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01:23<zifnab>flatland is oddly good
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01:29<reaper>I just want to know if i will be charged as i am planning to remove my linodes
01:30<millisa>you'd be billed for stuff at the end of the month; but if you remove all services the bill wouldn't get any bigger
01:33<reaper>OOh, Thanks for that
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04:59<gitesh_>there ?
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05:00<gitesh_>are you there ?
05:00<gitesh_>please confirm ?
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05:13<uasya>hi where can i check available os versions on linode?
05:14<gitesh>how are you doing
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05:51<linbot>New news from community: After Installing Ispconfig, I can't connect on :8080 <>
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09:12<ericoc>who's going to phila linode open house tonight :o
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09:39<Woet>where was the invitation?
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10:02<ericoc>bmartin: see you there :p
10:03<Woet>i didnt see anything here
10:03<Woet>or on the blog
10:03<Woet>or on the press
10:03<Woet>its rather hard to get from Asia to Philly in 6 hours.
10:04<ericoc>i don't even know where i orig. saw it
10:04<ericoc>maybe facebook/twitter?
10:05<ericoc>bmartin: do you know if rick will be there
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12:52<eagles051387>is anyone using glish on here?
12:57<millisa>what is your real question?
13:09<eagles051387>just wondering what its like is all
13:19<smallclone>depends on what you're using it for..
13:20<smallclone>it's useful for install custom distros and stuff, or if for some reason you want to have a gui running on your linode
13:20<eagles051387>smallclone: im looking at setting up a linode as a linux dev machine box so to speak
13:20<eagles051387>basically using it with a gui to contribute to a linux distro
13:22<dwfreed>I'd probably use x2go for that, rather than glish
13:24<eagles051387>? whats that
13:28<eagles051387>dwfreed: thanks for that
13:31<eagles051387>found it very interesting :)
13:31<eagles051387>dwfreed: what advantages does it have over glish
13:32<dwfreed>it doesn't require logging into the Linode Manager, and uses SSH for transport
13:34<eagles051387>got it :) thanks for the link dwfreed :)
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14:04<eagles051387>dwfreed: question on a linode im guessing i would need to install the server no?
14:05<eagles051387>ok :)
14:05<eagles051387>if one is going to run a ui any recommended linode to go with?
14:09<@smccabe>get something light. maybe mate.
14:10<eagles051387>was going to start at the base one
14:10<eagles051387>1gb one
14:12<@smccabe>I am sorry, I thought you were referring to desktop environments. The 1gb should be fine for testing
14:12<@smccabe>if you need more, you can always resize
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16:39<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
16:40<Eugene>eagles051387 - I have used Glish to install a Windows machine; would not recommend it for desktop use at all. The total lack of a virt drivers (its a VNC-over-web setup) really makes mouse movement suck.
16:41<Eugene>eagles051387 - I like Guacamole for in-browser remote desktop access; I've had decent success with running X desktops through it
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16:58*dzho has been hearing good things about Apache Guacamole from multiple independent sources
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17:00<broinjc>can anyone tell me why is not resolving from DNS
17:00<dwfreed>I forgot about guac
17:01<dwfreed>broinjc: do you have active Linodes?
17:01<dwfreed>I'm skipping the obvious "is created in the DNS Manager"
17:02<broinjc>Nevermind. I just discovered I was shut down for not paying the bill.
17:02<broinjc>oops. My Bad.
17:02<broinjc>I wonder if they keep backups?
17:03<dwfreed>if your Linodes are deleted for non-payment, they should be automatically converted to Images
17:03<devilspgd>dwfreed: How about the DNS Manager zones? I think I'd expect them to be listed but not functional... But who knows.
17:03<dwfreed>if you need your old IP addresses back, you will need to open a support ticket
17:03<dwfreed>devilspgd: aye
17:04<broinjc> was the first time it all went bye bye
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21:09<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
21:09<MMK>i need to run FREEPBX
21:10<MMK>if i buy a host from yr company is it possible to run it freepbx or elastix
21:10<MMK>if i buy a host from yr company is it possible to runon it freepbx or elastix
21:11<Peng_>It might take some setup, though?
21:12<MMK>how ? how can load OS . for example elastix have ready OS
21:13<smallclone>^ that is the process for loading a custom distro on a linode
21:13<MMK>it is downloadble. but how from yr host can load it and instal this OS
21:14<smallclone>use that guide
21:14<smallclone>it requires more work than just deploying a regular image
21:14<MMK>ok , i am reading it. tanx
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21:19<MMK>this guide is very complex
21:19<MMK>is there any video tutorial for his?
21:19<MMK>is there any video tutorial for this?
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