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00:27<trippeh>aaaa /116 pool addresses dont want to migrate to new linode
00:27<Peng_>What D:
00:28<trippeh>been 25 minutes and they still ded
00:30<dwfreed>try pinging the gateway from them?
00:31<trippeh>yes that worked hum
00:31<dwfreed>NDP caching
00:32<trippeh>for this long? that is silly
00:32<trippeh>I did try to ping external hosts with them fwiw
00:38<trippeh>so a ND should have made it to the gw for the nexthop lookup
00:39<dwfreed>when the host is trying to find its gateway, those ND packets don't necessarily have to come from the address being used for the packet to be sent
00:40<trippeh>I guess you have to send the gw a packet that makes it to the control plane
00:42<trippeh>and then it does a new lookup or something
00:43<dwfreed>the NDP cache on the router is configurable, at least
00:44<dwfreed>though what I'm reading is for IOS, dunno about NXOS or IOS XR
00:45<dwfreed>on IOS, the default cache is 4 hours
00:45<Woet>thats why you should update your IOS to 11.4
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01:50<dcraig>hi linbot
01:50<linbot>hi dcraig
01:52<dcraig>ugh, robots
01:53<linbot>ugh, humans
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01:56<xsanfara05>Hi, I have just signed up and received email receipt. but it says accout pending. does anyone here could help? Thanks
01:57<dwfreed>that means your account was flagged for manual review by staff; you should get an email soon
01:57<xsanfara05>thanks for your response. But why flagged do you think ?
01:58<dwfreed>because it presented a higher than usual risk of being fraudulent; for example, right now it looks like you're tunneling through a hosting provider
01:59<xsanfara05>Oh yes, I'm using cloud remote desktop
01:59<xsanfara05>what is the best way to not get usually flagged? how should I sign up?
01:59<dcraig>kids these days
02:00<xsanfara05>dcraig lol
02:00<dcraig>don't be suspicious ;)
02:00<dcraig>just ride it out... it's an honor to be flagged
02:00<xsanfara05>using a windows virtual machine, thats suspicious?
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02:01<Srdr>Hello everyone
02:01<dwfreed>it's the fact that your IP address's geolocation is very different from your billing address
02:01<dcraig>yeah, I mean... these run linux, not windows
02:01<dwfreed>which is a very common situation when people have stolen credit card information
02:02<Srdr>No it is not like as you think
02:02<Srdr>Maybe I'm at another country
02:03<xsanfara05>yeah thats make sense. you think using linux is much better when signing up ?
02:03<dwfreed>xsanfara05: dcraig is just messing around
02:04<Srdr>I have two questions if you should answer
02:04<linbot>Srdr: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:05*dcraig tickles linbot around a bit with a large walleye
02:05<dcraig>there's an addendum for "how to ask for fish tickles on irc"
02:06<Srdr>I have a running VPS with domain name connected to it. So is it possible to connect that domain to an ip which depends on onather hosting
02:06<dwfreed>yes, you just change the DNS
02:07<dcraig>that site has a new blog theme :D
02:08<xsanfara05>dcraig is right, he is not messing around.I will just use socks or proxy with addons random agent linux or Mac and same billing address. and things should be fine
02:08<xsanfara05>no need for my id proof scan
02:08<Srdr>I changed ip adress in domain zone on linode. DNS didn't change until now. About 12 hours past after I chnaged IP in domain zone
02:09<dcraig>you can pick how long dns records are cached by recursive resolvers
02:09<dwfreed>xsanfara05: using a proxy is what got you flagged, not that you were using windows
02:09<dwfreed>xsanfara05: source: I used to work for Linode, I know how their fraud detection system works
02:09<dcraig>pick a shorter time to make updates take effect faster
02:10<dwfreed>xsanfara05: signing up again is not going to help you at all (it will actually make things worse)
02:10<xsanfara05>not if Webrtc is disabled. and proxy with good ISP like comcast ... etc
02:10<dwfreed>that isn't going to change the fact that the IP address Linode sees is going to be in a completely different country than your billing information (which has to match your credit card)
02:11<xsanfara05>I will use different credit card
02:11<dwfreed>you're gonna just get cancelled as fraud at this rate
02:11<dcraig>I wish I could add multiple cards...
02:12<xsanfara05>dwfreed, I will mismatch the dns proxy location with my billing
02:12<xsanfara05>probably change the street address
02:12<dwfreed>dude, you're not helping matters
02:12<Srdr>I know that when we change nameservers for new domain, it takes from 24 hour up to 72 hour. But in mine all settings are configured. I only changed IP address in domain zone
02:13<dcraig>at this point I think the fraud detection is working as designed
02:13<dwfreed>dcraig: yeah...
02:13<xsanfara05>hopefully you staying online, I will share screen capture and u will see
02:13<xsanfara05>that sucks, how come you gotta upload your ID and ur information and be cool with it
02:14<Srdr>Be optimistic. There are many possible conditions in the world. Don't just think in your conditions
02:15<Srdr>Ok thanks dcraig
02:15<Srdr>You understand me :)
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02:17<dcraig>I can read you like a book
02:17<Srdr>:) yeah it it true. Thanks a lot
02:19<Srdr>I have second question too. I wonder if you could help me dcraig
02:21<dcraig>if it's an easy question
02:23<Srdr>Yeah . It it only hard for me. I have purchased a new VPS. But VPS provider doesn't have nameservers. How can i connect new domain to that VPS?
02:23<dcraig>is this a linode vps?
02:24<dcraig>if you have a linode, you can use the linode nameservers and point the domain at the other provider
02:24<Srdr>No. I purchased it in different VPS provider
02:24<dcraig>or, domain registrars often provide dns services....
02:25<dcraig>or you can sign up for dns hosting from some other company, like amazon route 53
02:26<Srdr>I have a domain configured with linode nameservers. I want to connect that domain to my new VPS. So I only changed IP adress in domain zone. I think it must work. But It doesn't take effect now
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02:26<Srdr>Maybe I have to wait 12 hours more :)
02:26<dcraig>it might take a day to take effect
02:26<dcraig>per that link I sent you earlier
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02:27<Srdr>Yeah I read it
02:27<dcraig>you would have needed to change the TTL a day before you made your DNS change
02:28<Srdr>I set TTL as default yesterday
02:29<dwfreed>the default TTL is 1 day
02:31<Srdr>It it to long for me :).
02:31<Srdr>Until tomorrow I have to configure that
02:33<Srdr>Is it take effect faster if I change TTL now?
02:33<dcraig>you could try "dig +trace" to confirm that the right result is returned
02:33<dcraig>no, the damage is already done....
02:34<dcraig>you can try clearing the dns cache on your computer
02:38<Srdr>I tried dig. It shows my old servers IP
02:39<Srdr>Ok then I will wait 12 hour more for changes
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02:41<Rainbow>I keep my TTLs at 60 seconds
02:42<Rainbow>I mean I almost never have to change records but
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03:23<Zimsky>Rainbow: real women use 10 second TTLs
03:23<Rainbow> lol
03:25<Zimsky>real women don't even use DNS, but instead just have everyone else install local authoritative nameservers with all the records
03:25<Zimsky>pf won't save you
03:26<Rainbow>A REAL woman pwns networks and forcibly installs new /etc/hosts files so people can connect to her server.
03:26<Rainbow>How's it hangin, Zimsky?
03:26<Zimsky>what about rrtypes that don't work in hosts
03:26<Zimsky>it's hanging well
03:27<Zimsky>lynching supplies are getting cheaper by the day in this 12th century french village
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03:45<Woet>Zimsky: what do you have that's hanging?
03:45<Woet>and should it be?
03:46<Zimsky>curing cheese, and no
03:46<@bmartin>What is happening
03:46<Zimsky>also some grape vines
03:46<Zimsky>but they should be hanging
03:48<Zimsky>i did say this was a 12th century french village
03:50<Woet>bmartin: how's it hanging?
03:50<Zimsky>Woet: have you ever had casu marzu?
03:50<@bmartin>It is good....
03:50<Woet>Zimsky: no thanks
03:51<Zimsky>interesting you already know what that is
03:51<Woet>Zimsky: this thing called Google
03:51<Woet>Casu marzu, literally 'rotten/putrid cheese', is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese that contains live insect larvae. A similar cheese, casgiu merzu, is found in Corsica. Wikipedia
03:51<Zimsky>a google sounds like a 70s dance move
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04:04<trippeh>tfw you reset a login in a webapp using the output from /usr/bin/md5sum
04:05<trippeh>found it today >:(
04:05<Woet>tfw you still use md5 in 2018
04:05<trippeh>yes, this was part of my feelings :p
04:06<trippeh>not even salted (not that it matters much for md5 these days...)
04:06<Woet>you can ask Zimsky for help, she's pretty salty
04:07<Zimsky>don't write web apps
04:07<Zimsky>give people shell accounts and write stuff in ncurses
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04:09<trippeh>a terminal ui on a mainframe
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05:40<grawity>I don't know about that, I heard ncurses deserves its name
05:52<Zimsky>at least it isn't javascript
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06:48<Zimsky>that about sums up the day
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07:21<quickquestion4u>Does Linode have decent ddos protection?
07:24<Zimsky>linode has no ddos protection!
07:24<Zimsky>you just get nulled
07:24<Zimsky>so don't get ddosed I guess
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07:28<adam_>Hi there, are there any plans for DNS plugin for Let's Encrypt?
07:28<Zimsky>do you mean like something integrated with linode's dns?
07:29<grawity>do you mean a certbot plugin?
07:29<adam_>there are plugins for other providers:
07:30<adam_>I need wildcard certificate which needs DNS challenge for verification, and even though I'm able to generate one, I'm not sure how can I renew it automatically without a plugin
07:31<Zimsky>you could just script it
07:31<Zimsky>you don't necessarily need a plugin
07:31<grawity>in fact also
07:32<Zimsky>grawity: quick, what's a good hostname for a new box
07:32<@bmartin>throw them off the scent
07:32<@smccabe>That works too XD
07:32<Zimsky>smccabeXgrawity it is
07:33<grawity>Zimsky: clownmobile
07:33<Zimsky>no, no clowns
07:33<Zimsky>I don't like clowns
07:33<grawity>"how many websites can I run on my server?" "well, how many clowns fit in a bus?"
07:33<Zimsky>that's great actually
07:34<grawity>is what I'm always tempted to reply whenever someone here asks the former
07:34<@bmartin>anywhere between 1 and infinite
07:34<Zimsky>do it
07:34<adam_> looks nice, could be done in a fairly short amount of time
07:34<Zimsky>give in to temptation
07:36<quickquestion4u>So, with ddos protection, could cloudflare (or something rubbish like that) be linked to the linode server?
07:38<Zimsky>just pop a cloudflare thing in front of your web server or whatever you're running
07:38<quickquestion4u>cool beans...
07:38<quickquestion4u>Okay. Thanks.
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10:31<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
10:33<CornishPasty>Good point
10:40<linbot>New news from community: Linode has been upgraded my storage but downgraded my CPU <>
10:50<linbot>New news from community: Price of Linode Backup for $5 linode is too high <>
11:06<Woet>so don't use it
11:17<ericoc>but /usr/bin/rsync is $0 !!111
11:17<ericoc>like $2 is highway robbery
11:17<Zimsky>what are you rsyncing to though?
11:18<ericoc>do they even list their prices
11:18<ericoc>ah, 4 Cents Per GB / Month minimum
11:19<Peng_>It's gone down like an order of magnitude
11:19<ericoc>> Sorry, you must order at least 200 GB of disk with this product
11:20<ericoc>so minimum 200 GB @ $8.00 per month (0.04 per GB/Mo.)
11:20<ericoc>so have no backups and risk 100% data loss, pay $2/month for linode backups, or backup manually to wherever or find some other solution
11:20<ericoc>$2/month pls
11:22<Peng_>Somehow my account's minimum is 100 GB
11:22<ericoc>i don't have an account, was just looking at like /pricing.html ... maybe you're special grandfatherd?
11:22<Peng_>Yeah maybe
11:23<Peng_>at this point I suspect's pricing is more complicated than people with ten-year-old Linodes who skip upgrades, except's pricing is totally undocumented
11:24<Woet>backing up to the same provider is silly anyways
11:26<Zimsky>but but but Woet they said they had an SLA
11:27<Woet>Zimsky: bbigger wants me to pay $5 so I can help out Linode customers on the community
11:27<Woet>this is a massive scam
11:28<Zimsky>is it a scam or a racket?
11:28<Woet>and a ponzi scheme
11:28<Zimsky>and a pyramid scheme
11:29<Woet>i've actually been to the pyramids
11:29<Woet>have you?
11:31<@bbigger>@Woet the $5 charge is primarily for card verification -- I'd be happy to refund it after it's processed so you can get to posting (rip pyramids)
11:33<Woet>bbigger: i trust you, unlike that gjjansen fellow
11:33<Woet>glad he got fired
11:33<Woet>Zimsky: give me your referral code if you want free money
11:34<Woet>or Peng_
11:34<Woet>or Eugene
11:34<Woet>that doesn't seem like a valid referral code
11:34<Eugene>I assure you, it is
11:34<Woet>so it's bb9b0e63250635a11a87da7cde2f22ac30af9e57?
11:34<Woet>i mean, it's an input field
11:34<Woet>i didn't ask for a link
11:35<Eugene>That sounds right
11:35<Eugene>I'm lazy, eat me
11:35<Woet>just the referral will d
11:42<orblivion>hm, ok, trying something weird
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11:43<Woet>super weird
11:45<Woet>bbigger: now I upgraded my account and someone deleted the question
11:45<Woet>very suspicious
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11:49<Woet>You have given Ben Bigger a Happy rating.
11:51<@bbigger>Woet: hmm, I didn't see your post come up
11:51<Woet>bbigger: I'm working on it. my answers require a lot of prep.
11:52<Woet>I did give you two Happy ratings, if that helps.
11:52<Woet>just because I like your name.
11:53<@bbigger>thanks! my name has served me well
11:53<Woet>does anyone ever tell you to be bigger person
11:53<Woet>i hope you punch them in the face
11:54<@bbigger>not as often as you might think
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11:58<Zimsky>Woet: do you condone punching people in the face
11:59<Woet>Zimsky: depends on the target
11:59<Zimsky>are you one of those silly people that goes around telling people to punch anyone they think is a nazi
12:00<@bmartin>Why does punching a person depend on which Target you are in?
12:00<Woet>I've only been in the Australian ones
12:00<Woet>the one that's slowly going bankrupt
12:00<Peng_>bmartin: guess it depends on whether there are cops in the parking lot
12:02<Zimsky>cops don't matter
12:02<Zimsky>they don't do anything
12:02<Woet>yea I'm white, they won't do anything to me
12:03<Zimsky>I thought you were Kenyan
12:04<Woet>only on omegle
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15:17<VN>have reported a rather tricky abuse report
15:18<VN>Hope you guys will take a look to it
15:19<VN>seems the IP of yours is involved in some kind of shady page forwarding network somehow
15:20<VN>There are some IP on other hosting companies which - when opened point to a domain name which leads to this IP which leads to a strange advertisement platform called ""
15:21<linbot>New news from community: What do they mean by "IPv6 forwarding" and why is it "not available"? <>
15:22<VN>and the IP on other providers which point in the end to this platform page are having a scam/fraud redirection network - so you see, this is a bit complex
15:46<VN>btw. sent a reply - with the domaindiagnosis link which shows that that IP is connected to that url and a picture proof of the connection to "" :)
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16:02<@bbigger>VN: thanks for the report, I've responded to your abuse email
16:30<VN>No problem.
16:31<VN>That guys are also ban avoiding. Having multiple accounts everywhere, you report them and they instantly re-route themselves elsewhere to continue their fraudulent activities
16:32<VN>their activity ranks from forwarding to ads with fake download to streaming/gambling pages which lead the subscriber into a 5 day trial where it is not obvious that after that 5 days a constant payment subscription is going on - and it is hard to get that criminals away from your bank account
16:32<VN>as written by many people in reviews of the various pages which are forwarded
16:51<linbot>New news from community: Linode Manager Suggestions <>
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17:51<Zimsky>bbigger is like the new bmartin
17:51<Zimsky>but bigger
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20:04<marc>quessome qestions about your plan compare
20:04<marc>and looking for recommendation
20:05<marc>anyone can help?
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