: don't be a hater
00:33<Rainbow>it crawls into your brain
00:33<cbirk>your spirit animal is a pedophile advocate?
00:33<Zimsky>hitler crawls into my brain?
00:33<Rainbow>and makes you think that Open and Free have opposite meanings
00:33<Zimsky>oh "hater"
00:33<Rainbow>no Zimsky, Stallman's sentient toe cheese
00:33<Rainbow>it makes you think that putting restrictions on something makes it Free
00:34<Zimsky>I'm unsure if toe cheese can be sentient
00:34<cbirk>quote from stallman "The nominee is quoted as saying that if the choice of a sexual partner were protected by the Constitution, "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia" also would be. He is probably mistaken, legally — but that is unfortunate. All of these acts should be legal as long as no one is coerced. They are
00:34<cbirk>illegal only because of prejudice and narrowmindedness. "
00:34<Rainbow>when all it does is make a license viral and stifle creativity and innovation
00:34<Rainbow>2-clause BSD, MIT, etc > GPL
00:34<Rainbow>COME AT ME BRO
00:34<Zimsky><cbirk> I want to murder Woet
00:34<cbirk>are fake news
00:35<Zimsky>don't throw glass houses in stones
00:35<Rainbow>NO U
00:35<cbirk>yo Rainbow i think thats old - the backdoor stuff
00:35<Rainbow>cbirk, i forgot how much i missed you dude
00:35<cbirk>all OVH used to do was install their ssh keys on all boxen
00:35<Rainbow>did you know
00:35<Rainbow>that i respect you
00:35<Rainbow>and your beard?
00:35<Rainbow>it's a great beard.
00:35<cbirk>thx yo
00:35<Rainbow>Fuck. I'm wrecked and trying to code
00:35<cbirk>too many marjanas?
00:36<Rainbow>that'd be like
00:36<Rainbow>illegal or something
00:36<Rainbow>I'm not illegal
00:36<Rainbow>I don't do a crimes
00:36<cbirk>arent you in cali
00:36<cbirk>is legal there
00:36<Rainbow>Moved to Texas for a new gig
00:36<Rainbow>I'm the new Director of Security at this place, my dude
00:36<cbirk>RIP in peace
00:37<Rainbow>but yes when I was in Cali I smoked all the green
00:37<cbirk>thats dope, el jefe
00:37<Zimsky>and at what point did you realise it was green paint
00:37<cbirk>Zimsky's got jokes
00:37<cbirk>u see those jokes?
00:37<Rainbow>I see those jokes
00:37<Rainbow>I SEE YOU ZIM
00:38<Rainbow>i got no jokes
00:38<cbirk>do you have to manage people now Rainbow
00:38<Rainbow>I will, eventually.
00:38<Zimsky>down with all management
00:38<Rainbow>Early stage. we just closed our A round a few months ago
00:39<Rainbow>So right now I'm doing a lot of policy design n shit
00:39<cbirk>austin seems cool
00:39<cbirk>you like it?
00:39<Rainbow>designing the network. designing security policy. all that jazz.
00:39<Rainbow>its fucking hot
00:39<Rainbow>but other than that i dig it
00:39<cbirk>go swimming on the river walk
00:40<Rainbow>i should go swimming in the pool
00:40<Rainbow>i really need to get my own place
00:40<Rainbow>still haven't actually settled down
00:40<Rainbow>im trying to find a house i can enjoy living in for like
00:40<Rainbow>5 years
00:40<cbirk>houses are cheap there
00:40<cbirk>in tX
00:40<Rainbow>so im taking my sweet ass time
00:40<cbirk>if i could do it over, i wouldnt buy
00:41<Rainbow>and then I'll move in somehwere
00:41<Zimsky>there's some nice places in bucharest
00:41<Rainbow>and pay like a grand a month
00:41<Zimsky>pretty cheap
00:41<Rainbow>for a 3 bedroom house
00:41<Rainbow>2 car garage
00:41<Rainbow>full back yard
00:41<cbirk>cum te numesti Zimsky
00:41<Zimsky>buna seara
00:41<Rainbow>which is legit AF
00:41<cbirk>yeah that is legit
00:42<cbirk>compared to silicon babby
00:42<Rainbow>i was paying 1500 for a fucking room
00:42<Rainbow>and commuting an hour+ into SF
00:42<cbirk>yea i can imagine
00:42<Zimsky>what does a non-fucking room cost
00:42<Rainbow>i loved my job but fuck that sucked
00:42<Zimsky>maybe it would be cheaper
00:42<Rainbow>Zimsky, i dunno. I don't congregate with church folk
00:42<Rainbow>they're all like "RAINBOW YOU'RE GOING TO HELL"
00:43<Zimsky>what about mosque folk
00:43<cbirk>in 1971 bill grates created michaelsoft
00:43<Woet>we need an op
00:43<Woet>scrane: where you at
00:43<Zimsky>Woet: remember that thing I PMed you about?
00:43<Woet>i've had enough of this off-topic
00:43<Rainbow>Zimsky, most Muslims I've met were pretty chill tbh. I had this Muslim neighbor in North Carolina. Really nice guy. We'd yap about cars n shit.
00:43<Zimsky>now is the time if you like
00:44<Rainbow>but i mean like...most folks are chill regardless
00:44<@scrane>You have to say my names 3 times to summon me
00:44<cbirk>you guys gonna cyber?
00:44<Zimsky>ikr it's almost as if muslims are regular people
00:44<Woet>Zimsky: now would be a great time to apply that
00:44<Woet>scrane scrane scrane - people are going off-topic, pls +b
00:44<Rainbow>See, i thought they were, but then the news told me they were scary
00:44<cbirk>look Rainbow they have secrets
00:45<cbirk>woet and zimsky have cyber-secrets
00:45<Rainbow>but then DR Oz told me diluting scopolamine gives you ESP
00:45<Zimsky>I have woet's secret key
00:45<Rainbow>so I ate some nightshade
00:45<Zimsky>if you eat a phone, you develop EHS
00:46<Rainbow>Drunk IRCing is like Drunk Tweeting except you cant regret delete in the morning
00:46<Rainbow>If you eat a spider, you're treating yourself.
00:46<cbirk>no, but you can ddos the pain away
00:47<Zimsky>the efficacy of twitter deletion is inversely proportional to the number of followers you have though
00:48<Rainbow>how can you tell if your child is in an internet satan cult? Try these tips to spot the secret language of the damned. DDOS - Dastardly Demons of Satan. LOL - Love Our Lucifer. LMAO - Lucifer is My Alpha and Omega
00:48<Zimsky>this was fun
00:48<Zimsky>thanks for playing
00:48<Rainbow>IGMSTSFARC - I gave my soul to satan for a reese's cup
00:48<Rainbow>oh shit no wait. LOL - Lucifer Our Lord
00:49<Rainbow>that seems more Facebook Mom
00:50<Rainbow>Man I wish I had MS Paint
00:50<Rainbow>so i could make a really bad Facebook Gramma Meme
00:52<@scrane>Good ol' /r/forwardsfromgrandma
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03:10<linbot>New news from community: Node can not connect to other node with its private IP <>
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04:15<sharevdi>Can anyone tell me where to open the port number
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04:30<linbot>New news from community: Mount block storage as a folder eg /home <>
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06:41<linbot>New news from community: Linode is awesome! <>
06:43<linbot>New news from linbot: No you're false!
06:44<Woet>surprise surprise, Linode is cheaper than EC2
06:44<Woet>who would have known
06:44<Woet>guessed *
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09:11<linbot>New news from community: pm2, nohop and forever don't keep app running after close ssh screen or putty <>
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09:25<dmr104>hi, if i go ahead with the free 7 day trial, how much will I pay after this?
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09:37<ccguangming>can someone help check my account?
09:37<ccguangming>is it deleted?
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09:46<tienrocker>hi there
09:46<tienrocker>i want to ask about network of linode, do you guy could help me out?
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09:47<nate>ask away, if someone can answer they will
09:49<tienrocker>thanks nate, i want to use Linode 2GB standard plans but want more than 2 TB Transfer, how could is it possible?
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09:52<nate>tienrocker: I don't believe they allow extra bandwidth allowance anymore like they used to, however you can technically buy multiple linodes as a generic work around. Transfer is shared between all linodes. ie; if you buy two 2GB Linodes, you can effectively use 4TB transfer on one of them
10:10<eagles051387>nate: just checked on my account they dont have those extra addon's as an option from waht i can see
10:11<nate>eagles051387: There used to be a page where you could request/add extra IPs, disk space, bandwidth, etc, probably long removed
10:12<Peng_>If you still have access, the price isn't good anymore
10:12<eagles051387>nate: ip additions are still there under remote access there is a link ipad
10:22<nate>eagles051387: For IPv4? Might be there but doesn't work, gotta go through tickets for it
10:23<nate>unless you're talking the private IP stuff
10:24<@mcintosh>the IP add link is used after the ticket is opened (support flips a bit to allow adding the address[es])
10:25<Zimsky>how much do extra IPs cost?
10:27<Zimsky>it's easier to just get a $5 linode and run the service on that if it's lightweight enough, or proxy all the requests through to the first linode if it's a big thing
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10:28<Zimsky>buna seara
10:29<Leo_>Esto es el chat de la página linode ?
10:31<Zimsky>chat inglesa
10:31<@mcintosh>Zimsky: $1.00 a month
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13:39<froggy>Hello, it's been 2 weeks since my ssh started to disconnect after 15-40 minutes of activity. sometimes (now) the connection doesnt stay alive for more than 3 minutes. does that happen due the router maintenance?
13:40<froggy>is anyone else experiencing this issue?
13:41<@sjacobs>that is odd. haven't seen any other reports like that.
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13:54<synfinatic>i have ssh sessions which stay alive all day
13:57<relidy>Just all day?
13:58<synfinatic>it tends to die when I close my laptop and go home for the day :)
14:00<relidy>I usually have a few port forwards running persistently. They usually last until there's an Internet connection disruption on my end (or we lose power which accomplishes the same thing). I know froggy is long gone, but that really sounds like an Internet connection issue (maybe a spotty wireless connection).
14:01<Peng_>could be something like an overloaded connection tracking firewall/NAT
14:01<synfinatic>could be an agressive firewall and lack of keep alives
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14:35<ericoc>ooh how much are these
14:35<ericoc>annnd ww hahaha
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19:21<rupa>Easy question hopefully. If I resize my node to a smaller size I get less disk. If I'm already using something more than the smaller size (but less than my current size), what happens? The resize error out? I get charged for extra disk? Something else?
19:22<millisa>the disk has to be small enough to fit before you resize. it'll complain before it starts the resize otherwise.
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19:39<rupa>ok, thanks
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20:17<Q3Man> repositories having problems?
20:17<millisa>you're the first to say something. what are you seeing?
20:18<Q3Man>apt-update is hanging when running from my linode... had it as part of my stackscript and they all started failing a few hours ago
20:18<Q3Man>in the lish shell, they seem to just hang when contacting it...
20:19<Q3Man>disabled ipv6 (as that's always broken anyway) and it still seems to hang
20:20<millisa>my test centos box in dallas seems to be talking to ok
20:20<Q3Man>seems to work from some of my other linodes
20:21<Q3Man>my failures are in fremont, but other fremont boxes also running 16.04 seem to work just fine
20:21<Q3Man>weird I'm only seeing it on freshly created boxes
20:21<Q3Man>I wonder if dns is having an issue
20:22<millisa>(tried a centos7 fremont box and it also seems to get its packages ok)
20:24<Q3Man>ok, I'll keep debugging then :)
20:24<Peng_>why is IPv6 broken O_o
20:25<millisa>if you ping do you get a local nodebalancer responding?
20:29<Q3Man>main ubuntu repositories seem to break over ipv6 once a week or so
20:30<Q3Man>and yes, I get a local nodebalancer response from, it's just that some small % of get's from apt-get update hang
20:33<Peng_>weirdd :(
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22:02<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
22:22<Woet>Eugene: demonstrably false
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