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08:12<plq>does it cost to get an addt'l /56 assignment (ipv6) ?
08:13<@smccabe>Nope, Just open a ticket and say you want it
08:13<@smccabe>feel free to toss me the ticket# if you want.
08:14<plq>thanks :) i'm trying to be my own tunnel broker just for fun. normally a /64 is more than enough but it seems further splitting a /64 is considered bad practice (though I'm not yet sure as to why)
08:16<plq>smccabe, I just filed 10587950
08:17<@smccabe>Fora. very brief look online, it appears that spiltting /64 can break things. I have yet to see these things that are mentioned... but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
08:17<@smccabe>plq cool, 1 sec
08:18<trippeh>stateless automatic addressing breaks with non-/64, other than that, most things works these days
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08:19<@smccabe>plq, updated!
08:20<trippeh>/64 *is* the standard for a single on-link subnet, though. might as well just go with it.
08:20<@smccabe>^^ thats true. We can give out /56 ranges, so I get asking for that over a /64 for better compatibility reasons...
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08:31<dwfreed>pft, I use /127s for point to point links
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11:14<DrJ>warning to anyone using namecheap here... they are having issues with some tld's... the big one is .org
11:14<Woet>whats the issue?
11:14<DrJ>it might cause your domain to suddenly have it's name servers changed without you knowing and no notification at all which point the domain to an ICANN whois verification
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11:15<DrJ>the only way to fix it is to get in contact with namecheap support chat to have them manually correct
11:15<Woet>got it
11:15<DrJ>happened to my church's domain overnight
11:16<DrJ>if you have any .org domains with them I'd highly suggest you make sure their name server are configured correctly right away
11:20<DrJ>I found out because I have a script that runs everynight that checks to make sure every site has a valid and working letsencrypt cert
11:20<DrJ>and it alerted me to issues with that domain
11:20<DrJ>otherwise I'd probably still not known
11:22<DrJ>at first I thought I was hacked or something... so went into panic mode at first
11:34<@smccabe>DrJ, thanks for saying that. I got a email yesterday about a certbot cert going back, and I knew I had it set to renew via cron job (that domain name is hosted through namecheap)
11:37<DrJ>np, like I said... I'm sure others are affected and don't even know it yet
11:37<DrJ>from the sounds of it too you could not be affected right now, but could be say... 2 hours from now
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11:43<ezenwa>i can't create an account
11:43<ezenwa>I never get an email
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11:47<Woet>ezenwa: which email address do you use?
11:52<Woet>theres no DNS records for
11:52<Woet>so no MX records
11:52<Woet>so no email
11:52<Woet>you're welcome
11:54<ezenwa>oh, thx
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12:06<linbot>New news from community: PHP SSH2 Extension <>
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12:46<linbot>New news from community: Unable to watch BBC iPlayer on Linode via VPN <>
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13:06<plq> <= does this mean I won't be able to use my linode as an ipv6 tunnel broker? in other words, does linode block protocol 41?
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13:52<dwfreed>plq: that section is very confusing and doesn't apply
13:52<dwfreed>plq: protocol 41 is fine
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15:45<CornishPasty>That feel when you migrate for more disk space
15:46<CornishPasty>But it doesn't reprovision the disks/give the option to
15:53<Peng_>Resizing your disks is a separate step
16:05<dwfreed>click edit on the disk image, put new size, click save
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17:46<CornishPasty>Oh I know it is, just annoying it doesn't offer it, and also that it starts the VM without doing so...
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17:55<Peng_>You can stop the VPS before initiating the resize, but that will add a bit of downtime.
17:56<Peng_>You *may* be able to get the manager to queue the disk resizes while the, uh, VPS resize is going on, but I'm not sure.
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18:04<dwfreed>Peng_: it queues a boot when queuing the migration
18:04<Peng_>No matter what?
18:05<dwfreed>if the linode is already booted
18:05<Peng_>Oh, I get it.
18:05<dwfreed>but with a lot of clicks, you can sequence exactly what you want with no more downtime than absolutely needed
18:05<dwfreed>power off -> mutate -> edit disk -> boot
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18:05<Peng_>There's always going to be some downtime between power off and mutate, though.
18:06<dwfreed>right, have to wait for the mqueue to notice you
18:06<Peng_>If only you could upload a spreadsheet to the manager to make arbitrarily complicated changes instantly
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21:39<retro|blah>hey /quit, how are you doing
21:44<Zimsky>come join the 0 channel, retro|blah
21:44<Zimsky>/join 0
21:44<Zimsky>it's lit af
21:47<retro|blah>More lit than #2,000?
21:48<Zimsky>it's about as lit
21:48<Zimsky>nice one though
21:52<dwfreed>hate to rain on your parade, but it would need to be #2,0
21:56<retro|blah>Ah, channel names have to start with a #?
21:57<dwfreed>I meant to have the #2,000 one work as intended, you can't have the extra 0s
21:58<retro|blah>Right, I was more getting at the logic causing 000 to be treated as an illegal channel name
21:58<dwfreed>000 would be illegal channel name
21:59<retro|blah>Got it
22:00<dwfreed>/join 0 is a great place to be, though
22:03<Zimsky>dwfreed: not enough 0s
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22:39<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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