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00:30<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
00:32<Woet>Eugene: [citation needed]
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00:41<rocky_>is all of Linode offer are VPS?
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00:46<linbot>Peng_: 2600:3c01::14:7116,
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08:53<thomas>Is paypal acceptable
08:55<@sjacobs>thomas: you need a credit or debit card to open the account, but from there, you can deposit money into your account with paypal to go towards future invoices.
08:55<thomas>I have tried twice with 2 credit cards already
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08:55<thomas>Want to use a third
08:55<thomas>I hope there is no limit to the number of trials
08:56<grawity>and you're trying so many because...
08:56<@bmartin>I would advise checking the balance ahead of time prior to signup to ensure the deposit will work successfully.
08:56<@sjacobs>have you contacted your bank to find out why they are failing?
08:56<thomas>The other two apparently are not linked to online transactions
08:56<thomas>But the one I am going to try is linked
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09:07<nate>"I hope there is no limit to the number of trials"
09:08<nate>I feel like he's already used the other two card on two separate accounts that expired their trial period
09:09<ericoc>yeah, sounds like infinite consecutive 7-day free trials
09:09<ericoc>"oh man, time ran out, lemme cancel and start a new account"
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09:54<chess>Registered email does not support QQ mailbox?
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11:14<ColegioSALima>Hola buenos dias
11:14<ColegioSALima>Deseo realizar una consulta
11:15<ColegioSALima>Deseo migrar a Linode
11:15<Zimsky>hola is all I know in spanish, sorry
11:15<ColegioSALima>en los addons de la web indican que me ayudan con la migración
11:16<Zimsky>everyone here pretty much speaks english, but there's probably someone who speaks spanish who might be around at some point, but you'll have to stick around a while
11:16<ColegioSALima> 27/5000 I wish to ask a question
11:17<ColegioSALima>I want to migrate to Linode
11:17<ColegioSALima>in the addons of the web indicate that they help me with the migration
11:18<@bmartin>Yes you will need to open a ticket with the Linode you'd like to Migrate and we can configure that for you
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11:20<ColegioSALima>The service is included in my subscription or I have to pay an additional cost
11:20<@bmartin>This is included at no additional cost
11:21<ericoc>think they might be asking about
11:23<ColegioSALima>thank you very much, have a nice day
11:23<@bmartin>Oh yeah I misread that
11:23<ericoc>ColegioSALima: the monthly cost linode lists gives you root on a linux server that you can use for whatever you want,. if you have an existing website that you want to migrate to Linode, you can do that.
11:23<@bmartin> can help with a simple website migration
11:23<ericoc>ColegioSALima: if you want linode to migrate a website from somewhere else for you, it's going to cost extra
11:25<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Frankfurt <>
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13:23<Haresh>I need to know linode provide window hosting?
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13:25<Zimsky>no they provide servers
13:27<Haresh>they have window server?
13:28<Zimsky>no, you can't look into it
13:28<Zimsky>but if you mean windows, you technically can, but it's not supported
13:30<Haresh>ok, thanks guys
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13:33<linbot>New news from community: Enable IPV6 addresses from pool permanently <>
13:34<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
13:34<@scrane>Oh wait
13:35<Zimsky>it's ok scrane, you tried
13:36<@scrane>I did.
13:36<Zimsky>all we can hope for is that they'll realise windows is a pointless endeavour and are currently moving to freebsd
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14:31*warewolf hisses at the mention of freebsd
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14:56<linbot>New news from status: Linode Manager and API Connectivity Issue <>
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15:16<Dumbphuk>Hi there. I cannot find the linode app on Google play. Anyone knows what's going on?
15:21<Zimsky>huh apparently it isn't a thing on the gp store
15:24<Dumbphuk>It's supposed to be
15:25<hawk>It used to be, anyway
15:25<@sjacobs>it was there last i checked. it has been removed a few times in the past because it wasn't updated in x amount of time.
15:26<@sjacobs>so that could be the case again.
15:26<hawk>It's linked at but that's 404
15:26<@sjacobs>i don't have an answer on when/if it'll come back. but i'll ask around.
15:27<Dumbphuk>Ok thanks
15:27<@sjacobs>in the meantime, is nicer to use than on mobile.
15:27<Dumbphuk>I'll try it right now
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15:44<nb>any staff around?
15:45*nb wonders if anyone knows who the appropriate contact would be to talk to about sponsoring a conference
15:45<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
15:45<nb>smallclone, yeah, i know the ops are staff, just was wondering if any of them were around, thanks
15:46<@sjacobs>nb: if you're a customer you can open a support ticket. if not, you can send an email to they'll make sure it gets to the right person.
15:47<nb>sjacobs, ok, thank you
15:48<Zimsky>if in doubt, one can always try pinging them all and see what happens
15:49<Zimsky>sjacobs: that's enough
15:49<@sjacobs>well. i guess you did say "see what happens".
15:54<linbot>New news from community: Migrate Debian 9.3 VirtualBox VM to Linode <>
15:55<smallclone>isn't "new news" a bit redundant?
15:55<Zimsky>no smallclone
15:55<Zimsky>it's clearly a distinction from old news
15:56<Zimsky>or fake news
15:56<Zimsky>though that said, fake news can be both old and new
15:56<Zimsky>so now we're not sure if it's new real news or new fake news
15:56<Zimsky>or even real new news or fake new news
15:57<@sjacobs>but linbot occasionally does bring up old news. so you can't even trust that.
15:57<Zimsky>is it designated old news?
15:57<smallclone>i mean if you bump a dead thread i guess but, the comment is still new
15:57<smallclone>there are plenty of adjectives you can put in front of news, but when it's actually *new* information you just call it news
15:58<@scrane>I like "some" as in "So here's some news"
15:58<@sjacobs>i can't explain that "New news from status:" from an hour ago.
15:58<millisa>not according to cnn. it's BREAKING!!1! NEWS!
15:58<Zimsky>some isn't an adjective though
15:59<Zimsky>it's a determiner of quantity
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16:12<smallclone>"all the news that's fit to printf"
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17:28*warewolf messages smallclone %n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n\x58\x35\x4f\x21\x50...
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18:44<warewolf>tis a joke
18:44<warewolf>buffalo overflow
18:44<warewolf>(fwiw, the \x58... stuff is the beginning of
18:52<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
19:28<Zimsky>Eugene is technically spam
19:29<waltman>Is spam Linodin' every day? I think not.
19:29<Zimsky>you thought wrong
19:29<Zimsky>go sit in the fucking corner
19:31<waltman>I find him reassursing. There are so few constants in our lives anymore.
19:32<Peng_>Ping timeouts, monthly Linode invoices...
19:33<Zimsky>which there was a Peng timeout
19:34<waltman>I for one would not by receiving a Linode invoice every day.
19:36<Peng_>You probably can if you ask them to adjust your account :D
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19:40<keur>hi. is systemd-nspawn not available on VMs?
19:41<keur>it should just ship with the systemd package but it doesn't appear to be there.
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