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00:24<zifnab>mmm grub
00:24<zifnab>aka "why doesn't dkms work"
00:24*Woet grubs on zifnab
00:25<Woet>you know it ;)
00:31<Cromulent>does anyone use one (or more) $5 Linodes as a Selenium unit testing grid here?
00:32<Cromulent>was just thinking it might make things easier to test automatically when I push a Git commit
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01:56<kashike>does linode sell linode stickers? I've seen quite a few, but haven't found anything on
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02:36<vineesh>i checked your site
02:36<vineesh>currently i am using cloud hosting from siteground
02:36<Woet>not again
02:36<vineesh>i needed vps
02:36<Woet>i mean
02:37<Woet>welcome back
02:37<vineesh>because last few days they are full time down
02:37<vineesh>their whole server down
02:37<vineesh>so i planned to migrate
02:37<Woet>i guess you could say they brought your server... to the ground.
02:38<vineesh>i have no idea
02:38<vineesh>but every day all sites down
02:38<vineesh>i have 150 and above cpanel accounts in my cloud account
02:39<vineesh>i want to vps
02:39<vineesh>i will add my requirements
02:39<vineesh>please suggest me plan and rate
02:42<vineesh>Current Data Usage : 85 GB Ram : 5 GB 2 Crores Used Now. Total Cpanel Accounts : 150 used Using Cpanel/WHM Lets Encrypt option required (https) Softaculus App Installer Required. This is the option available in my current server. I want to more Ram and More Diskspace, with same features. Suggest me plans and pricing.
03:07<kyhwana>vineesh: uh, the linode 8GB? you'll have to install cpanel yourself or pay for linode managed
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04:32<Thomas>May I get info on you payment options for a virtual server?
05:17<Thomas>Okay thanks
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09:18<vineesh>in linode vps cpanel and whm available or not?
09:19<dwfreed>Linode doesn't provide cPanel, but you can purchase a cPanel license and install it yourself if you want
09:20<dwfreed>(Linode does provide a cPanel license for users of its Managed service)
09:23<vineesh>in managed plan backup option available or not?
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09:29<Mark>could anyone help?
09:29<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:30<Mark>need to know who this ip belongs to -
09:30<Mark>seems to be an old staging server
09:30<Mark>need to know who is the person/agency contact for the hosting
09:33<@bmartin>Mark. That is a Linode IP but that is the extent of the info we'd be able to give to you without you being the owner of the account in question.
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09:41<Zimsky>ye got a warrant lad?
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09:48<vineesh>in managed plan backup option available or not?
09:49<@bmartin>Yes backups are a part of this
09:49<vineesh>daily backup or weekly or monthly
09:49<@bmartin>All of the abover
09:49<@bmartin>I would advise taking a look at the page linked above
09:50<@bmartin>as it does give what it includes
09:50<vineesh>softaculous app installer did you provide or not?
09:50<vineesh>managed price 100$ am i corrrect?
09:50<@bmartin>We do not. We are an infrastructure provider. The internal configurations and what you install is entirely up to you.
09:51<@bmartin>$100 a month per Linode
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10:09<vineesh>so plan rate + 100$ for managed
10:14<ericoc>yes. per month.
10:15<Woet>vineesh: how often are you gonna ask?
10:15<Woet>i think this is the third day in a row now
10:20<ericoc> has all the information that you could need. it does not mention "softaculous" and linode will not be automatically installing arbitrary software for you.
10:21<Woet>ericoc: i literally told them that exact line yesterday
10:21<Woet>[2018-06-11T19:31:19+0800] <vineesh> in this managed plan softaculous app installer is available or not
10:21<Woet>[2018-06-11T19:35:56+0800] <Woet> vineesh: if it's not mentioned, that means it's a good bet it's not a part of it.
10:21<Woet>[2018-06-11T19:36:31+0800] <Woet> vineesh: most companies don't randomly add paid licenses without mentioning it.
10:22<ericoc>(i recognize the nick as well)
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11:43<omarben>hi i want some information
11:43<@bmartin>What type of information are you looking for omarben?
11:44<omarben>about vps service
11:44<@bmartin>We are a Linux Cloud Hosting provider. You can view our plans on
11:45<omarben>i see your plans but i need more information
11:45<omarben>like operation system
11:45<@smccabe>What are you looking to run?
11:45<omarben>i need centos 6 64bit
11:45<@tdavidson>you can use any KVM compatible Linux distribution
11:46<@tdavidson>we have centos 6 and 7 images, but you can also use your own image
11:47<omarben>nice no i need centos . what about ip how many ip i can use in vps
11:47<@bmartin>You get 1 Ip with your Linode
11:47<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
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11:48<omarben>and what's the max of ips i can use
11:50<relidy>Probably up to what you can justify to Linode.
11:50<@sjacobs>yeah. the limit isn't set in stone. but each additional will require justification.
11:51<@smccabe>For IPv4, it depends on the justification, which we would usually talk about over a support ticket. For IPv6, a /56 pool would net you 4,722,366,482,869,645,213,696
11:51<@smccabe>addresses :)
11:52<ericoc>is that four-sextillion?
11:53<omarben>nice what about the Dedicated ?
11:54<ericoc>linode provides virtual servers, not dedicated servers
11:58<omarben>ok thank you for your information and your time
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12:01<dwfreed>ericoc: yes
12:02<dwfreed>four sextillion, seven hundred twenty two quintillion, three hundred sixty six quadrillion, four hundred eighty two trillion, eight hundred sixty nine billion, six hundred forty five million, two hundred thirteen thousand, six hundred ninety six
12:02<ericoc>gonna need more than that
12:02<ericoc>cause i send a lot of email
12:05<dwfreed>using a unique address for each email, you'd need to send 7,482,138,189,960 emails per second to use all of those addresses in 20 years
12:05<dwfreed>about 7.5 trillion emails per second
12:18<ericoc>yeah, i send a lot
12:21<@scrane>That's some math right there.
12:21<dwfreed>scrane: :D
12:22<ericoc>scrane: lemme get $4,722,366,482,869,645,213,696.00 in linode credit?
12:23<@scrane>I think that's gonna be a no from me.
12:24<ericoc>...what if i bring you a pretzel to the open house friday?
12:24<@scrane>Psh! I'm Keto! You can't tempt me with your carbs!
12:25<ericoc>pork roll then :p
12:28<ericoc>i don't know what to expect from "Hors d'oeuvres and beverages provided" at this open house
12:28<ericoc>it doesn't specifically say like "pizza and beer" which are the staples of any other techy type meetup deal
12:29<@scrane>I will accept pork roll!
12:29<ericoc>$4,722,366,482,869,645,213,696.00 in exchange for pork roll? lolol
12:29<@scrane>Well last night there was sushi, antipasto, and meatballs.
12:29<ericoc>yeah but you had the mayor
12:29<ericoc>had to show off
12:30<@scrane>I really like pork roll.
12:30<ericoc>i've actually only ever had pork roll like once
12:30<csnxs>the hell's a pork roll
12:31<@scrane>So it's kind of like Canadian Bacon but better.
12:31<@scrane>Fools up north call it Taylor Ham but they're wrong.
12:32<@tdavidson>^^there is definitely no mention of Ham anywhere on the packaging
12:32<csnxs>so it's basically just thick ham
12:33<@tdavidson>not at all - ham tastes different and has an entirely different texture
12:33<@tdavidson>pork roll is amazing
12:33<csnxs>your pig-based products are so different in america that i'm not even sure if they're pig tbh
12:33<@jalter>it's at least mostly pig
12:34<@tdavidson>neither are we, but they taste great
12:34<@sstager>its more salt than pig, i think
12:35<@scrane>More pig than scrapple.
12:35<@jalter>What would I be eating if it were more scrapple than salt?
12:36<@sstager>salty dirt?
12:36<@jalter>no thanks, had that yesterday
12:36<csnxs>'salty dirt' is my favourite american food
12:37<csnxs>(it's probably the healthiest, anyway)
12:37<@tdavidson>never heard of that one
12:38<csnxs>i'm assuming you're literally referring to dirt that tastes salty...
12:38<@sstager>you've never had?
12:39*csnxs just sits and eats his bourbon creams
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12:52<ericoc>what is the correct way to cook pork roll
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14:06<umang>can i configure a GUI interaface to connect to my wifi
14:07<umang>despite using the wifi-menu
14:07<DrJ>umang: that doesn't sound linode related
14:07<DrJ>sure you have the right channel?
14:08<umang>my mistake
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14:20<umang>which channel should i join to ask about arch any idea?
14:21<@scrane>This might help.
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14:27<waltman>linodians -- I saw you had the grand opening of your new HQ yesterday. Congrats!
14:28<@scrane>Thank you!!
14:28<@scrane>It was a pretty awesome event.
14:29<waltman>Subject: Is Linode’s ‘Real World’ house now the coolest tech office in the city? # email today from Philly
14:29<@scrane>The answer is... yes!
14:33<ericoc>depends on definition of cool i guess. comcast does have the tallest building in the state
14:34<@scrane>Is literally anything related to comcast actually cool?
14:35<ericoc>working there had its benefits, but was ultimately soul-sucking
14:35<ericoc>(but so are most places imo)
14:35<@scrane>Fair point.
14:36<ericoc>i would bet linode's catered food beats the comcast aramark cafeteria in food quality. but the view from the 45th floor is hard to beat
14:39<@scrane>Haha I'm going to have to start petitioning that we make our building taller than Comcast's by the smallest amount possible.
14:49<dwfreed>1 micrometer taller
14:57<ericoc>start stacking buckets
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15:33<Peng_>Is the air conditioning cool?
15:42<csnxs>it's only cool if it wears sunglasses
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16:15<warewolf>wait, did Linode get a building that used to be part of MTV's Real World?
16:16<@scrane>That is correct.
16:16<millisa>it's actually still part of it. they just haven't told the staff yet
16:16<@scrane>It's a pretty awesome building.
16:17<@scrane>I KNEW I felt like someone was watching me.
16:18<warewolf>I'll pass on the "out takes" from Real World: Linode of the sloppy kissing, and infighting :)
16:19*warewolf politely asks caker not to give employees weekly challenges in little envelopes
16:32<Peng_>The Amazon Atlanta routing issues seem to more or less be fixed. Their anycast has been rerouted from "the bit bucket" to "mostly other continents lol".
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18:12<staticsafe>Peng_: nice
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