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00:07<gecco>linode netops, anyone know when dallas will be receiving edge router maintenance/updates?
00:08<gecco>what exactly are they upgrading and how long does this take?
00:08<gecco>and fremont too, when are they planning to do this?
00:09<millisa>Why do you think there are any?
00:10<gecco>well, from what the blogs been saying, and says, this seems to be hitting other areas
00:10<gecco>I like the state of current events, quiet, no ddos, no failings
00:11<millisa>there is something about router upgrades in the blog?
00:11<gecco>blog no, but status.linode yes
00:11<gecco>when people change shit, sometimes my voip RTP packets get targeted and shot down, can't have that happen
00:12<gecco>someone changed something in Atlanta way back two-three years ago, put some kind of ddos mitigation system in, it targeted my traffic, which is quick sometimes like ddos, but not ddos
00:12<millisa>other than the updates in newark and london, haven't seen anything about other datacenters.
00:13<gecco>is something around at linode who can comment on this
00:13<gecco>what is forster up to
00:14<gecco>he's on the christmas card list this year for sure, but dont screw it up, we like quiet
00:17<Peng_>DDoS mitigation in ATL, eh?
00:17<Peng_>Before or after Linode moved off data center transit?
00:18<gecco>before DC transit, I think this was due to GNAX getting bought out by... can't remember the name of the bastards who took over
00:19<gecco>they caused me so much pain
00:19<gecco>they did give me an engineer though, but we never could figure it out
00:19<gecco>I had to move everything to dallas
00:20<gecco>this new network transit linode has setup is rock solid, we're very happy
00:20<Peng_>I'm still peeved about the last power outage. I'm twice as peeved because it wasn't actually their fault so I'm not mad at them.
00:20<Peng_>Great :-)
00:20<gecco>hey, you remembered that
00:20<gecco>that was... TELEX
00:20<gecco>down the street from me, those flying idiots performed maintenance during the middle of the day
00:21<gecco>whole DC was sabotaged, linode was a victum, hundreds of clients in there were down
00:21<gecco>their private pipe goes through there, which is why things went to hell for a while
00:22<gecco>linode was on it though, they had competent answers, their admins were on the pages complaining, they knew what was going on, not a damn thing anyone could do really but wait it out
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00:25<gecco>seems everyone is out tonight, I'll ping tomorrow, see if I get a better response as to what and why this maintenance is and if it will affect dallas and fremont
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00:27<Peng>(Meanwhile Peng disconnects due to network maintenance at a different ISP.)
00:29<Woet>theres always Peng_
00:29<Peng_>There usually is anyway
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05:48<@bmartin>Hello how can we help you
05:53<chill_>i am looking at a way to bring down the servers in linode hosting env
05:53<chill_>are there any best practices? on how should i actually do it?
05:53<chill_>can you plz help
05:53<@bmartin>I'm not certain I understand your question
05:53<@bmartin>You'd like to bring down the servers you have?
05:53<@bmartin>do you mean power off? delete?
05:54<@bmartin>That guide will walk you through the process
05:55<chill_>Oh yeah
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08:01<troy>Woet: beat me to it
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08:18<@sjacobs>Thomas: howdy.
08:21<Thomas>I have managed to open an account but I cannot do my payment for the 8 GB
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08:21<Woet>Thomas: why not?
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08:24<@sjacobs>you can just make a payment and add enough credit for a years worth of service.
08:24<Woet>they already left.
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08:52<rakesh>does linode admins do server setup cpanel/whm installation if i buy the managed service ?
08:53<ericoc>> cPanel & WHM, the world's most popular control panel for managing websites, is now free to Linode Managed customers. Our team of experts will even install it for you.
08:55<rakesh>thanks. is there any free website migration service ? if it's paid may i know th cost of migration ? i have around 200gb data
08:56<@bmartin>With a three-month Linode Managed commitment, you get two complimentary, standard site migrations performed by our Professional Services team. Additional migrations are available at reduced rates.
08:56<rakesh>thanks for the info
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13:49<dogface>is it possible to upgrade an existing linode instance?
13:49<dogface>I've got a 2GB instance that I want to upgrade to 4GB
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13:50<dogface>millisa: perfect, thanks! i thought resize was just for resizing the partitions
13:51<millisa>you may need to do the partition too (or you can skip that part if you dont need the disk space)
13:51<millisa>step 7 is about doing the disk resize afterwards
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15:15<@sjacobs>Anant: hello
15:15<Anant>just want to know about the inode limit in linode plan
15:16<@sjacobs>would depend on the disk size.
15:16<@sjacobs>you could always format a disk and set it yourself, too.
15:16<Peng_>Anant: Linode doesn't intentionally limit inodes. Technical limits are a function of your filesystem, configuration and size
15:17<Anant>okay so there is no limit about the inode . i can use upto my server size
15:18<@sjacobs>up to the maximum number of inodes on the filesystem.
15:18<Anant>okay thank you
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16:19<MJCS>isnt there a channel on this network for ubiquiti?
16:21<millisa>freenode #ubnt might be what you are thinking of?
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16:34<alex_>hi! why server at ip is dead???
16:37<diveyez>When can I get blockstorage at Jersey center?
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16:41<millisa>alex_: seems to ping
16:44<alex_>site and admin panel doesn't work at ip
16:45<alex_>axel@axel:~$ ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. ^C --- ping statistics --- 140 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 142329ms
16:46<Peng_>I can ping it.
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16:50<alex_>seems to be my ip address is blocked
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16:56<Fred>Question on linode billing: it says hourly billing, then it says your still billed if box is off. If I saign up for a box, and its only up for 400 hours for the whole month, am I charged for the whole month? Thanks.
16:57<Peng_>Define "up". You have to pay for it if it exists, whether it's on or off. If you destroy it, it no longer exists and you will not be charged more for it.
16:59<Fred>Ah - thanks, that clears it up. What's a ballpark time from request to running instance?
16:59<relidy>Well, maybe a touch more. Fast.
17:01<Fred>That's impressive. My only exp is with aws, and it may come into existence fast, but 2 minutes or more until you can actually use it.
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17:04<relidy>I guess I should have elaborated, but whatever. Everything can be counted in seconds, right?
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18:29<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
18:29*Peng_ ticks box
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21:24<Amrod>Hey there
21:26<Amrod>This is probably a silly question and the answer is @google sight but ill shoot anyways, does anyone knows or have a link or access to an instance of 4 cpus and 8gb ram (40 USD plan) and can provide the bogomips reported on /proc/cpuinfo?
21:26<millisa>definitely silly, but I think I have one
21:27<Amrod>i just need some sort of cpu comparison to see if its worth to move from my current provider.
21:27<millisa>here's one in Dallas; has one of the older procs.
21:28<Amrod>thanks a lot!
21:28<millisa>sure thing. you could sign up and just spin a couple up and look
21:28<Peng_>bogomips are pretty bogus
21:28<millisa>linodes are billed by the hour they are provisioned
21:30<Amrod>Yes im aware of that, just wanted to see if could get lucky and find the answer here hehe
21:30<millisa>here's one that's on a newer proc:
21:31<millisa>they've got some of the new amd epyc's floating around and newer versions of that e5-2680 too
21:32<Amrod>alright, that works, thanks a lot again, really kind to help me out
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21:36<millisa>hopefully they have enough bogosity for him
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